Guardians Of The Galaxy - Movie

Guardians Of The Galaxy – Movie

The incredible Marvel universe is expanding once again with possibly it’s most exciting project yet set to begin production. Guardians Of The Galaxy will be the next highly touted comic book series to be adapted into a big time feature film and soon aspiring actors of all ages from around the globe will be able to audition for roles in this sure to be hit film. Casting calls will be taking place shortly and performers can find more information today for their shot at a part in the next Marvel adventure.

Guardians Of The Galaxy will be released as the 10th film of Marvel’s game changing singular universe strategy following the unbelievable success of fan favorites The Avengers, Iron Man and Thor and the upcoming tent poles Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World. Guardians follows a group of cosmic warriors (Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Racoon and Gamora) who band together to battle forces of evil throughout the galaxy including Thanos, the villain teased at the end of The Avengers. Full of colorful characters  wicked humor and incredible action sequences set in the outer worlds of space, Guardians Of The Galaxy promises to be the most exciting Marvel film yet. Talented writer-director James Gunn (Super, Dawn of the Dead, Slither) has been chosen to helm this massive project and rising star Chris Pratt (NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty) has been cast in the lead role of Peter Quill alongside former WWE superstar Dave Bautista (The Man with the Iron Fists, Riddick, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption) playing the part of Drax the Destroyer. Casting directors and producers are on the lookout to fill the numerous remaining parts in the film and casting calls for supporting, day player and extras roles will be happening soon. For more information on the project and to find out how to apply for roles you can head here More audition details and production scoops will be posted as soon as they are released so stay tuned and leave a comment below and tell us what you think of this new film and why you want to be cast in the Marvel Universe by being cast in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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  1. Arzenta Adhitia Akram

    Hello, i’m here to cast for the role of nova. I’m not black or white either. I’m asian or more specifically malaysian which is more make me different than the others asian. If you have a casting call for nova let me know by sending the information to my email thanks!

  2. Diana Sethna

    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 135, Muscular
    Hair: Curly Dark Brown
    Age: 14 but can pass as older
    Gender: Female

    Hi, I live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia so when I found out GOTG 3 was filming in Pinewood Studios, I was esthatic. I have always wanted to become an actress since I was very young and I have always been a huge fan of Marvel and MCU! I have won several drama competitions, placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in all. If there are any questions about my apearance, I was recently crowned Junior Miss of the Peach State, so I would suggest checking my Instagram . I have always aspired to become an actress and would love to have the opportunity to audition. Thank you for your consideration and for reading this response.

  3. Diana Sethna

    Hi, I am an aspiring young actress that would love to have a chance to audition. I have always wanted to be an actress and have been trying to find my spotlight since I was young. I am 14 but have plenty of experience with acting after having won several drama competitions placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in many. I am also Junior Miss of the Peach State, so for more information about me or my appearance, I would suggest following my Instagram.

    Physical Description:
    135 pounds, muscular
    Curly dark brown hair
    Brown Eyes

  4. vanessa

    i would like to cast in your movie

  5. Lyn Redd

    Does anyone know when and where the casting call for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is? I’m Samuel L Jackson’s grandson and am planning on doing the role for Adam Warlock but can’t find the casting call. Someone please send Marvel my way I’ve been out the limelight for twenty some odd years and need a little help getting information on things. It honestly feels like I’m being black balled by Samuel L Jackson’s career or something. I look forward to meeting someone.

  6. David gahatraj

    Hi I want to be an actor m 15 year old I want a role for nova and I from India how can I get this role is there any online audition or etc waiting for the answer

  7. Jason Conrey

    I’m currently Morblud the Clown at Phobius Haunted House in Missouri. I’m a no complaint high energy worker; all about humor and good times, and have always dreamed of being an actor. I’m currently scripting my own horror films and would treasure this opportunity!
    I’m 5,8
    medium build
    face like a clown; it’s my time to shine!!

  8. Alex Mata

    I’m a twenty year old musician/aspiring actor who would love a part in your movie. A little bit about me; I love characters who start out as mild-mannered, who do a complete 180 of their previous selves. In fact, that is the kind of character I specialize in acting as. I can sympathize with these characters and am able to get into their mindset best because I already am somewhat in it, just living as myself. If you were to give me a part that fits the description of that, I could play quite the Byronic hero.

    Thank you for reading this!

    Physical Description:

    Spiky brown hair
    190 lbs
    White Hispanic

  9. Kawsar

    If you’re in need of a Asian (Bengali) for a role which is highly unlikely, let me know via email and I will give you my details.

  10. Agnes

    Hi there, I am Agnes. I am keen on auditioning for Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Maybe it’s because I’m from Australia, but I have no idea how to apply let alone audition. I have been following up the “Moana” and would love to voice the princess, but again, I do not know the deadline. I’m just trying for various options that I like. But, are there any lead roles that are auditioned in any of the above mentioned movies? Also, In deadpool, I saw that no one was cast Kathy(a character) So, I’m hoping I can try out for that. Thanks for your time and patience Agnes

  11. Jessica Ewing

    Question – Do you guys actually read these things?
    I’m Caucasian, brunette, hazel eyes, 28, 5’7, 140 lbs, muscular build, I resemble Sandra Bullock.
    I train in BJJ and have won three tournaments.
    Hilarious in nature, and I have a huge rump. Did I say rump? Yes. Yes I did.
    I’m currently a civil engineer in Virginia Beach, but have acting and modeling experience.
    Super hero in the making.
    Hope to hear from you!

  12. Justin Gonzalez

    Name: Justin Gonzalez.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’3
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Ethnic group: Caucasian.
    City: Chicago IL

    Hi, I’m Justin Gonzalez. I am an EXTREMELY huge fan of the Marvel comics, all the easter eggs all the hints in the movies, I got them. I have been wanting to act for a very long time, but I didn’t know what Marvel related movies I would get a possible part in, then I thought “Hey, why not Guardians of the Galaxy? It seems like something I could get a role in.” I’ve done some recitals and I’ve acted before quite a few times, if that helps at all.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my little application. 🙂

  13. Shane Ringelberg

    All I can remember from my childhood, is the constant need and desire to be a superhero. No matter the cost, I have always been ready to dedicate my time for a role in a Marvel movie. I believe the character I’m destined to play, is Nova from the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. So, if there is any need for this character, please contact me with the email provided. one promise I can keep is, you will not be disappointed for casting me as Nova in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie, or in a separate movie franchise. Thank you for your consideration. I am 5′ 10′, brown haired, golden-hazel eyes, well built, athletic, and with a background of over 7 lead roles in multiple community productions.

  14. Mike Meyer

    It really kind of depends on which galaxy you are referring to. I can easily guard Andromeda and perhaps the Milky Way. Some of the others, however, I’m not so sure about. I’m kind of scared of the galaxy where Dr. Spok plays all of his wacky stunts. I’m sure, however, that if you pick me I won’t disappoint you.

  15. Taner

    Hello my name is Taner Aydin and I’m from London i am 13 years old and I love marvel films including gaurdians of the galaxy which was amazing and funny I love being an actor and working with other people I have been in many school plays as being a main role and I love watching films everyday including marvel films especially I would love to be in the new guardians of the galaxy film because so I can have experience and enjoy myself I would do anything you tell me so please choose me to be in the new gaurdians of the galaxy 2 thankyou

  16. Luke Silversides

    I’m 30 and marvel is the second most important thing in my life after family. Comics have shaped my life from helping me deal with bullying in school to inspiring my artistic side to pursue tattooing as a career. I am fairly tattooed but i really just want to be a background filler. I’ve got many 1st apperance mint comics. Collectables and merch. This is the next step as a mega fan.

  17. Brendan Roche

    I’m Brendan Roche and I’ve always loved super heroes I’m 15 years old with green/blue eyes and I’m 5 feet 10 inches. I’m fit and I run track. I loved the movie and have been a fan since it was released. I also have Brown curly hair that’s a little short. Email me if you’re interested. Oh, I’m also white if you’re into that.

  18. William Charles

    I am a 16 year old boy living in Edmonds, WA and I have had many roles in school plays and have done quite a bit of work acting alongside other leads, and I would love to start a career in Hollywood. And I would love to get a start alongside a Edmonds/ Mount Lake Terrace native such as Chris Pratt. It would be a huge honor to be my favorite superhero which could be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova. Thank you for your time.

  19. Hannah Potter

    Hello! My name is Hannah Potter! I will be 18 years old on March 29th, 2015. I am 5’8″ tall and I have been a superheroes fan since I was little! I have done all live theater in terms of my acting resume but I started acting when I was 3 years old in a church Christmas pageant and have been consistently in productions since then.

    I am from a small, small rural town in Kentucky but I want to show everyone who says I’ll never be anything more than just the girl next door that anyone can be a superhero! Superheroes have always fascinated me and many are my role models as well as some of the actors who play them. Given the chance, I want to show this little town what a little Southern girl can do!

  20. Mark Dudzik

    Guardians was one of the best action adventure movies that has come out in a long time. I would love to be a part of the Marvel Universe, from extra to main role, any would be an honor! I’m an audio engineer located in Las Vegas. Cheers!

    Age: 30
    Sex: male
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 145
    Hair/eye color: brown/brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

  21. Cheyanne Johnson

    Hi my name is Cheyanne Johnson. I am from Gary,Indiana. I am 15 years old and very talented . I love to dance,act,model,sing,and play basketball. I attend plays at Family’s Christian Center in Munster, Indiana with Pastor Steve Munsey. I danced with Westside Theatre Gille for 9 years. I was a chosen candidate to present Michael Jackson a rose on stage in front of millions of people. I performed his number 1 hit , Bille Jean. I still have the picture till this day . I know I am ready to step up and inspire other young people. I believe that everyone has talents and gifts. It’s what you do with that talent that makes a difference. God has given every person a special gift to show the world. My motto : If you can dream it, you can do it .
    Contact :219-902-0916

  22. Dametre Williams

    Name: Dametre Williams
    Gender/sex: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 6 foot
    Location: Hollywood FL

    I can sing I’ve wanted to act all my life I remember as a kid I would stare at the screen and I knew this was what I wanted to do my acting teachers thinks im one of the top best in my school and he sees great potential in me Acting is what i breathe to me its art come to life I am devoted to my craft and i want to be the best there ever will be im just a kid who grew up moveing from apartment to apartment although we didn’t have much i still dreamed and i hope this is a chance to make that dream a reality

  23. James Doe

    I suppose this is like year late for casting call 😀 Not to be mention that i am from Slovenia?
    6.1 ft. tall never been in front of camera ever hehe.
    I watched GOTG and i must say this is best Marvel movie to date and beyond other movies.
    This is kind of movie which most of us usual mortals would do for free (i would even play a rock if that was possible) 😀
    I hope 2nd one will be half good as 1st.


  24. Anthony Ferraro

    My name is Anthony and i am 15 years old. I would love to be in this move as anything. If there any parts for kids that would be great i am 5-5, brown hair, blue eyes. I would be grateful to get a reply. If there are any parts for a teenager i would gladly accept. Please give me a chance.
    I am a great actor and would work for anything. It would be a great honor to be apart of this film.

  25. Conner Gossel

    Hi, my name is Conner Gossel. I would love a part in this movie more than anything. I have previous acting experience and am an exceptional worker.

    age: 19
    height: 6′ 1”
    hair: brown
    eye: green
    weight: 155
    Build: skinny, athletic

  26. Daniel Soaringeagle

    An audition would, be absolutely amazing; even if I don’t make the cut. I am 6’2 3/4″, 260 pounds; I have long dark brown hair, very dark brown eyes. My body size sports a large frame and slightly chubby.

    I have a vivid imagination, love to read and write poetry. I tend towards being a bit aloof and timid. However, around close family and trustworthy friends, I let my warped sense of humor run amok.

    I tend to be a bit of an urban hermit, but my friends reach out to me for advice, every now and again. I also enjoy solitude to ponder deeply. I’m weird, creative, quirky, and I’m eccentric.

    In addition, I love comic books and anything Celtic & Native American. Thank you so much for your time!

  27. Evan Yarrow

    The movie was the best of the year hands down, and the entire eviroment surrounding it seemed phenomenal! I would be nothing but ecstatic to be a part of such a inspiring and hard working cast!
    A bit about myself, I am 6’2 with medium length brown hair, I am am athelete and musical/theater performer. My physic is strong, I have a toned body with a six pack and athletic apearance. Would love to hear back from you guys! Any part would be amazing!

  28. Lauren

    I’m Lauren.

    Basic Info.: I am 5ft 5, have just below the shoulder-length, dark brown hair, I have bluey-green eyes and a sparkle in my eyes which tells you I’m ready for anything.

    Hobbies: sport. acting, singing, dancing. math

    Extra: after personal experiences I became very shy and would never talk. I used to do many plays and performances and would constantly get told to carry on and to keep it up! Then people happened which stopped me from anything! I thought sport was my calling but it hasn’t taken off yet even though it’s still a strong passion. I decided that if I hid away forever, no-body would see the talent I got told I had and I hope an opportunity like this will bring back my confidence and return me to where I belong!

  29. Tina

    Hello creator of Star Lord

    Like everyone else I saw the movie and it was amazing!!!!

    I love Marvel (yes I’m a geek) and acting (did a couple of work as an extra) so the two together is just the perfect mix for me. I’m an outgoing sweet social person who can take big (or small) challenges.

    I’m not here to ask to be an actor in the movie, BUT … I would like to be informed of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy information related to the filming of the sequel movie (or all the other Marvel movie)… I’m a French Canadian girl and I’m willing to travel the world to be part (even for a couple of second) in opportunities like this.
    Here my information, but if you want a picture (you know to have a better look at your new alien lol) please contact me by email!

    P.S I think my husband would be too jealous if I get something in the making of great movies … so I might bring him with me 😛

    Name – Tina Dubé
    Age – 28
    Gender – Female
    Hair color – Brunette
    Eye color – Brown
    Nationality – Caucasian (people often say I look like a mix of different culture)
    Height – 1.57
    Location – Ottawa, Canada

  30. Tina Dubé

    Hello creator of Star Lord 🙂

    Like everyone else I saw the movie and it was amazing!!!!

    I love Marvel (yes I’m a geek) and acting (did a couple of work as an extra) so the two together is just the perfect mix for me. I’m an outgoing sweet social person who can take big (or small) challenges.

    I’m not here to ask to be an actor in the movie, BUT … I would like to be informed of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy information related to the filming of the sequel movie (or all the other Marvel movie)… I’m a French Canadian girl and I’m willing to travel the world to be part (even for a couple of second) in opportunities like this.

    Here my information, but if you want a picture (you know to have a better look at your new alien lol) please contact me by email!

    P.S I think my husband would be too jealous if I get something in the making of great movies … so I might bring him with me 😛

    Name – Tina Dubé
    Age – 28
    Gender – Female
    Hair color – Brunette
    Eye color – Brown
    Nationality – Caucasian (people often say I look like a mix of different culture)
    Height – 1.57
    Location – Ottawa, Canada


    I have the talent and the drive and I am seen as a BEAST for action films,the new face of a “Van or Rock” relocating to Florida, in 3 weeks, I live in Chicago currently and have lived in Cali where I started my acting and modeling. I have years of experiences in different aspects of the industry,from comedy to Syfy ,was on a Tv. show-(veronica mars) have done great commercials, voice overs and even have a video game as the main villain.I have a movie currently coming out “House of the Witch Doctor” in August, I am 31yrs solid, super fit body and have bright blue eyes with a shaved head,no tattoos or piercings I have stood in and done stunt double for a football pro from the Chicago Bears. I am READY to be part of this project and the THRILL that I will bring!!
    CIAO-I can send you photos and all of my info upon request

  32. Jabarie Campbell

    I could go on about how great of a fit I would be to be on the cast and how you can utalize my talents into making the movie more versatile but I would rather show you. My enthiusiam, over all personality and mindset is what makes me stick out from the others
    Age: 17
    Height: 5″9
    Weight: 135
    Email me for more info, Thank you

  33. taliya mcfarquhar

    Hi my name is taliya i would love to be in this this had been my dream since i was 4 years old if you pick me that would be great if not i undrstand

    name taliya
    age 12
    grade 8th
    ethnicity; jamican/portarican/black
    hair colour; light black with hilights that are blond

  34. Victoria Brunot-Nsoga

    Name’s Victoria. I really love Marvel movies and shows, it is my dream to be famous. I’ve loved singing for a long time and all my friends say that I’m great but I’m a bit insecure about it. I really hope to get an audition for this movie because I act like a rebel myself, a bit. I have some attitude too, that might come in handy with acting. Not gonnna lie, I don’t really have any acting skills or background unless you count one very minor role in a school play, and a play for drama class! I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to anything Marvel, I’m a Gamer too. It’d be really cool to be a part of the things that I love!

    Name: Victoria Brunot
    Age: 13
    Grade: 8
    Ethnicity: African/Canadian
    Hair colour: Black/dark brown
    Eye colour: Dark Brown
    Location: Barrhaven, Ontario, Canada
    Talents: singing, a bit of dancing, accents, styling, art
    Extra: i really hope to have an audition, I really love anything like reality drama, fantasy, absolutely love it!

  35. Iman Fate

    Hello, My name is Iman. I live in NYC. Currently from Queens. I am interested in being in the movie “Ant-Man” I am 16 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches, African American. Born August of 1997. I have been told that my acting skill is very good. I’m very much into the Marvel comics and movies. I’ve seen all the ones that have recently come out. So i suppose I can tell what type of tone this movie will have. My original voice is on the deep side,but I can most definitely do a child’s voice and a grown mans voice which makes me really unique. Whatever necessary roles, i can do it.

  36. Shesely Perez

    Hi my name is Shesely Perez I live in Chicago Illinois..
    I’m 5`4
    I’m 13 years old
    I’m looking for a acting career

  37. Jacqueline Alvarenga

    Name: Jacqueline Alvarenga Gutierrez
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 95 pounds
    Dob: 6/21/2002
    Neck size:12 inches around and it is 6 inches tall
    Waist: 27 inches (around)
    Sleeve size: 19 inches
    Inseam: 24 inches
    Hat size:one size
    Dress size: 10,11,12
    Jacket size:10,11,12

    Shoe size: 4 and 5 (kid)and 7 (women) (depending on the brand)
    My moms phone:(512)906-6875
    (Call me better) my phone number:(512)796-5576
    Languages: Spanish and English
    I’m Hispanic
    Live in Texas and I am from Texas I would LOVE TO BE ON THIS MOVIE❤️❤️❤️ I love acting dancing and singing plz contact me. I have experience because I had modeling and acting classes (paid 2000 dollars) plz contact me. It would be a pleasure to work with ya!!Thanks

  38. Manuel Melcon


    i love to sing, dance, act like different disney characters and love to repeat lines from books, shows and movies.
    i am a boy and am 5 years old and in pre-k4
    my name is Manuel

  39. Haley Roraff

    My name is Haley Roraff. I am from wisconsin usa. I am an intelligent, quirky, nerdy 17 year old female with long wavy auburn hair and a slim hourglass build with curves (I have boobs and an ass) and blue eyes. I am 5’6″ and have layered hair with a cross the brow bangs. I can easily pass for older and am extremely mature and considerate. I have used guns and bows for target practice and am not a stranger to them.

    I am in pretty good shape and spend my free time reading, watching movies, drawing, writing, playing video games or working out with my punching bag.
    I love all marvel movies and would love to get a response.

    I have done a small amount of acting in a school play and even though I was a background character, I did stellar and was well praised about for my acting. I am able to pull off weird characters and say strange things with a completely straight face. I love acting and want to have a chance to do it for real. I love acting because it gives me a chance to be someone else (I have really bad depression and anxiety but those melt away when I’m acting)

  40. Chelsey Durand

    Age: 26 (I look younger though)
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 115
    Hair: Auburn/Brown
    Eyes: Grey-Blue
    Skin: Fair
    Location: Alberta, Canada

    Greetings, my name is Chelsey Durand, and I would just like to put forth my interest in applying to a part in this movie. I do not have much experience in acting, beside a few drama classes I took in high school, but I am a very dedicate and hard worker. I am a fast learner and I am always eager to learn more things and to challenge myself, both physically and intellectually. I am very friendly and get along easily with other’s. I would greatly appreciate it if I would be considered for this film. Resume and photo’s are available upon request.

    Thank you for your time,


  41. Jordan Betti

    Jordan Betti
    Age : 23
    Height : 5 foot 9/athletic, thin.
    Weight : 155
    Eye Color : Green
    Hair Color and Style : Dark brown and slicked back undercut
    Florida resident
    I am self taught at acting and writing. I have studied acting, movies, screenwriting and storytelling since I was 9 years old. I have a natural instinct for all of the above. I study hard and get very deep within storytelling, acting and writing. I am a natural and given the right opportunity I am positive and confident I could go far.

  42. vega sherman

    im 13 and a girl i love to act i go to school for it in fl. i have brownish blond hair.
    acting is what i love to do

  43. Joel Alvarez

    Name: Joel Alvarez
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’8′
    Body type: Athletic
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin color: tan
    Eye color: dark brown
    Tucson arizona

    If it was one thing that i have learned from the Marines its is that hard work and dedication will payoff in due time. Nothing is given to you or handed out to you, you have to work and strive for it . Just as i earned my eagle globe and anchor after countless weeks of non stop training, Anguish and stress thinking this is impossible with finally seeing the light. This mentality helps with everything no matter the obstacle and i will strive to do my best to earn the right to be a cast member.

  44. James Skipworth

    I am an extra in Dallas Season 2 & 3. In 4 promos of Dallas. Getting ready to be extra in Pilot of Salvation. Extra in Revolution Season 2. Taking acting lessons with Nancy Chartier Studios and Kevin Howard Studios. I am with Legacy Casting and on MyCastingFile.
    Age: 58 Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5’11” Hair Color: Salt & Pepper
    Weight : approx 230 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I think I would be a great addition to the cast of this project.

  45. Sean Campbell

    Sean Campbell
    Large build

    I have always wanted to do acting in the part of someone on the brink of insanity. If you meet me, you will know that I would do that part perfectly. If any roles seem like that, please let me know. Ill do this for experience.

  46. Neecia Watt

    Height: 5’6
    Ethnicity: African American

    Hello! my name is Neecia Watt and i know for a fact i am the best candidate to be apart of your cast for this film. I have a background in film which gives me the knowledge and experience to achieve the producers dream. I will go above and beyond to ensure that the beauty of the film is expressed. Please select me and i promise you, it will be the best choice.

  47. Nathalie Delin

    Hello my name is Nathalie Delin I am a 21 years old girl from Denmark Copenhagen. 🙂 I am not sure if u are only looking for people within the United States.
    I would just love to be a part of the guardians of the galaxy, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I took the chance to write to you anyway. 🙂
    I really love acting, and have attended two acting classes, in Copenhagen.
    And one of my goals, is to save enough money, to attend a film acting class in Los Angeles too.
    I have been an ekstra in some few movies and commercial, and done some modeling jobs too. 🙂
    I am a very nice, caring and easy going person, and also very nice to work with, always happy and with a smile on my lips.
    I am a very active person, and like to work hard, I Loves to test own limits, and learn every day
    I do not speak English fluently, I speak English basically, but understand and write very well.
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Hair Color: Dyed Golden
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Danish
    Thank u for taking your time to read this 🙂
    Have a nice day
    Take care
    The bestest regards Nathalie Delin

  48. Dar'Jon Bentley

    My name is Dar’Jon Bentley I am a 14 year old, about to turn 15 (April 5,1999). African American male attending Beachwood Highschool. My entire life, I have only dream of taking on a role in a film but have always had confidence in my acting abilities. Even being an extra in a film would be a great deal to me and my career.

    Height: 5’7”

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Weight: 178 or 180

    Body type: Average

    Thank you!

  49. Paul Ebam

    Hey there,I’m Paul and I live at new orleans. I’m 16,black and I have a very good voice, I’m about 6 feet tall and I’m an expert at playing the dumb nerd, vampire, hot tempered kid and the brainac, pls I really news this, if I dont suit this movie could you hook me up with something else? Thanks a lot

  50. Suzette W.

    Hi there all you awesome people reading this! I’m Suzette and I’m a teen from South Africa. This movie sounds so cool, I’d love to be in it:) I have hopes of one day being an amazing actress known worldwide for my talent(s). I actually can act and dance too (just saying). I’m a fun, friendly and easy person to work with:) have a super 2014, happy casting and Goodluck to everyone else!!:D

  51. Katelyn Flowers

    Hey there!
    I am incredibly stoked for this movie! I would love to have a part in the making of it, even its a small one! I love action and comedy, two things I know this film will have. I live in the USA, Illinois to be exact. Here’s my info:
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 109lbs
    Eyes: green
    Skin: fair
    I’ve also submitted an application through this site, with a picture included. Thanks for your consideration (and all the great comics).

  52. tamae robinson

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 115
    Hair color: black
    Eye color: Brown and Black
    Skin color Black

    My name is Tamae Robinson .I an from Jamaica .I love acting it is something I like to do.I don’t want tro act because of the fam it becasue I love acting. When I am acting I put myself in sade of the charaher shoe.

    thank you for reading

  53. Dina Richter

    Dina Richter

    I have appeared in 6 films and an infomercial.
    Due for another infomercial for the same company on
    Home Shopping Network in February 2014
    The films are as follows:
    1- HOOD & THE WOLF 2010
    2- MANGOS May 2012
    By Patty Richardson

    3-HEARTBREAK 2013


    SEPT. 2013
    By Cameron Bigelow

    5- NOVA ROAD OCT 2013
    Produced by
    Michelle Brown
    Directed by
    Ashton Kristopher Bracciodieta

    6- BIRD DOG- NOV.2013
    By Ken Woods

  54. Tatyana Kowalski

    My name is Tatyana Kowalski and I am from USA, Ohio and am interested in applying for being a movie extra. I heard you were looking for extras and I would be more than eager to help. I am a fourteen-year-old girl and have been acting since the fourth grade. I have been in multiple stage plays and have even played the lead role in my latest one. I have no professional training, but I hope to continue acting as a career.
    It would mean the world to me if you considered letting me be an extra in the new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. I realize you may have hundreds of applications, so if you have come this far to actually read it, it is a miracle. I hope you get this message, and I hope it is not too late to apply. Please consider my request. Thank You.

    I don’t know if you need/want my statistics, but I felt them necessary.
    Sex: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 14
    Height: 5′ 4″
    Weight: 112
    Hair: Short, Brown
    Eyes: Brownish-Green (for lack of a better term)
    Location: USA, Ohio

    Thank for taking the time to read this. I hope I can participate in being a movie extra. Thank you again. If you do decide to let be be an extra, please contact me with this email,
    Thank You!

  55. Austin Reed

    My name is Austin Reed. I am a 19 year old African American male attending college in Miami, Florida. Through out my entire life, I have only dreamt of taking on a role in a film but have always had confidence in my acting abilities. I can guarantee that any role that would be given to me, I would nail. I am charismatic, comedic, well spoken, and athletic. Even being an extra in a film would be a great deal to me and my career. Though I have not had any actual film experience, being in this film would make my dreams come alive. I promise that if I were chosen for this film, you would not at all regret it.

    Height: 6’2”

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Weight: 220

    Body type: Athletic

    Thank you!

  56. Cynthia

    Hello, my name is Cynthia Prada. No questions asked, being apart of Marvel in any way, shape, or form is my dream. I grew up with the comics and have seen every movie to date. It would be life changing to be apart of this new movie. It is hard to put into words how badly I would love to have a chance to be in this movie. I feel as though being in any aspect of this movie would be an absolutely brilliant start to my career. To me, I feel that I am able to play any type of role, including being a villain. I am currently at a university with a high GPA but am figuring out that I want to do something more; something different. Being in school has taught be to be productive, self- disciplined, organized, team oriented, and to adapt to any situation.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’4″
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Brown, medium length
    Ethnicity: Hispanic, but look white
    Am able to speak Spanish (semi- fluent)

    For more information, please contact me.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  57. Ariel

    Hi my name is Ariel and I’m 15 turning 16 and I love acting it is my passion and i know you have a lot of people saying that and I know your probably going to graze over my comment or just scroll until someone catches your eye but I am asking for you to give me a chance and let me show you that I am worth a shot that i can do this well if you make it to the end of my comment I want to thank you and ask for a shot to do what I love

  58. Jocelyn Feliciano

    Name: Jocelyn Feliciano
    Age: 25
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 155
    Race: Hispanic
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Location: NYC

    Are you kidding me?! I would love the oppurtunity to work in this film. I’d also love to be part of the cast and/or movie. Wow! This would be the chance of a lifetime. Please consider emailing me, it would mean the world. I’ve dreamt of being in a movie for a very long time. Any movie for that matter, since I was a little girl. I’ve been an extra in some films already. This is right up my alley, however I’d love to do more. Thanks so much!

  59. Thomas Cortez Lee

    Hello My Name is Thomas Cortez Lee 20 years an turning 21 on january 24 and Ive never acted before nor done any major video except for youtube..,as always i wanted to be in a major A-List Movie since childhood, But even now i still believe hollywood needs someone like me who can achieve the impossible..,As others will say… i may be picky in most situation but its for the good..,so playing in this will grant me greatness and Fame..oh an by the way..with me starring in this film…i dont think basic actors will have a chance..So if there are any talent agents seeking a brand new actor…dont hesitate to leave me a number in my email…And this is a movie i would die to be in…(

  60. Desiree Talmadge

    My name is Desiree. And I just want to act. i’ve got no experience other than acting in just public for dares and to embarrass my mom. But i’ve always wanted to be in a movie and really see how well i’d be able to act and bring out my character. I’m up for any challenge you’ll throw at me. If you by any chance consider me please contact me. Thank you and i appreciate you reading this
    Race: Mixed
    Sex: female
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Yellow/Brown
    Body type: Curvy

    I can be reached at

  61. Elijah Cantu

    14 years old, not much experience! But I sure do love marvel comics and DC comics! They are pretty influential in my life! And I would be very excited to be casted in something like this! Thank you so much!

  62. Jamie Schoopachevich

    Hello, my name is Jamie Schoopachevich (pronounced Shoe-pa-kev-itch I know it’s crazy) and I think having a role in a big time movie such as this one would be amazing. I did every play while I was in high school. Totaling 6 shows in all. I can say I am not the best actress but I am an incredibly hard worked and can push myself far beyond my limits. I am currently finishing community college and obtaining my associates degree. It’s the perfect time in my life, at the age of 19, to start a career in acting. I have brown hair and brown eyes. And I’m the tiny stature of 4″11′ and weigh around 95lbs.
    Thank you for reading my comment,

  63. Derek Talley

    Height: 6′ 3″
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin completion: light skin brown
    Weight:171-slim/ fit-ish
    Hair color: Black
    Age: 27

    My name is Derek Talley, an audition would be a great chance for me to show the talent and potential with acting. I have always been good with different language accents and can act on que. People say I have a great personality, sense of humor, originality and can mold to any situation, chameleon-like. I have always been active, rock climbing, bunjee jumpin etc. I feel I would be great for an extra or role I I greatly appreciate the opportunity.
    Thank you

  64. Patrick toussaint

    Name and age: Patrick Toussaint 20
    Height and weight: 6”2/204
    Body type: athletic
    Race: African American
    Hair and eye color: Short Dark curly hair. Blake eyes

    Hi my name is Patrick I’m 20 years old and a enthusiastic, talented ,facetious ,performer. Ive never been in front of a camera for a film, but I put on a good show everyday for the world with what ever I’m doing. I love making people smile and hearing them laugh. Love watching super hero and action adventure movies. My favorite super hero is spider-man cause of his agility and because he knows what to say to the villains to get under there skin. I know I should of tried more auditions when I was younger but it’s never to late to make your dreams come true. Would really enjoy an opportunity like this it would be a great way to show off my talent and comical ability to show this world that I am ready for the big screen and ready for my Oscar. Thank you and looking forward for a call back.

  65. Jalan Hicks

    Hi, my name is Jalan Hicks and I would love to be a part of Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. It has been my dream for so long to participate in the filmmaking and or the music industry. I would love to experience the process and inspiration from the making of this movie. I love to entertain and to make people happy. I currently live in Chicago, IL. This is a wonderful opportunity for me. I am a quick learner, good listener, hard worker, and athletic. I participated in football and is now playing basket ball. I may be a little young to play in the movie my I look much older. Any character you think is best for me is fine.

    Name: Jalan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Date of birth: 11/24/1999
    Weight: 167
    Height: 5’11″ 1/2
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  66. Wesley Wolf

    Hi my name is Wesley Wolf, and Im a huge fan of super heroes. I have a wild imagination where I picture myself being one lol. Iv’e had dreams that I’m flying or having some kind of super human ability. Ive even looked up how to gain powers when I was younger, I picture myself with them, giving a cool smug look lol. If I were to choose one, I would choose blue flames or copycat. Ive seen all marvel movies, with my favorite so far being The Avengers. It would be amazing to be apart of this amazing opportunity. I love acting and am not afraid to do it. I would do anything, especially if it involves being a part of the cast. I’m athletic, buff, ambitious, muscle, have a dark sinister look (sometimes can scare the crap out of people), good sense of humor, like to get along with people too. I have a high self esteem and am asking for your consideration of casting me.

    Name: Wesley Wolf
    Age: 14
    Sex: Male
    Weight: 146
    Height: 6′
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Dark brown

    Thanks for even considering me!!

  67. Ashley Everett

    Female, I live in the UK and have attended many stage schools including the famous BRIT school.
    As a child I was in several theatre performances singing, acting and dancing.
    I’m 14 and was born in London and I still live there, I was born January 21st 1999.
    I have always wanted to be an actor and love the Marvel Universe.
    I am very athletic: Cross Country, Horse Riding, Archery, Swimming, Boxing many more.
    I am a slim built teen I weigh 8 stone 5.
    I am quite tall for my age and have been mistaken for an adult several times, I am around 5 foot 9.
    Even though I do love in the United Kingdom and I understand this film is filmed in the United States, I do have funds to travel.
    I hope to hear from you at some point.
    Please contact me I you have any questions or enquiries.
    Many thanks,
    Ashley Everett

  68. Deonna Miller

    Hello! My name is Deonna, and I would absolutely love to be a part of this film!
    I’m fourteen years old, and of mixed race (African-american and Caucasian). I have auburn colored hair, and brown eyes, and am around the 5’8 – 5’9 range.
    I should be considered for this film because while I might not have the most experience, I have a passion for movies and have had one since I was small. I do believe that I could showcase the talent needed for films, and require only a chance to do so. While I am not very practiced in the art of acting, I write often and enjoy reading + practicing previously published scripts on my own. Being a part of movies, especially one of this scale and genre, would be a new experience for me, and would be an excellent way for me (a proclaimed introvert) to develop skills I dont already have. Plus, Marvel is really close to my heart personally, being a big fan of comics and previously filmed Marvel movies! I would be absolutely honored to be a part of such an amazing project!
    Thank you for your time!

  69. Brendan Thompson

    Hi my name is Brendan Thompson I am 6ft 15yr and I have been acting for 5yr I take my acting very serious but still know how to have fun I will love to be part of this marvel project and many more and I would love to meet MR. Stan Lee.

  70. Angel Minns

    My name is Angel I live in Florida im 14 i’ll be 15 in January and im in a medical magnet program I take acting classes every week. I love Marvel and all of their wonderful creations it would be amazing to be in this film. Im a comical happy person and is willing to try new things.I can do some dialects and im an active person. Im a very artistic person I have a youtube channel and if you want to know about any other skills I have or any questions just email me!:)
    Hair: dark red/brown
    Height: “5’2″

  71. Lindsay McCoy

    Full Name: Lindsay Bretiel McCoy
    Age: 15 years old
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Nationality: Half Australian/ Half American
    Height: 5’3
    Location: Port Charlotte, Florida

    Hello, My name is Lindsay McCoy and I am extremely interested in this film. I am a very big fan of the marvel movies and would be an honor to be a part of one. At school i participate in drama club, plays and take theatre class. I have my mind set on being an actress and i believe starting in this movie would help me a lot. I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you guys soon. Thank you

  72. Abigail Awode


    My name is Abigail Awode. I am originally from Buchanan, Liberia. I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN. I am 18 years of age (will be 19 on December 4th, 2013). I am 5’6” and weight 145 lbs. I am a junior at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities studying neuroscience. I aspire to become a professional actor. Some ways that I have been preparing myself include; participating in my school’s drama club, taking acting classes and participating in plays.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my brief biography.

  73. Alexis

    Hey, my name is Alexis Liolios. I’m 4 foot 11 inches tall, whiter than casper the friendly ghost, 15 years old, and a HUGE nerd. I have been taking dance lessons since I was 3 years old, so I’m used to acting on stage. I would love to experience acting behind a camera. I don’t have many friends, but the friends that I do have, I love to act crazy with. I’m always the one in the group who’s doing something crazy or funny in public. It warms my heart to see the smiles I put on peoples faces just by doing something considered “weird” in public. The different reactions I get just from being a bit “different” than anyone else in my age group. One thing that separates me from most teenagers is my love of knowledge. I especially love learning about history, anything from ancient Greece to the Renaissance, it entices me. Another thing I love to learn about is languages, I take two languages right now at my high school, sadly there is no room in my schedule for another. But I take Spanish and Latin in both classes I have a 97 average. I’m also a huge bookworm. Fantasy and science fiction are my favorites, especially books like Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings series, just to name a few. I could go on all day. Sorry if I’m boring whoever has to read this but I hope you enjoyed reading about me.

  74. Oluschi harmon

    I will like a part in this movie or in any other movie for the avengers this will make me happy and I did do some main parts in school play and small part in small movies if u do read this and get me a part I will me very honor thank you for reading this