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Reality TV Show Casting Call

There is a new reality TV show casting call for a new Fox series. “The F Word” will star TV’s loudest chef Gordon Ramsay. Auditions are being held for amateur chef teams to participate in the new cooking competition series. Casting directors are searching for teams of four that include siblings, parents, in-laws, co-workers and friends. Producers are scouring the country for this national casting opportunity. You can be from anywhere in the United States to be considered. If you have what it takes to test your cooking abilities against another family for your chance to win some big money, this is the TV show casting call for you!

About The F Word

The live food variety show The F Word from the popular chef, TV personality for premiere in 2017. According to Deadline, The F Word is described as a cooking competition meets variety show. Each hourlong live episode will feature Ramsay as he chats with surprise guests and VIPs in the dining room, hosts live remotes with people from across the country, and appears weekly in unique field segments with fans, foodies and culinary experts.

What They Are Looking For

Calling all Amateur Chefs!!

We have an amazing NEW cooking competition show we are casting for, with Gordon Ramsey!

Looking for teams of 4, families (i.e, siblings, parents, grandparents, twins, in-laws), co-workers (police officers, firefighters, teachers, marines, army, etc) and friends to apply. If you are excited to test out your cooking abilities against another family, for a chance to win $$$ big bucks, this casting is for you!

We are looking for groups with big personalities!

Age requirements: 10+.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or interest!

How to Apply

To audition email Easton@thatfoodshow.com with a team description, photo and contact information. If you have family members or friends with great home cooking skills, here is your chance to cook a winning signature dish and win big!

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5 Casting Responses

  1. Eric Washington

    My name is Eric Washington. I am the best cook I know and have the best knack for NEW tastes or tweeked up old recipes.
    I have been a fan as well as enthusiast or food for many years and a super fan of Chef Gordon Ramsey. Growing up in Harlem, New York, I had to pull the chair up to look into pan.
    I grew up in NYC and my beautiful sisters share the same love of not only cooking with our family secret recipe, but also with pride.
    This would be a great opportunity for me and a once doomed dream become a reality.
    Thank you for your time and picked consideration.

  2. JILL M Janes

    First of all – YOU have made me a better cook – THANK YOU!!!!!
    We are 12 people that are like family but we are trusted true friends – we cook together, we drink together, we cry together and we love each other unconditionally – if you (Gordon) are in Cleveland you NEED to travel to the eastside suburbs and laugh & party with us! We love beef, pork, venison and chicken….we have not made his famous beef wellington (scared 2) but Phil & Jill have mastered “THEE BEST MUSHROOM WELLINGTON … so good 🙂 If he visits, Gordon will have love from 100 lb. Blond Lab named Finnegan “Finn”. Our Finn does rule the roast so be ready to be loved by the FINN! And our family of friends are amazing – hugd & kisses (OXOX)

  3. Paula

    Are you still excepting casting calls? My family is very interested!

  4. Paula

    Are you still excepting casting calls?

  5. Kiyo

    Just curious if this applies to military overseas as well? I have a lot of friends here in Germany that may be interested while their spouses are deployed to Poland.