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“Girls” Reality Show – Reality TV Casting

There may be no hotter or more talked about show on television today than HBO’s breakout hit Girls. Currently in the middle of it’s second critically acclaimed season, Girls has captured the attention of millions of viewers and now reality TV is ready to get in on the fun. The Girls Reality Show is coming soon and the producers and casting directors of this real world ode to today’s modern woman are searching the globe for talented women to be apart of TV’s next phenomenon. Casting calls are set to be held soon and submissions form interested parties are being accepted today.

The Girls Reality Show is inspired by Lean Dunham’s much buzzed about award winning series. The show will strive to put a spotlight on the lives of real life women coming into their own in this wild world. Like MTV’s long running monster reality hits Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County starring unknowns turned entertainment superstars Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari and it’s spin off The Hills featuring Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag and Whitney Port which were inspired by FOX’s primetime soap opera sensation The O.C., The Girls Reality Show is looking to shine a light on women truly living a life like Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna do in their comedy series and possibly turn their cast into worldwide celebrities. If your world resembles what you see on Girls every week the producers of the Girls Reality Show want to hear from you today! Casting calls are being organized but you can apply for audition consideration now. To submit yourself for this surefire reality hit or for more information on the project you can send emails here blinktipcasting@gmail.com. We will post every casting call detail as they are released so stay tuned for updates and be sure to leave a comment in the space provided and tell us about your self and why you would be the perfect “girl” for the Girls Reality Show.

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  1. Jen R

    Hey, I’m jen, I’m 32 but still live like I’m 22 1\2! I’m from Greenville, s.c. We are a small but up and coming town. Bar/restaurants live off regulars during the week, collage students and Bmw employees during the weekends. My group of friends would be a great addition to the show. We are longtime friends with strong will and opinions. we all bring some diversity to the group and there is never a dull moment. we all have different jobs but always meet up after work for some shenanigans.

  2. Jessica G

    I would be a great candidate for this show! I am a recent college graduate, single, pansexual, and a dominant woman. I am goal oriented, strong, open minded, music fanatic, bubbly, energetic, outgoing and much more!!!

  3. Ro winston

    I Want a role

  4. Sky

    I would love to be on this show I’m love the show girls and this seems amazing! Would love to be a part of this!

  5. rosny goliath

    It looks verry exiting! getting goose bumps..id like to be apart of one of your reality shows…i dont know if i wil get in but its worth a shot..iam from south africa thank you

  6. Toni-Jay Simmons

    Hi, My name Toni I’m 32 and I’ve battled with depression issues for seven years I’m writing my own novel to tell my story so this would be perfect for me to help other woman who have struggle the life of depression and different other issues.

  7. Emoni

    I’m emoni, I’m 22 and my girlfriend is 21! We came up with this crazy idea about how awesome it would be to be on TV together or even have our own show! If anyone knows a way we could get into that, that’s be awesome. 🙂

  8. Alexandra Perez

    Hey my name is Alex, I’m 18 years old and work as well as going to college. I’ve always struggled with my self esteem and anger problems. I feel like a show like this would be perfect because I have real issues that people can relate to and not Kardashian issues.

  9. Siobhan Thomas

    Hi I would love to be on this show I got a good personality character love to be around others and of course I like drama but I also could be happy and bring a lot of life into the show please get back with me as soon as possible

  10. Emily Pinard

    Hello Im Emily, Im 22 years old. i currently have a fiance and son. YES im a lesbian! some people have yet to still get over it but whatever i dont care for them. im super outgoing and motivated, but im from a town in Connecticut where no one can ever find their way out of town for some reason! we all now each others business and even when you think they dont, TRUST ME they do! id love to be on tv or have my own show. i know i have something to offer and id love to show it off!

  11. Tovi Sanford

    Hi, I’m Tovi yes that’s my real name and I’m 10 and I don’t know if that’s too young to apply for this, but I have always wanted to be an actor. I am sort of depressed and have anger issues. I have a sister who is 12, and I hate her a lot. My mom was an alcoholic for most of my life but now is one year sober and all my friends and I are like serious goofers and I am an amazing artists and I convey my feelings through my art and I really really really really really really want this so pleas call me.

  12. jasmine ferreira

    alright this is what I’ve been waiting for. THIS IS IT! This is me and my friends for sure. You will not be disappointed when you meet me!

  13. Sarah Davis

    My sister Allison (26) & I (25) are the epitome of two girls trying to figure out what the f**k we are meant to do in this crazy ass world. Between work, boys, friends/family, & getting white girl wasted on the weekends there is never (and I mean NEVER) a dull moment. My father (god bless his soul) keeps telling us “one day you girls will hit that wall & decide to settle down.” FIRST, WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?? SETTLE DOWN?? No. To my sister & me life right now is one huge science project. Sometimes the most beautiful concoctions are brewed, but the majority of the time it’s just one big explosion. But this is all part of this crazy thing we call life, right?? The constant ups & downs, the fear of the unknown, & the desire to be worth something are all part of this crazy ass science project (life). It’s just figuring out which path is the right one to take, which requires a sh*t ton of trial & error. Fortunately (for yall), there is plenty of trail & error going on in our lives which makes for great reality TV. We truly could not be more qualified for this show. So come on down to Austin, Texas & see what this roller coaster ride is all about.

  14. Allison Davis

    I’m currently sitting here at my 8-5 normal job (which why does everyone say 9-5? it’s most certainly NOT) as a Brand Marketing Coordinator for a Construction Online Software Company, and it hit me, F**** I am not meant for this normal life!

    I got an epiphany while watching “Almost Famous” (at work, shhh) that my life is hilarious and needs to be broadcasted to the world…especially when Brenda from Accounting (middle aged, trying to get pregnant, not going anywhere) says she would PAY to see my sister and I on a reality television show. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a permanent drama/crazy shit cloud above your head…come visit my/my sisters life. We’d be perfect for this show, and that’s no LIE.

  15. Krystal D Phelps

    I wud b perfect for the show my life’s a damn good reality show in itself I’ve got stories to blow ur mind believe me shits so unbelievable ppl ask if there’s a hidden camera crew around

  16. Stefani Adkins

    My name is Stefani. My inability to stay awake led me to adiction that did lead my life through harsh pitfalls it also opened my eyes to the fact that I was a sellout and made me face the fact that I was not made to be a small town nobody who settled for what everyone else says is acceptable. Through this I went homeless and lost everything especially those two people who are most important. Being sick of the streets I hitched a ride to Texas to start stripping and from there I’m slowly making my way up. I feel that soon I’ll be making the kind of money I need to become successful on my own terms and get my life back together and then some. But I will only be able to do it through the many dark avenues that everyone else believes leads only to failure.

  17. Debbie Peacock

    My name is Debbie Peacock, I am from Toledo, Ohio. Moved here when I was 3 raised in Georgia. My bestfriend is Kiana Pickett, she is born and raised in Union Springs, Alabama. We would be perfect for this show, we are 18 years old trying to get it on our own but it’s hard. We are the goofiest people you will ever meet, knows how to party and have fun, really down to earth and funny. We make a great team together there’s not one thing we haven’t done without each other. This show would probably be great for 2 girls like us. It’s probably one in a million that we get picked but I just thought I gave it a shot! Please get back to us!

  18. Shaena Rothe

    Hello there, Im Shaena!
    I’m a complicated human being to say the least haha. But I’m one of the most positive people you will ever meet even though I try to fight my battles & others on my own but hey I’m always still standing arent I. I’m very observant, more than social, I love learning about people & all of what this world has to offer along with all of its brilliant minds, I always look for the positive & beautiful things in life even though life is like WW3 nowadays but I am one of the quirkiest outgoing & bubbly people so definitely a little wild especially with my face expressions I love making people laugh & to just be happy. I am just 20 years old, I have a gorgeous 1 year old daughter who gets smarter & stronger each & everyday, I have become such a better person because of her, I myself mostly raise her on my own with the help of my mom & sister, I’m with the father still who is currently in rehab for the second time. He’s an amazing person & does his best, he grew up into the fast/drug life so he didn’t have an easy childhood, but do any of us? Most always say give up, but what if I had people give up on me with my addiction 5 years ago? I wouldn’t be here doing all that I am, as simple as that. We all need help & someone to be there. We have to help one another especially the ones we love even though we have almost nothing left to give. This life is complicated, rough but also very fragile. That’s why I make the best of it I can in doing my best, while also trying to chase my decently big dreams, which I have many of, I’ve tried singing though I’m definitely not the best haha I love dancing Im pretty good, but I really love drawing so being an artist or even trying to pursue tattooing is one of my best goals portraits are my best, give me a picture of you or someone & in 2-3 hours it’ll be a spitting image also unless you want something added as such as a background I got it I can change it up for you! Then the others are either acting & modeling which would both be pretty darn cool when I get past my shyness, I have always been told I have a face for TV along with my personality. But if I get this opportunity not only will it be the best darn thing that’s ever happened to me other than my daughter, I will give it my absolute best just as I do everything else, so if you were to, I guarantee you, you won’t regret it I will give it my heart & soul & I would be that next big character you’re show was looking for 😀
    you can also check out my Instagram @shaena_xoxo
    Thank you! XOXO

  19. Holly


    I am 27 years old and I am an aspiring clothing designer. I went to FIDM in LA and had a great job as a designer in LA after i graduated, I moved back to my home town of Maryland because I accepted a job at a boutique to create an in house clothing line and that went up in flames really quick because the owner had no clue what she was in for. Now I am trying to pick up the pieces and get to where I want to be ON MY OWN. I am sick of trying to rely on other people to make my dreams come true because as I have learned the only person you can rely on is yourself! I have a fashion blog as a creative outlet and I have been working on patterns to eventually launch a small clothing line of my own. I live in Baltimore and we all call it ‘Smalltimore” because everyone knows everyone and gossip spreads like wildfire. I am hustling to make moves, do new fresh and innovative things and create a fashion market in an area where there is now one.

    I am super interested in this project and I would love to be a part of it.


  20. Astoria King

    Girl for “Girls” Reality Show Audition

    Extrovert more so introvert personality that was abanoned by both parents when I was in kindergarten. All the problems I faced as a child have made me a wanderer in the mind. I need help with myself and im 24 years old; sad I know. Nonetheless, I believe I have no talents and im facing post partum depression from giving birth to my daughters. My babies daddy doesnt try to understand me he just thinks im crazy. Im fun and easy to get along with SOMETIMES but people dont stay in my life long enough to see how beautiful a black woman I am on the inside. I may have talents but never was able to harness them because my parents werent there to push me. I think Id be perfect for “Girls” because im far from perfect.

  21. Ayiesha

    Hello my name is Ayiesha, I’m 20 years old . I’m a really outgoing and dope person . I love my personality, I’m always laughing being goofy and pulling pranks and joking with people. I’m real easy and a chill person to talk too. I love helping others and meeting new people. I actually always wanted to be on a reality show one that fits my standards so people can see what a genuine awesome person I am .

  22. Kim

    My twin sister and I are 25 years old and we own two clothing boutiques in New Jersey. We watch the show Girls and watched the Hills and can relate our lives to both! With crazy employees and endless drama between friends and each other, we can definitely be the next reality “Girls”. Check out our instagrams for pics! SOOO excited!!! @kimcampfield @jennacampfield @hazel_boutique

  23. TheMariahMarie

    Ok soooooo whats the chance ill actually get picked to be on national tv.. slim to none HOWEVER I figured what the hell.. my son is asleep. Im bored so why not? Im Mariah, 23 & full of dreams. Im from an extremly small country town known as Hogansville, Ga.. Where everyone knows everyones business and the church dinner was the place to be.. I grew up playing in mud puddles and living out my imaginations always bare foot and would voice my opinion with no hesitation. I was raised by my nanny, which was my mothers mother because my mother was young and decided that country life isnt what she wanted.. so she left & started at majic city.. what a change of events! I went from mud pies to exotic car rides, watching pole dancers and getting my nails done litterally at the age of 5. To shorten a extremly long story she ended up moving to Nashville, got married brought me along.. had my brothers, Got addicted to crack, divorced, got clean.. My nanny died. I spazzed out overdosed, was in a coma for 6 days. Woke up just fine after doctors saying id be brain dead.. done alot.. seen alot, been there.. done that. Lost everything I had to gain one of my biggest blessings, my son. Now im at a place where im trying to make things right and do what I was put on this earth to do. What is that your probably wondering. Well I dont really know. I do know I have a family that depends on me.. Its me, my mom, my 3 brothers and my son in a 3 bedroom house in the city and Im who they depend on. I want to do so many things from teaching to labor and delievery to production, modeling and I adore music. Im setting out to make my dreams come true. All of them, no matter what it takes. Maybe you could tame a chance and follow me along my journey. Who knows we might make millions! No.. better yet billions & trillions! Damn it! GIVE ME MY OWN SHOW 😉 facebook: Mariah Marie (riiaahhboo@yahoo.com) IG: themariahmarie Follow Me 🙂

  24. Jamaica Grant

    Hi my name is Jamaica Grant ,and I would be a great fit for your T.V show. Because at such a young age I have been through so many different life experiences. I was 14 years old when I started raising myself. I grew up in foster care up until the age of 13 when I was released into my grandmothers care ,however, she only wanted to collect the benefits. I still managed to finish high school with two advance placement classes and excellent grades. I have been able to take myself to many different states to try to experience the world. I now reside in a homeless shelter I start Paul Mitchell beauty school in January. through it all I still love being stylish with a vibrant outgoing personality!

  25. Anerzina Machado

    *~~~~~~~ Hey ~~~~~~~*


    I don't even know where to began with my share of struggles to be where I'm at in my life. I could start with how moving to the U. S at the age go 15 gave me more acne than one face can hold.
    I moved to the U.S at the age of 15 from Brazil. After my father passed away my mom was widowed and left with 5 little daughters to care for. That's how the story began! Now imagine where that’s gonna go.
    We came to the U.S. in the pursue of the America dream. At the age of 15 i headed straight to high school speaking Zero, none, nada, no english at all. As if high school isn't hard enough, not speaking english was just adding salt to injury. Yup, lets just say i have nightmares about those days lol
    The break room was my worse nightmare, there’s the popular’s table and the nerdy table, well i fit in no table. I ate my lunch alone in the classroom and stayed focused on my goals. Oh and focused on how to get rid of all that acne building up on my face from all the stress that was consuming my brain.
    At times i got home from school and just cried, not sure if i was crying because i was happy to be home and away from all the creatures walking around my school hallway or if it was because another day passed and i learned only one new “word” from the english dictionary. I was so determined to make a life for myself. I learned english on my own, by reading, using the dictionary, asking people questions, watching tv and here i’m now. I speak 3 languages. And Oh, lets not forget the crazy, funny, idiotic, and outrageous things I went through the past years lol
    You can imagine how good this story gets. I could have you laughing so hard for hours just listening to the introduction of my basic, unique, funny and interesting life story as a “GIRL”

    I’m perfect for this show! You just have to meet me =)

  26. Karen Marseille

    I know I would be a great fit because Im driven to succeed. I have never acted before. I’m very passionate in everything I desire to do. I’m also very spiritual and strong minded. I’m 31 and a lesbian who just lost her mother last April. I’m ready to reveal who I am to the world.

  27. Angelica Nevarez

    Angelica Nevarez
    From Tucson, Arizona age 23.
    A Middle School Teacher at a nonprofit charter school.
    Recently crowned 2015 Top Model, with nonprofit organization Bellezza Model Inc.
    Tucson Model Magazine award winning Make Up Artist, talent showcased and awarded cover of the year 2014.
    Greeter and hostess for Tucson Model Magazine.
    Hostess for Iriezona Clothing Company, Prescott, Arizona
    Ambitious, motivated, artistic, and goal oriented.
    Growing up in poverty and being exposed to a different kind of culture, I have spent the last two years reconstructing myself; characteristic wise, morals, values and becoming career oriented to better my family line in the future.
    With being career focus I still manage to have fun, be outgoing and I love to seek adventure. When attending events, I mostly attend them by myself. I
    am very independent, but very sociable at a professional level. No matter where I go, It never fails that know someone in the crowd. If there is that rare occasion that I do not know anyone I am not shy to make myself comfortable and make an acquaintance or two.
    I stand out.
    And to whomever is reading, have a great day.

  28. Leona Hess

    I’m an immigrant. I’m 32 and my life for the last 5 years has been a show!!
    Moved to the states 4 years ago to get my MBA degree in San Francisco. Almost right away met my biggest love and got married in Vegas in 3 months. Had to quit my University because my husband (originally from LA) was running a company in Vegas. After I completed the first semester (with all A!) I left San Francisco and I’ve been living in Mandarin Oriental residence with my husband in the middle of Las Vegas for 9 months! For many reasons our family life didn’t work, although we are best friends ever till now. After a while we came back to LA where I had to figure out what’s next. My previous background is finance, economics and analysis, but I didn’t have an American MBA I realized that my chances in this field are not that great. I packed all my staff into a car and moved to Silicon Valley, where I completed a computer school and became a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. I changed my life style from glamorous and luxury to geek engineering!!
    Now I live in Silicon Valley working for one of the leading companies. But I feel like I need changes. The life here is too sweet, too slow and too predictable to me. I’m looking for a new challenges, adventures and new LOVE!

  29. Qua

    Hi, My Name is Qua I’m 21 years old and I currently live in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I am a soon to be college Grad, very outgoing with a free spirit. I have a strong personality that definitely stands out. I would love to be part of this TV show and let the world into my life while being understanding to others.

  30. Elizabeth M

    I think I would be perfect for a role on Girls because my life alone would make a HILARIOUS show. I am 20 years old and have a sadly realistic life. I love acting like my life is together, being classy and sophisticated when in reality, I just got a call from the bank saying they are going to tow my car because I forgot to make two payments. Whoops! I’m the youngest and most under qualified in my job working for a top company and I got secretly married to a military guy I’ve been dating for a long time and my family would die if they knew. My life is a crazy good time and is constantly changing, which I love. I turn any negative situation positive and learn so much in every wild thing that happens.

  31. Emily reynada

    Hey! My name is Emily Reynada, I am a Cambodian and Mexican young adult. I’m 21 years old and if you are looking for a young adult in the struggle I’m your girl! I was born in California, raised in Las Vegas, and now I am living in Phoenix, Arizona trying to live an interdependent life. I realize if you guys don’t respond to me I will be okay, because living life so far is everything but what I have planned it to be. So many obstacles in life that I am experiencing from having to give up my dog(I have had since I was in 5th grade) due to him damaging my beautiful apartment, leading into roommate fueds, and trying to have a functional relationship not only with my boyfriend, but with my family. If you have any interest in my journey or want to get a better idea of my personality don’t hesitate to send me any questions to the email I provided.

  32. Shelby

    I know everyone says this but I really would be perfect for a reality tv show. My life is full of twists and turns. I’m 23 years old. Just to give you an idea of who I am…think Brooke Davis off One Tree Hill.

  33. Shelby

    I know everyone says this but I really would be perfect for a reality tv show. My life is full of twists and turns. I’m 23 years old. Just to give you an idea of who I am…think Brooke Dacis off One Tree Hill.

  34. Brianna N

    Hey there! I believe I would be the perfect girl for girls because this would be a great opportunity for me to actually be in a show where I’m getting inspired. I love Lena and her amazing screenwriting, so the fact that there’s a show another show coming up basic on her work is beautiful. I hope I get cast.

  35. Ashlee


  36. goodeen

    Hi my name is goodeen , very different I know . I was born in a different country ,moved here when I was 7. As I approach my 22nd birthday I’m realizing life is not easy at all . I’m struggling with my friends and dating life. I’m very bubbly and at times some might even say I’m funny . I believe that I have what it takes to make the show a little bit more interesting. I’ve always admire those girls and it would be a dream come true to interact with them. It’s never a boring time whenever I’m around so I say I’d be the perfect addition to the girls family.

  37. Geavonne

    I’m interested! I’m 30, i work as an investigator in Nj, I have a son & pretty much down to earth. I hear that I’m laid back & I have a lot of “swag” although I don’t like that word! I’m considered aggressive I did have a girlfriend and after so much drama (mainly my part) we split! I’m 5’9 brown skin with tattoos, long hair & love to have a good time! If there is anything else you want to know feel free to email me!

  38. Tykya Gaston

    I am a big fan of the show. I still be watching it. Whenever I get the chance to see it. I would really like to be on the show. This will be a blessing from God. Thank you I hop you choose me. I promise you won’t regret it. I am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Age:20 Weight:100lbs Eye Color: Dark Brown Hair Color:Black and short City: Cantonment, FL

  39. Nida Maqsood

    I am a 24 year old recent law school graduate who took the California bar exam. I was born in United Arab Emirates, my family is Pakistani, moved to California when I was in middle school, completed my undergrad in Missouri, attended law school in Florida and now I’m back in California. I worked my way through college as a sephora and MAC makeup artist. At such a young age, I have exposed myself to so many different aspects of life. Between balancing the cultural differences and discovering my true self, it has been very difficult to remain motivated towards having a career. However, I remain committed to finding my place on this planet. I don’t let stereotypes define my existence. I’m 5’1, 90 pounds, a workaholic, who walks red carpet events on the weekends and isn’t shy from a selfie.

  40. Ksenia Radi

    Hello THE TEAM!

    My name is Ksenia, I am originally from Russia, graduated the Art School, dreamt of becoming a designer, but suddenly changed my mind right before the university exams and decided to go to Switzerland to study hotel and restaurant business, spent 5 years in Swizzy and realised it’s not my thing, lived in Portugal for 6 months, then moved to Vietnam and it’s been 3 years since I am in Vietnam. Opened my shoes shop, but the financial crisis destroyed it in a 2 years, now I am 25, and came back to what I started from…my dream of working in fashion, which means I need to start learning things from the beginning. Ow and I have been in a relationship for 5 years, have been living with my for the 5 years to be exact, so I am kind of wife, but not a wife. Well, that’s just a short story, have lots of different stories to tell about my life situations when living in Switzerland, in Portugal, in Vietnam, looking for a job, apartments, adjusting to local cultures etc.

    Would be really interested in telling my stories that might teach some girls not to make certain mistakes in their lives.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    My bests,


  41. Cierra Gaytan

    My name is Cierra Gaytan-Leach I live in Orange County California and have a group of 4 best friends who I know who be amazing for television. People have told us that we are tv ready because we are just a group of girls trying to figure out this crazy world we live in but all love doing it together. We do not have it all together but trying to find our way I know we would be awesome at something like this.

  42. Christie


    I am an out lesbian living in OC-LA area, who is feminine and still hangs out with guys. I moved out here when I was 19, without knowing anyone. I recently graduated from College with my Bachelors degree in marketing. Working two jobs to support myself at the moment, and in-between going to gay bars and strip clubs.

    Put me on the show!


  43. NaomiTheBarberista

    Hi my name is Naomi. I am 32 years old. I am currently starting my own business that will consist of female barbers at a barbershop. I’m tired of working in regular barber shops where men dismiss women barbers. I want to create a place where men can go with female barbers.
    It will be called “The Barberistas” A Barbershop Salon
    I plan on having a bunch of independent powerful women, together, having a ton of fun on this journey. I start construction on my Barbershop in two months and my opening day will be January 1, 2016 happy new year to me and hopefully you want to watch me on my journey and broadcast me to the world.

    Follow me

  44. Kayla McKinley

    Well the chances of being noticed out of all these responses seems to be slim pickings. I’d say what the hell with it though worth a shot. I’m the one who takes chances and more than likely it’s never a smooth route. I’m pretty straight forward and I love to have a good time. I’m that kind of girl that through the worst times I’ll still come out with a smile on my face….my dad didn’t pay 4 grand for braces for nothing!!!! My friends are my everything and have been since middle school…even though when I drink I think everyone is my best friend,funny how that works. Anyways thanks for the time of day. If you’d like to know more then I’d hope to hear from you.

  45. Brianna

    BIG, EXCITING Personality! I’m a humorous person. I enjoy playing a character and making myself and other’s laugh. I can be dramatic when necessary, but also calm and reserved. I also know what hard work means and determination. Currently, I’m a college student, but looking to venture out into something that I feel is much more suited for me. I have a lot to offer!

  46. maggievicious

    So I guess every show needs a no filtered, did she really just say that in There show. artistic but cute, funny but true, kind of character do you want a realistic down to earth character then I’ll be be your girl.

  47. Soncya Noelle

    HEEEYYYYY!! I’m Soncya Noelle of Nashville, Tn and VERY excited about this opportunity. A little bit about me? I am an outgoing people person and I LOVE making people laugh. More importantly I am a single mother DOING THE DAMN THING! I graduated college with ALL odds against me and yet I still manage to keep a smile not only on my face but many of those faces around me. I love to party on baby free nights and TRUST that I take full advantage of those nights kicking it with my “GIRLS”. You will NOT regret having me as one of your cast members. I’m claiming this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  48. Natalie Williams

    Hey guys I’d love to join this reality show. You can reach me on the listed email if you want pictures or to meet with me. Wouldn’t be a bad choice for the show I’m attractive & very charming to the ladies a great asset to this!

  49. Breanna Faish

    My name is Breanna and I have never acted before but I would love to be in this reality tv show Girls. I have danced for about 5 years now, mostly hip-hop and some jazz. I am very outgoing and love being myself! I love the outdoors and am very laid back.
    Height: 5’7″
    Age: 18
    Weight: 128
    I have long light brown hair and brown eyes!

  50. Lara Venema


    I recently found internet fame through getting a guy to send me a pizza and it went viral all over social media. I have been told my whole life I need to get into reality tv, because I have such a strong character and I am a huge party girl and have an insane group of friends. If you decide to use me for any sort of reality tv, you will not regret it. I have millions of crazy stories and I am always the life of the party. I would love to get into reality tv. You can contact me at 630-401-0397

    Here is a little story about my most recent internet fame trend:


    Lara Venema

  51. Stephanie scott

    Hello my name is Stephanie Scott and I am interested in auditioning for the the reality tv show girls. I’m from Gary, IN I’ve been kicked out since I was 16, I’m now 22 and the first of my family to graduate from college with a bachelors degree of science in radiation therapy and a minor in biochemistry . I am in the army reserves to help me pursue my dream of being a doctor. I am moving to LA in the fall of 2015 with my girlfriend. Yes! I am a lesbian. I am a girl in America just trying to make it.

    I am an extremely free spirited individual with an amazing personality, sexy , and a complete extrovert with a beautiful smile.

    Instagram: stayphony

    Tumbler: stayygood

  52. Kayla

    Beautiful, sweet, charming, witty, clever, funny, wild card. I think I would be a perfect fit.

  53. Rachel

    Gorgeous, Silly, Adaptable, resourceful, funny, at least that’s what strangers come up to me and say. I’ve had some major modeling opportunities a couple years back. I have more life experience then one would should. I’ve survived physical abuse, I’ve moved around the world, I’ve struggled with mental/emotional consequences but i came out on top. I am an inspiration to those who know my past.

  54. Kristin Nelson

    I’d really like to be a part of this show