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Girl Meets World – The Disney Channel Casting Calls

The Disney Channel is set to revive one of the most memorable family sitcoms of all time with a sequel to the 90’s hit Boy Meets World entitled Girl Meets World. Millions of fans around the world are rejoicing at this exciting news and now thousands of aspiring actors will soon be rejoicing as they get the chance to be a part of history. Auditions for this incredible new project will be happening soon and you can get a jump start on the announcements today by submitting yourself for every upcoming casting call opportunity.

Girl Meets World is bringing back Corey Matthews for another series of adventures that pick up 13 years after the original series. The sitcom will focus on the still married Corey and Topanga’s precocious young daughter Riley and her best friend Maya – just like BMW featured Corey and Shawn! Not only that but in this exciting new installment Corey will be an history teacher just like the unforgettable Mr. Feeny. They say you can never go home again but Disney is ready to prove everyone wrong with this fantastic return to this all-time classic series. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have signed on to reprise their iconic characters Corey and Topanga and now the search is beginning to fill several amazing supporting roles. This could be your chance to to star in the next hit Disney Channel series. Casting calls for every supporting role including the parts of Riley Matthews and her friends will be starting very soon and submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in being a part of the auditions or for more information you can head here This project is in the early stages so many more details will be coming. Stay tuned for every audition update and leave a comment for us below and tell us why would be perfect for a part in Girl Meets World.

Rarely does a chance to star in a guaranteed hit Disney sitcom come around but today that chance is here. Apply today and you could be a part of the magic and laughter of the Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.

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3 Casting Responses

  1. Kiara

    Hi my name is kiara and I will like to addition because Disney is my favorite channel and it will be an honor to be “Girl Meets World”.if any about me contact my grandma at 🐶Thank you for reading.❤️ You Disney channel

  2. khadija

    I love to act. I did an old play and everybody in my school loved it. My principal even signed me up for more exciting dramas but I wanted to come for auditions for this show
    I have lighyly black hair with brown eyes. I am as tall as riley. I can fit her roll and by the way I am naturally a happy person

  3. Trisha collins

    Hi my name is trisha collins and I’m 13years old i was hoping that i can addition for girl meet world because that is my favorite show in the world and i hope you text me back think you for reading this

  4. Emma Shearsby

    Hey my name is Emma i am 12 years old from and i am an actress and singer. I have a scholarship for Musical Theatre at the best arts school in WA and i am very passionate about it. I have dark brown hair with hazel eyes. I really want to have this opportunity so i can succeed in a singing or acting career because i have been working very hard my entire life for an acting job and Girl Meets World would be a big step for me. I love watching Girl Meets World so i know what kind of person Riley Matthews or Maya Hart are or how to play them. Please consider me!

    If u have any other questions please contact me via email.

    Many thanks Emma

  5. Klara SHEPARD

    Hi I’m Klara, I’m 14 years old and I’m an actress, who has participated in several musicals and pantomimes with Simply Theatre Academy and GAOS. I have long blond hair with brown shades and deep brown-green eyes. I’m 5’2 and am open to any role. I can, also sing, and have been doing years of singing and dance. I have auditioned for a movie, but couldn’t go further in that career by having a foot fracture. Please contact me via email.
    Thank you

  6. Danielle Johnson

    My name is Danielle Johnson I’m 19 and from Minnesota! I’ve done short films which have been really fun but I think Girl Meets World could be my next step as a actress! Im willing to move and everything I have family everywhere! I really hope I get an email back! Thank you!
    ~ Danielle Johnson

  7. Maria

    Hi my name is Maria Baez i am 11 my birthday is in December 14 of 2005 and I love to act and it has always been my passion to do acting and I heard that you were doing season 4 of girl meets world girl meets world was my life it teaches me things like never be negative be like Reilly perfect with anything it inspired me to be just like Reilly and any thing can happen you can go on a subway train and look behind you and find a pretty boy and your friend pushes back and you fall in his lap and then he comes to your class the next day as you gave me the inspiration to be really hopeful I want to give the same example to those people that love girl meets world. Please let me porform for this show and I’m verey good at learning things fast.

  8. Larissa

    Hi my name is Larissa. Im 14 years old. I live in Ireland. I love to act and sing. I have acted for many years but only with local pantomines. I usually get the lead so im not camera shy and i dont have stage fright. This would be perfect for me as im wanting to become a professional actress and i need to start somewhere. As i live in Ireland i get no acting jobs because i dont live in America so please dont let this turn you off. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider me!

  9. Emmanuella

    Am Emmanuella am 13 me and my brother will love to act in your program it will be my pleasure and Disney is my favorite channel thanks please reply

  10. Dianel van Niekerk

    Hey future friends! My name is Dianel van Niekerk, I am a south african currently living in Australia, Brisbane. I’ve watched the series of girl meets world and I’ve seen what a great impact it has on children and I would love to be and infuelence to them! I’ve been wanting to be an actor from a very young age and would love to start my career on disney channel! I love acting and really want to do what I love, I also love singing. Please email me! Thanks

  11. anai

    Hi my name is anai Ferrer i am 14 years old I am Mexican and live in oceanside California I would love to be part of girl meets world ! I really love to act and sing I always wanted to be in girl meets word ever since it came out!

  12. Giselle

    Hi, my name’s Giselle and I’m 14 going on 15. I’m 5’5 and I have really long hair. I love acting and ive been to one other casting. The person there begged me to be part of their association, but i declined due to a personal matter. Now, I wish to act again and I think this is the perfect opportunity. My dream is to be an actress, especially one part of Disney. (I find myself a really good actor.) Please contact me via e-mail for more information.
    Thank You.

  13. Giselle

    Hi, my name’s Giselle and I’m 14 going on 15. I’m 5’5 and I have really long hair. I love acting and ive been to one other casting. The person there begged me to be part of their association, but i declined due to a personal matter. Now, I wish to act again and I think this is the perfect opportunity. My dream is to be an actress, especially one part of Disney. Please contact me via e-mail for more information.
    Thank You.

  14. Lilly

    Hi I’m Lilly and I’d love to audition and possibly be part of Disney channel. I am really good at singing and all my friends say I’d make a great actress. Disney channel is all I really watch. And I’d love to hear from you.

  15. Chloe Blair

    Hi my name is Chloe Blair and girl meets world helped me with my friends and I just love the show I am 15 and I have black and brown hair I live in Baldwin city Kansas.

  16. Awais

    Awwi khan hello, i would to be a part of auditions. i dont have any professional acting background beside my school plays. i am 21 and 5 feet 10 inches

  17. Guerline

    Good luck with the new set

  18. Samantha Hampton

    My name is Samantha Hampton.
    I would love to be on Disney (any film really), I have no experience other than a school play I was in! My family & friends kept telling me how good I did & I’ve also been thinking about what I want to do & the only thing I can think of / want to do is act!

    Weight: 95 lbs
    Height: 4’11
    Experience: none

  19. Ruth

    hi my name is Ruth Monfil and i’m 13 years old and i will like to be in the show because i believe in people and I think that a friend is a part of a family. And I will do my best on the show if I can be on there THANK YOU.

  20. Alliyah Taylor

    I would love to audition for a role in girl meets world, I’m 14 years old turning 15 and I love the show girl meets world and have been watching Disney channel since I can remember, I’m an Aboriginal Australian but I’d still love to go to America and act because it’s something I’m passionate about so if there’s atleast a role in one episode please email me

  21. Shalaiya Marie Booker

    My name is Shalaiya i would love to audition i’m 13 years old and my birthday is August 13th

  22. Noemi. Rossi

    Hi!!!I love girls meets world and have watched all the boy meets world eposodes too…I’m such a fan! It Houghton girl meets world was almost over but I gess not..I really want to be apart of the disn’t world because it so gun and I can help..I can sing and acthe on stage!!!please give me a chance on the Disney chanel. .but I feel I need to say I would have to take an audition on skype or something like that as I could not afford to meetake you face to face…I’ve tried to get part before with you but never got an email back please give me a chance disney I won’t let you down…I’m almost 13 year old and need to prove to my family that I can do better because they always think the best for my younger brother….please disney…..

  23. Nyima

    I love to be dramatic at home and school and basically anywhere. I can make myself cry at my own will at completely different times I’m so good I can laugh while doin it . I have brown eyes and black\dark brown hair and I’m dark skin please consider having an audition if you do put it on TV cause when there are auditions online I have no idea???

  24. Nyima

    Hey it’s I really wanna be on GMW its my favorite show ever and I really wanna act so please if there’s a open roll let me know I really wanna audition

  25. Emma Petersen

    I would love to be Riley Mathews in the show Girl meets world because when I think of the name I think she is perky, cheerful, and outgoing, Riley Mathews believes in other people, And I really like that because Riley always believes in herself and others Riley is very fun, and she is really nice and I loved that,

  26. Tamia cunningham

    I would love to audition

  27. Tamia cunningham

    Hi my name is Tamia Cunningham and i have always wanted to be an actor i love going around my house and just acting as one of my family member its cool to do somthing like that and have fun i really wanna be on this show because i like how they are like its so cool to look at this show and see myself im 14 years old and i would love to be on here i love if u can get back to me as soon as possible

  28. Jimena

    Im a brunette, brown eyes girl. I am 5 ft tall and 16 about to turn 17. I live in Canada, and i can speak spanish. I have an interest in playing a role and would love it if you email me for more information. Thank you!

  29. Aswah Rabbani

    Disney channel needs more brown people not just one Indian kid i think there should be a brown girl or guy but mostly girl in this show because it will show diversity and also since there is a lot of people who watch this I think that having a brown girl will teach the audience to be more open to the idea of people with different backgrounds or religion which is something we need, especially as some people around the world have started to get really harsh with people with different backgrounds/ religion. ( I feel like I wrote a essay for school)

  30. Shikina Marie Gorre

    Hi I’m shikina i love sing, dancing and acting I’ve been watching girl meet world again and again and I’m 11 years old I live in Idaho and I have brown hair and I’m half filipino and half american so I can speak two langue and if you pick me it would be an honor to work with the cast and all of you.I have an acting experience back in Cebu and I’ve sang and dance in a big mall. And you pick me my family back in Cebu would be really proud of me. I hope you have a great day.

  31. Shikina Marie Gorre

    hi I’m Shikina and i love girls meet world I’m 11 years old and I really want to audition.

  32. Jose

    Hi im a boy im 11 im really funny an i can act please give a chance to prove my self im so funny jist give me a chance please ill. Do good i promise and my name is jose ok bye

  33. Kayleen

    Hi my name is Kayleen and I am a HUGE fan of Girl ? Meet World ? and I am DYING ? & HOPING to get on the show and I really really HOPE I can get on??

  34. Isabella

    My name is Isabella Mesenbrink. I’m sixteen years old, which is a little older than your target I believe, but I am only 5 foot, and therefore can play younger roles relatively well. I have seen every episode of Boy Meets World and it would be an honor to work with the cast. I have been acting all my life, as well as singing, dancing, and playing the piano. Thank you for any consideration.

  35. Sinem

    Hi my name is sinem and I have brown eyes and brown hair and I’m 14 and I live in Australia ,ever since I was little I have been interested in acting and it would be a dream to be on the show ,thank you if you took your time to read this

  36. Mariah Cyprian

    I turn 14 in March and I wanted to act ever since I was little.

  37. Ezequiel Ortiz

    Hi I’m 14 and I seen every episode of gmw me and my brother watch it and I always wanted to be on it

  38. Addason

    I’m Addy and I would be perfect for the part because i’m very friendly and I have a bubbly personality

  39. David Jin

    I’m 13 by the way

  40. David Jin

    My Name is David Jin and I am a huge fan of Girl Meets World and I am dying to get on that show and I hope that I can get on the show

  41. Hope O'connor

    I also watching the shows from ever since it started and when ever i finish watching i watch it again until a new episode comes out. I’m at the age of 14.

  42. Hope O'connor

    I’ve always dream of being a Disney actress since i was 4, it would mean a lot to me to act with this channel because it the best.

  43. Aneshia

    Hello, My name is Aneshia Morishita. I am 14 years old and a actress and singer. I’ve never been on TV but i have done a lot of plays and a lot of concerts. I have to admit yes i am a fan of the show Girl Meets World but I’m not obsessed. I’m also a fan of Boy Meets World. I have dark brown hair and tan skin. I am Japanese but mostly white. I have wide eyes so a lot of people think that I am Mexican. I live in Idaho and thats about all. Please put my into consideration it will be much appreciated.

  44. Anne Kathryn

    My name is Anne Kathryn Smith and I have always dreamed of being an actress.I have been in a play and 2 musicals and it is my passion. I try to find the good in people like Riley, I am adventurous and rebellious like Maya,southern and country like Lucas, smart like Farkle. It is awesome I meet new people and it makes me feel that no matter what people think about me I am unique myself and no one can Chang that. Since I starting acting in my local theater it made me feel like I could be myself more.

  45. Anne Kathryn

    My name is Anne Kathryn Smith and I have always dreamed of being an actress.I have been in a play and 2 musicals and it is my passion. I try to find the good in people like Riley, I am adventurous and rebellious like Maya,southern and country like Lucas, smart like Farkle.

  46. Angel conti

    Hi my name is Angel, I am 14 but I will be turning 15 in March I was always interested in acting but I never really got the chance to make my dream of being able to act come true… I love girl meets world and I love the fact that it reflects back onto boy meets world I think that’s pretty amazing, the whole cast of girl meets world is amazing and I hope just maybe this upcoming season I can be a part of it somehow 🙂

  47. kaila

    Hey my name is kaila and i like to dance,sing and act i am 9 years old i just love watching girl meets world at home on the tv i know you already did the show please get in contact whith me it will mean the world meaning to me

  48. Nyijah

    Hello my name is Nyijah, I’m 12 and I love this show I’ve been watching it since it came out. I’m an honor roll student, I love basketball, but I don’t play it. I love music and I love to sing and I like to act too. I think it’s really fun.

  49. Mikayla Waters

    Hey, I’m Mikayla, I’m 12 and I’m from Sydney Australia and my dream is to become an actress. I am rather talented at singing acting and dancing. I have done musicals but my dream is to make it onto tv. Sabrina Carpenter and I love gmw and haven’t missed an episode. How do I make my dream a reality? Can you help?

  50. Dezmarie Arizmendi

    Hi my name is Dezmarie Arizmendi I am10 years old I’ve been watching girl meets world since it came out and I love it.I am a cheerleader and I would like to be an actress. My favorite sport is baseball,I love the Dodgers. My favorite color is pink.And I try my hardest in school.Thank you I am farkle. Forever a fan!!!!

  51. Brenda

    My name is Brenda Briseno i always wanted to be a actor . I love to singing , dancing and I love to do art . I have brown hair and brown eyes . I’m 10 year old. I live in California Sagus lane . I love acting . It would be a opportunity for me to be on girl meet world. Acting is everything to me . My two favorite characters are Riley and Maya . Acting is my dream . Have a good day.

  52. Brenda

    My name is Brenda Briseno I alway wanted to be a actor my hole life. What I like to do is sing , dance , gymnastics and art. I have brown hair and brown eyes . I am 10 year old. I live in California Saugus lane . I have a mom and dad and a twin brother and two dogs. Acting is everything to me . Acting is my dream come true. I would love to be on girls meet world I been watching it ever since it came out.Maya and Riley are my to favorite character. I would love to be on girls meet world my favorite part from girl meet world is when Riley and Lucas were washing a car then Riley wet Lucas from the holes then Lucas said I will tell you what happen the Lucas start wetting Riley then zay and Maya talk what Lucas did.i would love to be on girl meet world have a nice day

  53. Celeste Scott

    Hi I am Celeste Scott. I am perfect for this, because I know everything about girl meets world. I want to be someone’s sister or daughter. Maybe I could be Angela’s daughter because I am mixed. I do,t know who I would be but I want to at least be a step sister. I want to be rested to someone!!! I went in acting classes for five years!!! I am starting agian now. Hope you get contact with me!!!

  54. Ainhoa

    Hi i´m 15 years old i love disney channel , but i speak more spanish that english. I love Girl Meets World and I would like to make the casting in Spanish, becouse i live in spain , and not much talk in English.
    Thank you.

  55. Julie Sarah Rakowicz

    My name is Julie Rakowicz. I’m 16 years old and I love Boy meets World and Girl Meets World. I live in New York City. I can act and dance. I would love to be in this show.
    Eye color: green
    Hair color: dirty blonde
    Height: 5’6

  56. Emma

    I’m 12 years old, 5’5, fair skinned, I have green eyes and brown-blonde hair.

  57. Emma

    My name is Emma and it’s my dream to be an actress. I think the talent on family channel is incredible and I’d love to be apart of it.

  58. Shaylin adams

    HELLO my name is shaylin i am 13 years old I have brown hair and brown eyes I also have purple glasses. I live in Springdale AR. I love girl meets world and dinsney channel. I am kind of the shy person but acting will help me get over it. And I’m really weird and funny, I write my own songs and I love to sing to thank you.

  59. Elizabeth Tovar

    It would be an honor if you guys accept me on Disney Channel and in the business I ma 12 years old

  60. Elizabeth Tovar

    Hi my name is Elizabeth Tovar, I really love Girl Meets World and I am really good at dancing and I act alot like Sabrina Capenter, Rowan Blanchard, and this my sound funny but I can act like Zay Babineaux, Peyton Meyer, and my most honored person in the world that I admire a lot too is Corey Fogelmanis, and I can sing and act my traits that represent as Riley Matthews is that I can make everyone happy and I am shy to get picked on and I don’t let anyone talk bad to my friends. My similarities to Maya Hart, are that I will always be there for my best friend I have a dad that I visit and I do good and bad things in school I am broken inside but getting happier by my friends I changed into my best friend and they changed me back. My similarities to Peyton Meyer are I like sports and I get scared to choose the right person but soon choose the right one but get mixed up and have feelings for the other person again and that I try to stick up for my friends most of the time. My similarities to Zay are that I am funny and I am always getting better t school. My similarities to Smackle are that I will let people be fooled by the way I dress but they wont see something very big coming out of it I do a lot of debates and spelling bee’s. My similarities to Farkle is that I love two boys at the same time and I can be cool and smart at the same time and I love my friends no matter what and I will say the truth and I know when someone likes someone but they wont tell so I do. There is a lot about me that represents the entire cast and I mean the whole cast.

  61. Kara Rhodes

    Hello! My name is Kara Rhodes. I’m sixteen, and acting has been my dream since I was a little girl. I want to change people, and make people happy through my work. To be part of something this monumental would be a huge honor. I enjoy every aspect of the arts, and to be an example to girls all around the world would be an experience to treasure and continue throughout my life. I adore the series, and believe it is a beautiful legacy that each actor and actress is leaving behind. Thank for your time and consideration.

  62. Alexia Garcia

    My name is Alexia Garcia and i speak both, English and Spanish. I’m a 13 year old teen and i’m in 7th grade I love Girl Meets World. I love acting. I live in Heber CA (imperial valley.) I have brown eyes and brown hair going blonde on tips. I am pretty much funny. I am 5.2 (hieght) and i weight 125.6 lb. I use glasses. And just to finish this would be an awesome chance in my life and i know i won’t let you down.

  63. Jasmine McCowen

    Hi I am 15 years old acting and singing and dancing have always been a dream of mine as I know it is of many others. You’re probably asking yourself right now what makes me special well I am an individual, a unique part of man kind asking for a chance to show the world what she can do, to make something bigger than herself to create something magical. Someone once told me to do the best with the life you have and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do so I hope you give me that chance and have a blessed life.

  64. Julie Hernandez

    Im 14 years old and would like to be in Disney channel especially girl meets world.

  65. Alexis

    Hi, my name is Alexis and I would like to audition for girl meets world I’m 12 years old and 5 feet tall. I have dyed blue hair (I can dye it natural again). But I really like acting at home and on stage I have been on stages single 3rd grade. I live in Florida. I am in 7th grade I really hope you guys can pick for a part in girl meets world I don’t mind which part just really want to be an actor someday! Thank you very much for your time.

  66. Kassandra Rivera

    Hi My name is Kassandra I’m 18 and I would LOVE to be able to audition for the show. I so love Boy Meets World. I’m a team player and love to act. I have alot of energy and Im very funny. Thank you for your consideration.

  67. Sophia Cheung

    I can also do gymnastics:P

  68. Sophia Cheung

    Hi, i’m Sophia and I’m 11 years old. It is a dream to act on Disney Channel, Disney Channel is the best thing in life, same as acting on it:P I am Asian and can speak fluent English. My dream is to act anywhere on anything because acting is just the BIGGEST opportunity ever! I’m 150cm tall and I weigh about 37-8kg. It would be the best thing on planet earth if I get to become an actress because you can do anything if you tried.

  69. Lily

    Hi I’m 10 years old I love the Disney channel and it’s my dream to act on Disney channel.
    I love it

  70. Lily

    I love girl meets world

  71. Andrea

    Ahhh my name is andrea santiago I’m live in Puerto Rico I’m speak Spanish and English I like to act cory sister is have brown eyes and brown short hair I’m 6 grande I like singing actin and acapella plz I’m 11 hoo I have youtube hopefully you chose me I’m big fan of boy meets world and girl meets world hopefully you choose me bye

  72. Kayla Kennedy

    Hi my name’s Kayla and I would love to be on girl meets world!! I’ve been watching it ever since it came out! My mom says I look like Riley a little bit. I would love to get the chance to be on the show with Rowland Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter!!! I’m very funny and I can sing to!! Have a good day!?

  73. Britney

    Hi my name is Britney I’m 18 years old and I love acting! It’s my dream just like I know it is for a lot of people. It’s not likely that I’ll get a shot at acting but if I did I would be so honored. I took four years of drama in high school and loved every second of it. I would drop everything to be an actress and I mean everything. I’m 5’4 I have light brown hair and brown eyes and I weigh 125. It would be so great to get to work with other very talented actors and actresses. Thank u

  74. Nevaeh

    Hi my name is Nevaeh I love “Girl Meets World” it is my favorite tv show. I have seen every episode and still can’t pick a favorite. I love all of the actors And actresses in it and its very inspiring and i would love to act with all of them. I would really really love to be on your show???

  75. ameer

    I like girl meet world it teach thing other show don’t .It teach friendship an I’m talking about the real kind of friend ship not the fake one. boy meet world would my favorite more because the people who would on it now on girl meet world and the girl off sky kid 4 is now playing on it I love the show and it real thing going on in life today and them kind of friend me need