Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything

Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything

Friends, family and video games, what more do you need? How about the Disney XD series that combines them all? The live action comedy series Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything has all that and laughs to spare and soon it will have some tremendous casting call opportunites. This groundbreaking video game comedy show is ready to take it’s place among the most original Disney productions of all time and you may get a chance to be a part of it.

For most of his fifteen years Conor has seen everything as a video game. His entire identity was defined by his skills and success as a phenom on the pro gaming circuit, but now everything has changed. A thumb injury has forced Conor into early retirement and back to the real world – the real world filled with high school and all of the hilarious challenges that come with it. Conor realizes all that he has been missing out on and, with the help of his three best friends Franklin, Wendell and Ashley, realizes that he can adapt his video gaming skills to succeed in his new reality.

Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything stars fabulously talented fan favorite Cameron Boyce (Jessie, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer) as Conor alongside the trio of Felix Avitia (Haunted Hathaways, I Didn’t Do It, The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Heart), Murray Wyatt Rundus (Bella and the Bulldogs, Dear Eleanor, Sam & Cat) and rising star Sophie Reynolds in her series debut. The series was created by Emmy Award nominee Jim O’Doherty (Kickin’ It, The Tracy Morgan Show, Grounded for Life) and is produced by O’Doherty along with Nick Stanton and Devin Bunje (Turbo FAST, Zeke and Luther, The Emperor’s New School).

Amazing casting calls for roles in this comedy adventure extravaganza series will be taking place very soon for many roles including supporting, day player, stand-in and extras. Your next chance to land a spot on a Disney favorite is coming so be sure to check back as we will be posting every audition and production update in this post. Leave a message in the space below and tell us what you think of this half hour project and why you would like the chance to apply for upcoming casting calls for Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything on Disney XD.

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  1. Jeremy Kelly

    Hello Disney XD, my name is Jeremy. Like Connor, I too have enveloped a life as a gamer, never a pro but I do enjoy them. I have looked into acting ever since I saw the first season of Riverdale. I find all forms of acting very intriguing and interesting. I’m but a small human being in Texas and always wanted to try something new, particularly something very fun (Like acting). I see any opening as an opportunity I hate passing by. Hope to hear from you soon! Loved Disney as a kid and grew up on Sweet Life of Zack & Cody. Very enjoyable series.

    I’m 5’8, 5’9 (Somewhere in there.)
    Age: 22
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue greenish
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Build: Not sure how to answer this given I never see the human body as an issue for acting.(Just how I feel about it.)
    Typical introvert, but very outgoing even if kept to myself. Easy to make friends with most people I meet!

  2. Camaron

    Hello, My Name is Camaron 😀

    Age: 17
    Height: 5’11
    Hair Color: dark brown
    Eye Color: Bright Blue eyes
    My Body Appearance: Slim
    So my Name is Camaron as you saw, in the beginning, I live in Colorado I love hanging out with friends my biggest dream as a kid (and still is) was being an actor. I love the outdoors and hanging out with friends going to parties haha. I think I would be a great fit because I am really outgoing and I can really zone in when I am doing something I have a great memory and I am pretty goofy. some things I like to do is bike hike and swim. my hair grows really fast in case along the road you would like to change it thank you for reading my little message!!

  3. Abigail Stagg

    Hi my name is Abigail (Abbey) and I am 11 years old. Although I might be young for some of these roles, I am very tall and I can pass as a 13-year-old. I love this show so much and I have dreamed of acting since I was little. I love to sing, dance, and make jokes. I live in Australia, and I am not sure if this is a problem. I can pull off and American accent and can come to the US if I need to. I have brown curly hair, fair skin, and blue-grey eyes. I am happy for any part, even if it is as an extra.

  4. Tyler

    Love to be on the show it’s brought me many laughs and love a sopporting or lead role hope I can make it


  5. Davin

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’2″
    Sandy blond hair
    Dark brown eyes
    Build: lean, broad shoulders for an almost teen
    American / lives in Canada; Homeschooler, will travel
    Description / attached email from his mother: Fun, popular, frequently makes great jokes, eidetic memory, natural born sweetheart and actor, people always saying he should be in the movies, choir member, performance drama actor, cries and laughs on cue, won’t cut his hair until he gets an acting gig in case you want to style it and it’s getting long! Skiing-swim team-biking-foosball- fluent in French and English

  6. Rosemary Hart

    Hi, my name is Rosemary Hart I am 12 yrs old. I’ve got brown short hair, I am from Valley View, Tx. I’m a girl. I love to sing and dance but I can never dance right! Thank you!

  7. Elizabeth Akindele

    Hi my name is Elizabeth Akindele i’m 16 yrs old i love watching disney especially GGTPME and i’ll love to take a character in itI’m an African from Nigeria love to be in this amazing show

  8. Elizabeth Akindele

    Hi my name is Elizabeth i’m 16 yrs old i love watching disney especially GGTPME and i’ll love to take a character in it.

  9. Haley Mckinney

    Hello I am 14 year old Haley Mckinney. I have gaming and acting experience through multiple things. I am 5,9 brown eyes and hair. I have 7 years of acting and improve with Speech and all my life I have been on stage. I have real acting skills and can do anything you ask me too. I love Disney and the show. I’ve watch everything Cameron has been in I’m a huge fan and I would love to be on the show to further my career with my favorite actor as a fellow cast member

  10. Darean Applegate

    Hello. I’m Darean Applegate, and I have been watching GGtPME even before it premiered. I am a gamer myself actually. I’m 16, about 5″11, brown eyes, and I just got my braces off and getting my teeth whitened very soon. I do not have transportation, so I would need to travel from there and back, but I have speaking skills. I’ve been emceeing events for a while now. I love Disney, and would LOVE to be a part of an episode!

  11. Blaire LaClare

    I was given a star’s name at birth: Blaire LaClare. And a star’s talent. I have 13+ years of acting experience and 2.5 years acting study. I have watched this show with my kids. It’s hilarious! I’d be a great asset as part of the cast! I look forward to hearing from you!

  12. arthur.c

    sorry i meant play it, not put it in

  13. arthur.c

    hello my name is Arthur and I would like to participate in an audition for gamers Guide. I am not super talented in games but I do know how to put it in and I’m pretty much good at them too I’ve also build a gaming website before a while back, and I’ve been watching gamers guide since the first episode and I gotta admit it is a really good show that i would love to be in, ps really liked the characters( Conor, wendell, franklin, and ashley.

    information about me: black American
    im am 15 and and i am 5 foot 3, really athletics also like sports too

  14. Russell Tawanda Makore

    My name is Russell Makore and I am 13 years old.
    Its is my dream to feature in this show.I love gaming
    and I am very good at it.I am 1m 52cm tall and I am
    from Africa in Harare Zimbabwe

  15. Ethan P.

    Body Type:Skinny
    Eyes: Green

    Content Creation

    Basic Editing
    Knows how to solve technical issues with computers

    I am a witty and weird guy that just likes to have some fun doing things in life and knows a lot of things about gaming and technology in general.

    I live in Texas and i live about 20 minutes away from San Antonio.

  16. Lawrence avoutsou

    Also I am African-American with black hair and dark brown eyes I am 12 and 5 foot 5 inches

  17. Lawrence avoutsou

    Hi my dream was always a actor but every audition I had was like in New York but I live in Philadelphia

  18. Andrew Samora

    My name is Andrew Samora, I’m a 5foot 7in, and I’m 12yrs old. I am also a Hispanic Caucasian with brown hair and eyes with braces. Gamers’ Guide to Pretty Much Everything is my dream world. I love video games beyond life and I love making new friends.The show is so funny and is mind blowing because of the awesomeness of it and the very diverse characters that are in it. I’ve always wanted to be part of something bigger and this show makes me laugh so much I consider it to be huge. I would like to be on this show because I want to make people happy and I want to show people that dreams do come true. Most importantly, I want to go on the show because its so complex and amazing that there shouldn’t be a person that doesn’t want to be on it. I would much appreciate it, if there is a chance I could be on Gamers’ Guide to Pretty Much Everything. Thank you so much.

  19. Zoe

    This is a Big opportunity me but I live in Kentucky and I don’t have enough money to afford the plane ride so I’m sad because I love acting but I never been on a TV show before and I always wanted to be on TV acting I hope you’re looking for an 8 year old girl. I’m so scared if I missed the auditions please keep in contact with me because I’m just so excited and it’s been my DREAM to meet Cameron Boyce the actor. I hope you guys are reading this or else I will be REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED. just please keep in contact with me BYE.

  20. Zoe Olivia Eme

    This is a BIG opportunity for me but I live in Kentucky and I don’t have enough money to afford flying there. Also I hope you guys need an 8 year old girl for the show and I love love acting it’s one of my hobbies since I as a little girl. I’m just sad to not be acting on Disney channel or Disney channel XD because it was one of my dreams to do. So I’m really disappointed I’m just a girl that wants a acting career but I can’t do it because the auditions are to far away and I hope you are reading this and my name is Zoe bye.

  21. Jesse isaac

    hello I am jesse I love acting and video games I am 14 years old and it would be a dream to act in this shows I show a passion of act and being dramatic I hope I can be a part of a series thank you

  22. Jesse isaac

    hi I am jesse isaac I love acting and video games I am 14 years old and it would be a dream to act in this shows I show a passion of act and being dramatic I hope I can be a part of a series thank you

  23. Josie whited

    Hello my name is Josie I am 14 years old and I am Caucasian my eyecolor is mainly green and I am 5″4 I have dark brown hair that goes past my shoulders.I really love it if you would considering me for your show.

  24. Zoey McKenzie

    Hi, My name is Zoey. I am 14 years old and LOVE everything Disney! I’m a huge fan of the Disney shows and actors and have always wanted to be a part of the Disney family. I have never acted professionally before, but I do write my own short stories and songs. I can sing; I’ve was a member of my middle school’s Advance Chorus for two years straight. I was also in band in my sixth grade year of middle school. I played the trumpet. I love music and am learning to play guitar. I am a rising 9th grader and am excited and nervous at the same time. I always put forth 100% effort when doing something and this opportunity (if chosen) would be no different. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time!

  25. marcus melendez

    Hi my name is marcus and im 14 about to be 15 in a week i love to act and all i do is play video games and excercise and i would love to work on a show that is all about gaming

  26. Karen Dahiana Martinez Gonzalez

    Hello my name is Karen Martinez .Im from Uruguay , but im living in Spain/Madrid for the time. Im 15 years old about to be 16 on the 1st of november.
    I have brown hair , brown eyes and im 5,3ft.(i dont know my weight in lbs but in kg i do im 65kg)
    I always have had love the idea to be in disney channel, it has been my dream since i was 5.
    I love acting , it’s my passion .
    Im a really goofy girl , but can be really serious when it comes too working.
    Since the past few years it has been really difficult for me . Because i moved country 3 times.Since i moved to Spain i have been bullied for almost 4 years . It was hard but i survived XD. Anyway.
    I really hope i have a chance.
    ¡¡Thanks For You Attention!!

  27. Mico Mariano

    Hello my name is Mico and
    I always wanted to try out for disney xd or disney and there is two things i like to do is singing and acting oh yeah i almost forgot im 13 years old and and im going to 7th grade thank for reading this and see talk you guys later.

  28. Mico Mariano

    Hello my name is Mico and
    I always wanted to try out for disney xd or disney and there is two things i like to do is singing and acting oh yeah i almost forgot im 13 years old and thank for reading this and see talk you guys later.

  29. Mico Mariano

    Hello my name is Mico and
    I always wanted to try out for disney xd or disney and there is two things i like to do is sing and acting oh yeah i almost forgot im 13 years old and thank for reading this and see talk you guys later.

  30. Alvi Quddus

    Hey my name is Alvi. I am 15 year of age. I am 6 feet tall. I am a British Asian. And I wear glasses. I have black hair and brown eyes. I have lived in England all my life and I have around 6 year of acting experience. I have never been part of a big show or any show. I have only had experience working with my friends at a acting school called, ‘Stagecoach’ If you are interested please contact me for more information. Thank you!

  31. Brock Spillers

    Hello, my name is Brock Spillers
    I am 9 years old Gamer’s Guide is my favorite show I love it every time there is nothing on that is good i just instantly turn to Disney XD and watch Gamer’s Guide so any ways i would love the part and i hope to be on Disney in the future.

  32. vitalis Kelvin oti

    hello am vitalis oti am an African American from ohio..all my life i have always wanted to be an actor …i have the skill to act and also the zeal..and also promise to put in my best in any role i play

  33. Nathaniel Hodge

    Hi I’m Nathan your house and I’m African-American and I love your show so I really want to be on it and please please please let me be on it because I really like all of them and I really like Cameron Boyce and the other actors and this is my dream to be one and I really want to be one so please please please let me be an actor on Gamer’s guide to pretty much everything I will take any lasting progress ever alright thank you

  34. Michael

    Video games and acting is my speciality so this is perfect for me!!!!
    name: Michael Kasperkiewicz
    skin: eastern European
    gender: male
    Hobbies: not going outside, drama, VIDEO GAMES

  35. Brianna

    Hi, my name is Brianna Davis, I am 14 yrs old and I love the show. It’s always been a dream of mine to work with Cameron Boyce. The truth is that I called to do an audition for Disney, but I had to cancel because I’m on a national championship dance team and I couldn’t skip practice. I understand if you don’t pick me, and that’s ok but just at least think about giving me a shot. I’ve been getting audition calls since I was 11, but I always had to cancel. This is my dream. Please pick me I won’t let you down. I am 5″2, I have brown eyes, light brown skin, and black curly hair. I always played video games with my cousin and I sucked at them, if I going to be honest, but they are still so much fun to play. Like I said at the begging working with Cameron Boyce is my dream I love him so much. I can sing, dance like nobody is watching, and I do track.

  36. Owen

    Hello my name is Owen.
    I am 12 years old.
    D.O.B: 29th July
    I would really like you to consider me for a part and I love acting.
    Ethnicity: White
    Just under 5 stone
    If I could get this part it would mean the world….

  37. Angel Panganiban

    I love to audition for this movie.
    Im angel Panganiban by the way and i love cameron ? I’ve been dreaming to be the next big thing of disney channel. I promise that i wont disappoint you. Please let me have this chance. It’s time to let those dreams turn into reality.

  38. Jo

    My name is Jo. I would like the chance of auditioning for “A gamer’s to pretty much everything” for multiple reasons. First of all, as a lover of vidio and games and comic books( a real ‘nerd’, I know) The title alone drue me in but after reading the plot I’m hooked. I usually major as an actor and would love the opertunity to be able to expand my resume as well as travel and embrace new opertunities.

  39. Dedward james

    I a big fan of Cameron Boyce I would love to be on this show

  40. Fritz Phanor

    Hi my name is Fritz Phanor. I am 14 years old, I live in Canada. I want to start a acting career on Disney:-)

  41. iman

    Hi. If your searching for a young actress just keep reading!
    Im Iman and Im 13 years old (20.2.2003).
    I do acting in teather which really changed my life and helped me discover my true identity,i sing and dance pretty good,not as good as acting but I do it.
    I have been in some children plays in the teather but I am also intrested in movies and directing so I would love to audition for a tv show on Disney.
    I always wanted to audition for a disney channel tv series but living in Europe (Croatia) gets pretty hard to have any audition for any movies or similar. I really belive that I could actually „bring something to the table“ with my teather experience and constant „mirrow auditions“. I am really sociable,love making new friends and just doing what I love which is acting.I know there are some people that are not all 100% in acting but that is the only thing i want to do!
    I love playing video games and I just fell in love with gamers guide.I love making people laugh so i think this show is perfect for me.
    Height – 155cm
    Weight – 47 kg
    Hair – long dark brown hair
    Eyes – brown
    Color – white
    Nationalites – Croatia,Bosnia
    Language – croatian,english(pure,dont have any accent,italian)
    Personality – love laughing,love comedy,opsest with acting,social butterfly,adventuristic,sporty,geeky,music and food junkie.
    + glasses or contact lenses
    I would love to be considerd for a role,if your not sure i would love to do a video audition.I really think I can act any character and be sure to email me \

  42. Luna Rodriguez

    My name is Luna Rodriguez, I am from Colombia, I have 13 years old and start acting since I was 11 now am in theater classes.
    Language: Spanish, English and little French
    Color Hair: light brown
    Color eyes: dark brown
    Hobbies: play clarinet, aerial dance (fabric) and theatre
    D.O.B: February 27, 2003

  43. Sasha Tkachenko

    My name is Sasha Tkachenko and I would love to be in Gamer’s Guide to pretty much everything. I love acting and watching Disney channel. This would be an amazing opportunity and experience for me! I am 13 years old and I have light brownish ombré hair (I didn’t dye it). I have ocean colored eyes. Thank you, I would be so happy if you can please get back to me!