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Open Casting Call for HBO Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 7 is now filming and auditions are now being held! If you have always dreamed of being a part of the HBO series here is your chance! The Game of Thrones casting call for season 7 is holding open call auditions for extras. Casting directors are searching for models and actors. They are open to men and women of all ethnicities. Filming will be in Ireland. While kids aren’t being accepted at the casting call, child models and actors can be submitted to work on the show on the extra casting company’s website. We don’t know what will be in store for us in this new season but if you are ready to join the Lanisters and the Starks in their quest for the throne attend the audition for this extraordinary opportunity!

About Game of Thrones

Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne continues. It stretches from the south, where heat breeds plots, lusts and intrigues, to the vast and savage eastern lands, where a young queen raises an army. All the while, in the frozen north, an 800-foot wall of ice precariously protects the war-ravaged kingdom from the dark forces that lie beyond. Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men…all play the ‘Game of Thrones.’ [HBO]

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are looking for men and women who are ages 18 and up for Game of Thrones.

This event is FREE to the public. There is no need to register, and drop-ins are very much welcome. If you do intend to pop into us, please click attending on this event so we can keep updated.

This event for new members, people who would like us to help them set up an active profile and work as an extra in Film and TV productions across Ireland. Current members are more than welcome to drop in and say hello. We can even update your measurements with you, put up a new profile picture and catch up on what’s going on.

This is an OVER 18’s event. We encourage you to sign up your child on the website, but this is an event for people who are 18 and over.

How to Apply

Make sure to bring along a copy of your ID (Passport) to complete your profile. If you already have a profile, there’s no requirement to make a new one. You would just be coming to meet our team and talk to us about working as an extra with us.

The Extras Dept. will be holding an Open Casting in Bow Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7 on Saturday 8th of April from 12-5pm.

If you would like to make a profile with us but can’t make it down to us, never worry! See link below to sign up. It only takes a few minutes:


From all of us here at The Extras Dept., we would like to thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to working with you across the island of Ireland.

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8 Casting Responses

  1. Hannah

    Hi my name is Hannah Steele
    Age is 12
    Skinny with muscle strength in arms as I trained hard in gymnastics.
    I would love to be a part of game of thrones as I go to a acting school and have done speeches in front 400 people as I have a lot of confidence and as I watch movies I can’t help my self but straight after the movie I would act it all out . In my acting school I have to remember scripts as I do very well with expression and I live in the area and I am free many thanks Hannah

  2. Luca Brady

    Hello i am a 13 year old boy red hair brown eyes and i was wondering if i would be able to act as an extra just to start my acting career

  3. Henrik Mikael Heinonen

    Hello. I’m a 28-year-old man from Finland and I’m very interested to be part of the show. You might think that the distance is a problem but not for me. I’m ready to go where the possibility for acting takes me. I have looked the travel arrangements for April and I can come to Ireland for the Open Casting that day. All I need need now is the green light from your side. Looking forward to your e-mails.

  4. Romano Bellusci

    Greetings HBO
    I am 62 Year old Italian American ( Sopranos Type) grew up and still live in NYC area
    I am available anytime for a casting call

  5. Janice Bartel

    Hello, I am Janice Bartel in Germany, Sinsheim, age 35 and I am an actress applying for the job.

  6. Arthur DRISCOLL

    Hi, I have red hair, red beard, blue/grey eyes. I’m 5’11 lean, muscular and cut build. People always ask me if I’m already on the show. I have a Tormund and Ragnar/bjorn look.

  7. Anthony R.M.Brooks

    Greetings…I’m SAG Aftra and willing to relocate to Ireland for Game of Thrones and definitely have the wooley grey beard look and eyes. Do I need a working permit for G.O.T. in Ireland if so how do I go about applying for working permit documents. Thanks, the next star on G.O.T.
    Anthony R.M.Brooks.

  8. Angelina marcano

    Hi I’m only 13 teen years old and I wonder if there s any roles that I can attend I been introduce to acting.