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Do you have a someone special in your life that you like more than friends but they don’t know it? Do you have a secret crush on someone close to you in your life? MTV’s FriendZone would like to help. An all new season of the groundbreaking matchmaking series is set to begin production and casting calls and auditions are set to begin soon. This is your chance to make your dream relationship a reality on one of televisions most popular networks.

FriendZone is the only show on television that isn’t looking to hook you up with a random guy or girl that you’ve never met, they want to help you cultivate a romantic relationship with a close friend that is already in your life – someone you know you have a connection to. This show is here to take you out of the dreaded FriendZone. MTV knows that there are many people out there who have a person in their lives that they know is perfect for them but their friend just hasn’t seen it yet. These people have been there for them through various relationships, have been a shoulder for them to cry on while secretly pining for a shot of your own. FriendZone is here to confidant to significant other and help you realize your true love. This is your chance to be more than “just friends” and to finally get your feelings out in the open. FriendZone is looking to cast a number of men and women in these predicaments for their all new season and you could be one of them. Auditions and casting calls will be happening shortly and submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting production you can send your “friend” story and information to More casting details for this fantastic dating series are soon to come so keep checking back and leave a comment for us below and tell us why you should cast on an episode of MTV’s FriendZone.

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to have romantic date with your unrequited Love and let them know how you really feel. Submit yourself today to be cast on FriendZone.

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47 Casting Responses

  1. Kenzie H

    Hey MTV I have been in love with my friend Sam for 10 years. We have been “hooking” up for that long as well… I honestly just think that is crazy to keep a f.w.b for ten years and not see that we should be together.. We have been through alot and I love him. Give me a chance MTV


  2. danish gabdotra

    Hey my name is danish waanna part of frndz zone take me i assure u to make it hit :-* as possible as i can :-*

  3. kooman4

    hey my name is pepe I would love to be in this show and win my future wife I have known her for 4 years already and I just need help!!!??!?

  4. Malika

    Hi I’m Malika and I’m really crushing on a close friend I think he knows but he won’t say anything. I throw a lot of hints but he kind of brush it off. I’m afraid he’s going to slip through my fingers. I don’t want to be stuck in this “Friendzone” forever!

  5. Monique Ashford

    My name is Monique Ashford I like to be on friend zone too.

  6. Jenni

    I am afraid i have been friend-zoned i’ve known a guy, Coleton for two years and i like him a lot i’m afraid to tell him.

  7. Anna smith

    Hi, I’m Anna and I am, sadly, currently in this situation. I have been crushing on my bestfriend, Austin, for four three years now! He has a girlfriend and I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in this “friend zone” forever! I think I would be perfect! Please reply!

  8. Chaz Figueroa

    Hi my name is Chaz, I’ve been infatuated with a lady I’ve know for maybe 2 years. Which I kinda think it’s weird because I’m in a relationship with a woman who has a girlfriend which grants me the opportunity to be with both ladies. Lots of people call me lucky, the lady I’m infatuated with is taken though. And I’m kinda taken so I find it weird to have the “feels” for her.
    We’ve been talking for a while but I can’t get myself to say what I want to convey to her. Furthermore, I hope if given the chance that this is the way I get to tell her how I feel. Believe me this would be awesome to do this.

  9. Mike Meyer

    I think I would make an excellent choice for this. I am infatuated with a lot of women . If you are interested, please let me know.

  10. Anthony Sandoval

    Hello! My name is Anthony Sandoval, I’m 23 years old and live in the beautiful town of Breckenridge, CO. I have this beautiful friend Jessica, and have known her for a while now and we actually had a really good connection in the past, but then I went to jail. When I got out we were still really close and she got into a relationship, and then just recently split. We’ve been out dancing and to lunch, and I can feel the connection there, but don’t want to make a move too fast. Please help me take that step, for us to be in a loving relationship! I would appreciate this so much! Thank you.

  11. Kayla

    My name is Kayla and I’ve been completly in love with a guy that I’ve known pretty much my whole life. He has a girlfriend and a child with that girl and he won’t give me chance. My parents are not crazy about him, so they’re completly happy with us not being together, but that doesn’t stop my feelings.

  12. Connor Coyle

    My Name is Connor and there is no doubt that I hopelessly fell in love with my best friend Kara. Although this may be a little different outcome than some people. After going away to college last year, we met by rooming right next door. Turns out, our dads went to high school together and our families even knew each other. As school kicked off, her and I became best friends right from the bat. We did everything together and she is practically one of the guys. She is the greatest girl I know. It didn’t take long into our friendship for me to realize how much I wanted to be with her on another level. As scared as I was, I ended up telling her how I felt and although it took a week or so, she warmed up to the idea of me taking her on a date and the rest is history! Although this is a shortened story of how things happened, I would love to be on the show with her and share our story with everyone and reenact how I got the girl of my dreams! We have been in the greatest relationship for 10 months now and I have no doubt that she is the love of my life. I BROKE THE FRIEND ZONE!

  13. Sherez Outland

    Hello, im here because my sister in law and her best friend are madly inlove she will not tell him how she really feels. They have been friends since she was 13 I think he’s inlove with her too ! Anyway I’m sick of them I wish they get it over with and live happily ever after. They getting too old to be lonley…. know what I’m saying ,,!!! Please help them ohhhhh !!!

  14. Ann-Marie

    I’ve been having the worst of luck with guys but there is one friend of mine who i have known since elementary school that i really like we barely talk or hang out so idk if i can classify us even in the friendzone but i’ve always liked him and would love a way to break out of what ever zone we are in with your guys help

  15. Terrence (Jack) Green

    When people say “you really know how to pick them” they are talking about me. My name is Terrence (Jack) and I am stuck in the worst friendzone situation ever. I dont want to call it love but I have been in very strong like with my friend for a while now. Her name is Micheala ( Ma-kay-la), we met in college about a year and a half ago, she is without a doubt the best female friend I’ve ever had, and I have yet to tell her that I like her. When we met we were cool and just getting to know each other but before i knew it she was with my best friend Mike. When they started dating of course I backed off (guy code), which made things worst because being on a purely friend level with her made it easier to get to know her and like her more. When she and my friend Mike had a really bad break up, i decided against telling her how I felt because i figured she was going through enough. I guess I waited too long because when I started thinking about it again she started dating a new guy. He is a british super-douche, that uses her when he feels like it, and gets whatever he wants in the meantime. I think its his gorgeous accent that helps hide his bull&*%$. He sucks and it kills me everyday to not tell her how i feel but shes in love and Id rather not have her then hurt her. I have no idea what to do but I know that im tired of pretending to not feel how I do and hopefully this show can help.

  16. Francisco

    Hello my name is Francisco, but I go by Frankie. I live in Charlotte NC & well my story is about an ex girlfriend I’ve had her name is Tiffany Parker & this relationship happened about 2-3 years ago, we met through online on a website called MeetMe now called Yearbook, so we actually never seen each other in person. I Really feel that we built such a strong love bond because I actually never loved someone more than her, & it’s funny that from every girlfriend that I’ve had that actually lived in the Same city as me never came close to the love I had for Tiffany, I had a rough childhood growing up all I really care was about being a “gangster” or whatever I made my whole family go through many problems with because of my actions, but this girl Tiffany was like a savior to me, she made me realize I was a better figure & she taught me to not throw my life away, her mother even loved me (: we Both have very similarities like we were meant to be together, she’s a friend now & she’s currently in a relationship & it kills me, but I would love to tell her I still love her & also thank her for saving my life from going downhill.

  17. Roxanne

    So I am Roxanne people know me as roxy I have know Kyle for more then half my life I really want a relationship with him cuz his is my best friend but I am In love with him and I want to be with him please help me

  18. Gabriel

    My name is Gabriel Santiago and I am 21 years of age. Yes, to get to your point. I have many. But, I am in a relationship. Everyone knows that I love older and mature men (34-50) So, my bf friend Paul (who is straight) is so sexy every time I see him I get so excited (not like that). I have more. If you want to know more, Cast me, you will not regret it. I promise you that.

  19. Julie Diaz

    Hello well there’s this guy that I have been friend zoned over 2-3 years n I’m tired of trying I really like him but he dosent see it he said he likes me too uhhh well can you please help me out.!?! /.\

  20. Taylor Wilkes

    Well let’s start off with i’m Taylor and I think I love my best friend. I mean love love. His name is Shaq and we’ve been friends since 7th grade. We are now seniors in high school . After 5 years of a strong friendship, I want to tell him how I really feel. But it’s difficult…

    As summer approaches, the realization of him moving away for college becomes clearer. I fear that once he gets to college, he’ll forget about me . This isn’t no typical friendship between and boy and a girl either. Shaq has been through it all with me. He was my shoulder to cry on when my Mother had kicked me out, he gave me a place to stay when got I kicked out again because I got arrested, and he would stay up from 10pm at night to 2am in the morning just to listen to my annoying b about the world. He truly is a good person and he is everything that I want. Hopefully with MTV’s help of Friendzone , I could grow to tell my best friend Shaq that…i think i love him…

  21. Leela Gibson

    Hello, my name is Leela and I live in Trenton nj. The reason you guys should pick me because I am Madly in love with my best friend Edmond. Basically obsessed. We’ve been friends for over ten years and it’s been the best friendship ever. But it sucks being in the friendzone for over five years. I hate seeing him in different relationships with different whores and then get his heart broken. He tells me about it and I always wish it was just me. If you guys help me out with this show not only will I have the confidence to tell him but I pray and hope he realizes that I been here all along. PLEASE I’M IN NEED OF YOUR HELP.

  22. Revon Stevenson

    My name is Revon & im 22. Im from Chicago, Illinois but reside in Houston, Texas. I met a girl named Monica 6 years ago in highschool & we became really great friends. Shes an amazing girl with the most amazing personality. When im around her I want to tell her how I feel about her but I dont know how cause I get really nervous, Im scared she’ll regect me. She knows I love her as friend but in my heart I love her more then that. Help me please!

  23. Omphilee

    I’m Omphilee,20years old and would love to Meet Masego Maponyane just for a date nothing much.Would really love to take him to Goldreefcity just to play and have fun. 🙂

  24. Courtney

    I am Courtney and I’m in love with my best friend, Nathan. I may be losing him to another girl andI need your help to tell him my true feelings before its too late.

  25. Jordan Thompson

    I have a friend I work with that is deep in the friendzone trenches. He is a great guy who has an obvious crush on a girl we work with. The people we work with are like a family and we just wanna see him happy. He’s too shy to say anything himself so any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested please contact my email. He’s a gentle giant with a big heart and lots of love to give.

  26. komal

    i wanna prank my hostel room mate ,as she is the funniest girl i have ever met and the naughtiest too
    she usually prank others and never get serious for anything, i wanna give her a memorable movement so that she will never forget either if she wanted to…. :p

  27. Shereka Mckibbins

    Hey im 27 yrs old female thats from the hood
    Of atlanta ga im so in luv wit this guy i bern
    Knowin for yrs i dont knw how to tell him
    Im very out goin im in luv wit the nite life
    He a hard workin guy that dont like the
    Nite life we r so different i need help

  28. lydia

    Hi my name is Lydia i have a friend we always togetter im in love with him its been like this for a year please help me tell him

  29. Lydia Menne

    I’m 11 and I think u should do a segment on me because I hav tons of almost boyfriends but which one is destiny? Help me find out plz.

  30. Kayla Bailey

    HI i am 22 and my friend anthony is 22 as well i moved to texas from california when i was 20 and he was one of the first friends i have met. At first we both had the mutal feelings of just friends but then something changed .. we both go back and forth with each other playing games about our feelings… We both spend alot of time playing hard to get and lying to each other so i guess we both put each other in the friend zone 🙁 please help ! its been 2 years!

  31. Jaqual hicks

    Hello I’m nineteen years old, from richmond, Virginia. I been inside the friend zone for about 3 years now. I’ve been trying so hard to get one of my closest friends to notice me more than a friend. We have been through everything together. She has always been my rock, my support system. I met her when she first moved here to Virginia from wheeling,WV. We played basketball for the same high school. We even decided to have the same jersey number. Every secret she and I have we know about it. It’s just hard to just come out and say that I actually want to be in a relationship with her because I’m afraid of that rejection.

  32. Isabella DeSouza

    Hi my name is Isabella De Souza. I am fifteen. I have brown eyes, brown eyes, and I am 5’6. I really love acting. I don’t have much experience except for school plays. I finally realized that I need to go for my dreams. I have loved acting since I can remember. Please consider me in your series. Even being an extra would make me really happy. Thank you!

  33. shaleah parker

    im shaleah parker, I live in beaufort sc im 21, and would like to come out of the friend zone, ive been in the friend zone for about 2 years and kind of stop talking to him due to him being married but now that hes divorced we found each other again and our connection if like fire but I know hes scared to make a move so I want to make it first! contact me if interested!

  34. "Smiley"

    I have a friend that I met through a mutual friend years ago. We have always been very close and I was always slightly attracted to him but he was “nerdy” so I never kept interest longterm. Through many years of friendship and heartbreaks he has always stuck by my side and been there and has made it known that he will always be there. I have since become a Mom and he is the godfather of my son as well because he is the greatest guy I know. I don’t want him to be “the one that got away”. I want a great guy and a great father figure for my son and he has always showed us so much love so I want to see if he would be willing to take things further between us. It would be for the greatest cause ever!!


    Hi, my name is Bianca and i feel as if my life is a movie. I can do it all I have done it all. No I haven’t acted a day of my life but I feel as if I have been acting my entire life. Im ready!!! I would like to be different and seen different and I feel like I can be what the script calls for I am hard working and fun to be around, i would like more info on this Audition. Thank You.

    Name: Bianca Woods
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’01
    Hair: Reddish Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Skin tone: Carmel

  36. Dezra Johnson

    My name is Dezra from Atlanta and I’m 20, I’ve never had a boyfriend in my entire life. I have a best friend but of course I want something more with him and I’m willing to take the chance to get him; regardless if things get awkward I’m not tripping. I am tired of being lonely and single so I have no choice to fight for what I want I want.

  37. LG

    Hi, My Name is LG. I just came back about 4 months about from a deployment with the army. Upon coming back i had planned to see my friend, who is the one i am completely into, and as soon as i saw her again, my feelings rushed back. i’ve known her for 6 going on 7 years now. She’s known by so many people because she has a hit youtube page, so i feel like out of all the people who adore her, i might be just another person. But since i’m recently single and she she’s single too (both single at the same time is a first for us) i really would like to ask her out. Her smile is one of the few smiles that kept be going and looking forward to coming home.

  38. Sai Gurram

    I am an Indian male. I am 5ft 10in. I love movies.I did some plays in Middle school. I have some movie Knowledge
    Age: 15 (people say I look a little older at times)
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair Color : Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Gender: Male
    Race: East Indian
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown
    Body type: Slim and tall
    Special Skills: Dancing, Fighting, Improvasation and Acting

    I would love to act in this movie. One day I want to be a Famous and Great actor. I want to learn more and more about movies and acting

  39. Annie

    I know you get millions of people everyday telling you that they are interested in acting and want to be an actor and to your “surprise” i am going to tell you the exact same thing. I am interested in aacting and would love to play this sort of role. I am very athletic, have been a gymnast for 9 years. I am also a dancer. I have taken several acting classes and have entered in film festivals for home made movies. I am 15 years old, hazel brown eyes, 5.3, 110 pounds, female. Thank you for wanting our reasons for being considered

  40. Omara Olok

    Hello my name is Omara Olok. I am 20 years old and currently reside in Conyers, GA with my mother and sister.

    Omara Adewale Olok

    Height: 5’11” Suit: 40R
    Weight: 198 pounds Shirt: XL, 16
    Hair: Black Pants: 36×34
    Eyes: Brown Shoe: 13

    Oklahoma Cowboy San Diego, CA
    Tom Sawyer Towns Person San Diego, CA
    West Side Story Chico San Diego, CA
    Christmas Play Wiseman El Cajon, CA
    Stations of the Cross Cocks Crow (Voice) Conyers, GA
    Vacation Bible School Jerusalem Rich Man Conyers, GA
    Heritage High School Drama Class Student Conyers, GA

    Hollywood Standard Backstreet Players Atlanta, GA
    Commercial Television Backstreet Players Atlanta, GA
    Improvisation Workshop Backstreet Players Atlanta, GA
    Scene Study: Drama/Comedy Backstreet Players Atlanta, GA
    Monologue Performance Backstreet Players Atlanta, GA
    Drama Class Learning Adventure School San Diego, CA
    Drama Class Heritage High School Conyers, GA

    Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” Meet the Thief May 2009 Atlanta, GA

    Reading, Computer Skills, Drawing (Cartoon Pictures), Comedy, Swimming, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Playing Video Games, Bike Riding, Playing Basketball, Football, Canoeing, First Aid, Roller Skating (Regular Skates and Blades), Singing, Saxaphone Player, Hip Hop Dancing, Writing, Stand-Up

    Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout), Boys and Girls Club Member, Speaker at Immigration Naturalization Ceremony in San Diego, CA, Church Youth Group Member, Youth Church Choir, Church Crucifer and Usher

    Cartoon Voices, Voice Impersonations (African, Hispanic, British, Australian)

  41. Casey Finken

    Hello my name is Casey Finken, i live in St.petersburg, Florida. I am 6 feet tall, have blue eyes and washboard abs. I am completely and utterly IN LOVE with my bestfriend Evan’s sister and i need help letting my true feeling arise. Please consider me to be on your show, it would mean the world to me and i could possibly share that world with the girl of my dreams.

    Sincerely, Casey.

  42. Brittany Howard

    Heyy:) I am 14(5’6 and 160 pds)and I saw this and it made me think of my bestfriend richard wilson. We go to school together and we hang out all the time and every body swears up and down that were either related or dating because we look very alike likebrothrr and sister but act like were dating.. We have like everything in common like we both love video games and airsoft and church. And he spends the night all the time but weve talked about it before and he says he only sees me as his bestfriend and nothing else. But i like him a lot and i wish he would realize it. I dont know what to do and like i said i saw this and it made me think of him. soooo yeaah:)

  43. Talea lashay walker

    Hello my name is talea I am 13 years old,i live in a small town with only my mom and my three sisters.I have black short curly hair,dark brown eyes,and 5″5.i have always dreamed of becoming an actress this may soind silly but like I always practtice acting in front of ia mirrior all the time and.i like to starring in a movie about myself like im playing aole about my life haha and also I lis so ysingingg dd some talent show

  44. Claire

    hi i am claire wieberg and i am 13 i have a fit body and a love for all sports i would love if you would give me a chance i have blue eyes and brown hair i love horses and soda

  45. Katrina Thompson

    My name is Katrina Thompson
    My birthday is on July 31 1997
    I am 5’8
    I am Blonde
    I have green eyes
    I am not shy at all
    I have a great personality
    I am in drama club at Collins hill Highschool
    I also take drama classes
    I can play the piano, the guitar, I am on the swim team, and I can dance very well
    I have been in 7 school plays
    I love to act

    Please call me, i would love to be in this show!!

  46. Rahul

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  47. George Shorter

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