Fried Food Masters - Reality TV Show

Casting Call for Reality TV Show

Are you a fried food lover or chef who would like to be on a new television show? There is a reality TV show casting call looking for you! A major network is scouring the country to find men and women with huge personalities for the new series. If you love to chow down on fried food casting directors want to hear from you! If you have always wanted to appear on a reality series this is an awesome opportunity for you to pair your love of fried food with the opportunity of a lifetime! Apply to the reality casting call today!

About the Show

An award-winning production company is working with a major-cable television network to find the best Fried Food Masters in America for a new reality TV series.

What They Are Looking For

Do you love chowing down on fried chicken or ending a meal with a humongous fried dessert? Are you a chef who specializes in the CRAZIEST fried food in your area? Are you a HUGE PERSONALITY who has never listened to the “don’t play with your food!” rule?

Open to people from anywhere in the United States

How to Apply

If any of these sound like you, we want to hear your fried food story!! To apply and get more information on the show, please email in the following submission form to and someone from our casting team will get in touch!

Email Address:
Contact Number:
Brief Bio (Why are you a Fried Food Master?):
Please attach recent photos of yourself

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5 Casting Responses

  1. Alison S

    my name is Alison
    i am 19 years old from south florida and i love fried foods!
    i am currently a body piercer and every day for lunch i get french fries from the chinese place next door, either that or spring rolls, id love to eat fried shit for money, let me know (:

  2. Abdul Westbrook

    I love cooking I do all the cooking for my house my family house my aunts house every family function I’m called to cook something lol I would love an opportunity to cook on a larger scale of audience I’m 42 and single and live in New York Brooklyn and have 5 children that would love to see me on T.V

  3. Avinash Bhosle

    I can rock 🌟

  4. Jamie Hunley

    Hello my name is Jamie I love food and food love me my go to goal is to Become a celebrity chef

  5. aakash kasoudhan

    I love cooking sir
    I’m trying to best recipes in everyday