Foxcatcher Starring Channing Tatum

The “it” screen star of the moment, Channing Tatum will begin shooting his highly anticipated feature film and casting calls and auditions for several supporting roles are being scheduled soon. Fresh off of his amazing string of box office hits Haywire, The Vow, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike Tatum will star in the drama Foxcatcher. There is no one hotter than Channing Tatum and no casting opportunity for up and coming actors bigger than this.

Foxcatcher will tell the tragic true story of  John du Pont, a troubled man suffering from paranoid schizophrenia who became obsessed with and eventually murdered Olympic wrestling hero David Schultz. du Pont was a member of the wealthy and privileged Du Pont family who used his immense resources to sponsor the the private Team Foxcatcher wrestling club where he met and befriended Schultz. This intricate drama will be helmed by the steady directing hand of Academy Award Nominee Bennett Miller (Moneyball, Capote) and will feature a stellar supporting cast that includes mega star Steve Carell (The Office, Get Smart) in the challenging role of du Pont and Academy Award Winner Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers, The Kids Are All Right). There may be no more powerful film in the new year then Foxcatcher and now casting call and auditions are being organized to fill a number of supporting roles of all sizes to star alongside this powerful trio of talents. To submit yourself for a role in this production or for more information you can send an email to Stay tuned to this site as we will be posting every audition update for this stunning drama project and leave a comment for us below and tell us if you would like to work alongside Channing Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo in Foxcatcher.

This is your chance to be cast in what is sure to be an awards season giant in the coming year. Apply today to be cast in the striking drama feature Foxcatcher.

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  1. Nardos Seyoum

    Foxcatcher seems to be one of the most real and truth teller of our future and current society which made me fall in love with immediately. The casts are very talented, I would love to get the chance to work with them all. Being a female and 18 has finally started to open up more doors for me, I want to explore and start a new field from the experiences and knowledge I have. I was originally Born in Ethiopia,I’ve been in the US. for over 7 years now and I’m fluent in Amharic as well as English. I love meeting and getting to know others. I adopt to any situation quick, and catch phrases that is required for me to do so. I would be delighted to be included in the upcoming cast of this great movie.

  2. Jacolby Alexander

    Hi, my name is Jacolby Alexander and I have been acting and singing since I was in 8th grade starring as ‘Aladdin” in my first lead musical/play, ever since than I have been on stage performing, and I can say “I’m lovin’ it”. I am 22 now and this is all I can think about is acting. I am ready to be recognized for my talent not how weird I am or how I look in other peoples eye. I just want to do what I love. Where I am from people don’t believe that I can make it in the acting field, I want to prove them wrong. I know it takes time but I am willing to try my hardest to get to where I want to be in my life no matter what others think of me. With that being said, I recently got a call from Images agency and I want to move on in the next step of building my career. I feel like this will but me on the map and show my city that a person from Peoria, IL can make it just takes hard work and faith.

  3. Natasha Coralic

    I am a professional actress, 26 years old and I have been studying acting and film for the past three years in Los Angeles, I moved here from Sweden. I live and breathe what I do, it’s not just a passion for me, acting is in my DNA. I would be a great pick for this because I’m fearless in terms of acting, very professional and reliable. I see it as a fun job and I easily connect with people. I speak three languages fluently, Swedish, Bosnian and English and I am of Bosnian descent. I would love to work with these talented people and it would be such an honor! I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Paris Morley

    Hello my name is paris Morley I’m 17 years old and I’m from a small country town in nsw Australia with not many people nor many opportunities to have an opportunity like this and to have a role along side such an amazing actor would truly mean more than the world to be I’ve loved to act sing and dance w ever since I could remember love being in front of a spotlight or an audience have so much confidence within my self and I’m willing to give absolutely anything a go I’m a determined young actress who has done many theatre plays school plays and Always am willing to take on any challenge thrown at me Thankyou so much

  5. charlotte

    i try hard at anything i do and i am channings biggest fan;) this would mean the world to me! I love acting and i have been in a couple of plays where i live. Im 13, mid height and blonde hair. I never expect anything and apreciate everything that i do get (if i get anything atall!) I dream of being an actor when i grow up and doing this would help me reach my dream so much 😀 i would give 10000% to be in this film, i would pay for flights, accomidation with all my savings etc (if it was needed..)
    Please PLEASE consider my entry, it would make me the happyiest person ever to live!
    Please consider it, thank you so much 🙂

  6. rezarto

    Everybody is good at something u juss need to find and fight for what u believe and know ull be good at I love movies I was always interested in acting sence I was a lil kid I had the opportunity to see other countries growin up into poverty ma parents moved from country to country for better life for me im originaly from albania raised in italy Greece and than moved to usa at age 13 I had to work to soport my family once I was old enough and never really had the time to follow what I wanted to do but to everyone out there follow ur dream while u have the time and for all the people complain in bout poverty in usa u guys havent seen poverty ok other countrys dont have bridge card they starve and die so be thankful for what u have and not for what u wanted to have and havent got it beacause from what I been through and seen life is very short love your family and take carre of them thanks ….

  7. MIchelle Landreth

    I am 13 yaers old, I decided to go into acting after my friends and family encouraged me to go in. They said I could do anything they support me through everything. My older sister, Jade, actually suffers from schizophrenia so i think it would be cool to do it!! I only hace experience in school plays and concerts but a lot of people tell me I am god so I said why not! I live in a little town in Minnesota called, Cosmos. i move quite a bit so i have learned to adapt pretty quickly to new surroundings and people. So umm thats all i have so plz consider me?