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TV Show Auditions

FoodyTV is seeking top chefs for our amazing new digital food network. We are looking to cast, select, and feature top restaurateurs, chefs, and food product companies for our upcoming cooking show series which will be shot in NY on select dates during the month of November and December 2016.

About Foody TV

FoodyTV is a next generation food network for the “Everyday Chef”. FoodyTV is not only revolutionizing how chefs and our amazing viewers are connecting over the food content they love, we are championing the movement to democratize the entire cooking and food media landscape. For chefs, restaurant owners and “Foody’s”, FoodyTV is a one-stop destination anybody can create, produce and own customized professionally produced digital food content and disseminate it to a global audience, all for a justifiable price point. [FoodyTV]

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are now casting men and women who are passionate about cooking, creativity and food and who could host their own show.

You do not need prior TV experience, but you do need to have: a passion for food, cooking and creativity; an ability to clearly educate and excite viewers about food; a desire to partner with a food network that can build your broad exposure and brand.

If selected as a top concept, cooking show hosts receives both a percentage of FoodyTV sponsorship and the 100% right to all content produced. FoodyTV handles all production and distribution on its digital network and on-demand video platforms. Network will also support chef to attract additional sponsorship, advertisement if / as required.

Location is either at our studio in Bellmore, NY, or at chef’s location of choice in NY.

How to Apply

Interview space and network spots are limited. Email our team to be considered at with your name, contact info, and concept. Check us out on!

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  1. Mary Bonafede

    I am a 54 year old female who lost 180 lbs. over a 18 month process all on my own. We all know that food is 80% of the weight loss journey and, though I have no professional training, I did grown up in my family’s Italian restaurant business. I learned to adapt my favorite recipes that I grew up with (birthday meal — beef stroganoff) into healthy and delicious food that my friends and family begged me to make for them.

    Here’s the HOOK — I’ve gained some of the weight back and want to lose the weight gain on camera. I can’t tell you how many sites I peruse (Weight Watchers for one…Oprah as a sponsor) and so many men and women are stymied as to what to cook, how to plan meals, what are healthy vs. non-healthy fats, same with carbs, etc. There is an under-served market that is clamoring for a “How To”… methodology. There are so many people in these groups that are asking, “What should I make for breakfast…lunch…dinner?” So many of them get into ruts eating the same things day after day thinking, it’s a safe food so I need to just stick to this. They eventually reach declaring they can’t eat another hard boiled egg and what else can they try? Thing is you can just say “smoothie” to these people because they don’t know how to make a smoothie or what goes in it.

    I’m a consummate foodie. I’m an accomplished Executive Event Producer having collaborated on innovative Food & Beverage guest menus with the likes of Wolfgang Puck, Joachim Schplical. My friends and family look to me for on-trend recipe ideas and often for style and technique. I am comfortable presenting in a public format having presented to large groups and done public speaking for my different events at Disney, Warner Bros and Olympic Game Hospitality Groups.

    I firmly believe there are millions of women and men out there that would love partnering with me on a weight loss journey and eventually learning recipes and techniques for maintaining that weight. Losing my mom was a major life event that did ricochet my weight in an upward direction but I did maintain my weight loss for 13 years and I have the photos and testimonials from doctors and friends to validate it.

    ELEVATOR PITCH: Issue a weight loss challenge and invite viewers to join my own journey with a step by step guide to breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes with quick alternatives that they can bundle together meals for each day — all the time learning why these foods balance each other and how to make new family favorites rather than having to cook multiple meals. Follow up with online digital support with recipes, alternative food pairings for each day and offer exercise options for all phases of weight loss journey.