Fitness & Health Fanatics for Reality TV Show

Reality TV Show Audition – Los Angeles, CA

Is fitness and working out your entire life?  Do you miss out on other outside activities, family outings and time with your friends because you have to hit the gym?  An acclaimed, award-winning television production company in conjunction with a major, premium cable network is currently seeking participants in a groundbreaking, documentary television series. Selected candidates are paid for their participation. The reality TV show casting call is looking for people who live to go to the gym.  The team is seeking a variety of people whose fitness routines has effected their lives. It will be shooting in Los Angeles, California. This will be a great way to help iron out some of the problems it may be causing and to appear on a major cable network.  View the 2018 reality TV show casting call information below!

About the Show

A major cable network is shooting a new documentary television series that follows fitness fanatics. 

What They Are Looking For

• Are you putting 100% of your money, time, and resources into your health and fitness goals?
• Do you feel anxious or guilty if you miss out on even one work out?
• Do you prioritize exercise over your personal relationships or cancel social engagements to work out?
• Has your friends/family ever expressed concern that your “healthy” lifestyle is taking over your life?
• Are your relationships with loved ones suffering because of your commitment to health and exercise?
• Have friends/family ever expressed concern for your physical or mental health?

If yes, this is a chance to share your story in an all-new documentary, television series.

How to Apply

To refer someone or to apply please email:, please include a brief bio about yourself and your health/fitness regime, several current photos, your height/weight, your location and your full contact information (phone & email).

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3 Casting Responses



  2. Meghan Mirabal

    I am huge in fitness. I would be a great role for this reality tv show

  3. Rochelle Walker

    Hi I’m Rochelle from stretch yourself Pilates and Aerobics I am a size 6 and I love exercise and would be a part of this show you are getting going thank you