First Date Seeking Singles – Reality TV Show

First Date Seeking Singles - Reality TV Show

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Are you single in New York and looking for love?  Do you want to try a fresh approach to dating?  A popular web series is looking for you!  How would you like to attempt to tell a complete strangers story before having met them? Think Tinder meets Mad Libs but in Real Life.  Casting directors are looking for men and women who are single and in New York City.  The team is seeking people ages 22 through 45.  Filming will take place during the week of November 6th, 2017.  If you are ready to take a shot at finding love, sign up for the 2017 reality TV show casting call.

About the Show

A popular in-studio web series is looking for open, honest and energetic individuals who are willing to talk about their real lives and experiences in a “first-date” type of situation.

What They Are Looking For

Open to those that meet the following criteria:

+ all sexes and ethnicities
+ ages 22-45
+ reside in the NYC Tri-state area
+ willing to be open and upfront about your views, values, any fears and phobias relating to: race, religion, politics, marriage and other personal matters
+ must be single-do not apply if you are married or in a committed relationship
+ need to be available for 5 hours to shoot during the week of November 6th

How to Apply

Those interested should submit their information to with “First Date” in the subject line.

Please include the following information:

1. Your name and contact info (email and mobile number)
2. Three recent photos
3. Your favorite questions to ask someone on a first date

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