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Figure It Out is back and better than ever! The hit Nickelodeon game show that has everyone talking and your favorite Nickelodeon stars guessing is looking for all new contestants to get in on the fun. Casting calls and auditions are being scheduled right now for outgoing young people with special talents and a desire to meet Nickelodeon celebrities and win amazing prizes.

Figure It Out is the game show that keep everyone guessing. Contestants with unique talents are presented to a panel of celebrity judges and a blanked out phrase describing the contestants talents is put up on the “IT” board. The celebrities are given three rounds and various clues to Figure Out what the contestants talent is, for each round they survive they receive a fantastic prize. If the talent is not guessed by the end of the first round the contestant walks away with the fantastic grand prize and the experience of a lifetime. Win or lose the contestants get to act out their amazing talents for the audience, the celebrity judges and millions of fans watching at home. Now the best part – the slime! Host Jeff Sutphen gives a Word Of Honor and a Secret Slime Action before each game and if the word is spoken by a judge you get slimed! If the action is performed by one of the celebrities they get slimed! Celebrities set to appear this season include Victoria Justice (Victorious), Gracie Dzienny (Supah Ninjas), Lucas Cruikshank (Fred: The Show), Rachel Crow (Fred: The Show), Nathan Kress (iCarly) and Cymphonique Miller (How To Rock) just to name a few. If you’ve got a talent that you want to share with the world and you would like to participate in auditions and casting calls for Figure It Out you can head here and be sure to keep checking in for every casting update for Figure It Out.

Millions of viewers are waiting to see you unique talents and your favorite Nickelodeon celebrities are waiting to be slimed. Submit yourself today to be cast on the all new episodes of TV’s wildest game show Figure It Out.

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453 Casting Responses

  1. Henritta Mellissa

    Hi, my name is HETTY and I am 12 years of age. I am really good at singing and dancing. I really love all the nickelodeon show you guys make. Oh please please please please i really want to take part in the show FIGURE It Out. I really like to appear on the nickelodeon TV. Hope to hear from you soon. contact me

  2. mariy mcfiy

    chris rock

  3. mariy mcfiy

    idina menzel

  4. Leah fisher

    Hi im leah fisher i am 16 in january and i am a singer and i wanna be on tv show

  5. Dakota paterson

    Hi my is Dakota I’m 9 turning 10 in August I was in acting and modeling I really Wanna be on a show I’m in Queensland so contact me any time

  6. trenaijah

    i am 11 yrs old

  7. trenaijah

    my talent is math and reading i love school

  8. taja thomas

    hi im taja thomas and i can dance to umbrella backwards without looking at the dance behind me please,please,please i need to be on this show this talent i have.

  9. isabella

    I’m Isabella
    I am 12 years about to turn 13 in November
    love solving problems and riddles
    and I always watched this show
    4ft 6in
    so hope to here from u

  10. Tristan Evans

    Hi my name is Tristan and I am 13 soon to be 14 this October. I am 5’2″ and I am really good at puzzles such as solving a 3×3 Rubix cube in around a minute and a 4×4 in about 2 minutes. I have always liked watching figure it out and hope to be on it sometime. But I greatly appreciate you considering me for this show.

  11. Meveline

    Hi my name is Milen Sanssouci and I am 13 years old I’m 5 feet 9 inches and I would love to be on figure it out I’m really good at guessing and if I could be on the figure it out would be amazing a brother make one team one because I’m really good at drawing also and I’ll try my best to figure it out please consider

  12. kaitlin clark

    Hi im kaitlin clark im 12 I can design and sew outfits I love to read my friends say im really smart
    I have blue eyes and brown hair im from mantachie look at me entering with all these other people and hoping i get on here when I do any thing else I get let down

  13. Mikhaela Dustin

    I can train cats to do certain things. I can make them come to me, climb on my lap, walk on a beam, and become a parrot. I would really love to show you guys my talent of teaching cats. Please consider me and email me at and I think it would be really fun to have them guessing about my training cats.

  14. Tessa

    Hi. My name is Tessa and I have many talents. I’d like to be on this show, it sounds interesting.
    Here is some stuff about me:
    Talents: Gymnastics, running, photography, rapping, entertaining, more but can’t think of right now at the top of my head
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 94 pounds
    Race: white
    Age: 12 in a month
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue/green

    Hopefully I get to be or guest star on this show!

  15. Cynthia

    Am cynthia 11 years old and would love to get a role on your TV show l love dancing and singing love you all

  16. ella

    hi my name is ella and im 9 i use to watch this show with my cousin alot and we use to act it out by saying what is my favorite color and if she gets it wrong we have to slide down our playground slide that has a whole bunch of dirt on it and we use to watch it when we get back inside our house so i understand if you dont pick me but it would be alot to me thank you 😀

  17. Abby Siders

    Hi i watch this show all this time! My name is Abby Siders and i can play the piano a little guitar i can sing and dance i love bieng in front of crowds i have been a cheerleader so i am used to it please get back with me by phone: 1-740-446-3454 or by email

    and if i get rejected it will be ok i will keep trying

  18. Caitlyn Patterson

    Hey I
    Am 13
    Hazel eyes
    Have experience
    Was in a play
    I got excepted in to ACT magnet high school (Arts at the capital theater)
    I am a strong leader
    I have a loud voice
    Willing to change anything

  19. Swaggotemp

    Hello my name is Swaggotemp I have played the piano and I love being in front of crowds I just makes me happy I LOVE nick figure it out. I HAVE BEEN ALWAYS DREAMING ABOUT BEING ON A SHOW so I have been practice so yeah thank you for giving a change if u decline it will be ok at least I got a chance to be on the show and in the email send me where u win be doing the show I am so happy ok have a nice day!!!!

  20. nakyia

    Hi my name is nakyia i live in chicago and im 13years old and i will love to be apart of yall show because im very smart intelligent very out going to. One thing id yall do pick me i will need transportation provided. I will really love to be a part of yall showbecause im trying to persuade my dream this will be the chance to. or phone numbers 7738632311 and 8723035041

  21. Kori Salter

    I think I should be considered because i would love to be an actor or extra i am working on my actress career and this would be a great start i live in Detroit MI and transportation will be needed

  22. aisha

    Hi, I would lover to be part of this sho. I am very smart and I am outgoing. Thank you for reading this.

  23. Mesoma

    Hi I am Mesoma . I live in Africa (Nigeria) .I can rock and roll .I love to act sing and ROCK.Consider me please.


    Hi, there , my name is jeanita I live in Africa ( BOTSWANA) and come from Portugal and I am a tall skinny girl and have brown eyes I am not really skinny. I should be considered because I want to be an actress when I grow up and have two talents I have a very interesting personality I am so helpful and caring I LOVE helping the needy. xoxo

  25. Klara Ringlstetter

    My talent is……
    I can do multiple foyters / turns in a row
    I am 12 years old but I’m turning 13 this month
    I have a video of me doing them if u need it.
    I’ve been dancing since I was three and I hope you can consider getting me and my talent on the show.
    Thank you!

  26. katie wilson

    i may not havve much to ofer but i can act and sing i love the show
    ocean blue eyes
    brown hair
    7th grade
    i love nick
    if you do conciter me than you would be making a little girls dream come true

  27. Tayshanae Johnson

    My talent is I can do the wave while playing my saxophone and I can also do the worm on the floor and play my saxophone.

  28. Amber Bencomo

    My name is Amber Leaann Bencomo i am 5’0 exactly i have green/blue eyes my enthicity is hispanic and italian i really want to be on this show it is my all time dream please email me or call me at 8056126692 please thank you

  29. Mykel Yasona

    hiiiii my name is mykel and i really want to be in the show .
    i am very nice .
    love dogs
    height:small for my age
    hair color: black
    please let me be in the show pleaseeee and one more thing………….. PLEASE

  30. destiny escobedo

    My name is Destiny escobedo and I am 10 years old.I would love to be on this show because I have seen it before and it is so cool and funny.

  31. savannah ann spoutz

    I love this show I have waned to be on this show.

  32. breelyn

    hi my name is breelyn.i am 12 years old my birthday is on 06/12/02 i have green eyes im about 4.2 or 4.5 in height.i am really good at acting i had a opportunity of doing acting but i thought school was more important,so i said no but know i want to do it but know i want to act and try to save up for money so i can go to nyu in new york.i have been in many plays i was a cheerleader in 2010.i live in california,was born in texas..i have been bullyed alot and said i was fat and ugly but i really want to show people me and it would be a great pleasure to work with yall.

  33. jared

    Im 10 ill love to be on the show I practiced at home and I got some wright some wrong please contact me at 5164937727

  34. Chloe Davies

    Hi I’m Chloe and I am 12
    I would love to be on figure it out I have a talent that hasn’t been on the show
    I am a regional karate champion and compete in a lot of tournaments and when
    I’m in a national tournament it will lead to a World Cup which is in 2015

  35. Daniel aghotor

    Hi, i’m daniel aghotor and i’m 15yrs and would love to be a contestant. I have a lot of talents but i’m good and interested in inventions and computer tricks.thanks

  36. iris

    hi my name is iris i am 9 and my talent is doing gymnastics while dancing on a yoga ball


    My name is niah plenty and i am 11 years old and my special talent is play the violin.

  38. saiid mohamed

    Hi, im saiid i was born and raised in england
    ive had various acting jobs in films like doctor who and the inbetweeners
    im a very good actor as said by the doctor who cast
    i think i would be perfect for this job

    full name: saiid mohamed
    gender: male
    age: 13
    hair colour: blackish brown
    eye colour: brown
    size: around 5’3
    nationality: british
    special features: long,curly eyelashes that girls find adorable

    hope fully i get the job

  39. joseph

    hi im ten i hath basket ball tricks that a so fast and i won a basketball one on one

  40. angie palau

    hey guys well this is your choice but I would love to tell you reasons why I should be considered to be in this show. I should be considered to be in the show because I have a unique talent of saying words while I burp. My classmates are always amazed because I am a 13 year old female and they think males are the only ones who can do it. thank you for spending your time to read this comment.

  41. cassidi carrel

    age: 13
    height: 5’3
    weight: 105lbs
    hi my name is Cassidi and i have a talent that has never been on figure it out before. i am a contortionist. i am a very enthusiastic person who has loved Nickelodeon all my life. i hope you cast me for this show and give the world something new to watch.

  42. Madison

    Hi my name is madison. I live in Mason City Iowa. I am 13 and have a dream to be on a game show. The main reason is that I want to be ableto tell my kids how awsome it is when you have a chance to be able to accomplish your dream and to know youcan do anything you put your heart to. Thank you for having a opportunity to fulfil my dream. -Madison

  43. Brianna

    Oh I am 11 and I am in choirs and I took dance i cheerleader and love
    Animals and babies

  44. Brianna

    It has always been my dream to be a actress it looks so fun
    I love all of the show

  45. Sophie Nadel

    My name is Sophie I am almost 12 and I live in Orange,CA.
    Age: 11 11/12
    Birthday: August 20th,2002
    Hair:Ash Blonde
    Skin:I am extremely pale and cant get tan
    I love acting and I love Nickelodeon. I live In Orange which is a short drive away from LA.I am a friendly, unique, and intelligent individual. I was in the GATE program at my old school which means I am currently in the Honors program at my current school

  46. tre

    I would have to be on the show please please take my section I will love everything thank u

  47. Timari Claybourne

    Hey, my name is Timari Claybourne. I am 11 years old and I wanted to be on a gameshow since I was a little kid. And my talent is that I can eat just about anything. I love to chew on things your not suppose to chew on. But please consider having me on your show.

  48. Elizabeth McKee

    Hi, i’m Elizabeth and i am 11 years old. My talent is… i thought my chicken to jump for bread. I think i should be considered because not everyone can teach their chicken to jump. One day i was feeding my chicken bread and i held the bread out and she jumper. So, i hope you consider me.
    your friend,
    p.s my chicken’s name is Nugget.

  49. Malaisha McLeod

    My name is Malaisha and ever since I was three I was able to move my leg in a circular motion to make a popping sound. I am 12 years old and I live in Sumter,SC. I am hard working and outgoing. I would love this opportunity because I love this show. I have black hair and brown eyes. I am also 4 feet and 3 inches tall. When you all get a chance please reply back.

  50. julia

    I would love to be able to be on figure it out
    I want to be it cause I get picked on and I want to show the mean people at my school that I can do abyrhing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. vina

    I love acting singing and dancin my name is vina im 5 feet iv always wanted te be on figure it out I want to be slimed realy bad please make my dreams come true

  52. Dejana Radić

    Hey! I’m 16 years old girl from Croatia. I rly want chance for this show. I think i can be part of this show because i love to be funny,i love to work with people and I rly enjoy on the stage. Hope i can get chance to show what i know and can,even i’m always positive ,right now i’m not so positive.

  53. Jazmyne

    Hi I want to be on figure it out. I’m 12 years a actor even though I have never stared in anything, an artist, and a singer. I have grown up watching Nickeloden. Please consider me.

  54. Lily "Tiny Crusher" Reilly

    My talent is fun & cool. I am a junior roller derby jammer. I have been playing junior roller derby for 2 years. My derby name is Tiny Crusher. I kick butt as a jammer on my team.. I get the make point getting thru the pack. My team is from 7 years old to 17 years old. It is boys and girls. My sport is the best! Please pick me to be on Figure It Out. It think this would be hard for them to guess. Thank you. Lily

  55. jersey benton

    I love this show so much i hope i get picked tell me if i get in.please email us the auditions in Tennessee.

  56. jersey benton

    My name is jersey benton.i am 10 years old . i live in tennessee i should be on the show cause i can do 2 great talents.i can flip my tounge and play the keyboard/piano. And i would like to get slimed and win cool prizes. And answer question from my fav celebrities.also i like my family standing in the audience suporting me.and i love jeff sutphen getting slimed also.i LOVE figure it out, i watch it all the time.
    That is why i want to be on the show. I will not let you down.

  57. jersey benton

    My name is jersey benton.i live in tennessee i should be on the show cause i can do 2 great talents. And i would like to get slimed and win cool prizes. And answer question from my fav celebrities.also i like my family standing in the audience suporting me.and i love jeff sutphen getting slimed also.And that is my reason to get on the famous tv show figure it out

  58. Summer Schmiedebusch

    I am a female, who is 5 feet tall, 11 almost 12 years old, I live in Ohio, and I think I am very talented. I am a brunette with short, curly hair, I have brunette eyes that turn from brown to hazel, and everyone that I have met have said I am very respectful and kind to others and their feelings. Ever since I was about 4 I was in love with singing, I cannot dance or play any instruments,when I started getting older I started acting with some friends, it never was official but we all still had lots of fun acting. I’ve been through some hard times too, my parents got divorced when I was at a young age, my mother has been through a fight with stage 2 cancer, thankfully she won the hard and long battle. My zodiac sign is cancer ( what a coincidence), Therefore i was born June 25 2002. My current music inspirations are Little Mix, Cody Simpson, Laura Marano, One Direction, R5, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Becky G, and Debby Ryan.

  59. Tyler

    i love this show i wont to be on this show so bad plz call me ask for tyler thomas

  60. Nyah

    Nyah absolutely loves kids game shows and would love to be on this one! Please email us for auditions in Atlanta, GA.

  61. Oscar bello

    Oh my God I wanted to be an actor my whole life my name is Oscar Bello I am 14 years old I have black hair and this is my dream I’ve been telling all my friends I’m going to be actor and become a star and I’m Nickelodeon that’s just the best place to be an actor. PLEASE

  62. Alexandra Padilla

    Hello! Hola! When my dream of acting comes up in my head I always see it with Nickelodeon. It is by far one of not only mine but any others’ favorite networks and it has always been my dream to be a part of it. When I was younger my perception of fulfilling my want to be on a kids channel was HUGE, but as I grew older my dreams became more unattainable and unrealistic reason being everyone told me it was impossible and that crushed my heart. Now at 18 years of age and a future university student facing the decision of what I should major in, in college I find that my real dream is in the acting world. Believing strongly in myself and not allowing anything to come between me and my dreams I am dedicated to have acting in my life, happen. I believe Nickelodeon will be a great network to be a success considering my extremely hyper, bubbly,clever, friendly, yet focused and motivated character. I would love it if you guys gave me a chance to prove myself on this show and make my dream job possible. Everything starts off with a little chance. Thank you so much!
    Height: 5’4
    Skin: Olive
    Hair: Long, Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: Mexican-American

  63. Makayla Adams

    My name is Makayla. Everybody says That I am the funniest person they know. I am also good at cooking and I am not afraid to act out infront of other people.

  64. David Lee

    Hi my is David Lee , I’m 14 years old. I do magic, card flourishes and cards stunts. I started taking interest in cards last year. I watch online to learn card flourishes, card stunts and magic. I like playing cards because you get to feel the momentum of cards spinning and it’s fun , exciting and thrilling. I started a club at my school with the help of a teacher and my friends to teach other students card flourishes, card stunts and magic. In the club there is competitions organised to make it more exciting and donations. Most importantly even though the admission is free each is asked to donate a coin towards a charity that my teacher and I will decide. I would love to perform my magic, flourishes and stunts on Figure It Out .

  65. chyna williams

    HELLO everybody! My name is Chyna Williams a.k.a (always known as)Miss Swa2g Queen.I have several talents and im good at all of them!Im a very smart outgoing intelligent and a funny girl who enjoy everything from cooking with my mom to helping out my teachers at school.I don’t know who might read these comments but I’m smart enough not to discuss my secret talents right now.I might get picked and if I do I want to win that GRAND PRIZE and have an experience of a lifetime.My mom tries her best to help me try to pursue my dreams, but I know I need more then just her posting videos of some of my talents on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, just for the right person to notice me,its alot of hard work and it might take a decade for that to happened( I’m young I got all the time in the world)! Lol (Laugh out loud)I’m only 12 years old! If I get picked to be on the show I will give it all I got.My mom wouldn’t have to work so hard because I can show her and all the viewer around the world how talented I really am…”I can tell my mommy sit back, relax and enjoy the show”!Ha ha ha..I told yall I’m funny;but that’s not one of my talents…Now guess my talent?

  66. katie c-jones

    hi my name is katie and i am eleven years old and i live in the uk,wales i am an amazing singer (using all kinds of pitches)
    i have admired nickelodeon for as long as i can remember it would be my dream to be on figure it out please pick me love katie cjonesx

  67. Tracey montilus

    Hi my name is Tracey montilus and i think i should be considered because i have a secret and i lobe nick and figure it out which is supes awsome .i love to hangout and i love jokes

  68. Natalie Herrera

    Hi, my name is Natalie Herrera, I an 11 turning 12 in July, I am 5’4 and people tell me i look like i am 13. I am the type of girl people think I am. I am one that has ridden a dirt bike without my dad knowing and I have tried to jump over a fence while riding a horse and ended up falling off. I am not scared to get too close to nature, I have caught a 3 foot alligator, i have climbed a tree with a family of Squirrel living in it and fed one fries, and i go hunting with my dad {even if i catch only one thing} I have been in many plays, most have been at school and most of them I got the lead lead.

  69. carson wells

    my name is carson wells my talent is makeing nosies with my mouth to make music.i hope you put me on the show.

  70. Allyce Flanagan

    Hi, my name is Allyce Flanagan, I am 13 years old, I have hazel eyes, blonde hair, I am 5’10″ and I live in Australia. I love acting, and I have always admired nickaloaden because they are always finding young new actors. I have always wanted to be in a disney movie, and this show sounds like an amazing opportunity and a fun movie to be in. I am ready to make my acting dream a reality, and I can not even tell you how much i want this it is my absolute dream to be an actor. acting is my passion that makes me happy. If you are intrestread in me please email me at or call me

  71. Kailey

    Hey! My name is Kailey Salzillo! I am 15! I love game shows of any sort! I am super outgoing! I love to talk, hangout with friends, and of course HAVE FUN! I cant really say much for you to pick me besides PICK ME, but I promise I would be one that you wouldnt forget! 🙂

  72. Ebony Matheson

    I am a 17 year old Australian female willing to move to America to pursue my acting and singing goals, I have been singing for 4 years, topped in my drama class and have taken many dance classes. I’m interested in this role so please email me at so I can give more information and photos! (: I have no problem taking direction and come across as confident and hard working!

    I am 160cm tall
    Long brown/ caramel hair
    Fair skin with green eyes
    Easy to get along with!

  73. Destiny S.

    Hi I live in New Jersey . I always wanted to be on this show sense the first episode . But I didn’t know how now I know so please reply back and I am a good thinker and prombelm solver .I would love to be on this show .

  74. Jennifer Reyes

    I am 11years old and I would really love it if I were on figure it out

  75. Thessa Sanon

    Hi, my name is Thessa Sanon. I am 17 years old and I an from New Orleans, Louisiana. I should be considered because my dream is to become an actress and singer. I love to entertain and make people laugh. I have an interesting personality. Ive grown up on watching Disney and Nick. I love watching these amazing actors and actresses on tv and dream of becoming one some day. This opportunity can and will changr my life for the better. When I put my mind to something, I go for it and hope for the best. I hope I am picked and I will not let you down.