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Figure It Out is back and better than ever! The hit Nickelodeon game show that has everyone talking and your favorite Nickelodeon stars guessing is looking for all new contestants to get in on the fun. Casting calls and auditions are being scheduled right now for outgoing young people with special talents and a desire to meet Nickelodeon celebrities and win amazing prizes.

Figure It Out is the game show that keep everyone guessing. Contestants with unique talents are presented to a panel of celebrity judges and a blanked out phrase describing the contestants talents is put up on the “IT” board. The celebrities are given three rounds and various clues to Figure Out what the contestants talent is, for each round they survive they receive a fantastic prize. If the talent is not guessed by the end of the first round the contestant walks away with the fantastic grand prize and the experience of a lifetime. Win or lose the contestants get to act out their amazing talents for the audience, the celebrity judges and millions of fans watching at home. Now the best part – the slime! Host Jeff Sutphen gives a Word Of Honor and a Secret Slime Action before each game and if the word is spoken by a judge you get slimed! If the action is performed by one of the celebrities they get slimed! Celebrities set to appear this season include Victoria Justice (Victorious), Gracie Dzienny (Supah Ninjas), Lucas Cruikshank (Fred: The Show), Rachel Crow (Fred: The Show), Nathan Kress (iCarly) and Cymphonique Miller (How To Rock) just to name a few. If you’ve got a talent that you want to share with the world and you would like to participate in auditions and casting calls for Figure It Out you can head here and be sure to keep checking in for every casting update for Figure It Out.

Millions of viewers are waiting to see you unique talents and your favorite Nickelodeon celebrities are waiting to be slimed. Submit yourself today to be cast on the all new episodes of TV’s wildest game show Figure It Out.

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453 Casting Responses

  1. Zahra

    Hi I am Zahra

    And it is my dream to be on a tv show because I am a gymnast who only does gymnastics on the floor

  2. Madison Jayne

    Hello My Name is Madison Jayne,
    I am a 10 year old girl who races in downhill skiing. In my first year of competition I placed in every race. I am very outgoing and funny. I really love having fun and doing crazy thing with my friends like jumping off cliffs into powder.

  3. Adam Perrotti

    Hello, my name is Adam. I just want to start off by saying how great of a show this is and how many viewers it keeps on the edges of their seats ! But I have many talents for a 14 year old boy. First off I am an athlete who plays many sports. Second off I love to sing, I recently auditioned for the Fox hit tv show X-Factor. But my special talent is DJ’ing I am one of Connectiuts top DJ’s making thousands per month! I have a whole stage setup pricing over 3,000 ! I am a great DJ, with some great ideas on the show. I mean how many times will people walk on this show with the talent of cooking and singing magicians and normal stuff but a 14 year old DJ is insane and great for the Show. How many judges will guess a young DJ? I think this will be outstanding for the show with many guesses. This just isnt an average gameshow guess ! I am very outgoing as well to get the judges and the crowd pumping and guessing ! I think I am IT ! This was a great opportunity so thanks for reading I really appreciate it. So thank you !

  4. Maddison

    I am 11 years old and I think I should be on figure it out because i have and awesome talent which is doing continuous flips in a row and i can do freaky things with my body. I also think i should be on figure it out because i would love to show my talent to the veiwers and i would love to win prizes and I have an awesome personality.

  5. Ashmi Vimal

    Hi my name is Ashmi age 13 i am age 14 in 1 September and my talent is that i can sit like an [M] OR [W] OR [T] i can sit like a [T] facing me so PLEASE CAN I BE ON NICKELODEON’S NEW SHOW [FIGURE IT OUT] PLEASE, PLEASE PLEEEEESE olso i think you need to know that i live in [UK] LEICESTER CAN I STILL COME! THANKS FOR READING.

  6. Jamalynn

    i am a singing dancing machine

  7. Tristan

    Hi my name is tristan and I am 11 almost 12

    Secret talent(s): I love to do gymnastics and once did double backflip of a diving board

    Passion: acting, chef , and or gymnast

    Personality: serious when I need to be but goofy and funny around friends

    Why you should pick me: you should pick me because of my talents and passions. Also I am very nice and funny. Lastly I love to watch your show and I am good with stage fright because I was the lead In our school plays a couple of time

  8. Liam Harris

    Hello nick I’m nine years old and I think I should be on figure it out because I’ve been wanting to be on this show for a very long time and I’m good at tv shows like this I watch wheel of fortune and I’m good at answering all the puzzles. I live in Alfred New York so it would take me a while to get to figure it out. I watch figure it out all the time it is one of my favorite shows. My talent is physical fitness I’ve gotten awards in triathalons and 5ks I’ve also gotten the presidential physical fitness award. That is why I think I should be on figure it out.

  9. McKinley Russ

    hi my name is McKinley and I live in Wisconsin and I should be considered for the show because I bake amazing cupcakes cakes and other sweet treats to sell and I am only 16 years old. one day I hope to open my own bakery and I would love to be able to stump people with my talent and show off what I can do. I know there is a lot of people who can do crazy things but not many people who can do crazy things with cakes and canvases that can fall apart with one wrong decision and that is edible. my family and friends say that I may be the next cake boss and I sure hope so 🙂 thank you for listening and even if I don’t get picked I will still love watching every second of figure it out 🙂

  10. Ethan

    My name is Ethan,
    I am 10 years old and I can build LEGO Construction Sets in a very fast time and manner. I have built over 20 sets already ranging from 50 piece sets to 500+ piece sets. An average 237 LEGO piece set only takes me less than an hour to do. Hope to hear from you!

  11. natalia

    Hello, my name is Natalia! I’m 13 years old & I am an actor/dancer! I would love to be on a TV show because that has been my dream/goal since I was 5 years old. I know that’s not a long time but it’s a lot of hard work. I love traveling, exploring, & just basically living the young life! (: A couple of things I like doing besides playing sports or other active stuff is doing my hair & I love getting dressed up! Thank you so much! Love you guys…

    Height: 5’5 ft

    Hair: brown & Long.

    Weight: 1oo

    Eye color: brown

    Hobbies: volleyball , dance & Acting

    Skin color: light brown

    Age : 13

    Bye! Thank you! Dream & achieve!

    Xoxo – Natalia

  12. Elisa

    I love figure it out and I would love to be on the show. I can dance flamenco with a fan or while holding a stick behind my back with my arms. I can also kind of sing beauty and a beat by justin bieber.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’1
    Birthday: 04-28-00
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Gender: female
    Weight: about 95lbs

  13. Megan

    I am a 12 year old with a 15 year old sister who helped me accomplish this task. We collected pennies to raise money to buy dolls for patients who are about to receive surgery. The doctor will explain the procedure on the doll so that the patient is not as scared.

    It would be awesome to be on Figure It Out because we watch that show every day and we love it so much and have always dreamed of appearing on the show. Bring on the slime!

  14. George

    Hi my name is George I am 9 years old I have black eyes I would love to be on figure it out it is a good show on Nickelodeon this was always my dream to be on figure it out it.

  15. Trevor McGowan

    Hi, my name is Trevor Micheal Delhaute McGowan. I love game shows. I’ve seen every single episode of Figure It Out and Brain-Surge here are a couple of my personnel info.

    Age: 10
    Gender: male
    Talent: breakdances when hears a Rock song (Linkin Park, Paramore, Lecrae, skillet, or Skrillex).

    Hope I can be on the show with Jeff Suften! Thank You,
    Trevor McGowan

  16. Taylor Ruffo

    Hi, my name is Taylor. I am a successful singer and actress. It would be fantastic for me to become a part of this:
    Age: 14
    Weight: 130
    Height: 5’3″
    Gender: female
    Hair: brown/auburn
    Eyes: brown
    Language: English
    Ethnicity: caucasian

  17. Olivia

    Name: Olivia Wills
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Talent: My talent is an acting and i am getting level 6’s in year 8. I have loved acting since i was about 6 and i used to put on shows with my friends to our parents. If i was considered for the show it really would be a dream come true. To show off my skills on t.v

  18. kayleece Barnes

    My name is kayleece i should be on the show ,can way in pretzel style and i love figure it out and i know i can stomp the panel plus i love slim please pick me to be on your ago it,would be a real blessing i a number one fan i don’t miss any of the shows even the replays i wanted to be on the show the first time it came out

  19. Jeyden Ambroise

    Hi I’m Jeyden Ambroise.I am 11 years old.My eyes are dark born and so is my hair.Im 5,3 or4 now .Also I have long braided hair. My talent is I can sing “The Way” in a wired voice kinda like a chipmunk.:)

  20. Jeyden Ambroise

    I’m 11 years old and I also 5,3.My color of my hair is dark brown,eyes dark brown also my birt h date is 12-21-01. My special talent is I can sing anything in a weird voice.

  21. joyce sills

    How do I figure it out. Email me with answer

  22. Tareq

    Dear firgure it out,
    My name is Tareq (ta-ric) and I am currently a sophomore in highschool! I think i would be perfect for the show because I’m very competitive and also not a sore looser! I have always wanted to be on a gameshow but I was neer old enough for most! And I’m a huge fan of your show!
    Here is my basic information!

    Height: 5.6
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Weight: 120
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Ethnicity: White
    Skin Color: Light

  23. Joseph pedigo

    Hi my name is joseph i love cooking i love acting i watch your show all the time i am 17 i am gonna become an actor on saturday august 3 2013

  24. Makayla

    Hi my name is makayla and I’m 12 going to be 13! My special talent is cheer leading I’m very good! I think if I was on the show it would give me an opportunity to show my talent off! I’ve done commercials and plays and they’re a lot of fun!!

  25. pristine

    its an awsome show and how do you get on figure it out?

  26. Kristy Delango

    Hi! My name is Kristy Delango and i am 19 years old. I am a very outgoing, kind, comedic, and energetic person with a big heart and strong confidence. I would love to be apart of this new show to bring it new energy and start to entertain! I love to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. I feel i could bring a lot to this new production. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

  27. robyn

    I should be on figure it out because I have a super weird talent and I love slim Im outgoing and up for anything !!!

  28. Preshae Davis

    Hello reader,

    My name is preshae shariece Davis.I’m 13 years old.I should. be on the game show,Figure It Out,because I have a cool talent.My cool talent is I’m double jointed in my shoulders.I can twist my arms back while my hands are clicked together.I have never been on television in my life but I will love to have this chance right now.

    Preshae s. Davis

  29. Princess

    Hi I’m princess
    Age: 11
    DOB: 01/25/2002
    Hair Type:Curly
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Height: 5″4
    Skin tone:Carmel/Light brown
    Personality:Fun,Funny,Grate actress,easy to get along with
    Please i love this show and always wanted to be on this show and this is my chance so please I’m very good person so please please let me be on this amazing show

  30. Allison Mchaney

    My name is Allison Mchaney I go buy a single name Alli. I am a dancer, my specialty is hip hop but i can dance any style of dance. I have been dancing since i was 3yrs.old. I take all kinds of dance ie,ballet, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, swing,ballroom, latin,etc. I dance at Lacey Schwimmers studio from Dancing With The Stars and i also sing and have been taking singing lessons for the last three I am a actor i have been on Mary Rice Hopkins t.v. show, Puppets With A Heart as a singer and dancer. I love Nickelodean and Figure It Out. I watch the tv station everyday when i am not at dance. Iwould love to be on this show and play for trips and prizes that they give away!

  31. Elinor

    I can keep the hula hoop on my wrist and swap hands without stopping it. I am 7 years old.

  32. Evan Gibson

    I should be chosen because I am 9 and I can play the first page of Moonlight Sonata

  33. emily du Plooy

    my name is Emily
    i would like to be on figure it out because no one will be able to guess my talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my talent is doing impressions of annoying orange charecters I am so good my friends call me orange!!!!!!!!!!

  34. krista

    I have a 10 year old son named Kyle. He is handsome, intelligent, funny, athletic, and outgoing. He has also been able to fold his ears up and stuff them in to his ear canal (not sure how else to describe it) since he was an infant. Everyone he shows is amazed at this trick and have never seen anything like it before!!

  35. Christopher

    I want to be on figure it out well I should be on
    Be on figure it out
    My talent is piching the fastest pich for my age
    Im 11 and live in indiana
    I can throw 78 miles per hour

  36. christian bruce

    Hey my name is Christian Bruce i absolutly love your show and thats all i watch and its amazing and it is my life long dream to come on your show so i was hoping i could and not to brag my talent is im a ten year old and can lift 120 pounds so thats my talent and it would mean the world to me if i got picked.(4794265146)

  37. Derrise Simmons

    Hi,My name is Derrise Aviance simmons(Ava)
    I am in 8th grade,13years old(can play anywhere from 12-15)
    I want to be on this show because I have always wanted to grt slimed.
    I am mixed.I have five siblings.I live in Columbia ,South carolina.
    I love brain teasers and quizzes!
    Hair color-black
    Eye color-brown
    Im friendly,caring,weird,goofy&funny!
    I’m an a/b student
    Dress size :1-3
    Has nose piercing!

  38. Kelly

    I am a 8 yr. old girl who can do really cool water tricks

  39. bella

    hi my names bella i like to sing in my spare time and play with slime im 11 i have blonde hair blue eyes and i can speek french im a model and i can do the catwalk and sing at the same time and i love my friends and family im a blood donater and i really care for people with cancer and old people i have watched nickelodeon since i could remember and i can do many gymnastic tricks plz let me be on figue it out

  40. abigail

    hi I’m Abigail, I’m funny and my talent is that i won 3 medals in softball.

  41. abigail

    my talent is that i won 3 medals in softball.

  42. Ross

    Hi!I totally think I should be on Figure It Out because I can do amazing tricks with magnetic balls.I have worked so hard on training myself and I am a long time fan of this show!I think it would be hilarious and so much fun to slime my favorite Nickelodeon stars!I also hope you give me the once in a lifetime experience to be slimed on TV.Please give me a chance to be on this show!It would mean the world to me!THANKS!

  43. Sara

    Hi, I’m Sara and I’m 12, I think I would be good on the show because I do a lot weird and cool things. For instance I can a stick with 2 other sticks, they’re called Luna sticks. Also if I’m in a dark room I can convince someone that I’m a werewolf and I swim in the water with a mermaid tail on and move as fast as a dolphin. But most of all I love to act and hang out with my friends, and sometimes my friends and I design Halloween coustumes that are so good that some one thought I was a boy. So that’s why I think you should pick me but you don’t have to but I hope you will put me under consideration.

  44. Jonah Radford

    My name is Jonah Radford. I am 7 years old. I want to be on figure it out because not that many people can juggle while spinning medium fast.

  45. Niamh

    Hi I am Niamh and I am the most sportiest girl in the world
    I live in sunny Australia and would love to be on figure it out!!!

  46. Niamh

    Hi I’m Niamh and I live in Australia
    I would love to be the show so please
    Say yes

  47. Niamh

    Hi I’m Niamh I live in Australia
    And I would love to try out
    So please get me on the show

  48. marthine laguerre

    hellow my name is marthine I am 11 (if you wanted to know) im a sweet and kind girl if you would take me my talent is I can do a table top and get up quilky without falling and I can sing I would be very happy if you would axpet me because you would make me happy cuse I broke my ankle and I have to stay in it for 4 weeks so please please please pleas please pleasePLEASE PLESAE PLEASES PLEASE TAKE ME I WOULD CRY FOR1 MONTH IF YOU DIDENT TAKE ME SO LOOK IN YOUR HART TO PUT ME ON YOU R SHOW YOU SHOULD NO I LIVE IN FLORIDA THANK YOU SO MUCH

  49. Alison

    I am 9 years old and I can do freaky things with my arms. I can twist my arm all the way around so my hand is facing the total opposite way. When I hold my arms in the air they look like they are really curved and everyone comments on it. Hope to hear from you soon.

  50. Liz

    Hi I am Liz, all my friends, family, and the people I know can agree with me that I am an amazing actress!
    Age- 12
    height- 4.8
    weight- 85 lb.
    hair- medium brown/blonde and medium length
    eye color- brown/hazel
    name- Liz
    gender- Female
    secret talent(s)- singing extremely fast and can do kind of a pretzel formation.

    Please email me for anything else you need to know! Thanks!

  51. donavon williams

    hi mi name is Donavon Williams and I lov figure it out I hav a crazy talent
    I can eat grapes from my toes it would be the best if u put me on the show
    I am 4’4 brown eyes if that matters so u can contact me or my mom thank u

    from Donavon williams

  52. donavon

    hi my name is Donavon my specil skill is I can eat grapes from my toes I would be the perfect guy to do this because I lov figure it out ps.i lov yor har

  53. Cayden

    Hi, my name is Cayden and I am 8 years old. Last year in second grade, I noticed that my school did not have a flag to do our school pledge to. I designed a flag and my aunt helped me make it. I took the flag to my teacher, and she called the principal to come see it. The principal loved my flag. Now we pledge to the flag I made every morning on the announcements.

    I love Figure It Out and all the Nickelodeon shows. I would love to be on Nickelodeon and meet the actors from my favorite shows!

  54. Tanaya Fortune

    hi Im 15
    African American
    135 pounds
    and I love this show it would pretty cool to star on it

  55. Kelsey Woron

    Hi my name is Kelsey I am 19 and acting, singing, and dancing has been my dream since I was 6 years old, I went to acting school to gain experience. I think I should be considered due to not only my dedication and hard work, but also because of a chance to show what I am made of, and a chance for my dreams to come true. Also my personality is golden(: I’m the most outgoing person. I believe strongly In NEVER giving up and not following your dreams, but chasing them. I believe the only way to get there is taking every chance I get and do my best to prove to myself I can achieve anything. Acting has been my passion, and my dream for ever, and I want the chance to become my dream.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5 ft 4 inches
    Weight: 130
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue
    From Baltimore MD, also live in Albany NY for school
    Hobbies: acting, singing, dancing, soccer, tae kwon do, up for anything

  56. Gianna Calciano

    Hi my name is Gianna and i can whistle and smile at the same time! Im 12.

  57. Gianna Calciano

    Hi, my name is Gianna and i think i would be great on figure it out! I have a strange talent that surprises everybody. I can whistle and smile at the same time! No gadgets, no tricks, nothing just my mouth. I’m 12 years old and i do sports such as cross country, basketball, and bmx racing. Thank you for your time and consideration. ~Gianna C

  58. Aubrey Keuvelaar

    Hi I’m Aubrey I’m 10 years old! My talents are dancing, acting ,volley ball P.S. I went to volley ball camp, righting songs, I’m very flexible About the volley ball I use a beach ball my highest number hitting the ball was 137 times ok I have 1 more talent teaching my 3 dogs tricks 1 does not do any tricks! I have brown hair I’m 4″8′

    I can speak a little French and I would love to be on figure it out and I would also like to get slimed! well bye!

  59. Owen

    My talent is unique,cool,and absurd! I can pogo stick while jumproping!

  60. Myranda Downey

    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Height: About.. “5” FT
    Weight: 80.5 pounds
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye color: Hazel (changes colors)
    Hair length: Long
    Race: American/White
    Talents: Acting and singing

    I would love to be on this show because I have seen all of your shows. this one is my favorite so far. I have seen them since day 1. I have been told I am the best singer in my family, and town. And I love nick. 🙂

  61. Ayanna Gray

    Name: Ayanna Simone Gray
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair Color:Black
    Birth Day:June 12th 2003
    Height:4feet and 3inches
    Ethnicity: African American
    Talent: Super Beat boxing while doing many other things
    I really hope you let me on your show:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  62. Ryan Treleaven

    Hi my name is Ryan Treleaven, I’m 12 years old and I’m in year six, I have blue eyes and brown hair and I’m about 145 cm. I live in 12 Kirkoswald Av, Sydney, Australia. I have a unique talent that probably no one would even try. My talent is Juggling and I’m really good at it. I would love to be on figure it out because I love the show and it will be a lot of fun.

    I’m a singer, actor and dancer. I play the saxaphone and the piano. I have writen my own script for a movie and im almost done it. I’m in my schools Choir, Band, Jazz Band, Elective Dance, Debating and Tournament Of Minds groups. Anyone that knows me would describe me as fun, energetic, cool and entertaining.

    I’m with Brent Street Talent Agency for two terms and so far I’ve bin in the game show called Kitchen Wizz and a short film called Stand Up And Fight and for my school called Shore I performed in the Sydney eisteddfod for dancing and we came first place and we were also in the Dance of the champions on T.V and the macdonalds scholarship an a guest performance.

    I hope you pick me to be on the show and if you do I’d be so excited and below I have a link to my page on the Brent street talent agency page and profile.

  63. David Reeder

    Hy my name is David and I am 8. I love to watch your show. I have been thinking long and hard about what a good talent would be for the show. I have come up with one and been practicing like crazy. I can walk around twirling a hula-hoop and shoot down cans with my nerf gun.

    Please contact my mom and tell us what to do. We would love to bring my family out and be on the show.

  64. Ayanna Gray

    Hi I am Ayanna Gray I would really love to be on Figure it Out!!! I am 10 years old and I have black hair and dark brown eyes am African American. Here are 5 words to describe me short, and also tall,funny smart,and cute. My special talent is super beat boxing (pretty cool for a girl huun) Any way I think you should totally let me on Figure it Out PLEASE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  65. Jamie Schmidt

    My daughter is 6 years old and she absolutely loves the show. She can make swords out of paper and would love to show off her talent. She watches the show every night and every night asks when she’ ll be on so she can show off her talent. I would love to make her dream come true.


  66. dylan renwick

    hello my name is 8 years old.i invented sausage patty sandwiches and i thought it would be fun to be on the show.bring on the slime!

  67. Presley Humphrey

    Hi!!! My name is Presley!! I would love to be on your show!! My talents may surprise you. I have 2 talents that I have combined and would love to show you! I twirl while riding a scooter. I am 8 years old!! Hope to see you soon!!!

  68. Bailey W.

    I wasn’t sure if I could still do this, but I am 14 and I am probably the only 14 year that you’ve heard of that can air chair or sky ski!

  69. Andre Griffin

    Hello, let me start by saying im a big fan and the reason I want to be on figure it out is it looks incredibly fun and im not only in it for the prizes, actually if they figured it out with me getting nothing it would be qn honor to be On the show. My talent is being able to recite pi to the hindreth place something most people cant get past 4 on

    Thank you
    Andre Griffin

  70. aury

    hey my name is aury, im the most biggest fan of nickelodeon of all biggest and wildest dream of all time is being on nickelodeon. ever since i was three i started watching nick and that made relize i wanted to become an actress on the channel.if i make it , then i can tell u care about me following my dreams. if i dont i will be sad and give up on my dream i dont want that to happen. so now im going to talk about who i am all about myself hope i can get in.
    age: 11
    hobby: dancing ,singing,acting,gymnastics
    talent: throw a ball in they air while kicking it with legs in a flip
    hair: brown and curly

  71. Jeremiah

    I love figure it out I should be on there I am 11

  72. Monah

    Well, I would love to be an actress but that’s not possible it’s like one in a billion but anyways, I want to be on figure it out because I can make my arm double-jointed to make my arm look weird. If u don’t pick me that’s okay I will try out for another season

  73. junior

    Hello, my name is junior and I’m 18 years old. For years, I have volunteered in keeping earth clean and in many community activities. I have worked hard and helped others with their goals. My talents are I can play guitar really nice and I can make animal noises. My work and dedication support this activity. Look out nick, here.comes a new face to remember

  74. junior

    Hello, my name is junior and I’m 18 years old. For years, I have participated in many activities and volunteered in keeping earth clean. My talent is I. can play guitar like Elvis and knock down bottles with a piece of gum. The reason I think I am perfect for this show is because of my volunteer work in my community for years, and to motivate others that any dream can be possible if they believe in themselves. This is a great thing for me.I’m 5-5 and weight 110 pounds. My favorite food is pizza and I played high school day I could become an actor, and I am willing to do anything to pursue it.

  75. Kayson

    I am a 14 year old , african american. I should be on figure it out because I have a great personality that I believe is meant for tv and I love to when prizes not just for me also for my family.