Families To Star In Their Own TV Show

TV Show Casting Call – Nationwide

Do you want to star television show?  A major cable network is searching for families to star in their own show! Is your family unique, interesting, full of fun and over the top?  Casting directors want to hear from you! A 2018 reality TV show casting call is on a nationwide search to film families who deserve to have their own series. The team is accepting submissions from families all across the country. You have the chance to get paid, share your one-of-a-kind family and have the adventure of a lifetime! View the 2018 family TV show casting call information below and sign up.

About the Show

Acclaimed TV Production company in cooperation with a MAJOR cable television network is on the lookout for fascinating, engaging, 100% unique and HEADLINE worthy families across the country to star in their own television series!

What They Are Looking For

• Do you have an incredibly interesting, unique or unusual family that DESERVES to have their own television series?

• Is your family FULL of fun, over-the-top, funny, lovable and colorful characters?

• Are you part of a blended (or soon to be blended) family with a truly original and unusual dynamic all your own?

• Are you expecting, adopting or adding members to your family life that will be sure to make your family standout from traditional families?

• Does your family fight, laugh and play harder than any other family that you know?

• Does your family have an exciting family business/hobby/sport that you are all involved in?

• Do you have an incredibly close-knit family that all lives in the same house or the same neighborhood?

• Is your planning a new chapter of their life that is sure to shake things up? (A cross country move, a new business venture, a new family member)

How to Apply

If you think you have what it takes, shoot an email with a brief bio, several photos and contact information to: familyadventuretvcasting@gmail.com

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7 Casting Responses

  1. Youca

    Hello. My name is Youca, I’m 42, a single Mom, I have 12 kids and 14 grandkids. They drive me crazy!

  2. Garrett Fedor

    Hi I’m Garrett I’m 17 from Pittsburgh I’m 5’8 I’d love to be a part of this and help out in any way I can

  3. Christal

    We are a family of five
    My husband and I have been together for 23yrs ,married for 20yrs I meet him when I was 17 and he was 21 we have 3 kids 2 boys 1 girl . Javan 18yr, Jace 15yr, & Eveauna 8yrs. We are a baseball family my husband played and our boys have always played, our oldest is in college and the other in select/travel ball and let’s not forget about our daughter she is in tumbling/cheer. We have our own baseball academy. My husband coaches and give instructions. I deal with drama from parents thinking there kid is an all star and he shouldn’t even playing baseball. We are a very athletic family we are always on the go. We are a very close/ competitive family we can’t even play a board game without someone wanting to play again until they win. We are fun,loving family. Something’s we don’t know if we are coming or going. But that’s what keeps us on our toes.

  4. Rhea

    Hi I’m Rhea I have a completely crazing family although I am an only child I love my mother who is single my widowed Grandmother I have some family that live a couple of hours away but they visit us I don’t know my father and I have a pretty tipsy turvy life but I think it would be worth reading

  5. Brian a

    Hey my name brian I’m 33 I have a little beautiful princess she is 2 and my queen is 27 and my x is 27 to and crazy we al love to enjoy life to the fullest and travel be a single father with a kid is kinda hard and fun and sad when she has to leave we make are life happy when we are together we love to skateboard hiking camping surfing fast car is my hobby dancing night life like going to abandon place I have a YouTube channel u could take a look at it’s called Imthattube eating in different restaurants talking about there food hostels we and my daughter loves my new girlfriend I wanna show the world the sad and the happy and wild side and show a happy ending thanks

  6. Lenora Jensen

    My name is Lenora Jensen, I’m a 38yr old single mother of 2 kids. My son is about to be 14 and is mentally disabled which makes him a rollercoaster ride at all times. He can’t attend regular school hours. My daughter is 8yrs old and is in cheer and ballet. She goes to regular school. There is never a dull moment around us. I work and tend to the kids. We are always on the go. Rite now my ex husband and I are going through court again. I really want to do the show to bring awareness to the world about mental health and how life can still be lived to the fullest. It is a struggle for all of us but we over come it everyday. There is a lot of love, drama, cuddling, arguments and fun that goes on in our life everyday. I have always said that my life should be on tv. We are not rich like everyone else that is always put on tv. And the world should see how the poor people make it through life. Thank you for your time, if you would like to know more about my crazy life and the rest of my family just let me know.

  7. Kamal Kant Sahdev

    Acting . Dancing show for Elders, 40+