Facebook Commercial Audition

Commercial Casting Call

Do you want to be in a commercial for the most popular social media site? Facebook is now casting men, women and children for their upcoming commercial. The adults and kids audition notice is searching for general males and females as well as real moms, kids ages 2-5, real professors, real friends, real couples, real college friends. The commercial will pay $500.00 per person for 8 hours of work for all principal roles unless noted otherwise below. The commercial will be filming in the Los Angeles, California on January 9th area so only local talent are being seen.

About Facebook

The popular social media website was founded in 2004. Their mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. [Facebook]

What They Are Looking For

Tiffany Company Casting searching for men, women and children are needed for the shoot. Both actors and non-actors are being considered for the upcoming shoot. Acting experience is not necessary to apply.
Looking for the following categories of people:


-Women ages 30-40 (she should be spontaneous and active – someone who emits warm positive energy)

-REAL Moms Ages 30-40 with kids ages 2-5 (she should be spontaneous and active, a believable working mother who emits warm positive energy)

-Kids ages 2-5

-REAL Professors Ages 30-40 (open to teaching assistants as well)

-REAL Friends Ages 30-40, women only,

-REAL Couples Ages 30-40 (Please note, the girlfriend or wife role pays $500 and would be filming on 1/9. The husband/boyfriend role would not need to film – they would just be using his picture in the video for the rate of $250)

-Men ages 30-40 (please note this role will not require any filming and pays a different rate from the above roles. This would pay $250 for the right to use a photograph of you – likely a pre-existing picture that you have posted on social media.)

-Groups of REAL college friends ages 18-22 (this is a background role and pays $200 per person)

How to Apply

If you fit one of the above roles and are local to the Los Angeles, California area, you can apply for a role by emailing sarah.tiffanycompanycasting@gmail.com asap with the following info:
1. Name Of Role You Are Submitting For (please also put the role name in the subject heading)
2. First And Last Name
3. Age
4. Occupation
5. City/State
6. Contact Number
7. Email
8. Instagram Link and/ or Facebook Link. Please Send The Entire Live Link And Not Just Your Handle
9. ***Very important. We are not holding auditions for this, so the client would really like as full a picture as possible as to your personality since we are booking off email submissions. Please write a paragraph introducing yourself covering the following points: who you are, what you do for work, what sorts of hobbies or activities you’re are into and anything else that better acquaints us with you. If you are an actor or model, please talk about things that you like to do outside of acting/modeling.
*If you are submitting for the real Mom category, please introduce us a little to your family. Also, please include at least 1 picture of your child and your significant other if applicable and if they would be interested in participating, as they would be interested in booking your child and your husband/boyfriend as well.
*If you are submitting for the Professor category, please include a little bit about where you teach and what subject. They are also looking for a real classroom of students. Please note if you think any of the students in the classes that you teach would be interested in participating. It would pay $200 per person and they would just be background. Please note they already have a location to shoot at, they are just looking for students who have an existing camaraderie with one another and the professor to be in the video.
*If you are submitting for the groups of real college friends, please include a little bit about where you go to school and how you guys met.
10. 4-5 CASUAL PICTURES – NO actor headshots. At least 1-2 pictures need to be a clear relatively close up picture of your face. Social media type pics are great. Anything that shows a sense of your personality (selfies, outdoor adventures, traveling, family and friend pics, stylin’, hanging with your pets, HAVING FUN, etc. If submitting for the group of friends, couple or mom categories, please have submit at least one group pic)

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