Extreme Teenage Weight Loss TV Show

Now Casting Extreme Teenage Weight Loss Series

Are you or someone you love struggling with extreme weight? Do you have 100, 200, 300 or more pounds to loose to reach your ideal weight? Have you run out of options and need help?   If so, there is a great new show for you to participate in!  A new series will be teaming up with young teens who need some help losing weight.  Jamie Casting is now accepting submissions from teens nationwide to be considered for the new weight loss television series.

About the Series

A major production company is now casting teenagers and adolescents who are between the ages of 12-20 who want to participate on a life changing new show. They want to help people who have tried everything lose weight by teaming them up with world class doctors and specialists in a variety of fields. 

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are seeking teens ages twelve to twenty who have been struggling to lose weight.  They are open to teens and young adults throughout the United States.

Adolescents & Teens ages 12-20

Struggling to Lose Weight


How to Apply

If you or someone you know is interested in this life changing opportunity, please click follow link, fill out your information – and the casting team will give you a call!


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be in the upcoming series with life altering results.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime.  If you would like to be considered for the show then apply today!


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10 Casting Responses

  1. Ariel

    Hi there !
    Ariel here from Toronto, Canada

    Me and my sister ( 22, and 19)
    And together we have nearly 250 pounds to lose . I know I’m a bit older than your cut off , but she won’t do the show without me.

    I am currently 345 pounds and she is about 250 pounds

    We have both been overweight for the majority of our teenage years , and struggle with eating a lot of take out and fast foods.

  2. Daesha

    Hi I’m Daesha and I’m 12 yrs old and I’m 235 pounds I have been struggling so much to lose weight like whenever I lost weight I would just gain more or stay the same size

  3. Laporcha Yearling

    Hi , im 17 years old and im 300+ pounds i went on diets than to starving myself and nothing has still worked . Even while exercising at the time i lost a good 28 lbs but i gave up because i felt like i didn’t make any progress . I stopped going places , staying away from family functions and i am very insecure with myself . Also , i feel like i have a eating disorder or im a eating addict because i eat so much . If i had it my way i probably would eat 6 burgers and a large fry from mcdonald’s . I eat when im sad , mad or whenever i just want to eat . I sneak and eat food because im embarrassed for anyone to see me eating the way i do . I’m ready to be outgoing , happy and enjoying the life i been given so please i need help . And i just want to say that i always ask my mom can she buy me healthy food or can i healthy foods but i honestly feel like she doesn’t care . And by the way im 5’2 i probably should’ve said it alot earlier .

  4. Mary Abigail Parks

    Hi my daughter Abigail who is 14 grew up on the stage winning pageants from the age of one up until the age of 11….. Around 11 she started gaining weight and has tried diets and exercise for years now nothing seems to help…… She now is around 5’9 and 280 pound I’m so scared one day while out on the soccer field she will have a heart attack. Please give my daughter a chance. I want to see her get healthy and i want her to be confident and feel beautiful again. Thanks Ann


    Hello I’m Lucero and I’m 12 years old at around 50 pounds I have been struggling alot with weight loss alot and I’ve tried many diets before but it never works out I started to gain weight when I was in 5th grade and now i want to really loss weight
    Hair color : blackish and brownish
    Eye color : black
    Height: “5.2”
    State: Oregon
    City: Hillsboro

  6. Madison Leigh

    Hello , I am Madison Mckoy and I am 16 at around 300. I have been struggling with weight loss for a while now . Ive tried many diets and other things to help get this uncontrolled too the point to where I am extremely self conscious . Just a couple year sago i was 120 pounds and it been really hard .

  7. Ashley Holt

    My daughter is 15 and weighs close to 500 lbs. I desperately need help to help her. She has tried many failed diets. She is very active, she plays basketball, swims all the time, and is constantly on the go. We try to eat healthy. My family and myself is so scared for her health. She has a hard time breathing when she lays down so she sleeps sitting up a lot. Her legs are starting to swell also. Im so scared for her and it breaks my heart. We have a hard time finding close and shoes that fit her which is very depressing for her. Please help me help her. This would be a dream come true for her and myself. If we don’t get picked we will have to consider weight loss surgery and that is scary. We hope to here from you!!

  8. griselda tapia

    Hi my name is Griselda I have a son that is 16 yrs of age weighing 315 pounds his name is Javier JR. I am in desperate need of help for my son too lose weight his weight is life threatning and on a thin line to get diabetes im trying really hard and my son also to lose the weight he has the motivation he is a boxer and wants too lose the weight for his health and his future career but I don’t know how too help my son and I feel lost and with no way out he needs someone too push him and guide him through his weight loss journey please help my son I feel like each day my son is dieying please help him! Javier wants too change his life for his health.

  9. Aleece

    Hi I’m aleece I’m 13 and I would like to be a teen who has changed there lives of weight . I weigh around 210 and I want to change my life.

  10. Aleece

    Hi I’m aleece I’m 13 and I would like to be a teen who has changed there lives of weight . I weigh around 210and I want to change my life.