Extant Starring Halle Berry - CBS

Extant Starring Halle Berry – CBS

Steven Spielberg, the multiple Oscar winner and one of entertainments preeminent figures, is preparing his most exciting and ambitious project yet and he’s bringing one of the finest actors working today along for the incredible sci-fi ride. Extant starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry is set to begin production soon and casting calls for a host of fantastic roles have just been announced. This could be your chance to work alongside some of the biggest names in film and television and be a part of what promises to be the next CBS primetime phenomenon.

Extant will star Berry (X-Men: Days of Future Past, New Year’s Eve, Die Another Day) as astronaut Molly Watts who returns home to her husband and son after a yearlong mission in space. As Molly tries to resume a semblance of a normal life on Earth she soon discovers that neither she nor her life are the same and the experiments that she conducted in space may have terrible repercussions for the planet and the fate of all mankind. This high concept science fiction drama will be produced by Mr. Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan, Under The Dome, Jurassic Park) and a crack creative team that includes Emmy Winners Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank (The Americans, Don’t Say No Until I Finish Talking: The Story of Richard D. Zanuck, Taken) and creator Mickey Fisher (The King of Iron Town, Summer Nuts).

Casting calls for the action packed sci-fi series Extant will be happening soon and will continue throughout the season and there are still several roles yet to be filled. Interested performers for all ages can submit themselves for supporting, stand-in, day player, recurring and extras roles by sending emails here courtney@rkcasting.com. We will be posting more audition and production details as they are released so be sure to check back for more news and information and leave a message for us below and tell us what you want to be a part of the casting calls for the CBS sci-fi series Extant starring Halle Berry.

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  1. Krystal

    Hi my name is Krystal, and i would love to be
    apart of this movie. I haven’t had any big jobs, so this would be an experience of a lifetime. I love to make jokes and have
    fun, but i also have a serious side. I don’t
    have a large amount of experience, but I’m
    willing to learn. I’m not asking for a hand out,
    I’m just asking for a chance. Here is a link to
    my website Krystal93.weebly.com Thank
    you have a nice night.

  2. Alec Houser

    My name is Alec Houser, I am 22 years old a full-time college student but have really been looking to land a few movie/tv projects. I am aware you guys recieve emails daily about how accredited this person is or maybe they were featured on a few big name shows in the past, well Im not here to do that. The past is the past, and Extant is looking for the “prototypes of the future,” and I am right here. Im 6′ 180 athletic build, skin is carmel brown skin hispanic/german and a very great smile.(Looked at the IMBD of Extant and saw Pierce Gagnon, and I closely resemble him in many ways, except a couple years older.) I will be more than happy to send pictures or sample clips to you if needed. Hope to hear from you guys soon,

    Best Wishes, Alec Houser

  3. Gabriella Masuzzo

    My name is Gabriella and I’m 9, English and portuguese speaker.

    I grow up hearing my mom talk about the great movies of Mr. Spielberg. Always a big fan of Steve Spielberg. It will be a dream come true to be part of a move with a talent Halle Berry.

    Thank You for your time and consideration,

    Gabriella Masuzzo

  4. Lexi Morris

    Hi my name is Lexi, I’m 13 years old and live in victoria british columbia. I would absolutely love to get any part in this movie cause i’m really looking for something too start my acting career.
    I took acting lessons at Screenactors studio in Victoria B.C, but I haven’t got any real acting opportunities yet.
    Gender: girl
    Age: 13
    Height: 5″ tall
    weight: 90 pounds
    Hair colour: dirty blonde
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Age range I can play: 12-14 to play it safe. maybe even 12-15, 11-15 kinda thing if thats even possible

  5. Denise

    Hi there! I would be honored to be considered to play any part. I have no acting experience but I really think I could do it! Please give me a chance. Thanks!!

  6. Cheyenne Binnebose

    Hello!! My name is Cheyenne, and I’m 14 years old. I have some experience in acting and some in modeling. When I am in front of a camera or on stage, I can become anything I want to be. My parents are wanting me to join the military for a few years but my heart belongs to acting. I really want to prove to them that I can actually make something of my passion. I really need your help to do so. Just by allowing me a role in this movie, you will be helping me start my career. I would appreciate the boost. I have the personality, and confidence for this job.

    Age-1 4
    Height-5′ 4″
    Hair color- Brown and dirty blonde ombre
    Eye color- Brown/green/hazel

  7. Cheyenne Binnebose

    Hello! My name is Cheyenne, and I’m 14 years old. I have some experience in acting and also some in modeling. I have always known I wanted to be an actress. When I’m on stage I can become anything I want to be. My parents want me to join the military for a few years, but my heart belongs to acting. I want your help to prove to them I can make a life out of my passion. But I really need a boost. Please, consider me for this movie. Any scenes, or roles on the movie that will help me start my career.

    Height- 5′ 4″
    Eye color- hazel/ green/Brown
    Hair color- Brown and dirty blond ombre
    Thank you

  8. Samantha Flowers

    Hi my name is Sammi im from Illinois I’m 20 years old and have some acting experience in plays. I looking to move forward with my experience and would love a part in this. I’m 5’8″, thin, have once hair and blue eyes. I am easy to work with in any role.

  9. Aamira

    Hello 🙂
    My name is Aamira and I WANT THIS SO BAD!! Since my early experience in an extracurricular acting program at age 12, I have known that I wanted to be an actress.
    “There are no small roles, only small actors”. I would love to be a part of this project or to just gain real life experience in the acting setting.

    I am an ethnic chameleon and I am so eager to earn my stripes.


    I would love this opportunity to begin making my dreams come true

    Name: Aamira
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’8
    Body Type: Slim/Curvy

  10. Marco Drake

    Hello my name is Marco Drake. I am 18 years old and am currently a senior in high school. I am 6 feet and my ethnicities include Mexican and Portuguese. I have lived in Northern California all my life and it is at my school where I have discovered this profound new love for acting. I make it my goal to act out certain scenes from tv shows or movies by myself or in front of a group of people. I was inspired by my film composition teacher who is a renown screenwriter after getting character real well to act out a final scene as part of a project. I am very good in getting into character and use personal experiences to allow myself to feel a part of the project. I just turned 18 and have made it my goal to be a part of such a unique acting opportunity to give my chance the ability to strive to become a better actor through being a part of shows like these. When watching actors and actresses like Halle Berry, I took a fascination at the actors in their specific roles because I looked at where they were as where I wanted to be and still look towards that possibility in the future as a means of my ultimate goal. I feel if given the opportunity, I can prove to the show that I someone that is ready and available for this opportunity and look forward to making the best of it. And I would without a doubt humbly contribute my best performance and will assure you that allowing me to be involved would be a great decision to your show. Thank you.

    -Marco Drake

  11. sirine

    Hello everyone, my name is Sirine, I’m 19 and I live in Paris (France).
    I would like to be apart of this project because I think I can play any kind of character and it would be my chance to show what I am capable of doing.
    And as a French person, I’d love to start a career in America (I speak fluent English).
    In the hope of a positive return on your part

  12. Ashley

    Hello, my name is Ashley and I am 26 year old African American female. I would love to be considered for the casting call Extent starring Hallie Berry. I do not have any acting experience and would love to be an extra on set.


  13. Samantha Houston

    My name is Samantha, though I often go by Sam, and am an actor and model. I have studied and performed stage as well as film acting and am accustomed to special effects make up. Though I am predominantly backstage, on the technical side of things, acting is one of my passions as well. The entire process of making a film or stage play captivates me and I would be honored to be considered.

    I am 5’1″ with short black hair, light olive-tinted skin, blue/green eyes, and an ectomorphic build. I am capable of accents and some of my vocal work can be requested or samples heard on readthrough.com.

  14. tamae robinson

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 115
    Hair color: black
    Eye color: Brown and Black

    My name is Tamae Robinson .I an from Jamaica .I love acting it is something I like to do.I don’t want tro act because of the fam it becasue I love acting. When I am acting I put myself in sade of the charaher shoe.

    thank you for reading

  15. Mira hamdan

    Hi I’m Mira and I’ve always dreamed of being on Disney
    I have brown hair
    I have green/hazel eyes
    I’m 13
    Height :5’4
    Thank you for taking the time to read this

  16. Dee Kelly Barrett

    I am a 56 year old African American aspiring actress. I have done a lot of extra work on many films like RED, GET LOW, THE CRAZIES, THE BLINDSIDE…. I am seeking an opportunity to work on a major film as a character actress…. I would love to play a judge or someone in authority…. Please consider me when you make your selection for auditioning….

    Agent: Kat McEntee
    Katalyst, LLC 11

    imdb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4216440/
    Height: 5’10″ Hair Color: Black Weight: 194 Lbs. Eye Color: Brown






    “GET LOW”






  17. Stephanie Carlisle

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’10
    Ethnicity: CAUCASIAN (with a tan)
    Eyes: Ocean BLUE
    Weight: 128
    Body Type: Very fit

    Hello, My name is Stephanie Carlisle I’m from Toronto, ON. I’ve got theatre experience and have an acting coach, I have taken many acting classes and workshops. I have done lots of background work and am very familiar with the filming process. To me acting is not just a job or a pay check, it is something I have devoted my life to. I’m very determined and a hard worker. I’m very fit and work out a lot.
    I would love to chance to send you my headshots, resume and demo reel.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration.


  18. Shavonne Bowman


    Just a little something about me…

    Stats: Bust 32/Waist 29/Hips 43/Size 8/Shoe 9/Hair Black/Eyes Black

    I am a passionate, dedicated, confident woman who is looking to grow and develop in the entertainment industry. My desire is to have a business partner who I can contribute to their portfolio while assisting me with mine. With a primary goal as my top focus, I want to establish a positive and healthy working relationship with photographers, casting directors and agents. I hope I am able to connect with people who reflect some of my attributes which are positive, helpful, energetic, open minded, faithful, loyal, and a “go-getter” on a mission.

    I enjoy modeling, commercial print, voice-over, on camera, film, theater and acting. My style can be versatile depending on what’s needed. I am the lawyer, teacher, mother, cook, Judge, fitness coach, cheerleader, you name it; I CAN DO IT! I enjoy listening to instructions to ensure I bring the “Art” to life.

    Most importantly, I am full of energy and I like to have a lot of fun! I look forward to having an opportunity to audition for your upcoming project.

  19. Johnathan Norton

    My name is Johnathan Norton. I would die if I got the chance to be part of this movie. I have been on one film that will be released this year. I am athletic, and I have longed to be an actor ever since I was three. I play sports, and dance. I am 6 ft. even and weigh 173 pounds. I have mild acne, and I am trying my very best to get rid of it. Nothing will get in my way, and I can do anything you need me to.

  20. Asia Watson

    Hello my name is Asia, I am 4 years old but I look alittle older. I am with John Robert Powers in San Diego and San Diego Model Management. I live in Chula Vista, CA. I am very excited to hear about this show. I am trying hard just to get my foot in the door if someone would just give me the opportunity. I am very entergic, lovable, funny, and outgoing. I would love to be in added to any scene, extra, etc…Please email me back for headshot photo. Thank you for consdering me.

    Name: Asia Watson
    Age: 4
    DOB: 2/19/09
    Race: African American/Mixed
    Hair: Brown and Curly
    Eyes: Hazel and Green
    Height: 3ft 8in

  21. Spencer Shelton

    Hey! My name is Spencer Shelton and I would love to be considered for “Extant”. In elementary school I was bullied, but the thing that helped me was performing. I’ve always loved making people laugh, ever since I was a little kid. I enjoy acting, dancing, and singing. I have been in the school choir since eighth grade, I have been in the dance team since my freshman year, I have been in skits at my church and at my school, I have been cheering since I was five, and I have been running track since I was six. I would love to be considered for this movie because acting is my dream but I would also love to be a role model to people who have been through many obstacles and thinking you can’t live your dreams I want them to know you can do whatever you set your mind to.
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    Skills: Dancing, acting, singing, cheering, and track
    Height: 5’0

    I would really love to be given a chance, please consider me

  22. Joshua Houston

    Hi my is Joshua I’m fourteen African-american slim body type brown eyes I live in shreveport,Louisana. I think you should consider for a role Because I am very energetic, I’m open to trying new things, I love meeting new people and having fun. Although I do not have a-lot of experience I think I would be a great addition to your team and could learn a-lot ,and maybe be one of your biggest stars. Plus its always been dream to be a star so if you give me this one chance I promise not to let your producers down.

  23. Annie Marie

    Hi, my name is Annie Marie Vazquez Barrios. I am 21 years old. I’m currently attending college and soon i will be transferring to a University. All my life i have been dreaming on one day becoming an actress. It’s not to much because of the fame but is because thats what i love to do. What most love about acting is being able to create different type of characters. You do things on the set that you would never do in real life. I don’t have much of an experience, but i was an extra on the movie “Senior Project”. It was a great experience and I’m looking foward to get an opportunity to get a roll on any other film, tv series, and much more. All I’m asking is for an opportunity to shine in a set.
    Annoe Marie

    Name:Annie Marie

  24. Chace Allen

    My name is Chace Allen. I am 19 years old and an aspiring performer. All my life I have wanted to be an actor. I have participated in many of my school productions including leading roles, just looking for that opportunity to make my dream come true. I love acting and staging a character. I have a happy personality and love everyone in the environment. I can easily work with others and follow directions. I love unity and can work with whatever role. I am goal oriented and will perform the best that I can. My life goal is to go into acting and I am hoping that this could be a breakthrough into my goal and dream. I would be honored to have any role. Thank you.

    Height: 5’10”
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Again, I would be extremely honored. Thank you for your consideration.
    Chace Allen

  25. kai

    Hi, in not going to waste your time with reasons why i should be on the show, just facts. if you want me on the show, you want. simple as.

    I am a model for kids London and a ex model for storm.

    I attended The Anna Scher Theatre acting school, and took many private acting classes.
    I am a grade 3 pianist and grade 2 violinist, I dance. I have been in many dance productions for example: Sum of parts, and riots offspring both at Sadlers Wells. I have performed at various festivals: Green Man and The Wilderness Festival.

    I am know for my warm, bubbly personality especially my manors.

    My family has a house in the United Kingdom and a house in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

    Name: Kai
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’11
    Hair: Black/Brown
    Skin appearance: Mixed race
    Hair type: Straight/Wavy
    Body : Mesomorph

    I’ll be looking forward to a reply,
    your sincerely Kai

  26. joy wagnon

    Hi my name is Joy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12 years
    Height: Ft 4’5
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: hazel

    I love acting; I always have since I was little. Acting makes me feel like I can be anyone I want to be, like anything is possible. I have been in a few plays. I am not fearless; no one ever is, but I’m as close as anyone can be. I am very dedicated and if you give me this opportunity I will give you my all. Even though I may not have that much experience, I knew from the second I was in my first play, that this is the one thing that I love to do and am great at. I would love a large roll in this show, but I would happily be an extra. I think this would be a great step to my career in acting. Please help make my dream come true.

    Joy Wagnon

  27. Lesley Flores

    Hello, my name is Lesley, im 16 years old weighing 130 lbs.
    I LOVE Halle Berry, and being able to work with her, would be amazing! I would do anything im told to. I will not disapoint!!

  28. Taylor Hutch

    Hi my name is Taylor Hutch , I am an 18 year old aspiring actress.Acting is something I cannot escape and I believe that is because I was meant to do this .I was meant to get lost in a character to the point of not only me believing I am this character but also an audience. I watch movies all the time and study their expressions. To me I believe that is the best alternative if you cannot afford acting classes. I know I can do this I just need q chance . Everyone in life has had to ask someone to help them , to believe in them . I am asking you to do that for me . Please call if you decide to take a leap of faith , for the greatest things in life come from just trusting an instinct.my number is 559-974-1085

  29. john

    Hi, my name is john and to be on this show would be amazing! I have been in many plays, however there was one at our performing arts center that really made the experience feel real! It covered the basics: makeup, how to audition, remembering lines,stage presence, getting along with others and having fun! I’ve been to state for twice for dramatic reading with a club called 4-h! To be on this show would really take my acting experience to the next level!

  30. Vanessa Assibey

    Hello! My name is Vanessa Assibey, I’m 18 years old, and I’m Black British. I currently live in London, England, and I have a knack for the arts! I’d be over the moon, if I was considered to be even an extra in this saga. So without further ado, here are my vital stats:
    Age: 18
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Weight: 9 pounds (60kg/120 pounds)
    Height: 5″9

    Please, please, please give me a chance!



  31. Harman Brar

    Hi my name is Harman Brar . I would really like the oppurtunity to audition for a role in the movie and I simply love acting and would like to perfect my skills even further and this seems like the time to do it.
    Height : 5ft 11 in
    Eyes : brown
    Hair : light brown/black
    Age: just turned 16
    I look young for my age and i know i could do various role , i am really fit because i play soccer(football) and have been playing in a competitve league for the past 11 years .
    Thanks alot

  32. Luchesi dejesus

    I am 16 and a
    Ways loved acting I was a baby gap model and was signed with John Robert powers acting mad modeling agency I always wanted to act and I would love to be of this movie many people don’t get chances like this to show how talented they are I am very serious hardworking very outgoing fast learner and smart hope you guys pick me

  33. Samantha Winch

    Hi my name is Samantha Winch i am 27years old, blonde hair, hazel eyes, 105 pounds. I live in Killeen Texas with my husband who has been in the army for 10 plus years, we have no children so i am able to travel. I have always wanted to become an actress so i have started acting classes every Tuesday. I would really like this opportunity to play in this series. I wouldn’t let you down i promise. I have always love to be funny and act crazy at times with my family, i can also be serious when i need to be.

    Thank you for taking time to read this
    Samantha Winch

  34. Deontre childs

    Acting has always been a passion for me. Never could afford to take classes so I took drama in school Ive beenthrough alot almost homeless dead but one thing they cant take away is my talent im outgoing funmy energetic PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE

  35. Amanda Fox

    Look no longer!

    I am Amanda Fox. I am 23 years young, and can pull off looking younger, and

    older. Whatever the need be.

    My style is no less than fab, and my presence is more fascinating than glitter.

    Listen to me acting like this is a dating site.

    Honestly, my heart is gold. Big and heavy. I am in the process of retreating my life,

    and am doing all that I can to follow my dreams. I love entertaining others to put a

    smile on their face. I am usually the first to crack a joke. And, with all that I have

    overcome I want nothing more than to inspire others. Thank you for joining me on

    this journey, and providing me with this opportunity.


    Chris houston December 19, 2013 at 11:17 pm |

  36. Chantrea

    My name is Chantrea Sanford. I am 15 years old.
    I have taken one acting class and acted in a few school plays. In addition, I participated in classroom plays and have been told I am naturally good at acting. I am very expressive and dramatic when I act.
    Height: 5’3
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: Asian. I’m Khmer (from Cambodia)
    I’m quiet and a little awkward when you first meet me, but I am really outgoing and funny when you get to know me. I’m a fast learner and love talking and asking questions. For a long time I have really wanted to get involved with acting, but haven’t had the time or motivation. Now, I’m ready to give it a shot.
    Thank you.

  37. Mary Tennant

    Hi my name is Mary Tennant and I would love to be consider for this project because I am good following directions, working with other people and want to make everything small detail important. My greatest goal is to tell awesome stories and have people see themselves in those characters and know that they are not alone. I want the audience to get in the heads of the characters because they are REALLY there to find characters who are like them to give them a new spin of hope in their life. This is a tip of my iceberg on reasons cause it goes beyond this but I believe great story telling is the MAIN thing to give. Its giving and teaching the audience that they are no alone and allow them to live their dreams knowing it gets better.

    And you can find my IMDB info here. http://thewalkingdead2.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=ST&f=119&t=3296&st=45#entry19633

    And you can see I got comedy, science fiction and all kinds of awesome roles.

    Thank you,

    Mary Tennant

  38. JACOB

    hi my name is Jacob, I would love to be in this movie, I am cute, very smart, & funny, and take direction very well. I have exp in acting, I am 8 years old, I am American & trinidian decent, hair color black, brown eyes, and very hansom..lol ( can you PLEASE contact me) THANK YOU

  39. jacob merrida

    im gonna keep it simple…. im 15 and i get bored of doing nothing at home…so yeah

  40. Caleb Coley

    Hello, My name is Caleb Coley
    Age: 16
    Age Range: 16-22
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Build: Athletic
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

    I’ve been performing for about 2 years now, I started when I was 14, my forte if you would, is stand up comedy, but I’m an actor all the same. I’ve been in 2 plays and 2 musicals with more in progress, performed at various festivals and I have only one movie credit with director Jean-Luc Slagle. I’ve worked with well known California Bay Area director Frederick L. Chacon. I have experience with accents such as British and Russian through work with director Abby Friedman. My vocal range is baritone if singing is required for whatever reason, I’m currently working with choir director Forrest Madewell. I highly respect and would love to work with Halle Berry, X-Men is one of my favorite movie series’. If you wish to contact me, I’m always available through email. Hope to hear from you soon.

  41. Willie Brooks

    Name: Willie Brooks
    Age: 28
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 6’1″
    Weight: 225
    Body Type: Toned/Muscular
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Length: short
    Eye Color: Brown

    I would love to get the opportunity to enter the industry because I know that I can do any role if asked. I am a hard worker, fast learner, motivated, dedicated, & passionate.

  42. Allegra Wells

    Hey hey hey!!!

    Name: Allegra Wells AKA A Wells
    Age: 22
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 165
    Body Type: Athletic/Toned
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Length: Short
    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Well lets just say I have raw talent. I have been wanting to go into acting since I was a little girl. I promised my mother that I would graduate first though before I pursued my acting career. I graduated from the University of Mississippi there I played volleyball and ran track. I graduated in May of 2013. I currently am taking acting classes and going to multiple auditions. Acting has always been something that I have loved doing. I have acted in many school theatre plays as well. My acting is what I call ‘RAW TALENT”. I can express myself in many different ways as well as cry on spot lol. I’m a young woman who has a dream and I believe in myself that one day I will get there remember my name…

  43. Relynda Weires

    Aloha Everyone,
    My name is Relynda Weires, I am 26 yrs old. Ive been studying acting for 4 yrs now, with Barbizon & Internation Performing Arts Academy. Im a Pacific Islander, light skin, 5″6 tall,. 150 lbs, im very outgoing, free spirit, love acting, love dancing, love music, and love getting to know people from around the globe.

    Thank you,
    Relynda Weires

  44. Bliss Davis

    I would love to be part of this original CBS series! I am a 25 years old, 5’1’’ Black female with a passion for acting and taking on a new persona. I would be a great addition to this project because I listen and take direction, am coachable, and am a convincing actress. Additionally, due to my lighter complexion, I have the ability to take on versatile roles.

    I would be grateful for the opportunity to showcase my talents and stand beside so many great actors, if granted the privilege.

  45. David Hart


    I would like to be invited to an auditon for your upcoming production.
    A good actor and think I would be a good fit for one of your roles.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you

  46. Reginald Lewis

    Hey, my name is Reginald Lewis and I am 24 years old. Born of African American and Native American (Choctaw/Seminole) descent I come from a very diverse background. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio which is something me and Halle Berry have in common and attended Kent State University for 3 years pursuing a degree in Media Production where I did a lot of acting and modeling on and off.

    I took a break to pursue other interest, but now I’m ready more than ever to pursue acting seriously. I would love to starr in a movie with Halle Berry. Family, friends, even strangers always tell me I have a unique star quality about me and someone is always stopping me and saying I look like someone off of tv or a movie they saw. I have even had major television casting/production companies call me that I’ve turned down. I know I have a lot of natural talent and tremendous potential for film, I am just waiting for the right opportunity and not just “any” opportunity.

    Name: Reginald Lewis

    Race: Mixed African American and Native American Choctaw/Seminole descent

    Age: 24, (youthful look) Current Location: Greenville ,SC

    Height: 6 ft Weight: 165 lbs Slim/Toned build Eyes: Brown Hair: Black/Brown Curly

    Can do anything I put my mind to. It would be an honor to have this opportunity. If you would like to request more info about me or pictures feel free to contact me and ask.

    Thank you,

    Reginald Lewis 😉

  47. Asia Watson

    I would like to submit my 4 year old daughter for this opportunity to be an extra or anything that could help her with a career and building her resume She is currently taking TV/Commerical acting classes with John Robert Powers in San Diego. I can send her photo and resume upon request. She is a mixed race with hazel eyes and curly brown hair.

    Very Respectfully,
    Ms. Clara Bryant

  48. Darla Markz

    Hello, my name is Darla Markz. Ever since I was a baby, I loved to perform for my family. My love for dancing, singing, and acting has continued on into my adulthood and I would love to get the chance to express this desire by working on a film. Everyone who is in the film industry is there because a film veteran/worker saw them and thought, “This person could be a star.” I ask for that same chance in any role, no matter how small it seems, because all roles are important.

    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: Korean
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 113 pounds
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Experience: School productions

  49. Zane Dasaro

    Hello my name is Zane Dasaro and I’m 14 years old looking for an opportunity like this. I have experience , I took an acting class a couple of years ago but on my regular day at school I’m crazy, funny, kind of phyco but it’s great! I love being me , I can be a whole different person if someone told me to be. Working with Halle Berry would be amazing and I actually did a report on Steven Spielberg I know that he first made his own movie with his mom and some friends! Anyways having someone call me and tell me that I have the audition or something would mean the world to me because I would finally do what I’ve always wanted to! Just remember I know the about acting and I have some experience I don’t hold my personality back from anything and I can play anyone you want me to! Thank you!

  50. Armen

    I am the next big thing in the movie industry whether you like it or not if I don’t get picked it’s fine but I’m not gonna sit here and explain my life story cuz I don’t really think that interest you but what I do wanna say Is I put my fears to the side and I’m headed to the moon light if I miss I’ll land among the stars. the industry is blowing up as well as Armenians and as you can tell there’s not that many Armenian actors or celebs besides Kim k I am out for opportunities and I hope I get this one if I don’t get this one is fine life goes on to the next chapter and all I hope for is a chance a chance to prove who I am and what I’m capable of Maybe it’s time to give back what you received a chance it’s life everyone needs one I’m gonna make a change in the industry and a change in my Armenian-cultural I will pass that rough road I will be successful and I will be famous and I will prove everyone that nothing is impossible doesn’t matter what background you are from or how hopeless you are I am the next ⭐️ God bless and happy holidays…..never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about !!!!!!!

  51. desire urban

    hey so i am 13 years old and my name is desire. I love acting i am funny,lovable,fun to be with,creative,always ready for everything,pretty,fun with animals,loves every sport,active,smart,photogenic,loves dancing,sings,writes in four different lamguages,speaks a little bit of spanish,loves babies,loves to hang out with friends,loves animals,loves school,loves acting,loves candy,i know a little bit of sign language im positive,and i love everything .Also i am always ready for everything so i hope you choose me and also i am polite so may you please choose me.

  52. Diana Caracciolo

    Hi, I’m Diana, I’m 14. I’m 1.70 m. I always want to become an actress, and when I was little I always watch action film, I think they’re better than other film. I practised gymnastic for 7years. I do climbing and also dips. I love sport but also singing. I have brown/blond hair, they are long a little below the shoulders. I have green/grey eyes.

    Hope you’ll gonna choose me.
    Diana c:

  53. Reese Haines

    Reese is readily available and would be a great addition in a reoccurring, supporting role and as a stand in . He is willing to travel for such a prestige opportunity to be cast n your film. With his versatility he has been a Stand In for Doug E Fresh and David Mann. His skill sets are displayed on his resume as he has been cast in LEAD and supporting roles in recent films and remains in acting classes to optimize his skill sets and casting director expectations.
    Please take the opportunity to view his resume and head shots on my website @ http://www.uniquetalentsinmotion.com/ for casting consideration. I can assure you it will be rewarding decision.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

  54. Auriana Crowder

    Hi I’m Auriana Crowder, I’m 15 years old, and I’m biracial African American and Cuban American. This would be such of a thrill to have a chance to be on this show. I’ve done plays at my school, performed and modeled in front people in a mall and other experiences with acting and modeling.
    Height: 5’4
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Weight: 107 lbs
    skin color: brown

  55. Aaron Viger

    Hello, my name is Aaron, im a 19 year old male caucasian 5’8″ athletic and muscular. I have short brown hair. If you give me the honor of an audition I know that you will find a role within me. I have an amazing memory and ability to memorize scripts. I work hard and swift. I make everyone i meet laugh and feel good about themselves. I always have a smile on my face and a positive attitude. My number is 402 217 3259 and email is aviger12@hotmail.com

  56. Maha Bute

    Hi Casting Agents,

    Name: Maha Bute
    Age: 22
    Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 115
    Body Type: Toned/Curvy
    Hair Color: Dark Brown w/ Blonde Highlights
    Hair Length: Long
    Eye Color: Light Brown

    Acting has always been an extreme passion of mine ever since I was little. I would love to get the opportunity to enter the industry because I know that I can do any role if asked. I am a hard worker, fast learner, motivated, dedicated, passionate, and I am easy to get along with. I believe I will make a positive asset to your cast.

    Hope to hear from you!


  57. sabrin abdalla

    My name is Sabrin and im 20 years old.
    Growing up in a religious household, i was always seen as the black sheep of the family. A little too loud and a little too quirky, all the kids in school called me the “weird muslim girl”, my response? “i’m sorry i have personality!”. I was always afraid to try the whole acting thing because of me being different then the other kids who wanted to act for a living. Recently i got casted for a Miley Cyrus commercial and had a cameo appearance, that boosted my confidence and made me want to break out into the acting world. That director and producers looked past my hijab “scarf” and casted me for me. You guys wouldn’t regret choosing me!

  58. Dayana Reyes

    Petite body
    I’m mistaken for a middle schooler to a high schooler
    I’m 17 years old
    I’m outgoing , a quick learner and I catch on quickly. If I was chosen as even an extra, it’d be a great help in my acting career. Any other questions, feel free to contact me thank you !

  59. Joshua Slack

    Hello I am an aspiring actor with a passion for theatre as well as film. And let me tell you, working with Halle Berry or at least on the same project with Halle Berry is a dream come true! I love her and she is incredibly beautiful and talented. And not to mention the legendary Steven Spieldberg! If you’re looking for talent well I’m your guy, especially that this will be a Sci-Fi television series and that is my specialty. The CW also has some of my favorite televisions series from Arrow to Supernatural, having my name in the credits of the same network as those shows would be an amazing accomplishment.

    My info
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 (able to pass of as ages 15 – 24)
    Height: 6’2″
    Race: African American
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 150lb
    Build: Slim and fit.
    DOB: August 2, 1995
    Location: Lemoore, California
    – High School Productions: “Twelfth Night”, “Curtain Going Up”, “Rapunzel”, “Romeo and Juliet”, Improv Theatre, “The Late, Great, Me”.
    – Community Theatre: “Fruitcakes”
    – Modeling: “Hot Model & Talent Management”, Currently employed Hollister Model
    – Fresno State: “The First Breeze of Summer”, Drama classes and Film acting class
    – Film: “Z Survive” callback audition.
    – Singing: Lemoore High School Choir, Church Choir

    Award for Best Newcomer to MainStage Theatre (2009)
    Award for Best Improvisational Actor (2013)
    One of few African American’s inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame in Lemoore High School (2013)

    For fun I love watching Superhero and action films as well as watch anime, read manga, listen to music and act. I am very photogenic as well. I have been told my voice is powerful and has a great amount of range.

    Thank you for your consideration! 🙂

    My twitter: jdotslack
    My instagram: jdotslack
    My tumblr: jdotslack
    My Facebook: facebook.com/JSlack3000

  60. Tamas Kun

    Hi, the cw network has always had my favorite tv shows. I feel as if I have the look that would fit in with your network. I also am punctual have a great work ethic and have loved entertainment since I was a young kid. In life you’re never guaranteed a happy ending but as far as shows go I feel as if it gives people a sense of hope. Things do work out in the end, if they don’t that just means it’s not the end.

    Thanks you for your consideration.

    Age: 27
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 175
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: dark brown, straight, medium length
    Sex: male
    Race: Caucasian (Hungarian)
    Work ethic from 1 to 10: 13.2 give or take.

    IG @tamastrain

  61. Selina

    Selina Carter’s BIO
    Selina Carter has presented historical impersonations in two states most of all Pittsburgh, PA. She has extensive experience as a Runway Model and amateur experience in acting. She has performed as an extra in the TV series “Those who kill” and she is also involved in some theatre work.
    Selina Carter graduated for City High Charter High School where she was an Outstanding Senior. Miss Carter is now pursuing her Associates Degree in Chemistry Lab Technician from Bidwell community college.
    She is a regular runway model performing with organizations including but not limited to Willie Gees, she is also one of the first models selected to start up a new modeling agency called Allure Talent Management. Selina is a strong activate member for lots of Talent Agencies like Nancy Mosser Casting of whom she receives her extra work from. Selina also served as a teaching mentor for hard to learn elementary students helping them with their reading skills.
    As a Model she has ripped the runway locally for 3 years but has not gotten the chance to get the type of exposer she really deserves, she performed with Willie Gees Fashion for 2 years the first year she did the commercial for the fashion show that she was feathered in called Fashion Over War in 2012 which can be viewed on YouTube at http: // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXETBGWtPxA the second year with Willie Gees fashion she was well recognized so each designer involved selected her to walk the runway with their designs. Being a real natural on the cat walk got Selina nominated for the best amateur Model of the year award.
    She has attended numerous local and national auditions like in 2012 she auditioned for Americans Next Top Model the 20th Cycle and many more auditions before and after 2012.
    This is what Selina Carter has to say about why she wants to became a Model/Actress

    I have 3 years of runway modeling experience and I find it hard as a Bi-racial female to get the type of exposure that will help me get my acting/modeling career of the ground. I feel like I have been lucky to be connected to the clothing designers, hair stylist, and fashion shows that I have been working with who are more than glad to mention that I am a natural when it comes to the catwalk. Unfortunately I don’t have the luck of being born into wealth and all the advantages that come with that I think it would be easier if I were wealthy. My dream all my life has been to work with Disney as an actress alongside Lindsey Lohan. My mom has put me into beauty pageants and other talent searches since I was 4 years old; she has poured her money and time into endless scams. The happiest moment of my life and hers was when I was 9 years old I met with a New York scout and I have a brief interview with this scout at the end of our interview he decided to give me a year contract I sign my first contract at the age of 9 the best part of that contract was that he did not ask my mother for money up front and he stated that he would not make any money off of me until I was working and making money for myself first. The most disappointing time in my life was the fact that my agent was calling me for jobs but my mother was pregnant with my little sister and she had a very high risk pregnancy she could not even leave her bed let alone take me to the auditions that I was supposed to go to so to say the least

  62. shaakira west

    I really think i could bring something good to the table i’am a great singer and actor, well at least i think so lol. I’ve acted in a few of my high school plays (Cinderella & fame) and in college i played an extra for the play (The Color Purple). I’am 19 years old i’am a african American female I weigh 190 & i’am 5.6. i’m very energetic, charismatic and i have been told i have intergrity. I can also take constructive critsium well. I also played tromebone for 3 years in Shaw Band (Section Leader) so i know how lead if I’m put in a position of leadership. You will win with me 🙂

  63. Sandra


    My name is Sandra, I’m 20 years old and I have a question about your casting and auditions

    As you hear from boys and girls every day, this is their big dream and once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to become a big star and so on. Well, I have the same dream, but with one little problem. I’m from Norway. Most auditions, casting calls for extras etc. are for people from the country where the movie takes place. Therefor my question is:
    Are there any chances for me (as an Norwegian girl) to be a part of this?

    I see no point of describing myself before you have answered my question, because then you can just contact me on email. But, if there is to any help: I’ve done acting, modeling, theatre and dancing before.

    Thank you for your time.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!

    – Sandra

  64. Lauren Richards

    I love acting and I have been doing it for five years. I really want to work with Steven Spielberg. I am 15 years old. I weigh 92 pounds and am 5 feet 2 1/2 inches. I look young for my age so I can play a character as young as eleven. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am willing to change my hairstyle if necessary. Thank you for reading this!
    Lauren Richards

  65. Branden "Garcia" Espinoza

    This is a surprise for a friend. I have asked him for his information because acting is a passion of his. He is an amazing person and driven for stardom. Please consider Branden for a part in this feature film. Working with others, taking direction, making it an experience for everyone to remember. People are given chances in life, the emotional joy, while the dream one has in a deep sleep. I believe he can fly in the entertainment industry and become an asset to the SAG! Please contact the email that I have included here. Branden doesn’t know that I have contacted you regarding this recommendation. Actors are artists that become a life story. I would enjoy to see Branden take his career to newer heights!

    Thank You for your time to consider this individual,

    Mr. Eric David
    Model & Entertainer

  66. yassin

    I would love to work with halle berry and I would be very grateful to have the opportunity to audition for a role

  67. Amani Anderson

    To whom it may concern,
    Hi my name is Amani Anderson and I’m 14 soon to be 15 if I’m blessed to see the day. I’m 5’5 and African American. I would like to be apart of this project because I really enjoy acting and entertaining people. Even though I have never been in a movie, show, commercial, etc. I think that this would be an awesome opportunity and a great experience. I have always wanted to be on the big screen since I was 6, so this would be a dream come true! Even if I could be an extra. Lol. But I would still be closer to my dreams. Hopefully your interested in me. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
    P.s. I’m a big fan of Halle Berry and it would be an honor to get the chance to work with her.

  68. Melody ukpai

    My name is melody. I am 14 years old, and it would be truley amazing to star in a movie with Halle berry. I love dramas and the hold feel of like characters from another dimensions. I think that’s awesome.

  69. Azareia Prioleau

    hi my name is azareia prioleau. i wou,ld love to work with halle berry..especially on the show..it would be a first time meeting her…i would like an audition and maybe a role.i would even take being an extra….But once i have an audition i will give you those 2 problems i have…..BTW im also 10 years old with dark brown hair and eyes . tm also 4’11”.. i hope im not to young for this role……

  70. Nikhil George

    Hello Ma’am,

    First let me introduce myself, I’m Nikhil George & I’m 15 years old.
    Height : 5’3
    Weight : 49Kg
    A Little About Me–> An Actor [Acted in Dramas & Plays], Writer
    [stories,poem’s,songs], Music Director [Set Music for Plays & Drams],
    Editor [Video & Articles],Photography [a hobby],

    My Bio—> http://about.me/ngeorge18
    My Twitter–> https://twitter.com/ngeorge18
    My Website–> http://www.ngeorge.nl.ae/

    Yours Sincerely
    Nikhil George

  71. abby

    My name is Abby An aspiring actor and would love the opportunity to audition for any available roles.
    I am a true admirer or Steven Spielburg’s work and also a fan of halle berry. Im teachable and a hard worker

    What sets me apart from others?
    Temperament wise, I’m a pure melancholy. In short, if given an outlet to express emotion and thought, I will not disappoint. I know the importance of bridging the gap between audience and art and I know I can make that connection in a tangible and real way.

    All i ask is the opportunity to audition.
    Thnk you for your time.


  72. Steve Schwartz

    I would love to be a part of extant. I have been an actor since 2009. My last project was Sponge Bob square pants 2 with Marty Siu Casting / Paramount Pictures. I’ve also recently been in Billy The Kid Part 2 as a supporting actor. I also had a supporting role in Billy The Kid which was released through Lions Gate Entertainment.

  73. Jadyn

    I admire Halle berry and think she’s amazing
    I’m 12 years old and love acting, I’ve been in a few plays and a student film and
    taken dozens of acting classes and it would be just amazing to work on this project.

  74. Zoe Luh

    My name is Zoe Luh and I am 14 years old.
    I have a very active imagination and when I experience a story, it’s like I’m there. The characters are my friends (or enemies) and I feel what the character feels so acutely. I would like to be able to share this incredible feeling with others. I love acting, I get to experience so many different peoples points of view and it’s like I’ve fit a million lives into one. This is why I act, I love getting to be another person, and I love making the audience think about love, hate, passion, confusion and so much more. This is why I want to be part of this series.

    Thank you fot your time and consideration,
    Zoe Luh