Every Witch Way - Nickelodeon

Every Witch Way – Nickelodeon

Part romantic drama, part comedy, part fantasy and all amazing, Every Witch Way has become one of the most entertaining and original Nickelodeon series of all time and now new episodes are on the way. With these new installments come incredible casting call opportunities for aspiring performers everywhere and several chances to make a mark on the world’s most watched network.

The supernatural dramedy Every Witch Way follows Emma Alonso a teenage girl who moves to the suburbs of Miami and deals with all of the troubles that come with living in a new town – getting used to your surroundings, going to a new school and making new friends.

The story taking a fantastic turn when Emma learns that she is in fact a witch, but not just any witch, “The Chosen One”, a witch with once in a generation powers and abilities. With the help of new friends, a new crush, the school nurse (who is also her guardian) and her swim teammates, she makes her way through her new identity and new powers and the attempts by her new enemies to take her powers. This incredible event series has cast it’s spell over millions of viewers and it’s ready to enchant them again with an all new season of outstanding stories.

Every Witch Way Featured Cast & Crew:

Paola Andino as Emma Alonso

Nick Merico as Daniel Miller

Tyler Alvarez as Diego Rueda

Daniela Nieves as Andi Cruz

Paris Smith as Maddie Van Pelt

Denisea Wilson as Katie Rice

Autumn Wendel as Sophie Johnson

Series created by Catharina Ledeboer (Hollywood Heights)

Casting calls for new episodes of Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way will be taking place very soon and will continue throughout the season’s production. Be sure to check back for more exciting details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this Nick hit and why you wan to be considered for upcoming auditions for this mystical soap opera. Casting calls are coming. Tell us why you want a shot at amazing roles in Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon.

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586 Casting Responses

  1. Kori Pierce

    Hi. I’m Kori Anise Pierce. I’m 11 years old and a new actor looking for jobs and way to get a start in the business. I would love a chance to work with the amazing cast and crew of Every Witch Way! I think it would be an amazing opportunity for me. Thank you for reading. See you at the auditions!

  2. Jamyia

    Hi I’m jamyia I am 9 yrs old and I’ve been watching every witch way since it first came out and I’m a little black girl and I’ve always wanted to be famous and on the shows with something magical in it it was always my dream and when I say Eww I was like I wish I can have powers like then and I’m dramatic so I think I can act really good😀

  3. ogunmola junilo

    I am 14 tall and I can act I really love to be in Nickelodeon

  4. Amaris

    I would to be a witch on every witch way. Mostly with Paola and rahart.

  5. Georgia Solomos

    Hi there! My name is Georgia Solomos! I’m 17 years old, and I’m a senior in high school. I love to act and sing, and Nickelodeon is something I grew up with! When ‘Every Witch Way’ came out, I was so excited because it combined magic and drama! Ever since then, I’ve been hooked and I’ve always dreamed of acting on Nickelodeon. I have shoulder-length hair that is dyed light blue at the ends. I have brown eyes, and I am 5’8. I weigh about 115 pounds. I’m Greek-American, and so I am fluent in both Greek and English. I hope I get a part, but even if I don’t, I’m so thankful to even be considered! Good luck to everyone!

  6. Lucy Eggleston

    Hi there,
    I’m Lucy, I am 12 years old. I am in year 7 in secondary school. I’ve always wanted to be an actor since I was 4. I’ve been bullied a lot at my new school due to loving to sing. I love sport especially gymnastics. I love Every Witch Way, I remember the first time I watched it. Once I finished the series I looked up all the different spells – they never worked of course.
    Height: 156cm
    Weight: 180lb (I’m not fat however I have a little puppy fat on my thighs but not loads.)
    I have long brown wavy/curly hair (which I straighten most days.) I have blueish grey eyes.
    I’m currently living in Cornwall I have been for the past 4 years even though I was born in London.
    I have always loved magic.
    Please consider my audition. Good luck to everyone auditioning.
    Thank you!

  7. Lucy Eggleston

    Hi there,

    I’m 12 years old. I’m 156cms tall. I have always had a passion for acting. I used to get bullied for my singing at school. I have never really been accepted at any school as ‘Popular’. I’m from London and then been living in Cornwall since I was 8. I still remember watching Every Witch Way when I was younger and then looking up the spells online and practicing them – they never worked of coarse. I have brown hair and blueish grey eyes. I’ve been to several different acting schools: Jason Thomas and Berkshire Theatre School. I have always been interested in acting since i was 4. I have always done loads of sports including gymnastics, netball, hockey and cheerleading.
    My point is that I love acting and never had many friends and I just want to be recognised for something I love. Thank you so much! I love Every Witch Way.

  8. Reagan Marria

    My name is Reagan Marria and I am 13 years old. I have always dreamed of being an actor, expecially on Nick! I grew up watching Nick, from Zoey 101 to Drake and Josh, I really enjoy all the shows. When I heard Every Witch Way was coming out, I knew I was going to love the show, and I did. I have watched the series, all 4 seasons, over and over agian on the Nick app since the show ended. To be an actor, and expecially on favorite show of all times, would be a dream come true! My weight is avarage, I have brown hair, I have hazel eyes, white, and American. When I found out they where coming out with another show called W.I.T.’s Academy, I was so excited, but then after the first season, Nick cancelled it. I was really upset to see Every Witch Way and W.I.T.’s Acadmey end and get cancelled. I would love to be an actor. I have adution for Henry Danger, been in plays, and have also aditiund for many Nick shows. I would be interested and would love to do this!!!

  9. Rhian Ball

    My full name is Rhian Elizabeth Rose Ball, I am 13 years old and have had a dream for being an actor, I’ve told my friends and family about this but they all said it was unrealistic and I’m wishing to prove them wrong, I’m from New Zealand but I can put on a good american accent, I’ve loved all things to do with magic ever since I was little, I watched every witch way when it was being aired and I loved it, so i think having an opportunity to be on my childhood fave route show would be amazing.
    I have red hair and blue eyes.
    I am quite pale
    I’m average weight for my age and slightly above average for height.

    I do hope you read and consider me for an audition

  10. Josai

    I am 12 years old. I really Love Nick please audition me in the next season

  11. Rocio

    I would love to be in this show, if i get the opportunity to be in this show, it will be a step forward to accomplish my dream.
    please feel free to email me
    Rocio Arevalo

  12. Tobias Kalff

    Hello. My Name is Tobias Julian Kalff, I currently live in Europe and am 15 years old. My favorite Nickelodeon Shows were “Every Witch Way”(seasons 1-4) and “W.I.T.S academy”. I thougt that both were over which is why I am super excited that there will be another season coming out. I’d love to get shot for a part in the next Season of “Every Witch Way”(If I don’t get chosen I’ll still have another Season of “Every Witch Way” to watch). Also good luck to all the other contestants.


    My Name is Adaugo Martins, my daughter love to act with Nickelodeon. she has a good talent like singing, dancing and other acts. she is a Nigeria, precisely, Delta State.
    she is in secondary school level. she is 13 years.

  14. Jaclyn

    hi, my name is Jaclyn and i love nick. I’ve wanted a singing, dancing, or acting part in the world for as long as i can remember.I think i would be a great choice because i have always believed in magic and love the thought of me doing it, im also creative, sassy, and rebellious. hope i can get a role, thanks.

  15. Paige M.E. Pray

    My name is Paige and I’ve always wanted to be on tv. Every witch way is my favorite tv show and it would be an honor to be on it. I’m turning 13, about 5’0″, African-American/Hispanic and weigh about 80 pounds. I dance amazingly and have been dancing for 4 years. I am a poet, I play in percussion, I play basketball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse,field hockey,and flag football. I also have acting experience. I hope that I could be given a chance.

  16. Jisel

    How are we supposed to send our information if we want the job?

  17. Kirah Veselo

    My name is Kirah Veselo. I am 12 years old. I think I would really enjoy making acting my profession. I don’t have any professional experience yet, but I’m hoping to change that. I’ve done workshops, and school plays. Here are my stats.
    Hair: Naturally brown ombre & wavy at the top, slowly moves down into curls
    Eyes: Brown with streaks
    Skin Colour: Type 3 on the Fitzpatrick scale
    Height: 4′ 11″
    Weight: 83 lbs.
    Interesting Facts: In my life, I’ve done six sports on a team and three with for fun: Dance, Basketball, Baseball(On a boys team), Softball, Volleyball, and Gymnastics on a team, and I’ve done Tennis, Swimming, and Football for fun with my friends. I have 18 cousins related to me, and seven people so close to me, I consider them cousins.
    Please consider me for a spot on this show. I can do a lot for you.

  18. Eray

    Hello I’m Eray Demirtas

    I’m from Switzerland🤗
    I can german,turkisch and english but my english is not very good😂😅.I’m 14 years old. My hobby is boxing🥊.I love America soo much!!🇺🇸❤️.I go in 8 class✌️😄.My dream is to become an actor since my childhood😕❤️.And I’m a big fan from Nickelodeon😉.I’m actually very good at acting.I’m just learning a lot in English.When I am big I would like to emigrate to America with my girlfriend😍❤️🌴Too Los Angeles My favourite city🤗🌴❤️. -End-

  19. Zoe daniels

    Hi. My name is zoe Daniels I am a 15 year old girl. I am very creative, friendly and love meeting new people. Yes I am new to acting but am a very fast learner.

  20. Rodrigo

    Hi I’m Rodrigo Ortiz and I would be glad to appear in every amazing
    roles in Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon.

    Because its.an opportunity. And I like a challenge. Thanks

  21. Carrington Haynes

    Hi, my name is Carrington Haynes .
    I’m 11 yrs old I have great acting experience. I have a resumé and headshots on sight .I would be great for this show because I have great experience and I love fantasy shows and I can kind of circle around what I do I really hope that you would consider me for a role in any Nickelodeon show. Thank You.

  22. Victoria Ann Tasini

    My Full name is Victoria Ann lehua lilika lukela tasini lavaka and I’m 14yrs old I am about 5’8 I think maybe a little taller but I am Polynesian meaning Hawaiian and Tongan with a little Samoan and I grew up in Maui hawaii . Its been my dream to become an actor especially in a fantasy world. When I was younger I always seem to dance and sing out of the ordinary even at school sometimes in stores iwould dance through the aisles or quote lines from tv shows or late night id walk down streets by myself just singing and id even pretend im in a movie getting chased or whatever but me and my sister when we were younger would pretend were in wizards of waverly place and cast “spells” on each other and most of the times we would battle each other with fake wands aka sticks in the ocean with the rest of our family like cousin s and friends. Email me for any info our open spots thnx…Mahaloz

  23. Kylie Umphress

    I would love the chance to work with the director as well the cast of the show. I have a driven passion for acting since I was 12. I am easy to work with. And I am truly looking forward to even the slightest chance to get my foot in the door. I am 17 years old. And I do indeed have acting experience with plays.

  24. Justin

    Hi, Im Justin, Im A 13 year old guy who wants and hopes to become a actor and is trying to get a shot that chance.Every witch way, is actually a pretty funny show,most kids my age will be like “Why Would a teen wanna watch that Stuff about witches and magic”.Well sadly other teens my age arnt worrying about their futures! I Want To Be Actor,I am trying now cause im smart,Get the food while its still hot right? and with the boost and suppourt from your team,mabey one day i can be one of those actors people can see and instantly know their name. Just concider my Reply atleast, I also forgot to mention it comes with a free “High five”,soo…… get it quick before it becomes a “Low Four”!thanks for your time! typing this was fun! lol

  25. Baby hannah Stratford

    Hey there!:)
    NAME: Hannah Stratford
    AGE: 14y/o
    I have dark brown eyes, black hair. My hobby is singing and acting(it’s also my ambition). The reason that I want to join this amazing tv shows is because it is about wizardry. I love all the story about a action,wizardry,romantic also comedy( just like wizard of the Waverly place). The other reason is I want to change my life. Please Consider me, you maybe can change my life to be better.I’m probably just what you need.. I promise..

  26. Tegan

    Hello, my name is Tegan Vincent.
    I am 14 years old. I have blonde and brown hair and blue eyes. Also I am 5’4. I am a size 10 and weigh about 8 stone.
    I am Caucasian.
    I do performing arts as GCSE and also I do art for GCSE.
    I have been to lots of dance classes for example ballroom, ballet and hip hop. I done shows every year in primary and I have skates for 6 years so I am a confident person. I am very dedicated and easy to get along with. I am very passionate about this . I’m a sporty person so I have a lot of energy. As I was growing up I watched Disney channel and nickelodeon. My favourite show on nickelodeon was victorious by far. Please consider me 🙂

  27. Rebecca

    Hello, I am Rebecca and I would love to be on your show. I can be a little shy but when I’m on stage I give it my all. My dream is to become an actress. Please consider to give me a chance !

  28. Genesis I. Dyer

    My name is Genesis I. Dyer.
    I am about 5’2″ and weigh 112 lbs.
    I am African-American and ten years old.
    I have light brown eyes and dark brown natural hair.
    I am a poet writer and can draw pretty well.
    I’ve danced ballet for 3 years, but I currently do hip-hop.
    I play the snare and bass drum and I recently quit the cello.
    I’ve played basketball, soccer, tennis, track and field, gymnastics and dance(not to brag, but I can throw a football pretty well)
    I have acting experience and I’m outgoing and friendly and don’t show anger towards people.
    My favorite Nick TV shows are “Henry Danger”, “Game Shakers”, and “The Thundermans”.
    I’ve had straight 4s from preschool to 4th grade; I have had straight As during my 3 marking periods and currently have all As.
    Please consider me, I’m probably just what you need-I promise. Every Nick star started somewhere.

  29. Martabian Patterson

    I really like acting always wanted to be one I tried every thing

  30. Aisha Abdisalam

    Hy My name is Aisha Abdisalam i really love nickelodeon i am a talented girl I surely hope you will give the people from outside a chance thanks!

  31. Yen Abejar

    Greetings! My name’s Danielle Rose Llamera Abejar, but I prefer to be called Yen Abejar. Because Yen is my nickname 😊. I’m 14 years old and I lived in The Philippines. I wanted to join here because it attracts me. I love Fantasy stories and I would be glad if I’m chosen to be a part of the Every Witch Way.. thank you for reading this.

  32. Amaya

    Hi I’m Amaya I’m 15 years old and I have some background experience on acting. I was acting since kindergarten so please think about casting me cause I loved and still loved this show

  33. Cise-Leigh Victoria Cloete Januarie

    If you need an actor,you can count on me.I’m more passionate about acting,singing and dancing than any person on earth can be!There are milions of reasons why I should get chosen for the next avaliable role.The reason why I want to star in this Nickelodeon series is because I love to perform and this is an oppertunity that I definitly won’t miss! I’m a young beautiful,smart talented,12 year old actress,singer and dancer ,so you may actually call me a OUTSTANDING performer!!! Please let me know when there is an new avaliable role…

  34. Marlene

    hello , my name is Marlene and I am 16 years old. Acting and being a part of a series is my dream and I’m willing to work hard to make it happen . I feel like this would help boost up confidence and a good way to lead a positive life . I’m in California, Los Angeles.
    thank you .

  35. Shodiya samuel

    Hi, I am samuel and I would like to be on this series because I know I have the talent of acting and it has being my dream to be on a nickelodeon series especially the one’s with “fantasy” stories.

  36. Naomi

    Hi I’m Naomi im 13 years old and I would love to be in this serie because my dream is to be an actor and I love to do it ❤️but the problem is i’m from Switzerland ?? and it would be cool if you guys would do a casting in Switzerland ❤️?? or so but ya ? In lovw Naomi


    I love acting and I’m really confident. I’ve always love Nickelodeon but I stay in Italy and that’s the problem but anyways i love Nickelodeon and i think there should be a way for other people in other countries to be in the show. THANKS

  38. Zoya

    Hello.I have been a fan of nickelodeon since Big Time Rush series and from that i have been trying to get in nickelodeon but i dont live in america may thats the reason i am not getting to into it and i really want to be in this show.I really hope you give chance to people who live outside the america.Thankyou.

  39. Otja kooper

    Hi my name is Otja . I am 14 years old . I love adventure, fantasy and comedy. Every witch way has all three of them combined. I always wanted to have some sort of superpower and feel like i was living an extraordinary life. Joining the cast of Every witch way will really mean alot and make my dream come true.
    Thank you in advance

  40. Raymond Dautari

    Name: Raymond Dautari
    Age: 20 years old
    Country: Nigeria ( southern Nigeria)
    Religion: Christianity
    Marital Status: Single
    Height: 1.70 meter
    weight: 69kg
    body sieze: Normal
    Complexion: Fair
    Hair Color: Dark
    Eye: Dark Brown
    Language: English
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing and acting
    Message: i love acting, i have been praying and wanting to be an Actor in one of nickelodeon Tv Series. I love Every Witch Way it’s totally cool and awesome so i want to be An Actor in Every Witch Way, i have played a role of a bad guy, a Good guy and also an innocent but rude child in churches and local acting organisation…… Thanks…

  41. Germaine Lensing

    it´s great show and i would love to work there as a part of their cast. i would be glad when you cantact me
    yours truly

  42. kla

    i really wan to audion and i am 11

  43. Name*

    hi,i’m temmy sanandreas ipoola, from nigeria,am 20yrs old. i would loue to take part in one of your shows cause have always loved it.my love for acting grew stronger ever since i started watching t”thunderman”.

  44. Adeltrude Salum

    hi my name is Adeltrude Salum.I’m 16 years old I love to shot this mystical soap opera because there are many of my stars are their and the problem I live in Tanzania (Africa)
    and also I know how to sing and dance,drawing,designing and I’m speaking two languages English and Kiswahili and my wish is to work with you guys THANK YOU

  45. Caleb sylvester

    Hello am caleb sylvester am 15yrs average in height,dark hair,brown eyes. Pls i hope u accept my request tanks

  46. Su-yeon

    Name: Su-yeon HWANG
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Height: 165cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Eye: dark brown
    Hair: deep dark brown
    Location: Republic of Korea (South Korea)(I am korean but…. I think I am maybe mixed)
    Languages: English, korean

    I can sing and I am very good at acting
    My whole dreams was actor.
    I have lots of experience because I travelled to many places So I learned a lot there.
    And I grew up watching teens TvSeries.
    And I am also good at writting about creat sanarios.
    And I have lot a friends because I have an active and cheerful personality.
    At the end, I have talent for drowing.

  47. Alessandra Sy

    Alessandra Sy –
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Black
    Height: 5’7
    Age: 18 (6th February 1998)
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Based: Currently in Manila, Philippines; moving to Los Angeles in July 2017

    Various stage performance and stage management experience
    Trained in masterclasses with Camryn Manheim, Kathleen Dennehy, Joan McMurtry, and Lauren Lloyd

    Skills: Dance (Hiphop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz), Flexibility, Cheer, Fluent in English and Filipino, Fundamentals of Mandarin and Fookien, Stage Management, Public Speaking, Creative Writing

  48. Ciara

    Name: Ciara
    Age: 16. Seventeen in a month
    Height: 1m60
    Weight: 54
    Eye colour: blue
    Hair colour:dirty blond
    Location: Ireland. I am half Belgian and half Irish. I speak three languages fluently : English,French and Spanish. I am also a dancer have been dancing since it as six. I have a huge passion for acting I always loved participating in plays I am quite crazy and funny I always believe we should live life at the fullest. And I ramble too much ? I am very hard working and I believe that I could bring something to this show

  49. Armand Potgieter

    Genre. Male
    Accent. South African
    Language. Afrikaans, English and a little bit Russian
    Live. South Africa, West Coast, Vredenburg
    Old. 9 years old
    Birthdate. 12th February 2007
    Act at home. Frakenstein, Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the chocolate factory, Gizmo from Gremlins, The grand high witch from the witches, Herculus, Leonardo Da vinci from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Moana from moana, the Grinch, Mr. Willy wonka from Charlie and the chocolate factory.
    I love to. Act , read and write, play piano, violin, guitar and rock guitar,paint and draw

    My name is Armand Potgieter.
    I love acting so much that if I get the part (Will never happen) I would do it for free
    Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaas give me a part in Every witch way.
    Thank you for your time

  50. Kelsey Cowden

    Hi my name is kelsey Cowden and I am 14 years old and I want a shot at being in this show because I have always wanted to be an actor but haven’t gotten many chances so please consider giving me a chance.

  51. Amari

    My name is Amari I am 13 years old and a female and I would be perfect for this because acting is my life and I would be a good chance to be on the show to give me more of a feel so I know whag my life long dream will be

  52. James Stephenson

    My name is James Stephenson and I am looking for a role in your series. I am an inducted thespian with Troupe 4235 in Tampa, FL and I am looking for an outlet to showcase my talents and gifts. I like to think I am humorous (some times I’m not) but I’m very good with imitations and accents. I am bi-dialectal and mixed race, which adds to my ability to adapt to and perform as different characters.

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 130
    Build: Lean
    Skin Color: Tan
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Languages: English
    Accents: Southern, West Indian, Spanish, Indian, Italian, African-Creole

    Thank you!

  53. James Stephenson

    My name is James Stephenson and I am looking for a role in your series. I am an inducted thespian with Troupe 4235 in Tampa, FL and I am looking for an outlet to showcase my talents and gifts. I like to think I am humorous (some times I’m not) but I’m very good with imitations and accents. I am bi-dialectal and mixed race, which adds to my ability to adapt to and perform as different characters.

    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 130
    Build: Lean
    Skin Color: Tan
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Languages: English
    Accents: Southern, West Indian, Spanish, Indian, Italian, African-Creole

    Thank you!

  54. desi

    i would love one of the placments i have blounde hair blue eyes short for my age im almost 13 and im love to sin just not around my parents also i can act like a proffesinole

  55. christine kwahmie

    hi my name is christine kwahmie and i live in charlotte nc i love acting but my mom say it is too expensive.
    i never miss an episode of every witch way even throught i do not watch tv on school day .

  56. Nathan

    Hello, i would love to act for ANY series. I am from South Africa so there arent many opportunities for me. I am a male 13 year old boy would do it for free even

  57. Antonio

    I am 17 years old. I would like to participate in this show, the plot sounds very interesting and looks like a very unique show that will stand out from the rest.

  58. Lola Walker

    Hi my name is Lola and I would love to be in this show because I am in utter adoration with everything to do with magic and witches and nickelodeon,I am a 14 year old female I have dark brown eyes and curly dark brown hair I am mixed race although my skin is only slightly olive and I am British (but will try an American accent is needed ) I love acting and have been in every school play so far -all with American accents. I have also competed in gymnastics for 7 years did a year of cheerleading and have currently been doing dance for a ye(Tap,ballet,modern,contemporary ,lyrical) and am starting street in the new year.

  59. Ethan

    Hi I would love to be on every witch way Mr and my sis would act to be one of the characteres I am a male 13 years old and I would love to meet all of the crew

  60. Nokukhanya

    Hy,im a 15 year old girl who really enjoys acting and is looking foward to working with you guys..if you accept her to role a part at Every witch way

  61. Lana

    Hi, I am a 14 year old girl with a big dream. Every Witch Way was one of my favorite shows to watch on Nickelodeon and I enjoyed it so much. It would be amazing to be a part of the next season. I have no acting experience, but I do have some live broadcasting experience. Although, I enjoy acting very much and I always work hard to accomplish my dreams and goals and never give up. Thank you, I am so excited for this show to continue!