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TV Show Casting Call – Nationwide

Do you have a neurological condition that is making it hard to find work?  A new A&E series wants you to appear on their upcoming television show.  A 2018 A&E TV show casting call is on the search for men and women to be in a documentary series.  It will seek to show the world that having a neurological disorder can be viewed as a positive asset instead of an obstacle.  Casting directors are looking for people who are struggling to find work and not fulfilling their potential.  This is a wonderful chance to share your story and to help you find the employment you are yearning for.  View the TV show casting call below and apply to be considered.

About Employable Me

EMPLOYABLE ME seeks to prove that having a neurological condition can be viewed as an asset rather than an obstacle.

What They Are Looking For


Are you struggling to find work?
Are you not fulfilling your potential?
Do you need help to uncover your talents?

Documentary producers at Optomen USA are looking for people with neuro-divergent conditions such as Autism or Tourette syndrome who are seeking employment.

How to Apply

Email Em.casting@optomenusa.com for more information.

Visit http://www.optomenproductions.com/ for more information about our company.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Christian

    My son is a teen with autism and we have entered the realm of employability for people with disabilities. My son is a junior in high school and is in the career development program and is volunteering to build job skills. He is preparing to find his first paying job. He took two years of theater arts in school and would love to be apart of your cast.

  2. Abdel

    I would love to be apart of your cast