Emperor Starring Dayo Okeniyi

Movie Extras Casting Call – Savannah, GA

Do you want the chance to work on a new feature film? Hunger Games actor Dayo Okeniyi has signed on to star in the new movie “Emperor”. The production team is heading to Savannah, Georgia for filming. A 2018 movie extras casting call is looking for you! Casting directors are on the search for a variety of African American and Caucasian men and women. Models and actors will be portraying soldiers, slaves and townsfolk! Because this is a period piece, they are specifically looking for people who have a civil war era look! In addition they are seeking child models and actors!  Kids who are between the ages of 4 and 11 are also being hired! Filming will be taking place from mid-June through late July. Check out the movie audition notice below!

About Emperor

The film will be directed by Mark Amin and produced by Cami Winikoff and Reginald Hudlin. It is inspired by the true story of Shields Green, a slave who makes a daring escape to freedom, meets Frederick Douglass, and decides to fight alongside John Brown at Harpers Ferry.

What They Are Looking For

Filming will take place from Mid-June through late July in Savannah, GA.

Cooper is seeking men and women of African American and Caucasian ethnicity, ages 18+ to play soldiers, slaves, and townsfolk. Specifically seeking extras with authentic Civil War era looks (beards/period facial hair). Also seeking a few featured roles for children; African American Boys and Girls ages 6-11 years old and Caucasian Girls and Boys age 4-7 years old.

Extras must be able to work locally in Savannah, GA, no housing or travel provided. Pre-fitting required. Non-Union. Rate of $68/8, all hours worked will be paid. As many as 4 consecutive booking days available for some roles.

How to Apply

Email: CivilWarExtras@gmail.com
SEND THREE RECENT PHOTOS: One close-up of face and one full body photo. Please make sure these show your current hairstyle / length. No sunglasses or hats.
1. Name:
2. Phone Number:
3. Email Address:
4. City of Residence:
5. Age (if under 18):
6. Height/Weight:
7. All Clothing measurements (MEN: Suit Jacket, Shirt, Pant, Waist, Shoe) –
(WOMEN: Dress, Pant, Shirt, Shoe, Bust, Waist, Hip)
8. Do you have any tattoos?: (If yes, briefly list location and size of tattoo)
9. Do you have any experience with Horses? (If yes, please describe)
10. Do you have any experience with handling firearms? (If yes, please describe)
Please describe any previous Stand-In experience and list the actor/production.
Also please send a Headshot / Resume if you have one (optional).

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10 Casting Responses

  1. Lyncey Lambert

    My name is Lyncey Lambert

    Im from haiti raised in Alabama
    Im 19 year old
    I weight 168
    I’m 5:8 i have a small tattoo
    And M on shirt and 9 on pants. I ride a horse twice i never been in a movie but i have been in so many modoling make up hair stylest.

  2. Zoie Ash

    Zoie Ash,

    Homosassa Fl
    Age ~ 13 124 pounds 5’6
    I have no tattoos. I has in horseback riding for two years when I lived in Colorado. I have shot a firearm before. I have never been in a movie before, but I was in modeling for two years when I was younger.

  3. Tom Robert


  4. Denise Willingham

    My name is Denise Willingham. tall 5’8” black female 57 years old . I have always wanted to do some sort of acting, but never had the time to start. Life has a funny of getting in the way.
    Would love to be an extra

  5. Ahlem

    Hello . im Ahlem from north Africa Âge 20 Year old . black hear . brown eyes , 170 cm , Wight 60 k.g . No Experience , i ‘d like to be in such a project . please let me know if you’re interested .
    Thank you

  6. miguel urtiaga

    hello, looking for an opportunity . thanks a lot

  7. Emmanuel

    Please pick me.. I’m a professional actor

  8. Dayo Gladys Ogungbemi

    Hi i’m not all too sure if you guys are still looking to cast people but if so I’d really enjoy the opportunity to talk more with you all about hopefully becoming an extra in what I’m sure will be an amazing and life changing film production, and if you guys are not currently looking to cast anybody, then please disregard this message and I am very sorry to have wasted your time.

  9. Antionette D. Ray

    i am an actor, but i know i don’t fit the criteria for the part the part that you are asking at this time, but keep me in mind. My name is Antionette D. Ray, i am 51 of age, 5’4, mixed with 3 different races, my weight is 105, my clothing sizes are small, shoe size7, eyes-brown, .

  10. teresa dawson

    hi! are you still casting for Emperior? thanks.