Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise – Disney

Disney Casting Call – Atlanta, GA

Do you want to be in a Disney movie? If you have been searching for 2018 Disney auditions, there is an exciting new casting call for you! Dwayne Johnson is starring in the upcoming feature film “Jungle Cruise”. Disney casting directors are searching for men to be actors in the movie! This specific call is for male actors who are between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. They are seeking men who are from Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia. While filming won’t begin until July/August, the director is looking at the options now. This is a fantastic opportunity because you can audition with no experience or with a lot of it! They are accepting submissions from actors of all levels! Don’t miss out on this incredible chance and view the 2018 audition for Disney movie below!

About Jungle Cruise

Based on Disneyland’s theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles. [IMDB]

What They Are Looking For

Characters are 40-60 years old from Peru, Brazil, Ecuador & Colombia

Filming in Atlanta

Starts filming in July/August, however candidates are being presented to the director ASAP

Must be legal to work in the United States with a non-restricted social security number to be eligible

How to Apply

Please send an email with your photo and contact information to Atlanta casting at chase.paris@disneympp.com and tara.feldsteinbennett@disnempp.com

Do not email this casting director if you don’t fit the criteria above or about any other roles. This is all they are looking for at this time. You don’t want to hurt your chances for future roles.

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26 Casting Responses

  1. artemis m Cloud Jr.

    im 18 5,7 i want to be an actor and train hard to be in alot of movies and tv shows

  2. Garrett Fedor

    Garrett I’m 17 I’m 5’8 i sing act and do theatre is love to help in anyway I can thank you

  3. Hazmon Kinga

    Its been my dream since 2016 to be an actor in Disney channel I’ve follwed many actors & actress including dove Cameron just to get to Disney channel am just looking for an opputunity to act please pick me

  4. Sujata

    Everyone who’s successful begins somewhere and this is my beginning. However, one opportunity can chance my dreams into a reality and I am that person who’s just looking for that one opportunity to change my dreams into a reality.

  5. Andrea Vidal

    Same as the last time trying to help my family out with money

  6. HumaIIU

    Hi, i would be glad to work for this movie, I have got the best actor award for 2 times in a serial

  7. Yoogi Bianca davin

    Hi I’m yoogi davin I’m 12years old I Wanna be and this movie to act can I please audition for Disney I wanna be a stars that’s my dream in if I audition I’m gonna buy a puppy dog thank you so much bye.

  8. Gabriella Hernandez

    Hi, my name is gabriella hernandez and im 12 about to be 13 and i really want this can you please get back in touch thank you so much.

  9. Jy'Quez williams

    My name is Jy’quez i’m 12 and have acted in plays and take my acting further and I also play baseball

  10. Zacarias

    Looking for some Disney auditions for my stepdaughter doing any Disney movies or shows

  11. miguel urtiaga

    hello, i am a method actor, looking for an opportunity.

    thanks a lot

  12. Inari

    Hilo in inari eckstine and I would love to be in this movie I’m 12 years old i have strawberry blond hair below my collarbone my height is 5.3(five foot three) I have acting experience from being in at least four plays and I have a little sister and an older brother also my weight is 90lbs also I’m an animal lover (totally obsessed with animals ) and my gender is female

  13. Shonda

    Will there be any parts for African American Children of age 10-12

  14. Christine

    HI I’m Christine Greene . I would love this wonderful chance to act in this movie with Dwayne Johnson. All my life well most of it was my dream to act. One thing that I learn was that I try out for acting at my school and I didn’t make it .That moment I was sad because that was my dream but it made me better and stronger to try again. I would love this opportunity to act .

  15. Brozzey Bronson

    my name is Brozzey Bronson and I like being in film productions because at my school we make some of are own
    And I like different effects and cool things that happens in the movie

  16. angel

    am angel from south africa i am applying to be a disney actor and a singer i want my dream came true

  17. Angelina Welcome

    Hi! My name is Angelina. I would love to be part of a movie as of this one, not only have I always been an actor and singer and dancer for most of my life, but if I were to make this audition, I would be able to use new ideas and different thoughts to express my emotions while showing love and entertainment for others. I am a hard worker, have a flexible schedule, and I can anything I can once I put my mind to it. Being part of a movie, would allow me to be part of a film family and challenge myself. I can act in almost any other settings, either that be comedy, dramatic, and action. Let me know if you would like to set up an audition! Thanks:)

  18. Raelynn

    Hello sir! I’m from Walla Walla Washington and I would love to act in you’re movie! It’s be an honor! I would love to work with a funny guy like you! I have light brown hair with light brown eyes

  19. Jayden Brock

    Hi my name is Jayden I’m from Florida I would love the opportunity to have a role in this upcoming movie thank you for taking your time

  20. Asaad

    Hi I’m Asaad and i woudl Love gob act in this movie it has always been my dream to act w Dwayne Johnson, this my first time acting for anything so it woudl be a dream come true if I act for this movie, I have blonde/brown hair and green eyes

  21. Brynn Gonzalez Eisenberg

    Hi sir I’m from Mexico and I would love to act in the movie !!!

  22. James Rankin

    Hello I am capable of being an actor of all sorts I can act in comedic, drama, and even action. Bring a studio to south Carolina I will show what I’m made of. I will show you all or anybody what I am made of kudzu give me a chance. Phone:(864) 316-4739

  23. Lashaebattle

    When is you doing a disney casting

    • Lashaebattle

      I really want too be an actor and do tv shows and movies

  24. shanavas

    daer sir, i am from India , leaving Dubai(united Arab) i would like to act your movie.

  25. Patricia Brown

    Bring it to Kentucky. We love you!