Dumb And Dumber To - Movie

Dumb And Dumber To – Movie

They’ve been waiting 20 years since the release of Dumb And Dumber and now fans the world over are finally going to get a sequel to one of the funniest movies of all time. Dumb And Dumber To starring the all-star comedy duo of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels is set to begin production very soon and casting calls for several exciting roles for actors of all ages are happening now. This could be your chance to be a part of one of the most highly anticipated comedy films of the century.

Dumb And Dumber To will find lovable losers Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne on another whacked out cross-country trip, this time in search of a long lost child with the hope of a kidney transplant. Two time Golden Globe winner Carrey (The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Cable Guy) and Emmy Award winner Daniels (The Newsroom, The Squid and the Whale, Good Night, and Good Luck.) will once again team up with the fabulous Farrelly Brothers (There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin, The Heartbreak Kid) for another hilariously dumb adventure from a script penned by Peter and Bobby Farrelly along with Sean Anders (We’re the Millers, Hot Tub Time Machine) and Mike Cerrone (Me, Myself & Irene, The Three Stooges). An outstanding cast is being compiled as we speak that includes Oscar nominee Kathleen Turner (Marley & Me, The War of the Roses, Peggy Sue Got Married), Rob Riggle (21 Jump Street, The Other Guys, The Hangover), Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead, The Shield, The Majestic) and the “It Girl” of the moment, 2013 Academy Award winner for Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Silver Linings Playbook, X-Men: First Class).

Casting calls for a number of supporting, day player, stand-in and extras roles will be held soon and continue throughout production and actors of all ages can apply today for consideration by sending emails with your info here ddtextras@gmail.com. More updates will be posted as soon as they become available so keep checking in for further details and leave a message below and tell us why you are excited for this epic sequel and why you want to audition for Dumb And Dumber To.

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  1. vega sherman

    im 13 and a girl i love to act i go to school for it in fl. i have brownish blond hair

  2. Stephen Brown

    Oh Yeah!!! I would love to be and actor in this movie since the first one is my all time favorite movie and i still watch it today especially when i take a trip to Colorado. I have had a few drama classes that i took in high school and have watched movies and quoted them since i was very little so i fell i have a broad horizon of how they work and various characters.
    Age 19
    180 pounds
    Oh and Jennifer Lawrence is my girl so we could just hangout and eat food and watch movies.

  3. Jason Whitecotton

    I am a very active person I love to workout and health conscious. I have played athetics all my life and through collegeI have more of a bodybuilder appearance. Im an ex-teacher turned police officer. I love to joke around and I am considered very witty. I can be very serious when need be. I would love for a chance in any movie I have always been encouraged to do this but didnt really know how to pursue it . I hope to hear back.

  4. Cassie Jo


    It is a dream I have never chased before. I watched the Oscars tonight and realized I will never be able to follow my dreams if I don’t start somewhere. I have dreamt for the past 16 years about being involved in filmed. My family doubts this is possible coming from a small town. No one back home has ever made it, nor have they ever tried.

    I am willing to assist in anyway possible, working odd or long hours if necessary. I understand hard work and the hectic life that is involved in film.

  5. Jeremy Burnett

    My name is Jeremy Burnett. I am 38 years old and would love the opportunity to have the chance to slingshot into a new career in acting. I love movies and drama. I have always enjoyed Jim C’s flare and would love to learn everything that I could from one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. I am willing to learn and do everything that is asked of me. Please give me the chance to do what I have always wanted to do.

    Jeremy Burnett

  6. J.G. Franklin

    My name is John Gerard Franklin (J.G. Franklin). I am an American actor living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I am confident I could contribute to this film because I am experienced, reliable and I am willing to learn, above all else.

    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Hair color: Blond (Bald)
    Eye color: Blue
    Date of birth: 12/31/1973
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male
    Agent: NO

    Last year I completed a principal role in an independent, Brazilian feature film, entitled “Americanos Na Terra da Copa” (Americans in the Land of the World Cup), here in Belo Horizonte. I have included the following three articles, though they are in Portuguese, that have been published about the film:




    It has been shown four times in various venues around Belo Horizonte. The Facebook page for the film is here:


    I have also provided my complete information, as well as links to some examples of my work below.

    This first one is a recent biographical video for Aécio Neves, a Brazilian senator:


    My IMDB information and another link to my resume and headshots:



    My demo reel:


    Other work I’ve done:







    HAUNT TRACKERS: (Episode 2):


    I am also a singer and, just in case, I have included some examples of my voice:




    I look forward to your reply. You can contact me by email as well at jgfranklinactor@gmail.com .

    J.G. Franklin

  7. Luke Evans

    Im a huge fan i love acting i want to be a director soon
    also im 13 little bit chubby
    but got curly sexy hair
    i also love jim carry

  8. Marcuz

    Family is Life,
    Born in Omaha,Ne 1988
    Graduated Phoenix,Az 2006
    Music Dropped Dallas,Tx 2014
    On Twitter @MarcuzUMG

  9. Karen Valle

    Hello, my name is Karen Valle I live Houston TX, 24(25 July 2014) Mexican-American. I’m prefect for a role in this movie because I hVe the talent and personality that is need. I could go on and on with good reasons why I should be chosen but instead I want to show you my acting skills. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Brianna Pickett

    Hi, how are you today. I just want to take the time and congratulating you all for making another Dumb and Dumber. I also would like to thank you for taking the time to read all of our comments. You probably would want someone with experience and who knows what their doing. I’m here to tell you I don’t have any experience and I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m here to take a chance, Test myself, and see if anyone is willing to give me a chance. I had a drama class in high school. I had an A. That’s all I can tell you. I took the class because I knew I had some sort of talent inside me. I took risks, and I succeeded. All I’m asking for is a chance. Give me the opportunity to prove to you and prove to myself that I can be a good actress. Well if you are interested in what I have to say, please email me. I wont let you down

  11. Torell Hardison

    Hello and goo day!

    My name is Torell “Torre” Hardison I am a single 26yr old African American male who currently resides in Atlanta GA by way of Wilmington NC. I am fairly new to Atlanta and big city lifestyle but taking leaps of faith such as this are partially the reason for my relocation. I have been a star since the day I was born and have both patiently and aggressively approached my opportunities both as an entertainer as well as musician. Ive been blessed with the ability to make anybody laugh at any given moment very jim carry esk who by the way I have been a lifelong fan of. If given this shot I’m sure it will open up great doors in the future for me I’m more than ready to take the first step. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Torell C. Hardison

  12. kelsey mccullum

    Hi i am 12 and i would love to be in this move i am 5,4and ya

  13. Merri Hatchett

    Love love LOVE Daniels and Carey!!! Such an amazing pair to team up again. Unsure of how to be part of/where this film will be shot-but would be thrilled to be part of this project! My name is Merri Hatchett. I am a 33 y/o actor, currently living in Valdosta, GA. The last play I was in was “To Kill A Mockingbird” Dosta Theatre 2013; and last movie was “Zombieland” 2008. I am 5’6, medium to heavy build, long brown hair/brown eyes with a great smile (: If you would like a pic, please Email me at merrilea311@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

  14. Kelley Ann Pfefferkorn

    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 145
    Hair Color: Natural Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Build: Slim, Fit and Althetic

    I am single and have no kids so I have nothing tying me down. I am and will be very commited. I will travel anywhere and change my look in any way needed. I am comfortable in front of cameras. I have experience modeling and have taken acting classes and acted in plays and commercials. I grew up on Dumb and Dumber. It was my dad and I’s favorite movie to watch and it is still our favorite. It would mean the world to be a part (pun totally intended) of this film. Please contact me for this part and other parts.

    Thank you

  15. John Leoni

    I could say I’m special and unique, but I’m sure you have heard that from a lot of people already. Im here to say that by having me in your movie it would not only make it a better show, but also satisfy all of the acting needs that you may be looking for.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

  16. Joe Lawrence

    Hello my name is Joe I would love to be a part of this movie considering an insanely huge fan of the original movies and Jim Carrey is my favorite comedian. I love to be part of this movie I’ve never been in anything before but I’m known for being funny and I love joking around and I think that being apart of this movie would be great I’m 17 and in high school and would be down for any role at all because just being a part of it would be a really really cool experience

  17. Zack Bogue

    Im a 6’5″, 240 pound high schooler who’s very interested in acting. Ive been in plays since I was a kindergartner. At school I’m known as the kid that always has a joke ready, and can do just about anything to get a laugh out of someone. Id take my responsibilities very seriously, and would love to a part of this movie production. All I need is a chance.

  18. Jessica Nowacki

    Name: Jessica Nowacki
    DOB: 7/30/85
    Height: 5`8
    Hair: Dark Blonde
    Eye: Blue

    I am a small town girl from the small state of Delaware. Being able to “make it big” is virtually impossible here so being able to complete bios such as this online helps get my name out there. Acting has always been a passion of mine that tends to take the back burner because of the lack of stardom and opportunities lacking in the wonderous first state learning lines, practicing in front of the entire family, teaching myself to cry on cue and memorizing movie lines and behaviors are my childhood memories. I have a unique sense of humor that is very dry and can offend people easily, making me the perfect character for any role. I am not afraid of a challenge and portray any character, young or old, prissy or county, and semi-nice to very mean. I have the shocking and screaing scream most actresses would die for and can fake a scene like no other. Help this Sussex County girl make a name for herself beside any of the inappropriate names I earned in highschool.

    Jessica Nowacki

  19. rick berkes

    I would love to be an extra in the Dumb and Dumber To movie. My family always consider me as a dumbass with a smartphone.

  20. Nathalie Delin

    Hello my name is Nathalie Delin I am a 21 years old girl from Denmark Copenhagen. 🙂 I am not sure if u are only looking for people within the United States.
    I just love the dumb and dumber, and would really love to be a part of the dumb and dumber to so I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I took the chance to write to you anyway. 🙂
    I really love acting, and have attended two acting classes, in Copenhagen.
    And one of my goals, is to save enough money, to attend a film acting class in Los Angeles too.
    I have been an ekstra in some few movies and commercial, and done some modeling jobs too. 🙂
    I am a very nice, caring and easy going person, and also very nice to work with, always happy and with a smile on my lips.
    I am a very active person, and like to work hard, I Loves to test own limits, and learn every day
    I do not speak English fluently, I speak English basically, but understand and write very well.
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Hair Color: Dyed Golden
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Danish
    Thank u for taking your time to read this 🙂
    Have a nice day
    Take care
    The bestest regards Nathalie Delin

  21. Kailyn Nordsiek

    LOOK, I’M DIFFERENT ! I’m special(:
    My name is Kailyn Nordsiek and I’ve wanted to be a singer an an actress basically since birth. When i was a kid, my Dad was in a band and I learned pretty quickly from him. I used to practice monologues in my room instead of playing with toys and did chores to earn money for my first real instrument at age 8, the violin. Since then I’ve picked up on piano and guitar and am ready to conquer many more ! I’ve always performed for my church in drama, dance, and choir. The world needs more entertainers with senses of humor ! And I am just that. A lot of humor, dedication, commitment, perseverance, and a little craziness can combine to make a great person. Singing and acting are my passions in life. I have always wanted to pursue these dreams but I was always told I’d never make it. I’d love the chance to prove everyone wrong. I am a new mom, I had my daughter a few months ago at age 19. My daughter is my world and more than anything I want to be able to give her the life I never had. I would also love to show other young moms that we CAN be successful if we try and that it is up to us to decide our futures. Please give me the opportunity to give our generation the positive influence we need in the media. Too many young children are trying to imitate the wrong types of people. I think TV and music both need something new and fresh, but still talented. I would be perfect to jump-start a good change in the media.

    Height: 5’2
    Build: Skinny and curvy
    Birthday: 01-20-1994
    blonde hair, green/blue eyes, tattoo on back, super energetic and full of great ideas(:

  22. Michael LeBlanc

    Ok . It took me 15 minutes to find I had to scroll all the way to the end to leave this comment. For the past 15 minutes I have clicked on every possible link highlighted. Below, should mean ALL THE WAY BELOW. I am very educated now with the difference between “actors” and “kids” in highlighted orange area. Oh by the way, I have no experience in acting, I have a reseeding hair line and from the side it looks like I am 4-5 months pregant from a bad diet, but it sure tastes good eating it. I am a people person and have a couple of good one liners. Check me out on youtube. Chip Chippy. Yeah like the Potato. I am a 45 yo Male and love how comedy always seems to erase the trouble of the day. “Life is to short , not to have fun living it”. Remember No real acting experience. Just a regular guy Thank you for your time. Look forward to see the movie when it comes out. Mike

  23. Blanca

    Hi my name is Blanca Argueta and I am a HUGE fan of the first movie!!!! And I hope to be I. This second part of the making. I’m 18 and am funny and athletic and can do anything that is asked of me so I would love it if you would give me the chance to be at least an extra in this move!!! PLEASE make my dream come true !!!

  24. Christine

    I am 39 yrs of age, I believe I would be great in this movie. I am full of personality and always able to cause laughter to everyone I encounter. It would be an honor to be chosen. I am 5’5, 125lbs ,blonde hair and have blue eyes.

  25. michael wingo

    Hi I’m Michael and I Would love to act in this movie!!! like it would be a dream come true!
    Age: 14
    Height :5’8
    Eyes; brown
    Skin :brown
    Gender: male
    Weight: 120
    Let me know if you need someone in my description email me, Thanks 🙂

  26. Jamie

    First I have to say this movies hands down is on of my favorite flims, with that being said I would love to be a part of this movie. I love acting and making others laugh and smile . I portray many different personas and I believe that is what makes me a great actor. I have already sent an email i would love to hear back from you guys thank you!

  27. Lexi Morris

    Hi my name is Lexi, I’m 13 years old and live in victoria british columbia. I would absolutely love to get any part in this movie cause i’m really looking for something too start my acting career.
    I take acting lessons at Screenactors studio in Victoria B.C, I haven’t got any real acting opportunities yet but i’m really serious about acting
    Gender: girl
    Age: 13
    Height: 5″ tall
    weight: 90 pounds
    Hair colour: dirty blonde
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Age range I can play: 12-14 to play it safe. maybe even 12-15, 11-15 kinda thing if thats even possible

  28. Alexis Vallone

    Hi, my name is Alexis and I would love to be a part of this casting opportunity for Dumb and Dumber To. The original was the epicenter of my existence when I was growing up and I am the biggest Carey/Daniels fan. Rather than give my resume on this site please feel free to contact me anytime. Actions truly speak louder than words. I am different from everyone here. I am a Fire Fighter, use to performing under pressure and love being a part of a team. I also have been modeling recently for local events for the first time. I’m green in this field but feel like that’s an opportunity for you to mold me into who you want me to be. Please contact me anytime. Valexis98@yahoo.com

    If you need this:

    I am 5’4, 150lbs, Hispanic, Brown hair, Athletic, Currently living in Upstate New York.

  29. Suzette W.

    Hey there! I’m Suzette and I’m a teen from South Africa. I love ‘Dumb and Dumber’ I even have the DVD of it! I think this movie would be an extremely awesome start of my acting career. I’m a fun, friendly and easy person to work with:) I can also dance, just putting that out there… Have a great 2014 and Goodluck to everyone!!:D

  30. Sheena Voldness

    I am a 32 year old woman with blond hair & blue eyes. I have seen Dumb & Dumber over 20 times. It was my go to movie when I needed a good laugh. Now I have made it the same for my son. We are both excited to see the 2nd movie coming out finally! Would love to be a part of something this big! Would love & appreciate to have the chance to be a part of something that will give others a reason to laugh and smile just like the 1st one did for me!

  31. Angel Moore

    I would love to have the opportunity to be a part in this comedy. I love to make people laugh even at my own expense. I am not shy. I can laugh, cry and be angry at the drop of a hat. I am great at improvisation. I am a 32 year old female, with dark hair and green eyes. All I need is a chance to show you what I can do☺ Thank you!

  32. Yamiyah

    Hey i`m Yamiyah i`m 11 years old and the reason why i want to be in this movie is because,I love jim carrey and I love dumb and dumber.Now that man has inspired me to funny.So please pick me.P.S:I`m black brown hair and who wouldn`t want a cute 11 year old girl saying cuss words in the movie now that would really make people laugh or whatever u want.

  33. Nicholas Wininger

    May as well just hit the point… My I.T career is just not what makes me happy. I miss making people smile. My interest in film has exploded once again.

    5.9 white, blue eyes, Dark brown hair. 130 Pounds

    Been a fan of the comics for some time, and am more than willing to fill any role. Plenty of indie film experience and theater, so why not me? I have the old dumb and dumber bobble heads just sitting in my room… I see this and think, yeah that would be a blast!

    -Nicholas Wininger

  34. chandler laird

    Haha iam a ball of clay . ready to be molded by the beautiful minds my of the highly trained team of costumers ,makeup artist ,writers , directors ,actors.and producers. I know what you’re thinking that this is just some words on a page hahaha.but your wrong !!! I’m the answer to all your problems I can be anything . Coffeeboy a dead person hell I will be a TREE in hahaha I know one thing in this crazy world and that to say ” Never ever say never ever”!!! Hhaah do you get its a joke see iam that funny

    Iam a male, Caucasian
    Iam 6,1 and 180
    I got brown hair and eye careful not to get lost in them hahaha

  35. Madison

    Hello my name is madison and I would love do this opportunity I love to do outdoor activity sand crazy stuff.. Anything you need me to do or play I will get right to it thank you for the opportunity

  36. gerdy desinor

    hello my name s gerdy desinor im 15 i been waiting to be an actor an i look up to all the comedians in the acting spotlight ive always been the funniest kid in school an never got the chance to star or be in a movie an it would be my first time but it would be a great experiance im very funny an talented an can use improve really well i really feel like i would be a great fit i adapt to any situation an can come out with dffrent things im 5’6 brown eyes black hair an can speack to laguages

  37. James Kenneth Cox

    I am very excited to see this new film, I think ive watched the other about 10 times. It would be great to be considered for this film if the opportunity arises. I am a country boy from Georgia, about 5’12 200lbs. I was in the service for about 10 years. I love to make jokes an act a fool, but that’s how most of my friends an I are. Hopefully ill hear from Yawl.

  38. Emerson Coburn

    My name is Emerson. I am 12 but can pass for much older. I have appeared in many onstage productions in Tyler Texas. I have a big passion for acting and have been doing it since I was about 9. I would love to be considered for a role in your production.

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 119
    Hair: long. Curly red
    Eyes: green

    Thank you and please respond soon.

  39. Cristian Vazquez

    I watched both dumb and dumber .
    I’m funny would love to do any role on the movie, I’m 16 going to be 17 on feb.
    I’m Hispanic , work out , funny & talented

  40. Wendi Palomera

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: 128
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Body Type: Chubby

    Hello, my name is Wendi and I go to community college. Recently I was in a play called “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder where I played Rebecca, an 11 year old girl. Because of my appearance, I can play young characters. Currently, I am trying to pursue a career in acting by taking theater classes and hope to gain as much experience as possible. Thank you.

  41. Ethan Bouchard

    I am 23 years old,
    Have dark brown hair,
    Brown eyes,
    Am 6ft, 1in tall,
    165 lbs,
    I am Tan Caucasian,
    with a slender body type,
    and have been acting silly in YouTube videos for years.

    This film will turn out good no matter what with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels,
    but hope that I, to, can help make it extra “special”.

    Went through “The Motion Picture Institute” in Michigan to learn what all happens on the set so I could be easy to work with, and always know what’s going on around me.

    Phone Number- 501-545-0499
    Lives in- Denton, TX

  42. erin

    Hi there I’m 14 and have a passion to be an actress. And everyone need there break from somewhere and honestly I’m hoping to become an actress. And I think if I put my mind to it I can do it and I know its not gonna be easy but please consider me ! Thanks for ur time

  43. charlotte

    hi my name is charlotte and I’m 11 years old. i am turning 12 in december. i have blue eyes, tan skin, medium length brown hair, i weigh 55 kg and am 5 foot 2. i Iive in Australia and would love to go to america. I have a great sense of humour and i love dumb and dumber. It would be amazing to get a part in thus movie. it would be awesome to work with Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lawrence. i have always wanted to be an actress and i love to act. i have performed in many school plays and more. i am shy at start and then once you get to know me i and great to work with. i love meeting new people and making friends. There is no reason not to choose me. i will be waiting for an reply back. i love to go running and i one bike riding. i play tennis and basketball. i love sport. I will do anything to get on to this movie it would be a great experience.
    thank you so much,
    please choose me

  44. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily. Im 12 years old and turning 13 in december. I live in Australia. I have blue eyes, slightly tan skin, medium length blonde straight hair, big smile, great personality, i am 5 foot 3 and weigh 43 kg. I will be shy at first but then after 2 or so days i will go crazy. Dumb and Dumber is so funny it makes me laugh every time i watch it. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lawrence. I have always wanted to be an actress my entire life. I have participated in an acting course and performed in many school plays. I have always wanted to go to america and this could be my only chance. I would love to get an email back and i will reply and tell you more personal information and and head shots. I am shy in front of cameras but once i think they r not there and i get really into my character i pretend the cameras rant even there. I have remember lines from my school plays where i had one of the lead roles. It would be an amazing start to 2014. I am just starting high school and will participate in the drama course. I hope this has persuaded you. Even an extra would be amazing. You won’t regret choosing me!
    Thank you,
    Emily 🙂
    and yes this is my second comment!!1

  45. Carter Kingston

    Hi my name is carter I am 11 and I have blonde hear and blou Ieys and I whay 45 and have love your humer I love them.

  46. Carter

    Hi my name is carter I am 11 and I have blonde hear and blou Ieys and I whay 45 and have love your humer

  47. Mustapha Kromah

    Hi I’m Mustapha I love super heroes and would love the opportunity to be in a movie about some. I’m 12 years old brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes. I’m smart and a fast learner my big dream is to be on the big screen i would do almost anything for the oppurtunity.

  48. Jordan Leverson

    Hi I’m jordan.I’m 13 years old but I have past off for older before.I’m 5’4 and I’m all black but brownskinned.I love acting.I grew up loving acting and i was so excited when I found out about this site.I really love being a different person and actually feeling their emotions and doing what they’d do in their different sintuations and problems and mixing it into what I’d do for the perfrct acting expetience!…Besides that i was the secend main character in all of my school plays in elementary school and finally the lead in my 6th grade play.I am now in the 7th grade and people tell me I’m good at acting (and lying,,,which is pretty much acting) and I can do improv and yeah…I always wanted to be an actor and I will find a role thats right for me!

  49. herbert jackson

    Im in the military and will be getting out real soon. Ive always had the passion to be a actor but never took the chance. But know I am ready. I can give u funny, serious and whatever u may desire. I am willing to learn this craft. Ive studied from a lot of great actors on my own such as denzel, cage, al pachino, richard gere, Samuel l, cheadle, connery, Wahlberg, Roberr deniro just to name a few. Im ready. Take a shot on a veteran. ..

  50. Gabrielle Bostaph

    My name is Gabrielle Bostaph (Gabby for short) and I am 12 years young.1
    I live in Checotah, Oklahoma and love acting.
    I have some experience with dancing for I was in dance classes for a year. I also have experience with acting for I did school plays and my own infront of my parents when I was younger.
    I am very humurous and could come up with a way to make anybody laugh.
    I would love to work with Jim Carey as for acting in this movie also.
    I would love to be contacted with an oppurtunity to work with you.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  51. Sophie

    Hey I’m Sophie and I’m 13 years old, nearly 14. I live in Germany 🙂 I have blue eyes and blonde-brown hair. I’m very interested in speaking English and I have an A. My hobbies are playing tennis, dancing, singing, acting, riding horses and playing the violin and the guitar. Since I was little I’ve dreamt about becoming an actress and this would be an amazing chance to prove everyone I can make it. And I can memorize lines very easily.

  52. Holly Harvey

    Name: Holly Harvey
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 but can look way way older
    Weight: 194.4 lbs recently
    Hair: Dark Brown-Blackish Color (Naturally)
    Skin: Fair White, pinkish color. Freckled, Dark around eyes(kind of like a birthmark).
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5’4 1/2 feet.
    Personality: I have A.D.D. and am kind of energetic, I’m bubbly and usually happy. I like to think of myself as a sweet girl but I can’t really tell. I’m a freshmen in high school and DRAMATIC, from what I’ve been told. I like writing and acting. I love doing different things, I’m a different person.
    Place: East Texas(:
    Experience: I haven’t a lot of experience in film but I do have previous acting experience.

  53. Sarah

    Howdy!! My name is Sarah and I am fourteen years old. I am from Houston, Texas but don’t worry I do not have an accent. hahaha a lot of people would have thought I did. But anyways I have brown hair and brown eyes. But one think that is unique about me is that I have a dark blue rim around my brown eyes so it looks really pretty when you see it! More about me..
    – I am very tan, or I get tan very easily
    – I do ballet , competitive dance, softball, cheer, and track
    – I was elected for allstar cheerleader award (which is very special)
    – I am 14
    – I am described as a social butterfly and I love meeting new people!
    – I love to hang out with friends, bake, and play with my golden retriever!!
    thank you and please consider me because only you can help me fight for my dream an passion!!
    p.s.!! I would love to meet the cast ad I would love to start working with this new group of friends!!
    so please give me a call or email!!
    remember.. If you choose me I will make sure to give it my all and my best so thank you for reading this and have a great day!!

  54. travis

    Age 19
    Race- Native American
    Im about 5-9

    I have not been in any projects but my friends are always telling why am I not doing comedy and im always like idk no time haha Im going to college in Dallas looking for something to get me out of this town. I have always wanted to be in a comedy I tend to push the social limits but to a acceptable manner not afraid to do weird and goofy things just looking for some fun and a job I can enjoy.

  55. Curtis Lee Weeks

    I’m a 6’1″ 210 lbs, athletic build, a tall dark n handsome Texan! Age range 30’s to early 40’s. I went to college for theater and did a lot of Shakespeare. I’ve done lots of extra work and I’m ready to get on film! Oh, and I have a “rapists’ wit”! (if you didn’t get the rapists wit line, don’t call me!) Thanks, Curtis.

  56. SHAWN

    because I am a star…

  57. Lauren

    Hi there, I’m Lauren.
    I would absolutely be honoured to be a part of the 2nd ‘Dumb and Dumber’ film. I am a high achiever academically and in sport areas, captain of my school and I have had straight A’s at least 3 times now. I’m a very outgoing person, who loves to give everything a go, and I love comedy. I am currently writing multiple stories, which I hope to get published, and I love to act. I am a member of my National Academy of Performing Arts, and I would love to be able to see the actors in real life, let alone play a small, non-speaking role in this film. Thank-you so much for this opportunity, it really means the world to me.

    Height: About 5″8?
    Hair Colour: Brown with natural auburn streaks.
    Eye Colour: Hazel which can turn a golden in the sun.
    Gender: Female
    Country: Australia.

    Again, thank-you for this opportunity, one I would never regret!

    If you need any more information, please e-mail me.

    Oh, and I have a very well-trained dog who would be great in a film, if that’s any consolation.

  58. Michele Mulloy

    Height: 5 ‘6″
    Eye color: Hazel
    Skin complexion: Olive
    Weight: 165
    Hair: White
    Age: 57

    I always thought acting would be a personal challenge to become a character described on paper. I am retired, looking for work and also own a seasonal business. What I could bring is a lot of personal experience, the ability to follow direction, I am a fast learner, authentic, serious but have a sense of humor.
    Everyone has to start somewhere so I thought I would throw my name in the hat and see if I got picked. I would love the opportunity to do something new and different.
    I hope you consider me at least for an interview.

    Thank you;
    Michele Mulloy

  59. Jason Reyes

    My name is Jason Reyes, I’m 20 years old, 5’8, 170 pounds.
    I always tell my friends that there will always be a new actor, musician, band, writer, painter, movie, song, ect. The ones who work hard, don’t give up, and take chances are the ones who end up accomplishing those things. Everyone who’s famous for whatever they do now, are the ones who did just that. They took chances, worked hard, and didn’t give up, despite what others thought of them. I know to you, i’m probably one guy out of billions in this world, but i’m telling you, you got to take a chance on me. If you do, I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed

  60. Cora Hill

    It’s a lonely world we live in. I wish people really truly knew what love looked like. I’m not actually sure this website is going to work.

    There. I proved absolutes in life do exist.

    My name is Cora.
    I’ve been lonely, lost and misunderstood.~~cliche I know~~
    I like acting a whole bunch.
    I’m really, really good too. (but I actually am)

    I think people need a role model, someone to look up to, and we don’t have enough good ones. Therefore of course, it has been left to me to become that dependable consistency which people so badly, badly need. (especially now)

    It has also come to my attention that media has become the most effective way to express ones moral, theological or political beliefs– and humans will actually listen.
    Simply put: I must be heard~~really, I’m sorry I’m so cliche and generic~~
    I have a lot to say and it really can’t wait.

    Regarding my talents in the fine arts of thespianism:
    My dear friend, in the fifth grade I led the role of thief number three. I’m good.

    Seriously though, I’m an awesome pretender. Actress whatever.
    I can convince an audience of anything.
    I’ve been involved in Theater since I was a wee tot and I actually am very, very good.
    I don’t just think that because Mrs. O’ Donnel from St. Marys West Virginia on toast told me so.

    If you’re worried about my appearance–well don’t. I have a smokin’ hot bod.

    I’m fifteen. Hope that’s not a dealbreaker.
    I’m smart though. I understand the rules of engagement and most of the time I’m not an embarrassment.

    I hope whomever is potentially reading this will consider me. I swear I’m worth it.

    but really
    just email me if an interest peaks

    oh & I’m white

  61. Aiden Shaw

    Hi, my name is Aiden Shaw i’m 9yrs old soon to be 10 and in fourth grade. I’m 5ft pretty tall for my age , blonde hair with blue eyes. I love to play guitar and sing , perform and act.. I’m a team player and love to have fuuuun!!! If you consider me for an audition I promise you I will give you my all. I would love for you to hear more about me and so that i can learn more about you. Some of my other hobbies are chess and tennis watching movies and playing video games. I hope to meet you. Thank You, Aiden

  62. alberto jimenez

    hi my name is Alberto jimenez im 15 years old my number is (209-204-4113) i think i sould have the opportunity to be in this film because i love acting and i want to have the opportunity to be a part of this film not just because i loved the first one but because im dedicated and willing to put on a great performance thanks for reading this and again i hope you can give me a call – alberto jimenez

  63. Alberto Garcia

    Hi my name is Alberto Garcia and I am 27 years old. I’m Hispanic and live In Dallas Texas, born and raised. All my life I’ve been told I should of been an actor, I have a passion to make people laugh, I’m outgoing and I love to laugh. I have a wife and son and I just want to have an opportunity to show what I can do and hopefully become a professional actor for the rest of my life and finally work in something I have a passion for. I have never done anything like this before I was just watching Jay Leno and I saw Tyler Perry and Ken Jung and they were talking about how much they enjoy acting and have a passion for it. I decided to google auditions in Dallas Tx and saw this post and decided to give it a try. I can only hope to get this great opportunity and show everyone what I can really do and that I belong on the big screen.

    Thank you.

    Height: 6’4
    Weight: 274lbs
    Fluent in English and Spanish with no accent.
    Dark Brown eyes and black hair.

  64. luz

    I’m 14 years old brown eyes light skin and light brown hair honored student who ballet and acting is her life. I weight 130 and I’m 5’5. A girl from a little town with a big dream as high as the sky. I’m funny charming. talented. I will not act the character. I will bring the character to life. Please consider me I promised I wont let you down.

    sincerely luz

  65. Nail Majid

    Dear Director,
    I would love to audition for a role in your upcoming movie. A brief background: I American born and raised in three different countries. I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic. I have a very unique accent, and a growing acting talent and sills.
    I will work in any environment, challenges, and for long hours.
    I could be easily directed for any given role/character, open minded, and love teamwork.
    5’11, 204 muscular built, brown eyes and brown hair, pants are 36X32, shirt 17 neck. I recently lost 38 pounds with in two and half months.
    I could be reached at 773-255-9856 or my email maysanint@yahoo.com
    Thank you so much.

    Nail Majid

  66. Taylor Williams

    ~Height 5’4 1/2
    ~Sex female
    ~ eye color brown
    ~ age 13 going on 14
    ~body size medium
    ~race African American
    ~advanced theater (3 plays)
    ~ funny personality..
    ~ can do drama, comedy, thriller ect..

    Hi, my name is Taylor and i would love to be in this movie for a great deal of reasons. One because i’ve wanted to be an actress since Hannah Montana. I have been waiting for a chance. To show people what i can do.. i have a positive attitude and im not shy at all. I am a cheerleader so i pick up on dances really quickly and i have been involved in many plays as shown above. I would be very grateful if i am considered. Thankyou for your time.
    ~ sincerely Taylor

  67. Patrick toussaint

    Name/age:Patrick Toussaint/20
    Body type: Athletic
    Hair/eye color:Dark black curly/ black
    Location: Miami Florida
    Hi my name is Patrick I’m 20 years old and a enthusiastic, talented ,facetious ,performer. Ive never been in front of a camera for a film, but I put on a good show everyday for the world with what ever I’m doing. I love making people smile and hearing them laugh. I know I should of tried more auditions when I was younger but it’s never to late to make your dreams come true. Would really enjoy an opportunity like this it would be a great way to show off my talent and comical ability to show this world that I am ready for the big screen and ready for my Oscar. Thank you and looking forward for a call back.

  68. Jake Donley

    Acting is my life 100000% it’s the thing that keeps me going. I’m looking for my first major show and roll and I think this would help me. I’m 14 140 pounds (not fat/chubby) I’m 5″3 fair blonde hair and a sense of humor I have blue eyes . I’m always a happy person and I always smile I love being goofy but I’m serious on set I’ve had 3 years of acting experience so I know what I’m doing. I know you don’t want to see something sad but, I’m doing thins for my mom. She’s poor and I love her I want to give her everything, that’s why this would help me so much she is my motivation, please consider me it would mean so much if I made this. Thank you so much for the great oppurtunity

  69. Branden Smith

    My name is Branden smith. I am 14 years old, and I would appreciate the chance to act in this movie! I think it would be very fun! A lot of hard work, but fun. I am willing to do whatever it takes and whatever is necessary for a role in this movie. I think that if I act in this movie, more people will look up to me! I want to be a role model in peoples lives and effect their lives in a positive way! I want a chance for a role in this movie, you won’t have any regrets. Contact me for further information if you like

  70. Erick Sandoval

    I’m a really awkwardly funny guy with a passion for laughing. I’m 15 but I look about 17-19. I’m 5″11 and more on the heavy side. I’m Latino and speak fluent Spanish. I do not have an accent as I am from New York. I think that I would perfect for a role in this film.

  71. Trevor Abrahamian

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Brown:
    Eyes: Blue
    Race: White
    Body Type: Slim

    My name is Trevor Abrahamian, and although I don’t have much experience in acting, I do have family in the business as my uncle is an acting coach in Hollywood and has worked with many A-listers. My best physical quality would have to be my blue eyes. I am constantly told how beautiful they are. I really do love to act and have been told that I have a knack for bringing characters to life.. I have a great sense of humor and can really brighten up a room with my positive attitude. I am also a very outgoing person and have no trouble socializing and making new friends. I would greatly appreciate it if I would be considered for this film.

    Dumb and Dumber is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I would absolutely love to be featured in the sequel.

  72. Terry Comiskey

    Weight: 77 kg
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Age: 19
    Playing Range: 16-25
    Hello, To Whom it may concern
    My name is Terry
    I have been acting since a young age , “Acting Cv available upon request”
    and am currently attending college for performing arts , I would love the opportunity to be considered for any role available. If interested i can be contacted on the email address enclosed.
    Kind Regards

  73. Lori Reyna

    The first Dumb and Dumber was pure comedy genius so I know the sequels expectations will be even higher and with the line up of actors you know it will be a home run full of laughter. Also who hasnt been waiting long enough for a sequel. I would like to audition for the film because it would be my first audition ever and I’d like to be given an oppurtunity to show what I’m capable of I might suprise you. I also believe that it would be a great way to learn, develop and build confidence as an actor and individual.


    The only movie that had my Dad crying because he was laughing so hard!

    Name: Brian Elliott
    Phone number: 352-339-8774
    Age Range: 22-38
    Age: 31
    Height: 6′ 0″
    Weight: 230lbs (athletic/bodybuilder body type)
    Waist size: 31″
    Inseam: 32″
    Jacket size: 46″ XXL
    Neck size: 17-18″
    Shoe Size: 11
    Hat size: 7.25
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dark Blonde
    Race: Caucasian/White (not Hispanic)

  75. Tommy Moore

    My name is Tommy Moore and im twenty one. I don’t have any formal acting classes but I’ve always wanted to get into acting. I learn quickly, im eager to get into acting, and Jim Carrey has always been one of my favorite comedians. I know that I am most likely not one of your first choices but I would appreciate a chance to get to the next step.