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Nickelodeon Casting Call – Nationwide

Do you want to know how to be on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel? A 2018 audition for Nickelodeon is looking for kids! The network is bringing back its famed obstacle course series Double Dare! Are your kids ready to take on brain-bending trivia, messy, physical challenges and the infamous obstacle course this summer? Nickelodeon auditions are here! A casting call is searching for kid teams of 2. Children ages 10 to 14 who know are each other are welcome to compete. The casting team is accepting best friends, siblings, twins, cousins, neighbors, teammates, classmates and more! Don’t miss out on the chance to be on the famed series and view the Nickelodeon casting call below!

About Nickelodeon’s Double Dare

“On “Double Dare,” two teams compete against each other for prizes by answering trivia questions and completing some often-messy physical challenges, all culminating in a run of the show’s kid-friendly obstacle course.” [CNN]

What They Are Looking For

Legal guardians must apply for this show under their own profile for contestants

Seeking Kids 10-14 years old

Must be in teams of 2

Contestants must be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States

Must be between 10 and 14 years of age by June 1st, 2018

Have to be available for 1-2 days of shooting in Los Angeles in June 2018

Because this is for minors, kids must be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian

How to Apply

Parents who want to submit their child can go to the following link and fill out the information:

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129 Casting Responses

  1. Crystal Dalton

    Hi my name is Crystal Anne Dalton I’m 15 years old
    I love Nickelodeon and Disney Channel because all my favour character’s like Cole Sprouse, Sabrina Carpenter, Ariana Grande, Jack Griffo, Debby Ryan, Jace Norman, Dove Cameron, Victoria Justice, Lindsey Shaw, Selena Gomez, China Anne McClain, Isabella Monet, Amber Montana an so on were born on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.
    I live a small town called Aylesbury and its is so boring there is no celebrate that is born here so that what I want to do.

  2. shannon jenkins

    my family and i would love to do this show i watched as a teen myself

  3. Ngbede stephen

    my name is ngbede stephen i have always wanted to act movie on nickelodeon pls choose me i promise to do anything you ask me to do

  4. oluwasola emmanuel promise

    please nickelodeon i need this and i have the passion for it and am a very big fan

  5. Sydnee

    It won’t let me go onto the website to apply

  6. Sydnee

    Hi me and my best friend aryssa absolutely love double dare and really want to be on the show, we are both every athletic an intelligent. Where both 13 and really want to meet Liza and do all the physical challenges. If there’s any chance to be on the show we would definitely take it.

  7. Sydnee

    Hi my name is Sydnee I’m 13 and I’m a huge fan and if there’s any chance of you picking me, I would definitely do it

  8. Amaya Bradford

    Im very smart so is my Best friend we can do this show

  9. Marissa

    It is now early November, can I still sign up?

  10. Victor

    my mistake that was my old gmail please excuse me

  11. Victor

    hello my name is victor and i’m 13 years old and i’m your big fan.If there is a minimal chance to choose me I would try

  12. Brooklynn

    I’m Brooklynn and me and my friend are very interested in being contestants on double dare!! Mostly because we want to meet Liza Koshy, and because we want to win the money and do the physical challenges because it all seems really cool!!

  13. Rabia and Ayad

    we are 10 years old twins B/G. its our biggest dream to be A PART IF nickelodeon .

  14. logan

    please let me be on

  15. logan

    Please let me in double dare because im so interested in double dare so please let me in

  16. Emmanuel

    your question is, why am I perfect for this role. But my question to you is, why wouldn’t I be perfect for this role. In a special way everyone is different but I’m the perfect kind of different, that you are looking for. I have many gift that would instantly drive you towards me, however you might contradict that because of my minor experience, but I beg to differ, as in all the school plays I have starred in the lead or had a leading role: Oliver twist, wizard of Oz, Macbeth etc. Once for a school play I was ill, so I didn’t get to audition and out of the 12 people who did audition I got the lead role because they knew my capability, and you might too if you give me a chance. I know many people want this opportunity as much I do and maybe even a bit more but I can guaranty, anything you throw and at me I will adapt and master, and be top of every assessment because as I have said before I am your perfect kind of different and not only the different you want, the different you need.

  17. Olowu Elizabeth

    I really wish i could audition but am a Nigerian. And i do not have some one to sponsor me…
    Well those who wins GOOD LUCK.

  18. Trust

    hi my name is trust and I am very interested in nickelodeon I would love to be an actor in the nick show double dare please I won’t let you down

  19. Yazmine Hernandez

    Hey I have two twin sisters age of 14 here in California who would be very interested, fit the pat & are very out going ! Email

  20. Azriel

    Hi my friend and I are very interested in this casting but we are over 14 years of age and we were wonderding if it was ok? Please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.

  21. sam

    hi my name is SAM i am from Kenya am 10 year i would like to be a nickelodeon star i have faith and hope you will chose me thank you

  22. Rene Enriquez III

    I’m a boy btw :)))))😄

  23. Rene Enriquez III

    Hey, my name is Rene! I am 14 years old, turning 15 on January 7th and recently have competed in Americas Got Talent. I am so excited to even be writing this and I swear I will not give up until I have achieved success in the Nickelodeon business and for the people I would be contributing with in the shows I would be in. I would love that you guys text me back soon! If not, I will never give up and go for American Idol, anything that can help me be successful for myself and my family is a significantly relevant for me! Please answer back soon!

  24. Anylah Seago

    hiyo! I’m Anylah seago and I’m 11, I love dares and challenges and so does my cousin Tavon, it’s basically my dream to be on tv and I think he’ll enjoy it too! bye and thank you!

  25. Ashlyn

    Hi my name is Ashlyn me and my Friend Jubilee would like to be on your show .I’m your biggest
    fan in the world .It’s my dream to be on your show. please my friend and I on the show . and we are both 10 .
    thank you .

  26. Rance S Smith


  27. brendan stankiewicz

    I´m good at good shows and I hope you will choose me to be on the show I was on tv many of time and itis a good experience to be on tv

  28. Brad Milhorn

    hi me and my dad have been wanting to sign up for a while so please email us and tell us how to sign up please I really want to sign up

  29. Owen

    Hello my name is Owen and I am 10 years old. I would like to try out with my friend Christian who is also ten.

  30. Lily hall

    Hi my name is Lily Hall and my best friend and I would love to be one Double Dare, we are 12 and 13 years old

  31. Owen

    Hello my name is Owen and I would like to try out. I have a friend named Christian who would also be interested. We are both ten years old.

  32. alectra

    hi my name is alectra i’m 12 I would like to be on this show so plz pick me

  33. Aliva millsapp

    Hi im 10 and my brithdsy is in mat im a angel i dont let hater get to me i keep going and i really want this ne and my family need this

  34. Lisa Boy

    hi my name is lisa i am 13 years old and my brother is 11 years old i think it would be an amazing thing for us to do soon expecialy since we are going seperate ways soon

  35. Laurie Tillman

    We might come April,9th 2019. Thank you very much!

  36. amy

    hi im amy an im 12

  37. Natalie

    Hi my name is Natalie and I am 13 I would love to be on the show me and my cousin who is 14 and we both love pranking each other

  38. Shayla Sanders

    Hi my name is Shayla.
    I have watched all of the episodes of the first season and it would be a total dream come true to have a chance to be on double dare.

    Thank you.

    Love you liza Koshey

  39. jamey Hall

    She is very polite.She has some acting experiences in plays like Honk, the wizard Oz (3 times),Puss in Boots, a Christmas carol ,a Christmas story. She does a lot of sports softball ,soccer ,basketball ,swim.
    She does chorus ,orchestra ,art club ,Student Government Association. Also, she love watching
    Double Dare.

  40. Vanessa

    My friend and I have always dreamed of being comedic actresses. We would love to come on your show we are very friendly and outgoing. We hope we can be on your show. Her name is Carly, she is 12 turning 13 in May and I am 12 turning 13 in January. We are both really excited and hope we could win!🤗😱🤪😂😍😇

  41. Jewel Wealth

    I Want To Be A Nick Star But Am Not In The United States Am A Nigerian What Can I? Do Please Help Me! I Can Read And Write I Am Eleven Plus ! I Enjoy Singing!

  42. salom amuthenu

    Awesome this has always been my dream

  43. Megan Roberson

    Hi my name is megan I am currently 12 years old and will be 13 April 7th I would love to be on this show and I absolutely would love to be on it I already have a freind in mind but in have a couple questions like do you pay for our flight and a place to stay or do we have to and currently it is augest are there still auditions for this or any other game show//auditions?

  44. Lissette Minaya

    Hi I’m Delila and I have watched this show during my free time along with my brother Luis. I am eleven and Luis is twelve. We have both agreed that being on this show would be absolutely AMAZING! We are both good at teamwork and would like to be a part of this amazing show.

  45. Tiwonge mollo

    Hi, i am 11years old i really want to be on nickelodeon shows like double dare i hope you let me in please

  46. Tiwonge mollo

    I really want to act in nicelodeon shows like double dare i live in south africa i am 11years old and i live in south africa please can you let me in

  47. Laura

    Hi, my name is Laura. I’m 15 years old and I’m a professional dancer. I live in Germany and I can speak russian and I’m really talented. It’s my dream to be an actor on this American show. Please get back to me as soon , as possible
    Thank you!

  48. Laura hermann

    Hi, my name is Laura. I’m 15 years old and I’m a professional dancer. I live in Germany and I can speak russian and I’m really talented. It’s my dream to be an actor on that American show.So please get back to me as soon , as possible
    Thank you!

  49. Stephen

    Hi my name is Stephen can’t wait to get picked for cast

  50. Jordan

    Helll, my name is Jordan. I am 14 years old and so is my best friend, Audrey. We both love double dare and would also love to be chosen as the next two contestants. We really hope you choose us, but we live in New Mexico. We’ve both always wanted to be on tv and you are giving us the opportunity to so please consider us!

  51. cameron sellers

    hi I am 12 my name Cameron I love doing crazy and wild dares I can do most and am really good at sport and hoping to testing my skill and be a winner

  52. Nicky Nashami

    I come from Kenya, Africa. Since i was a child i have always wanted to act on nickelodeon and because of no enough money to be able to come for auditions i could not come for any audition. I have always watched nickelodeon and followed up. I am looking for an acting opportunity.It is my dream to be on nickelodeon. Please feature me, i will be grateful enough. Kira Korasin has always been my role model.I am an champion of Alternative Right of Passage for opposing on female genital mutilation in Kenya.My mentor is Nice Nailantei Lengete an award winning activist.She was in the 100 Times Influential People in the world.I am in grade 7.Please give me a casting role in any show.THANK YOU.