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Everyone loves The Disney Channel. Everyone Loves Dogs. Are you ready for the ultimate combination? The Disney Channel along with  Emmy-winning producer Michael B. Kaplan (I’m With The Band, Roseanne) is set to bring their most original and wacky comedy show yet to the airwaves, a show where a dog is the star! Casting calls and auditions for Dog With A Blog are happening soon and you could be cast in the hottest show in the Disney universe.

Dog With A Blog tells the story of two recently married parents whose 15 year old children from their previous marriages  Tyler and Avery just cant seem to get along. Frustrated that they cant make the new living situation work, thet’re parents decide to get a dog that the kids can bond over. While hesitant at first the kids quickly come around – when they realize that their new dog Stan can talk! The talking dog Stan is set to be the centerpiece of this exciting new comedy and each week his blog entries about his family life will drive the programs plot. Each episode will find Stan Tyler and Avery getting into hilarious adventures and growing closer together as a family. Getting a shot at a high quality Disney show is a dream for any aspiring actor. Auditions and casting calls for roles of all sizes on the new show will be going on soon and will last throughout the production schedule so stay tuned right here for all of the casting updates and leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts on Dog With A Blog.

It is coming very soon. Your chance to star in the next Disney Channel mega-hit comedy series. This is set to be the most wild and side-splitting comedy ever on the world’s most popular network and your most fantastic opportunity to make you star turn as a Disney Channel star. Submit yourself today to work with Stan and the gang on The Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blog.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Jamie G

    My pup “Angel” is pure white, smaller 8 month old rescue, no tail. Greatest Personally Around ! She gets attention from Everyone, Everywhere…Check Her Out For Yourself.. Hope Today Is Blessed !!!

  2. Heidi Hicks

    Dakota is a 10 year old male Siberian Husky. He’s a real sweetie and a charmer. He loves people and children. He went to obedience school in 2011 at Sunnydell Dog Training School in Sequim, WA. His trainer was Jane Burkey. He can be vocal and can bark or “talk” on cue. Dakota is fixed and all of his shots are current. For pictures please check out his Instagram

  3. Lois Garadozzi

    #planetkunu. Kunubear. Cutest fluffiest golden doodle you’ve ever seen/ met. Already quite famous in Orlando. Mascot at lowes sapphire hotel in Orlando. Check him out. KUNU

  4. Lois Garadozzi

    Please check out my granddog KUNU at #planetKUNU. He is the most fluffiest golden doodle, well behaved, loves to take pictures and is the mascot at Lowes sapphires hotel at Disney universal Orlando. The entire staff there knows him and just love him. He is already quite famous in the Orlando area and will be famous soon. Check him out. You will be glad you did. KUNU BEAR.

  5. Audrey Kirchner

    We have 2 Alaskan purebed malamutes who have been through extensive training. Our almost 3-year-old Max is extremely vocal and has a personality that does not stop while our Gabby is very quiet and dignified (most of the time). Max absolutely loves training and will do anything for a treat. I’ve done a couple of videos of him for my own blog writing and he was an excellent pupil. He is a beautiful boy with a perpetually young face.

  6. Katerina

    Hi, my name is Katerina and my franchie Prince is absolutely adorable .

  7. Chandra Downey

    I am a proud owner of a Pappillion Gizzy he would make an excellent selection being that he has the Mickey Mouse ear design naturally in his fur
    He is highly intelligent and talks (lol) When talked to and obeys when communicated to. He is a little cute must see.

  8. danny

    i got the most amazing dog her name is apple lol she is verry good around people listens verry well she be perfect shihtzu amazing hair color on her it pops on camera

  9. Lauren Reneaux

    Oh, you MUST see Kenickey! A 4 year Old, 22 pound, apricot with black tipped ears and tail, soft coated Irish Wheaten. Hands-down the most handsome, curly cue, almost-scruffy little guy. Full of personality and brings absolute joy where ever he goes. Loves old people and little kids. He’s also a therapy dog for a Retirement Community.

    Tell me where to send pics and full resume for this melt-your-heart pup.

  10. Lauren Reneaux

    Ooh, you’ve got to lay your eyes on this guy! Kenickey, a 22 pound, 4 year old, apricot, soft coated Irish Weaton. Hands down the most handsome, scruffy yet curly haired, lovely boy you’ve ever encountered.
    He’s a therapy dog too!

    Please reach me for his resume and pics.

  11. Chèle

    Hello! My name is ruby and I am a 8 m/o Siberian husky I have pearly blue eyes and I am black white brown and tan! If you are interested in casting me on dogwiththevlog please contact me in my email ! I hope I win !

  12. Cathy Pearson

    Presenting (for the 1st Time), DULCE,
    the World’s most CHARISMATIC & Cutest & HAPPIEST Dog!
    She will Love On absolutely Everyone!
    She gives the most amazing kisses & is a sweet sweet cuddle bug.

    She LIVES to PLEASE! She Adores attention.
    I say that she goes out To Greet Her Public lol, but there’s nothing aloof about her. She Interacts with positively Everyone if I let her.
    (But see the video of her JUST SITTING, In a BUSY MALL while lots of people, including children Walk on By..). So she can sit well, even while distracted. (Great for noisy sets with cameras etc.)

    She downright Smiles & looks like she’s laughing all of the time. Could definitely be talking….

    She loves to try on clothing, vests, collars, even glasses. She simply thinks we are going out & gets all excited. She STOPS TRAFFIC, literally, when we are driving and she is wearing her Doggles. She can look Badass too!

    3 year old Female Morkidoodle
    (Mom all white Maltese / Poodle (not Curley) & Dad Yorki of unknown origin.)
    Fluffy! Tan coat with White roots. 4 White Paws look dipped in milk.
    Gorgeous big black eyes & expressive tongue that shows her Joyfulness!
    Her Hair MOVES Beautifully when she runs!
    VERY SMART! Treats are great, but she Works for PRAISE!
    Los Angeles Area

  13. Monique

    My dog name is Kermit The Dog, but everyone calls him Kermit or Kermi. Kermi is a black/white Shetland Sheep dog, or better known as a smaller size of the famous Lassie. Kermit just turned three and is very smart. He knows several commands and is willling to do it all for treats or a toy. Kermit knows the basics as sit, down, come, stay, jump, on your feet, etc. as well as some tricks beg, pray, play dead, hand shake, etc.
    We are big Disney fans and this will be his for part if he gets it so we are fresh and ready to do something great!
    Thank you for your time !

    With barks&sniffs,

  14. adrienne d fowler

    Adrienne, I have a 2yr old Bijon Terrier white with a wonderful personality.Gentle,kind ,loves people ,friendly, smart.Everybody tells me to put her in the movies she is sooooo cute .Her name is Baby. She is 23 lbs.Wait till you meet her you will fall in love.We bring her to our local mall and everybody loves her that work there they always ask for her. Please respond you wont regret it.

  15. Benjamin Defferari

    I am the proud owner of “Oscar el boxer” a lovely boxer pup who happens to be famous in social media. He counts with followers from 55 countries, he is super friendly and enjoys modeling for photos. A lot of his fans have reached out saying that they hope to see him in the Big Screen. We would love to see him being the face of a brand or modeling for a comercial or series.

    Cristina Zamarron

  16. Ryan

    I’m 10 yard old I’m ryan

  17. Ryan

    Hello in would love to be in show and I thick I would be really good at it

  18. Slava

    Hello. I have a female black/grey/white Siberian Husky named Ghost. Her eyes are blue and she is complimented all the time. She will be 5 years old in July. She can speak (mild howl) on command. She acts it out by throwing her head back and generally behaves like a teenager who was just told to go do homework. She is used to humans and dogs around her. Photos and videos available upon request.

  19. Bayley Paharik

    I have a very sweet 6 Year old Havapoo (Havanese and Poodle mix!) named Emmy who is a Canine Good Citizen and almost a therapy dog. She knows sit, stay, come, leave it, down, drop, stand, shake paws (both right and left), roll over and paws up.

  20. Georgie

    Hi! My name is Georgie! 🐶 I am 1 year old and I am one fluffy dood! I am full of life and love people. I am an f1b goldendoodle however, I like to think I’m part human as well 😊 my pawrents have given me a fabulous life and hope to one day see me in Hollywood! I hope our dreams come true. Hope we talk soon!!

  21. Cassie Kennedy

    I have a female Red and White Border Collie almost seven years old who knows somewhere around 100+ different unique tricks. If interested, please email me would love to get her on this show.

  22. Hazel

    I have a very sweet 1 year old toy poodle, he knows basic obedience plus tricks, and loves both people and dogs! We live in Louisiana, his tricks are spin, wave, hi 5, and speak. His obedience commands are sit/stay, down/stay, heel, place, and is still learning the “stand” command.

  23. Dianne Peterson

    Let me be the first to introduce you to Austin my 5 month old Beaglier that is melting hearts everywhere he goes! He can sit, lay down, sit on his bottom, fetch, roll over and give you a high-five. His eyes are super expressive, eager to please, and can be a little rambunctious and very playful. I’ll ask him to play with “his toys” and he’ll go and get one of them. If you don’t get to meet him…. you’re just missing out!

  24. susan campos

    Hello from Tennessee ,
    I have a 3 yo. long hair Terrier mix with a natural Mohawk and he is so intelligent it took me 3 cookies to teach him to shut the door. He is a lover and the life of the party . Everyone would love to see him on a show like Dog with a Blog .He has the it factor !! Looking forward to hearing more about this show and how to audition .

  25. Bailey Owens

    Hello, My name is Bailey and I am 11 years old and I love any Disney show but Dog With a Blog is my favorite. I don’t know if you are still accepting applications but I would love to be featured in a TV show. 3 reasons I think I would do a good job being featured in one of the TV shows is because 1 I can remember lines very very easily 2 like I said I love Dog With a Blog and 3 I have always loved doys and thought they had a very different life when my family left my dog alone or went to bed. So I would be delighted to be featured on Dog With a Blog.

    Bailey Owens Joplin, Missouri

  26. Jeanne

    Good Evening,

    Allow me to introduce my dog Bailey who is almost seven years old. He is three quarters Shetland Sheepdog and one quarter Australian Cattle Dog.
    He looks like a Border Collie with a few perfectly placed small brown accents, such as his eye brows and cheek bones.
    His full tail curls and the tip rests on his back.
    People adore my dog. They go on and on how beautiful and well behaved he is. I have had two purebred Shetland Sheepdogs prior to Bailey. He is exceptionally smart beyond any dog I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of my family. Honestly, I have not met another dog like him in my life. To know him is to love him. He has many jobs but his priority is to protect me and our property. If you are a welcomed guest, he is welcoming. If you may pose a threat he has a bark for that. I can tell his welcoming happy bark or his protective dominant bark.
    He is eager to please, easy to teach and could possibly have traits of a working dog. Nine out of ten commercials with dogs that look similar to mine. If you gave me the opportunity to show you the qualities Bailey possesses, I can assure you will be impressed and interested in working with him. I can guarantee this without any reservations what so ever!
    Thank you for your time,
    Unable to post any photos on this site.

    Ms. Jeanne

  27. DKay

    Would anyone be interested in a Lovable little chihuahua in a movie? Everyone we run into loves her here.

  28. Kristi Madsen

    Are you really bringing dog with a blog back? Wow, how exciting! I watch the past episodes all day everyday on Hulu! Is the actress that plays Chloe not coming back? She was amazing, funny, adorable, it will be hard to replace her! Is Blake coming back as well?
    Well, I think Disney went downhill since dog with a blog and Lab Rats and The Elite Force, Mighty Med, and Bunk’d have all been stopped! Those were the best shows of Disney! I can’t stand what they show now!

    Kristi Madsen

  29. Leila Parks

    Hello, I’m not sure if you are still accepting applications, but I feel as if I have a dog that will fit this part amazingly. My name is Leila Parks and I am an agent for a handsome white lab named Myles. Myles has been professionally trained by the owners of the dog Lassie. Myles is very well-behaved and we are trying to get him involved into this business! Myles is fun, loving and very good in front of a camera. He has starred in commercials before and has some experience modeling as well. If you are still interested in finding a dog for this part, please contact me. Thank you!

  30. Kelly

    I want to be on one of disney channel show or movies!!!!

  31. Zoey McKenzie

    Hi, My name is Zoey. I am 14 years old and LOVE everything Disney! I’m a huge fan of the Disney shows and actors and have always wanted to be a part of the Disney family. I have never acted professionally before, but I do write my own short stories and songs. I can sing; I’ve was a member of my middle school’s Advance Chorus for two years straight. I was also in band in my sixth grade year of middle school. I played the trumpet. I love music and am learning to play guitar. I am a rising 9th grader and am excited and nervous at the same time. I always put forth 100% effort when doing something and this opportunity (if chosen) would be no different. I have a dog named Beauty and she is my best friend. We do everything together. We live with my mom and I think she’s the best mom ever! She always tells me I can do ‘it’ and has my back no matter what. She is a single mother and I just, one day, would like to repay her half of what she’s given to me.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time! Have a wonderful day.

  32. Hannah Ballard

    Hi, my name is Hannah. I’d love to be a part of this show because I believe it really shows true comedy and every day tasks and problems to be solved. Stan is above all the best character, he portrays all the traits in a dogs best friend.

  33. Rachel

    Above is a link showing what my dog looks like. He is a American pit bull and the sweetest dog in the world. He’s super smart and since Christmas we’ve taught him many tricks he even fetches water bottles out of the fridge for us. He is still learning new tricks 🙂

  34. Wendy Halpain

    Hello im Wendy Halpain and my dog may fit the part she is a well behaved dog and as others say very beautiful
    She is a 10 pound terrier mix and she has white and brown fur very obedient and knows a few tricks
    It would be very much appreciated if you could reply

  35. Rayzhiana Johnson

    I love this show so much and would love to be on this show! I enjoy watching it every time it comes on and i am a huge fan of the actor Avery and every one else.

  36. YumeiroHinamori

    Hey, my name’s Yumeiro and i love dog with a blog and i would love to be on a disney channel show even if it’s a small part. I would be fine with just being an extra. I love disney channel shows and I’m hoping you can give me a shot.

  37. Tomi

    i really want to be on disney channel. I want to act

  38. Aline

    Thanks for sharnig. Always good to find a real expert.

  39. Renee

    I love Watchin dog with the blog and I like to make people smile and I’m goofy and when I’m around people I’m goofy sometimes I’m not ?

  40. Nia Harmon

    Hi my name is nia I am 9 years old.I would like to meet stan.

  41. Nia Harmon

    Hi my name is Nia and I am 9 years old. Thank You

  42. Theona

    I would love to act in this show! I can do many accents, When I need to I can be very dramatic or sassy . I can sing, dance and would an amazing addition to your show. I have been in school productions, love animals and will do whatever it takes to achieve my hollywood dreams!

    Hair: Gold brown, med length
    Eyes: Hazel
    Age: 11
    Please consider me!

  43. Semira Michael

    Hi, my name is Semira Michael. Acting is my passion and this show is one of my favourites, so this opportunity would be amazing!

    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    City/Province: Toronto, Ontario
    DOB: March 13, 1998
    Hair: black, curly/straight
    Skin: light skin
    Height: 5″5
    Eyes: dark brown

  44. manuel

    hola me llamo manuel ruiz tengo 15 años pais peru ………. bueno me gustaria ser un gran actor pero no estudie actuación….. pero me gustaria ser un gran actor de novelas o de peliculas ……como los de mas actores ………. bueno de me numero de celular porsiacas grasias….disney channel

  45. Abbey Leamons

    Acting and disney are my to inspirations for entering this comment, i have never had any friends who had the same loves for singing and acting like i do so it would be amazing to be around people who ha e inspired other just like i would love to do.

  46. Ming Xi chau

    Hi! I’m Ming Xi Chau but call me xixi!
    I love doing actions and I sing for a hobby!
    I go to bay academy and I’m 11 years old
    I wanted to act when I was little. I used to dance in front of my friends! 😉
    I really would like an actions part for any Disney movie! I really want to perform!
    I’m promise I won’t let u down! I just want to follow my dream
    I’m not sure if I can achieve it though but it starts here!

  47. Aishat

    Hello my name is Aishat
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2
    Race:African Spanish
    Weight: 67
    Hair:I got brides but my natural hair is black and is short but my braids color is brown , purple and black
    Eye Color: brown
    Date of Birth:my date of Birth is 05 June 2004
    Age:I am 11 years old
    Hobbies: my hobbie is cooking ,writing, drawing, I can sing but not a lot ,I am good in maths , I am good in pothography
    It would be great to get on the show and be with these inspiring actors and actresses my dream would come true to be on the show but if I don’t get in I will be happy for whoever gets I might not know them but I am am still rooting for them 🙂
    Please contact me
    Thanks for reading

  48. robert sarros

    was stan cancelled?we need to see him again,we miss him…

  49. robert sarros

    was stan cancelled for the season,or will he be back on…..we miss him,and need to see him.

  50. aleena

    My name is Aleena Garabedian. I live in California. Acting is a really big part of my life. I basically live with acting. I have great experiences with acting. Being chosen on this tv show would mean a lot to me. Anyway, thanks a lot!! Hope I get chosen to be on Dog With A Blog!

  51. kaitlyn

    Heyy my name is kaitlyn
    Blue eyes
    Fun, goofy and can cry on demand
    Love to act
    I’m 5’4
    I am 110 pounds
    13 years old
    Hope you pick me to be on Dog With A Blog.

  52. Neighamya Fortune

    Age: 12
    Weight: 83lbs
    Height: 5’0
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown

    I’ve always been told to follow my dreams even if things might not work out. You still keep trying, and that’s what I’m going to do. Everyone else might see me as an ordinary kid, but I see myself as an extraordinary, fun, loving, and a very talented person. That’s what makes me, me. What acting means to me is all about passion and who you do it for. Friends, family, yourself, and fans.

  53. Tiffany

    I have 3 kiddos whom are each naturally beautiful and naturally talented! Hilarious and high energy, here come my 16,11 & 9 year old to tell you that you would absolutely love their individual personalities and talents! My 16 year old looks like Megan Fox! My 11 year old naturally very blonde daughter is very different from other girls her age, and my 9 year old son is a born entertainer waiting to erupt into the big screen! We are Chicago based and you may contact me if you feel interested in my 3. “A dog with a blog” is 1 of the favorite shows to my 11&9 y/o!

  54. Mason Stidham

    Hello Disney Channel, I have arrived!!! If you’re looking for talent here I am! I am an 11 year-old blonde haired blue eyed Okie with a dream!! I have been practicing my acting skills from the day I was born. I can be sweet and innocent, cute and cuddly, or wild and crazy what ever you are looking for I can do it. Just give me a chance you won’t regret it!!!

  55. Alana Maness

    Hi! My name is Alana and I would love to be on your show “Dog With A Blog”! Here’s my information :

    Age – 12, turning 13 in December
    Height – 5’4
    Hair – Dirty Blonde, Medium Length
    Eye Color – Brown
    Siblings – 5 brothers and a sister ( Some are step/half because my parents are divorced )
    State – Colorado
    Hobbies – Dance, Art, Acting, Reading, Writing
    Personality – Fun, funny, nice, polite, always full of energy
    Other – I absolutely LOVE Disney Channel! I watch it every day with my younger brothers, and each time I wish I was on Disney.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application. I hope you consider casting me! It would be amazing!

  56. kyshawn

    Im kyshawn i love stan i love to act i want to follow my dream please put me in the show contact me 3137215441 4feet11inches black hair and eyes