Documentary Breaking Barriers Needs Males & Females

Documentary Film Casting Police Officers, Doctors, Lawyers & More in NYC

One Glass Video, a film and video production company, is looking for various individuals in specific professions who live in the New York Area for a documentary video series. They are a full service production and post-production company.  From developing a concept, planning a production, providing the best crews, to editing and animation — it is the One Glass policy to take a direct and personal approach to every project.  Some of their clients include Showtime, Twitter, GQ and Gap.

About ‘Breaking Barriers’

If you have been in one of the following jobs for a significant time, then we want to hear from you! This series aims to break down barriers between people and so all backgrounds, genders, races, ages wanted. No previous on-camera experience required.

Casting Males & Females of All Ages and Backgrounds 

Specifically we’re seeking those who are currently active in the following careers or have had more than 7 years experience as any of the following:

Police Officer or Firefighter
Religious (Rabbi, Nun, Monk, Priest, etc)
Athlete or Skateboarder
Computer Programmer
Corporate Lawyer
Banker or Stock Broker
Painter or Artist
Nurse or Doctor
Sanitation Engineer or Refuse Collector
MTA employee

Submission Information

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, however, the first deadline for consideration is APRIL 3, 2016.

Send applications to this email address:

To be considered for the show, send casting directors all of the following information along with photos to be considered:

Current or previous profession from the list above:
How long have you worked in that profession:

Original hometown and/or home state or home country:
Contact email:
Contact Phone number:

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3 Casting Responses

  1. Nathan

    Hi i am Nathan im 21 athletic and confidence and my dream is to be an actor or to be song writer I love to hear back from yous soon as possible

  2. Brady noll

    I AM A BOY

  3. Brady noll

    I am 10 years old and I have blond hair and blue eyes.My name is Brady noll. I am 5 feet tall and I weigh 90 lbs