Disney's Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off

Get ready to Shake It Up for stardom! The Disney Channel is teaming up with the talented stars of Shake It Up! Bella Thorne and Zendaya for the ultimate dance competition show Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off. This is the chance for you and up to four partners to compete in televisions most amazing dance competition show for the chance to score a guest spot on the hit Disney series Shake It Up! Casting call and audition submissions are being accepted for what could be your big Disney break.

The Make Your Mark: Shake It Up  Dance Off is ready to make on lucky dancer or dance team a star. Producers and judges are accepting videos online of your dance routines and the six finalists chosen will compete live on The Disney Channel in front of Bella, Zendaya and a group of celebrity judges for the Make your Mark Championship and a guest starring role on the all new season of Shake It Up! It’s time for you to bust out those dance moves and get practicing for your shot at the big time. Video submissions will be accepted all summer long for the fall competition. If you and your team think they have what it takes to be the next featured stars of Shake It Up! your opportunity is finally here. If you are interested in this fantastic competition you can head to this website makeyourmarkcds.disney.go.com for contest and submission information and dance tips form the one and only star  choreographer Rosero McCoy. Auditions and casting calls will be announced after all videos have been received so stay tuned here for all of the latest information and be sure to leave a comment below and let us know if you and your dancing friends are planning to Make Your Mark.

Imagine performing on The Disney Channel in front of a live studio audience and tens of millions of viewers at home all for the chance to star on Shake It Up! You could be dancing right alongside Rocky and CeCe and into the hearts of Disney fans the world over. Submit yourself today to compete on the dance competition spectacular Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off.

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831 Casting Responses

  1. Kyla williams

    Hi, I am 13 yrs old I love to dance and sing and rap and play the drums and a lot more stuff but I am more good at singing I really want to join make your mark on Disney channel I hope I get excepted call me

  2. Marianna Simmons

    My name is Mari I’m 12 yrs olds. I’ve been a dancer since the age of 3. I am an equestrian.I also love my dogs and my parrot Charlie. As a matter of fact Charlie the parrot get her name from my mom watching the show “Good Luck Charlie”.
    I really do love all animals!
    I have had some set backs in life; like 3 eye surgeries to fix my eye muscles.
    I have auditory processing disorder, but I really love music and singing and and of course I am a dancer.
    I had childhood asthma.
    Also I’m a highly functing autistic 12 girl! I get straight A’s love everyone and all animals. I really mean that my my says that I have some weird radar on me that animals can sense that I’m kind and flock to me ; you must see to believe!
    Mainstream never gave me a chance but since the age of 7 my mother has had me in the best care possible and I can read novels, ride my horse, dance ballet, do gymnastics, sing, act,and my passion of course is taking care of my animals.
    So if you need someone to do a show involving animals, I’m your girl!

  3. Malaysia Eiland

    Oh yeah and I live in Omaha Nebraska.

  4. kelly

    hi this Kelly aykut I am 15 years of age and would love to get this opportunity to get this audition
    I love to dance I do hip hop dancing so perfect for the show
    i have watched every single shake it up episodes
    i love acting
    this would be a dream come true if i was chosen
    Kelly aykut

  5. Adleigh

    Hey I’m 11 years old I have a friend that would love to audition BTW Zendaya is gorgeous and my role model

  6. Kyre Johnson

    My names Kyre Johnson and I’m 13 years old. I’ve been doing professional competitive dance for 12 years now. I do any style and pick up choreography fast. Dance is my life, I dance tons of hours a week and i would love this chance to do what I love. Thanks!

  7. Emily

    I love to dance! I am a self taught gymnast. I live to sing, act, and dance.

  8. manuel

    hola me llamo manuel ruiz tengo 15 años pais peru ………. bueno me gustaria ser un gran actor pero no estudie actuación….. pero me gustaria ser un gran actor de novelas o de peliculas ……como los de mas actores ………. bueno de me numero de celular porsiacas whasapp (51) 930115001 grasias..

  9. Layla Herrera

    Hi my name is Layla and I love to dance sing act and slot of other stuff so it would be awesome if I get a chance to show the world what I got

  10. manuel

    hola me llamo manuel ruiz tengo 15 años pais peru ………. bueno me gustaria ser un gran actor pero no estudie actuación….. pero me gustaria ser un gran actor de novelas o de peliculas ……como los de mas actores ………. bueno de me numero de celular porsiacas grasias

  11. Jihanna Sease

    Hi I have been writing songs, singing, dancing, and acting in plays since I was 6. I always wanted to be on tv. And my dream is going to come true. My mom says I can start acting when I’m 13. Dance is my life, when I’m on the dance floor, all I can see is the audience and the spotlight on me, it’s where my life really is.
    State:United States, NJ
    Hair:Dark Brown, Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Skin: Goldish Brown
    Please find me on YouTube.I don’t do dance videos but I’m going it post some soon.

  12. Margarita

    Hi my name is margarita Maloney I am 12 years old and I would love to be apart of the Disney channel and I live London

  13. Mary Zhludova (Struds)

    Name: Mary
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Dark blonde + Ombre from my color to blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5″58
    Weight: 112 pounds
    Siblings: Younger sister Tanya.
    Favorite Colors: Blue , blue , green , purple
    Favorite actors Disney: Bella Thorne, Laura Marano, Zendaya, Ross Lynch, Sterling Knight, Miley Curys, Emily Osment.
    About me: I love to watch sitcoms on the Disney channel. A very talented young actors. I watched a lot of TV series and shows, but my favorite: Prank Stars , Sonny With A Chance , Hannah Montana , Magic at Waverly Place , Austin&Ally , Shake It Up . I used singing and drawing. Now engaged in dancing. Dream of moving to Los Angeles and participate in some shows on the Disney channel. I learn quickly.

  14. Terrell Drake

    HI my name is Terrell Drake, and I’m a dancer. I hope this can really get my names out there and I really want to Make My Mark. I’m 18 years old, born June 22/97. I do Popping, Animation, and The Robot. Hope you’ll will consider me Thank You.

  15. Ryan Cooper

    Hello I’m Ryan and I would love to be a contestant on Make Your Mark Ultimate Dance Off
    I and 12 years old and currently living in Oregon. It would mean the world to be featured. I and very committed to dance and take 14 classes a week. And was able to perform with Becky G this summer in Las Vegas.

  16. Julia

    I’m Julia. I’m 18 and I’m professional Pole Dancer.The moment I walked into my first pole class, I knew I was in a world where I belong. Power and freedom of movement became so present through pole, and I realised what this style of dance could really do for my mind, body and soul. I dropped everything in my home country, and moved to NY, dedicating all of my time to training on the pole and stretching . I dance everywhere when I hear the music. I dance to be free. I can dance for you and I’m sure you will dance with me because I have so much energy and I wanna share it with you.

  17. Alize

    Hi I’m Alize Estrada I really want to join make your mark .I sing ,dance,play the guitar and I play basket ball,football,volleyball. I live in Los Angeles.I am a big fan of Disney channel.
    Hair: brown
    Eyes : hazel nut
    Height 5’3
    Weight 90 lbs

  18. Jasmine Jean-Baptiste

    I live in Tampa
    -Gender: Female
    -Height: 5’1
    -Weight: 112
    -Hair color: brown
    -Hair length: neck wise
    -Hair type: straight
    -Eye color: Brown
    -Extra Features: Glasses
    -Race: African American
    -Grade: high school Sophomore
    -Talents: Dancing, Singing, Piano a little, crying laughing and being seriois At the right moment, I can go from laughing to serious right then and there.
    -I am very athletic and love sports
    -I smile a lot, always happy, and acting has always been a dream of mine.
    -on my free time I honestly act out scenes for the show or even create my own episode as if I were a character in the show. Acting is my life and I just want a great start on TV, I have experience on television and also act in musical theatre and one act plays at school.
    and I hope this could start my future career.

  19. Asha Nia Cosby

    Hello, Disney channel is so amazing.
    I love to watch make your mark!
    It would be a honor to dance in disney’s make your mark!
    I’m 13 years old and love to dance in studio’s as well
    as express myself at home.
    Brown Hair
    Brown eyes

  20. Jayana

    Hello I’m Jayana. I am 12 years old and going to turn 13 on August 31st. I love Shake it up and I would be honored to dance on the show. I currently dance with a Hip Hop dance team in New Jersey. It’s called “InDaClutch”. We have danced on national tv before and we are professionals. And I would love to be chosen. Thank you for your time

  21. Alejandra

    Me and my sis been dancing since we could walk it’s been our dream to be on Disney and meet zendaya nd Bella my name is Alejandra and my sis is Alizea

  22. Chelsey Onwuzuruike

    Hi make your man I’m Chelsey and I’m 12 years old I know its weird that I still watch Disney in such a young age but I love it and I love dancing I’ve been dancing since I was 6 and I loved it ever since this all be n amazing opportunity for me because I will be doing something I love and to express what I love to do but. When I don’t dance I feel lie nothing and don’t show myself but when I do dance I feel myself and I love doing that I really hope u think about picking me and email me as soon as you can thank you for your time!! and also I’m 5’7 and my eye color is brown

  23. Jaslyne

    Age: 12
    Hair: dark and light brown long
    Skin: white but a little tan
    Hobbies: do it your self projects, doing hair and makeup, dancing, drawling, and gymnastics
    Height: medium 4-5
    I would love to at least be on shake it up dance off because I want to make my parents proud of me if you pick me I will be the best I can be I PROMISE but even if I don’t get picked I’ll be ok because there are a lot of talented dancers you have to pick from but thank you for your consideration

  24. Jaslyne

    Age: 12
    Hair: dark and light brown long
    Skin: white but a little tan
    Hobbies: do it your self projects, doing hair and makeup, dancing, drawling, and gymnastics
    Height: medium 4-5
    I would love to at least be on shake it up dance off because I want to make my parents proud of me if you pick me I will be the best I can be I PROMISE but even if I don’t get picked I’ll be ok because there are a lot of talented dancers you have to pick from but thank you for your consideration ✌️

  25. Justine

    Hello, Disney channel is so amazing.
    I love to watch make your mark!
    It would be a honor to dance in disney’s make your mark!
    I’m 11 years old and love to dance in studio’s as well
    as express myself at home.
    Brown Hair
    Brown eyes

  26. Trinity Handford

    Hi. My name is Trinity. I’m 5’5, 15 years old. African American with black curly hair. To be completely honest I’m submitting myself to audition for Disney’s Make Your Mark because I want to become someone in life. I love acting, dancing, and going outside of my comfort zone as long as it helps me in the long run. I want to go as far as I can with the potential I have, I know I can aspire and be successful, I just need that one JumpStart and I think auditioning will be the perfect piece to my puzzle! I’m a hardworking girl in school and outside of school. I love to laugh and enjoy every bit of life. I get along with everyone and I’m a very bright girl from what my past teachers told me . I hope I can audition for you. I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you!

  27. Leilani Fellowes

    Hey I’m Leilani Fellowes but I prefer to be called Lani, I’m female.
    I live in Hamilton, New Zealand.
    I’m shortish with reddish brownish medium length hair.
    I have hazel eyes and am skinny. And female.
    Bit about myself:
    I love acting and singing. I love disney channel and have always wanted to be on it. I do drama at school and take vocal lessons through school as well as being in the school barbershop. I am weird and a bit quirky and like to think I’m funny.
    Thank you for considering me 🙂

  28. Julianna Galiano

    my name is Julianna
    Age-8 just about to be 9
    From-edmonton canada
    What is best at-dancing singing acting modeing
    What is best syle of dance-jazz hip hop anything
    Look like-tan skin with brown and eyes

  29. ellie

    I like dancing a lot. I take ballet 3 times a week for a couple of hours and I love it.

  30. Arielle

    Hi my name is Arielle and I would like to be on DISNEYS MAKE YOUR MARK because disney is my favorite channel I watch it constantly and it never gets old also because i love dancing everyone I know knows that.

    Eyes:dark brown
    Shoe size:7 1/2
    State:Rhode Island

    I will be making a dance video today on youtube my channel name is:Arielle Jalloh

  31. brianna

    Hi I am Brianna I like to dance and sing I am ten years old my favorite dancer is zenday because she has her Owen style and I do to like to have fun and just be myself please leave a email or message and tell me what you think thank you for listening

  32. Hannah.mcdonald

    Hi. My name is Hannah McDonald I’m 13 years old and i live in Ellerbe north Carolina and I would love to be apart of shake it up I watch every episode and I love fashion and dancing I took dance class for a year and cheer I can dance a little till I get to going when the music plays and I’m such a big fan so please please pick me thank you bye

  33. andrea johnson

    hi my name is andrea i am 11 years old and i want to start early with my dancing and fashion i want to be like my aunt she use to be a dancer for the hawaks and she quit i dont want to quit i want to start early and dance is something i want to do my grades are good and i am very talent in fashion and dancing

  34. Damircale Alexander

    I should be on make your mark on the world because I can show kids all over the world that you can do everything you set your mind to cause I’m 13 and everyone I mostly know say you big the be your age and I want to shiw them that age don’t have anything to do with chasing after your dreams

  35. Jordan Kaluhimoku

    Aloha! My name is Jordan Kaluhimoku and I live in Kamuela on the big Island of Hawaii. I am 7 years old and I have been racing go karts since I was 4 years old. I just started racing Jr. Dragsters and my very first time racing and driving my dragster I went 70MPH!! Please consider me on Disney’s make your mark!

    Thank you!

    Jordan Kaluhimoku

  36. Mo

    I would love to enter because I am a wonderful 11 year old dancer that is very interested !!!

  37. Skyler

    This is my dream to dance i have been dancing since i was 1 years old but i did not sighn up because my mom is a sleepy head

  38. Diamond Johnson and Quantrail Johnson

    Me and my brother love watching mak your mark. It would be an honor to be apart of the show. I am thirteen and my brother is twelve.

  39. Deontra Hambrick

    Hi, Im Deontra im a good dancer I been waiting to sign up for these type of things im 11years old . 4’11 thank you and hope I make it.

  40. jamiah

    I`m Jamiah and This is me. I like to play with my mom,dad,sister,and brother. This is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. jacinta

    I’m really good dancing I just don’t know how to sign up for make your mark

  42. haile

    i think i shoud be on it because it it has been my dream and i love to dance one of my moves is a backwalkover please chose me.

  43. Christian

    I’VE been interested. In make your mark for a while now I’m really good at dancing especially dance battles I love the way the music hits me so I move from 1,2,3 4,5,6 hold and freestyle I have YouTube videos under the name Antoine Reid you’ll. Know you found it if it has a green addidas sign with a black background also some underneath the name Christian Reid I love dancing I’ve got a lot of spirit and heart and I could be your next Micheal Jackson on the dance floor

  44. tynadjah

    hi my name is Ty’nadjah I love to sing dance and act dancing is my life.I LOVE UR SHOW IT MAKES ME FEEL EXPIRED at my church I am a praise dancer and on the youth choir

  45. jorja and autumn

    hay y,all we are 9 and and 11 we are very talented we really appreciate your time

    thanks for your time
    yours truly
    autumn and jorja

  46. missa

    Hi! My name is Melissa, missa for short! I am interested in this dance off!!!! I have a VERY spunky and cute personality and I love to dance. So, I am going to tryout!!! Sincerely, missa

  47. Alisson Contreras Burelo

    Hey my strong is not like hip hip its more ballet but dancing is Easy for me can I be part of your show please please give me a chance i would take it

  48. Madison Gibbs

    Hello guys and girls. I Am Madison Gibbs I am 10 about to be 11 years old. I Would like to be on make your mark because me and my friend decided to make a hot chocolate stand. We decided to give the extra money to the animal shelter.

  49. Lola Oyenusi

    Hi my name is Lola Oyenusi, I’m eleven years old, in year 7 and I live in London. Ever since I was little, it has been my dream to star in at least one Disney channel show and Shake it up is one of them. This because I have a strong passion for dance. I am not fully trained in a certain dance genre but I can nearly fully adapt to any sort of music, whether it’s tap to street to ballet etc. When I listen to music I can pick the beat and change the lamest of music to the next awesome. I hope I get the part.
    From, Lola
    P.S.I have brown eyes
    Black hair and am a light-ish dark-ish brown

  50. Maria

    Hello my name is Maria and i am 12years old and i would want to be in a disney channel show because about a year ago i gaved up everything my acting class,dancing,and singing because my parents said alot of kids signup and most of them don’t make it and i am going to be one of them when i was five i wanted to be a teacher,docter,and nurse etc. I was growing up when i was 9 i wanted to act and i did but i told my parents for help but they told me i won’t. Make it i got sad and quit i started at age 9 and ended at age 10 when i turned 12 i decided to practice being a actor so i practice and practice i decided not to give up like i did years ago and hopefully get in this audition and make it in and be on jessie because they make me learn alot and they make people laugh and i eould like to make more people laugh,or girl meets world i am just like Maya
    Thank you and hope you email me back
    Or call me at 2538867675

  51. Makenna

    Hi!! My name is Makenna and my friends call me Mak! I’m 11 years old and I want to be on make your mark because I am in love with dancing! I have never ever had a lesson but I think I am pretty good.I love to dance to all different kinds of music.And different styles.My favorites are lyrical and hip hop.Two totally different things! Thanks Disney Channel!

  52. Luísa Guidi Garcia

    I want to make your make because I love to dance I dance class since I was 3 years old
    Age: 11 years
    size: 1:41
    physical characteristics: blonde with blue eyes, do not wear glasses or apparatus
    shoe 31 32
    residence: Brazil, Minas Gerais, Inconfidentes

  53. Raven Cole

    Hello, My name is Raven and me and my best friend Darryan dance together. We want a big break so bad because we feel we have a talent that can change this world and our generation. I’m not going to say alot but if you look at our videos we’ll let the dance speak for us. Thanks Disney

  54. Chloe High

    Hi guys my name is Chloe, I’m a funny, smart adorable 7 year old looking to break in to showbiz.
    I’m currently in the 2nd grade and attending The Philadelphia Preforming Arts School in South philly. Since kindergarten I’ve been on honor roll. If giving the chance I know I could bring something unique and special to any role you throw my way. Some of my talents are dancing, singing, and the ability to move in and out of different emotions from being super goofy to feeling super sad. If giving the chance I will be ready to work and will be on time. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you,

    Chloe High

  55. Dalaija

    I think me and my sister should be on make your mark because we have been dancing since we were baby. My name is dalaija and my sisters name is shatiya I am 11 she is 15 dance is our life. So if you could we would like to be on make you mark.

  56. Colton Sullenger and Hannah bush

    Hi me (Colton Sullenger) and my freind do a slase dances to have fun we won our school talent show twice thank you for your consideration please wrte back

  57. Elena

    Hi my name Is Elena and I’m ready to make my mark!!! I am willing to give it all I’ve got to be on the show!! I’m 11 and I have experience with acting a little like in school plays. Either me and my friend, or just me is going to make an awesome dance video so check it out!!! It will be posted near time that the make your mark i.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  58. peyton and stevie

    we believe that we should be on shake it up because we are ready to make our mark and we have worked hard to accomplish our goals and dreams to become a dancer people might be better than us but we will fight till the end and if we fall down we will get back up and keep fighting our dreams to become a dancer thank you we really hope that we hear back from you ounce aging thank you.

  59. kionna bivens

    hi my name is kionna bivens and i have a friend named danaisia. we like to do flips and dance. some times we fight but just to play .we go over houses. it would be an honnor if you let us dance. thank you. ps: are group name is the fresh divas

  60. Jasmine

    Hi my name is jasmine I’m 12 years old id love to be on shake it up I’ve been dancing since I was 8 I am a great actor and dancer also singer

  61. Ally Wilke

    I’m 15 i love making up dance moves. I love shake it up so much. I would love to be on your show.
    I’m cool, funny and amazing at singing so i was told, i’m a future fire/medic n i dance a lot.

  62. Lyndsie

    I want to win so bad I’m a dancer and would love to be on the show

  63. sydnie

    I have a dance croow called shake it up sens the shows called shake it up me and my crew want on the show please send me a detales Iove to dance sing I am 7 im about to be 8 in December thanks a lot for this yaers alldishons

  64. Brianna Hornsby and Hannah Kelly

    Hi I’m Brianna and I’m Hannah. Brianna is 13 and Hannah is 12 and we both know how to hip hop and do gymnastics and sing really good we even wrote our own songs and sang in front of our parents and we make our own dances to any music and show people and we love to have fun and laugh and play and we are both now sweet and have fashion and if we get this it will be our dream we will love to do this and we know how to act we made scripts to show our parents and we do a lot of fun things we joke around and just let go but we will be so amazed about this we will be shocked so please think!!;) thanks!!:)

  65. Krystal Kennison

    I would love to be on Shake it up Make Your Mark because it has been my dream come true to be on Shake it up and I am a fantastic dancer I have been dancing since I was a toddler and I have always been a big fan of Shake It Up and if anyone should get a chance to dance in front of America and get their vote to be on Shake It Up it should be me. Not to mention that I have the best dance moves in all of my home town.
    No one can beat me every time I am bored all I do is dance and that says something about me that says that I should be one of the final 6 that goes to performance night

    Thanxs Hope you consider putting me on Make your Mark


  66. Madison Waits

    I would like to be on Make your mark because it would be a dream come true

  67. haley

    hi I’m haley huggins and I’m brittany flynn we both are 9 and do dance three days a week. So we have experience with dance we have talent. We also do gymnastics so you will see gymnastics moves we are super exited to compete.In the 2014 make your mark on the world competition.We would love to be on shake it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. holly

    Hi im holly
    Brown hair/ Lil pink which is gonna wear out
    hazel eyes
    Can Be funny, weird, dumb, crazy, rude …
    my skin is white but kinda tanned
    i have acted before
    I love to dance i have moves from shake it up and mashed mime together with them its passion id love a chance to do what i love dancing and to act, i can write poems/songs.but that’s not a big hobby
    i would be happy to be on this show i hope u read this and consider me and make my dream come true .
    good luck finding someone i know u get alot of these so i wont stand out.
    im not a crazy fan either. Any other information you want please contact

    Yours Trully,
    Holly (Samantha)
    p.s im not tall but not tiny . Thanks bye hope u get a chance to read this out of all of these

  69. Trinity Roddy

    Hey my name is Trinity Nachole Roddy. I’m 13 yrs old i have a dance crew called the bomb suad. My members are Tionne Smith and Teara Bush. We are a active group. We performed in front of alot people before, but anyways please bring us this will be a big opportunity . Thx

  70. Djeza Djedjed

    Hey Shake it up! My name is Djeza!People call me Jazz!!! I am 11 years old and about to be 12. Big fan of Zendaya and Bella. I have African origin by my grandparents.I am French and I live in Louisiana with the crocodiles!!! I love basketball and all kind of sport but the thing that is my hobbie is dance. I know how to do hip hop, jazz, theatre and tap.I am full of life and I like to take care of other people.Thanks for reading my text and I hope to see you!

  71. Isacc Rosales

    Hey i’m Isacc and i’m a very good dancer and really hope i’m able to share my talent to u!!!! You shouldnt be disappointed. 🙂

  72. Lawren

    Heyyyy guys my name is lawren Im 9 years old Im a very good dancer I dream of winning make your mark shake it up dance off

  73. Abbie

    Hi my name is Abbie and I would love to compete in showing my moves I have been dancing ever since I was 5/6 and I am 11 years old I love dance I don’t do any other sport but dance I do ballet,tap,jazz,and modern and I go to berrend dance centre we have a website it is berrenddancecentre.com i
    would appreciate the chance of a lifetime so much because dance is my life!

  74. Lisa Duran

    Hello, my name is Lisa Duran and I aspire to be a professional dancer or at least show the world what I got. Although I make YouTube dance videos, I’m not really noticed. I’ve even performed at a talent show at Stanford University this summer, but I want the world to know what I have to offer. I am more than happy to audition for this kind of stuff. Thank you.

  75. Soph

    Hello I am Soph! I would love to get on Shake it Up because whenever I dance I feel special and I like getting to entertain people with some of my dance moves,high kicks,cartwheels,and handstands