Disney’s “High School Musical 4” Teens

National Casting Call for Online Auditions for High School Musical 4

We knew the film was coming and are so excited that casting directors for the next High School Musical film have announced they are on the hunt for teen actors for the upcoming film. This is a national casting call so no matter what state you live in, if you sing, dance and act then casting directors welcome you to audition!

About Disney’s “High School Musical 4”

The film will introduce new East High Wildcats and their cross town school rivals, the West High Knights! The first three films starred our favorite high schoolers played by Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman. This film is being directed by Jeffrey Hornaday.

What They Are Looking For

Teens ages 14 – 17 years old
Interested in singing, acting and dancing
Can be from anywhere in the United States

How to Audition

National online auditions are being held via the Disney Applause app beginning April 18th. You can get all of the information from on how to get the app on the following website: http://disneychannel.disney.com/open-call. You should practice the script and access the app to upload your audition on Disney Applause.

Auditions will accepted from 4/18 – 5/2. Parents feel free to download the app and submit your child. Teens, please make sure you have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to audition, download the app and script. You should practice it before submitting!

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186 Casting Responses

  1. Erin McPartland

    Hi! My name is Erin McPartland. I live in New York and 15 years old. I have grown up watching High School Musical and have been singing to the songs for as long as I can remember. I have some acting, singing, and dancing experience from school productions. I would love to be in this show and work with disney.

  2. Isabella Vodos

    Hi my name is Isabella Vodos. I am 16 years old. I have enjoyed watching and enjoy watching high school musical. I have seen all 3 movies and even bought the 3rd one. While growing up I had High School Musical pillows, blankets, a lamp, and even stickers all over my room. I was obsessed with the songs“ May I have this dance”, and “Soaring, Flying”. It is my dream to become a cast of High School Musical. If I got casted I would freak out and scream and would be the happiest 16 year old girl out there.

  3. Fatima Hussain

    Hi, my name is Fatima Hussain. I don’t know if I’m too late but I’m 17 years old from London. I’ve always dreamed of being in High School Musical as I’ve been brought up listening to all the songs and watching all three movies. I would love to be a part of it and am willing to do anything it takes. I love to dance and act as I’ve acted in theatre before.

  4. Keiondra Mcbride

    Hi, My name is Keiondra McBride and I am 14 Years old and I want to audition for HSM 4 Ever since the Original HSM came out i watched all 3 of them over and over and over again, I can sing and I Act so please consider me to audition with HSM 4 it would be the greatest achievement, So please Email me an I’m from Charlotte NC

  5. Brenda G Ryan

    My daughter is 12 years old and is interested in being an extra. We live in the Salt Lake City area. Are you going to be using any local kids for extras.

  6. Alma wikberg

    Hi. My name is Alma wikberg. I’m 19 years old and I am from north of Sweden. I’ll always wanted to be in a movie. That’s my big dream. But because a live in a small town in Sweden it will probably never happen. When I was little I loved Highschool musical! Favorites of all time. I would love to be a part of it.

  7. Rachel Michin

    Hey my name is Rachel Michin I am 15 years old I am from Chesapeake Virginia and I would love to know how to audition for Disney channels new series high school musical the series I can sing,act and dance a lil but I am an extremely hard worker and upcoming actress and would love to be on this show:))

  8. Beth

    I don’t wether I’m too late but : hi, I’m Beth wright I’m 14 from norwich,England and grew up watching and being influenced by high school musical, I’m good at signing, did 6 years of street dance a year of modern,and can act very well I love to be apart of this franchise and influence others to be themselves and make their own decisions in life (like in hsm 1,2,3 and 4) and would love to be apart of this I still love these movies even today and know most of the songs very well and would love to get/be apart of this 🙂

  9. Isabella

    Hi my name is Isabella and I am sixteen and super interested in auditioning! Just now seeing all this buzz about the movie but it’s one of my favorite series and I would love to be a part of it! Please let me know if there’s any way I can take part!!

  10. Denisse Canseco

    I’m 15 and live in New York. I’ve been acting since I was little and grew up watching High School Musical. I’m model too, and i can travel to any place… so i’m excited

  11. Marllette Algon

    Hello everyone let me introduce myself, I am Marllette Algon 14 years old. I live in California. I basically grew up watching “High school Musical” because my older sister was obsessed with the movie but also with “Zac Efron”. I always loved it due to the on set drama, the music, and how each cast member is so close to one another. I love to sing, dance, and act. I’m always up for a challenge and I love just being able to put myself out there and give it my all. Being able to audition will be such a blessing itself and even a honor if I were to get chosen to be apart of the cast. This is a dream come true and once in a life time opportunity. Hopefully this isn’t the last time you will see or hear about my Name.

  12. Joana

    Hi, my name is Joana. I’m 13 and from Oregon. I have never tried acting but I have recently been really interested in it along with singing. I also love High School Musical and would love to be apart of it.

  13. Amanda O'Donovan

    Hi my name is Amanda O’Donovan. I am 15 and I live in Baltimore Maryland. I sing and dance to high school musical everyday and I am interested in being part of the fourth movie. I think I might be too late but its worth a try. I would love to know how to audition for this.

  14. Nour sameh

    Hello,My name is Nour
    And I’m 14..I live in Cairo,egypt.
    ,I’m a big fan of high school musical,I really wanted to be a part of it,and it has always been my dream to be a Disney actress,and also a singer,I really like to dance,so I would be so grateful if I became a part of the cast.

  15. Jamaris Isales

    Hi im Jamaris ihave always loved singing and dancing im 15 ive always wanted to be in a movie for kids ever since i was a little girl

  16. Jamaris Isales

    I sing and i would love to be a main charecter i also dance

  17. MLotfi

    Hi,thanks for your useful info.I’m 16 years old.I have green eyes and brown hairs.I am a martial artist and also a basketball player and I’d really love to audition for HSM 4.I want to become Disney’s second Zac Efron if you know what I mean.So I really appreciate if you guide me and tell me how I can audition.BTW I’m not from USA,so you what it’s like…..

  18. Mylani Mamaia

    Hello, My name is Mylani Mamaia and I’m 14 years old and currently going to turn 15 this year on Oct 3rd. My ethnicity is Samoan and I was born in Las Vegas Nevada. High School Musical was one of my favorite Disney musicals growing up and Acting is one of the many majors I’ve always wanted to pursue in my life along with music. I’ve mostly had some experience of acting by mostly watching movies and re-enacting scenes. Mostly what I want to prove during acting is to bring more of my ethnicity out there to the world so Polynesians like me can come out and represent our culture. Having a main spot in the musical can help me a lot bringing this ideal dream to life.

  19. Alicia

    Hi I’m alicia I’m 14 from London and love highschook musical ignite there’s was any film to be in this would be the one for me always loved acting and Would love this oppertunity to boost my career and confidence

  20. Marc Frohman

    Marc frohman like to be on the show

  21. Gabriella

    Hello, my name is Gabriella and i am currently 16 years old and i’ve always wanted to get into the singing/ acting career. i have brown hair, y’all and slim.

  22. Brinley

    We just went on a tour of East High, it was awesome. After the tour I googled if there would be a High School Musical 4 and found this page! Looks like auditions are over but if you haven’t found what you are looking for, I would be interested in auditioning. 😊

  23. JaMonet Rice

    My name is JaMonet Rice and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Marietta, Georgia and I think I would be a great addition to the HSM 4 cast.

  24. Marii Weichsler

    Since the first movie Zac is my favourite actor.I know all the songs and I sang a song of High School Musical on stage.This is my favorite movie and
    Since I was little, my biggest dream is to play in this movie. I live on a farm in Austria and I think sometimes I should be in a big city 🙂 I am small and Many people say little girls are shy,but I confident and talk a lot.I think I speak too much 😉 Since I’m three i love to sing on stage.I go dancing twice a week.I have to go to school for another 4 years and I think that’s much,but if I were to play, I would repeat a class. If I had to, I would go to school for 10 years if I were at high school musical.
    I know I dream too much…But if you hold on to a dream maybe then he will come true…

    Best regards from Austria

  25. Marii Weichsler

    My favourit movie is high school musical. And I can sing to all songs 🙂
    My biggest dream is to be an actor.😍
    Since I’m 6 years old…I have been to be in High school musical. I live in Austria and I know I live so far away from you…but I’m a little dreamer and i hope I have a chance. I’m 15 years old and i love to sing and to dance on stage. I know I don’t speak fluenty english,but i will learn it.
    Best regards from Austria

  26. Erika Sesler

    Hi!! My name is Erika I’m 16, from Kansas City, MO, and I have loved High School Musical for as long as I can remember and it has been my dream to be in a hsm movie. I can dance act and sing and I would love to know how I can audition for real! I would be more than grateful to be a part of the cast!

  27. Allyson

    I really want to audition for high school musical 4 and I have everything prepared I just can’t find the Disney applause app. I want to see if I can make it or not… please give me the chance to at least audition!!

  28. Jeremy Sion Nathaniel Kiuk

    Hi Iam Jeremy Sion Nathaniel Kiuk , Iam 13 and Really interested in joining the audition for high school musical season 4 . I can sing , Dance , rap and acting

  29. Kaitlyn

    Literally watching high school musical right now and the audition scene for the musical is just the best. I’ve done a jr version of HSM for DFT. I’m From Mississippi and I just turned 16. I’d love to audition for HSM4 but I can’t seem to find the app anywhere. Is there any other way to audition?

  30. Stacey Lee

    Hello. My daughter is 15 -(Asian-America)
    and she loves to sing and dance. We live in Boston. She’ll be great for any part. I hope to hear from you. Thanks. God bless.

  31. Chloe Halliday

    Hi. My name is Chloe Halliday and I want to audition the unfortunate thing is, my phone doesn’t seem to provide the app. Is there anyway I can audition because I cannot get the app.

  32. Taleah

    Hi I’m from Wisconsin,I’m 17,and I’ve been told I should try to audition for something cause I’m good at acting so I’m told Atleast so I’ll be definitely giving it a try

  33. Makayla Harris

    I just found out about this casting call! I’d be great for any part. Please tell me there is still a chance for me to be apart of HSM4!

  34. Chelsea

    Hi my name is Chelsea, I am 16 years old; turning 17 in a few months. I’m from Hawaii and I really enjoy high school musical and I would like to audition but I am unable to download the Disney Applause App. Please let me know what I will need to do in order to successfully download this app so I can audition.

  35. Katherine

    I’m 15 and live in New York. I’ve been acting since I was little and grew up watching High School Musical. Can’t wait for this to be my big break, xoxoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox

  36. Mohammed

    Hi my name is Mohammed and I am 14 years old and I love high school musical and I want to audition so what can I do for auditioning