Disney’s High School Musical 4 Open Call

Open Casting Call for Teens 14-17 for “High School Musical 4” in Anaheim

Have you dreamed of being in one of the High School Musical movies? Here is your chance to audition for the next installment of one of Disney’s most popular films! Disney Casting directors are holding auditions for “High School Musical 4” and the date and location has been set!

Auditions will be held on Sunday, May 15th, 2016 in Anaheim, California. Disney representatives will be conducting a live Open Call and they are looking for teens for the next High School Musical film!

About the Movie

The first film that made stars out of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was a contemporary musical comedy, a popular high school basketball star and a shy, academically gifted newcomer discover they share a secret passion for singing. When they sign up together to audition for the lead roles in the school musical, it threatens East High’s rigid social order and sends their peers into an uproar. “High School Musical 4” will center on a new group of students at East High, as well as their crosstown rivals, the West High Knights.

What They Are Looking For

Teens Ages 14-17 who are interested and acting, singing, OR dancing
Where: Anaheim, CA (Live auditions will be held in California, they are accepting online submissions nationwide)

Audition and Submission Information:

SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2016
800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802

Please bring a PHOTO of yourself (SNAPSHOT OK) and have it ready upon registration.

EVERYONE under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN to audition

Convention Center Parking: $15 per vehicle
(additional parking available at surrounding locations)

Click Here for the Script and Applicant Information Sheet

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31 Casting Responses

  1. Rick

    Btw how do I sign up

  2. Rick

    Name: Rick josh yubo
    Gender: Male
    Hair colour: Brown
    Eye colour: Brown
    Height: 5’6 ish (I’m short)
    Body type: Short but lanky (ectomorph)
    Age: 14
    Nationality: USA
    Currently lives: Ft. Stewart GA
    Personality: Persistent stubborn but still kind and likeable
    Experience: I was in at least two plays both highly musical, as well as other singing performances I just hit puberty but my voice is still well trained

    I really want to act its my life’s dream but who am I kidding I probably not getting it

  3. Rick

    But my friend Sarah she would be perfect she knows all the songs from the first three by heart. She also has been in quite a couple plays she sings and dances beautifully.

  4. Rick

    Man wouldn’t that be something. Me on Disney channel to bad it ain’t gonna happen:-(

  5. Zara

    Hi I’m Zara, 16 almost 17, I love HSM 1,2 and 3, I know I’m late but God can make anything happen, I really need this

  6. jeremiah Thomas

    Hi my name is Jeremiah and I love high school musical I started loving Disney channel when I was 9 years old I am a great singer and not to lie a can dance but I’m a very bad one kinda my favorite star is Corbin bleu u want a acting career not only to just be seen but to catch my life’s dream

  7. dominique rivers-lyons

    im looking forward to doing this

  8. Katelyn Vernon

    Oh it’s me again I can sing, act and dance all of these. When I watched High School Musical I fell in love with the crew and I am madly in love with Zac Efron and I really want to find love on the road but I keep my word and commit to my acting career and put God first, my fans are my second priority but mostly my fans are my # 1

  9. Katelyn Vernon

    I love to audition for this I was hoping they make a 4th one of High School Musical and I got High School Musical, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3 Senior Year. I’m dying to start my future career with this amazing crew and can’t wait to work with Kenny Ortega I love you Kenny !!!!!!


    Name: Sandra Mitrov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13 years old
    Hair Colour: brown
    Eye Colour: brown
    Skin Colour: tanned/olive
    Height: 159 cm tall
    Bust: 83 cm
    Waist: 67 cm
    Hips: 77 cm
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Nationality: Macedonian
    Currently living in Sydney, Australia

    I would be perfect for a role in this television series because I look sweet and harmless but when I open my mouth the viewers with love to hate me but I can also portray a great kind and helpful young girl. I have little acting experience apart from acting in all of my school plays but I really have no experience at all. my lack of experience will not hold e back rom doing everything I can to succeed, I will not stop working to improve myself as an actress.

    – experienced singer
    – very fast learner
    – great American ascent
    – did 8 weeks of leadership training
    -able to do any role

  11. Sammy Wozniak

    Hi, my name is Sammy Wozniak. I am 17 years old. I can sing, act, and dance. I would greatly appreciate any role, even as an extra. I have experience in acting, singing, and dancing. I had a vocal coach for 4 years and danced for 12 years and have been in school productions and done acting camps. I understand this is a late, but worth a try! Thanks!

  12. Kamiyah

    I love acting and singing me and my sisters do a little skit

  13. Phoebe

    Hi, my name is phoebe, I’m almost 16, I already learn singing for 9 years, and I really love acting, hope it’s not too late. If you still looking for someone to be in the movie, please email me.
    I really love singing and acting!!!
    thank you for read this

  14. Phoebe

    I already learning singing for 9 years, I am almost 16 now, I realy love acting and proforming. But I just saw this Audition, hope it’s not too late, if you still looking for someone to be in this movie, please email me.

  15. Raheema

    oh and also my name is Raheema Williams I am 17 years old and I am looking forward to auditioning for this movie .

    I was already looking for other acting careers but if u want me for any roles in this movie just email me
    because I would be honored.

  16. Raheema

    OMG I have to tryout for this I grew up watching high school musical this honestly makes me so happy that I may have a chance

  17. Darnisha Brown

    My Name Is Darnisha Brown I Am 15 Years Old My Birthday Is June 25, And Im A Sophmore At Cimmaron Memorial High School. I Am Interested In Playing A Role In This Movie. I Have Been Watching Disney Channel Since I Was A Little Kid, And High School Musical Movies Are Some Of My Favorite Movies On There. I Would Really Like It If You Can Reply Back To My Comment I Am Very Serious About This. Thank You

  18. Ashley

    my name is Ashley and I love high school musical and I would love to be in this one I am 13 and my height is 4’11 and I am African American and my hair/eye color is dark brown..

  19. Vanessa Manns

    Hi I’m Vanessa Mann’s I’m 13 looking for a acting addition I love to dance and I kinda sing but I’ve been acting since I was 4 and would really love this to happe. Thank you?

  20. Chiara Maria Battini

    Oh, It’s me, again… I forgot one thing?, I also play the guitar

  21. Chiara Maria Battini

    Hi! My name is Chiara and I’m 14 years old, I came from Italy but I’ve got an amazing American pronounce.
    I’ve got blue eyes and dark blonde hair. My height is about 1,66 m and I’m not fat but neither too skinny. I’m an amazing singer and I can also dance. I can act well and I learn quickly.
    I hope you like that kind of audition,

  22. Kerola

    Hi my name is Kerola Krasniqi I’m sixteen years old and I would really like to audition for High School Musical 4, High school musical is my favorite movie in disney, I love all the characters and all of the actor and actresses that play this movie, so I would really love to audition. Thank you.

  23. Paige Yates

    Hey my name is Paige. I’m an amazing dancer have done dancing since I was 2 and have danced professionally and sing aswell. Hope that I cant be able to help you thanks x

  24. Ashly Abbey

    My name is Ashly Abbey
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: light brown/brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5’4
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
    I would love being able to have the opportunity to be on High School Musical 4!

  25. Daniel

    Hi I’m Daniel and I have been watching high school musical ever since the first movie olive the movies and I have always loved them I would love to be a big part in the 4th one of course and since it would my first movie ever it would be the best way to start of my acting career I love acting and I have wanted to act ever since I was a little boy I’m 15 turning 16 in September I’m Hispanic I have short black curly hair I have dark brown eyes and I’m tan I’m 5’8 and I’m not the skinniest person ever but I’m willing to do what ever I have to do to get into the movie please contact me for any other information there is just one problem I live In New York so I would not be able to fly out to California unless I get the part but I can record a video of me acting the lines out or we can skype or FaceTime

  26. Autumn Ortman

    My name is Autumn I find myself good at acting and would like to be on your movie “High School Musical 4” please call or text my number when you see this
    Thank you

  27. Monique Mason

    Hi, my name is Monique. I always wanted to be in one of the High School Musical movies. I love all of them. I would love to be in this part.

  28. Ryann

    Im Ryann, & I’ve always been a huge fan of high school musical! I learned all the songs in about a week after coming out because I always watched the movies & listened to the songs on Youtube. My friends & I use to get together all the time & watch the movie & do the dances along with the movie. We sang along too of course. Im a junior in high school now, 17 years old, 18 in september, & I’ve been in choir since 6th grade. I use to play guitar, string bass in orchestra class, electric bass, & the drums a little bit when I was younger but I had to stop lessons because my family couldnt aford it anymore. Im 5’9, long brown curly hair, Im mixed(black mom, white dad,) & I have green eyes. I would love to be in this movie because not only am I hoping this would be an excelent start to my acting career, this would be a dream come true!! My first movie being in is High School Musical 4?? That would be so awesome & fun. You wont be disapoonted! Please contact me when you get the chance. Thank you.

    Have a great day!

  29. marie

    Hi my name is Marie am 16yrs old I would love to be part of the high school musical I can act and dance very well and most importantly sing these three are my passion plz give me a chance to prove it and I swear I won’t let you guyz down plzzzz xoxoxo

  30. Emily lafountain

    I have seen all the high school musical’s and my dream is to be in a high school musical and my favorite is troy and Gabrielle so I would like to I am 14 my birthday is oct.21 2001

  31. Julia

    Hi, my name is Julia and I will love to be in the next high school musical movie. I have dreamed of being in high school musical since I was watch the encounter of Troy Bolton And Gabriella Montez. I would sing and dance along to every song and be part of this life changing experience, as this would be a dream come true. I act, sing, dance and I am a burst of energy as well as being very committed and hard working, and I believe that this opportunity will be very helpful and I would be glad to be in this.