Disney National Talent Search 2013

Disney National Talent Search 2013

It’s back! It’s back! It’s back! Each year the casting directors in charge of The Disney Channel and Disney XD’s biggest shows and movies hold a nationwide talent search to find the country’s most gifted up and coming performers to be featured in new and existing Disney hits and join the long list of world famous stars that have launched their careers in Mouse House productions and now it is happening again. This could be your chance to start your performance career on some of the most watched and loved programming in global entertainment.

The list of award winning, crowd pleasing hits Disney Productions has created is a long and distinguished one that includes such timeless classics as Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Jessie, Sake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Kickin It, Pair of Kings and Lab Rats. The list incredible stars that have received their big entertainment break in Disney projects is even more impressive and contains talents like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Hillary Duff, Debby Ryan, Zendaya, Blake Michael, China Anne McClain and Bella Thorne who have gone on to earn international fame in movies, TV, stage and music. Now is your opportunity to make your mark The Disney National Talent Search is back and the biggest talent evaluators in the business will be looking for boys and girls ages 10 to 17 to be cast in current and future Disney Channel and Disney XD film and television projects. Talented aspiring performers can apply today for considerations for roles from guest star to maybe even headlining your very own hit Disney vehicle. Do you have what it takes to be the next big star? Are you ready to join the Disney family of mega talented performers and start your exciting career in Hollywood?

Interested talent can submit themselves for the open casting calls now by sending emails here latweeno@gmail.com. We will be posting more news and information on this epic Disney audition as soon as they are available so stay tuned and be sure to leave a message below and tell us why you think you have what it takes to be the next great discovery at The Disney National Talent Search 2013.

Are you the next Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling? You’ll never know unless you enter! Your time to show the world what you’ve got is here. Submit yourself today for The Disney National Talent Search 2013.

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4 Casting Responses

  1. hazlet

    hi am hazlet an african american i have some experience i am really confident and i have featured in many school plays i am known to get into the role am playing i may not have much but i put all i got and all my heart into it am acting i dont really want to act cause i get attention i just want to act cause i just love it. it just makes me so relaxed and i just love it

    im 13
    my gender is male
    im open and friendly
    my hair color is black
    my eyes are brown
    my skin tone is black
    im confident

  2. Shalea Brown

    Hi my name is Shalea Brown I am 12 years old and I live in Raleigh North Carolina. I love dogs and have wanted to be on Disney channel for a while now. I idolize zendaya Coleman and Dove Cameron. I think I have what it takes because I am a patient and passionate go getter who keeps going and never gives up until I succeed. I am silly but know how and when to be serious this is the fourth comment I am writing on this website so I hope to be considered

  3. Victoria

    Hello my name is Victoria and I would love to make my acting dreams reality. Disney is my favorite channel with all my favorite shows and movies. I would love to be apart of your Disney Adventures.

    12 (almost 13)


    Hazel eyes

    Brown hair

    I am easy going and love acting dancing and love playing with my friends and family.

    Thank you for your time and I hope for a reply!

  4. Stephenie Dailey

    Hi, my name is Stephenie Dailey and I am 16 years old. I am also a Barbizon Acting and Modeling graduate.
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 144lbs
    Hair Color: Natural Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel ( changes color )
    Other: I have freckles and can wear with or without glasses
    I would love to audition if your interested. Thank you for reading.

  5. david wilson

    Hi my name is David . I’m a huge fan of Disney and I really want to be on Disney channel. Here a few things about me .I can dance ,sing and I’m little funny . Well that’s the end of me please make my dream come true.

  6. david wilson

    Hi my name is David . I’m a huge fan of Disney and I really want to be on Disney channel about

  7. Kalyssa

    Hey my name is Kalyssa. Im 12 yrs old and I would love to be on the Disney Channel network because it would be cool. I’ve been into acting ever since I saw Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. I was born April 27 in 2003. I have blonde hair. Gray eyes. White skin. I have been in the musical oliver and many other acting programs. I would really love if I could audition for the Disney Channel. I live in Colorado. I am good at memorizing lines and working with other people. I can make many animal sounds and different accents. Please reply to this thanks.

  8. Emaan rajper

    Hey my name is Emaan Rajper
    I’m 14 Years Old
    Hair color black
    Eye color black
    I love acting and I’m really Good at acting
    Is there any role available for me?
    Please answer
    Thank you

  9. Edward Renshaw

    Name: Edward Thomas Renshaw
    Eyes: brown
    Hair black
    Gender male

    I can sing ,act, gymnastics

    I think I can do this!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

  10. juliette tran guenneugues

    hi, my name is juliette, iam 11 years old and i live in france. I speak fluent english and french. i love to act and mimic voices, i play the piano and i sing. I sang at the schooll concert and had a lot of good compliments. I would like to audition for a tv or movie role here in the US. i hope to hear from you soon.


  11. Georgia Owen

    HI I am Georgia Owen and I am 15 years old. I have been watching Disney for such a long time and my family goes crazy cause I should watch something else at this age. I couldn’t stop watching it, it is my favorite channels. It would be a dream to be on Disney!
    Age :15
    Gender: Female
    DOB :11-09-1999
    Height :5’5
    Hair: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue

  12. Keunho

    I love all your pranks. I only just dicevosred improv anywhere this week and already I am a huge huge fan! I also have watched the t mobile central station videos ( I love them so much) and thats how I found you. Although I do know you’re not working together. Do they have an improve anywhere in the Seattle/Tacoma area?

  13. alexanderhaynesjr

    As soon as I’m 18 on april20th 2017 I’ll be able to audition for disneyxd t.v. shows

  14. Crystal Lopez

    My name is Crystal Lopez. I am 14 years old. I have never tried anything having to do with acting or anything of that sort. My family money problems and I would do anything to help. Everybody loves me for my personality and my deep dimples. I am Mexican-American and now days it is very hard to find jobs and get money I would like the opportunity to try this to be able to go to college and get a good career to help my family out and help provide money. We have 7 dogs but we try our hardest most were saved even with our money problems. Tanks for the opportunity to even be able to leave a comment.

  15. Danielle

    Hi, My name is Danielle
    I am turning 14 in a few months. Zendaya is the best rising actress and I would love to work along side her in this new tv show. I lot of people want to have a role but I truly mean it, it is a huge dream of mine to become an actress but it is not because of money or popularity, it is because it is a passion and something I have wanted to do for a long time. I love being in front of the camera as an individual and sharing it with new friends. I have watched Disney Channel everyday and think that all the actors and actresses on it are amazing. I have also wanted to have a role in a Disney Channel tv show. Here is a little bit about myself. I am an open learner, always trying new things and have an open mind. I love peoples opinions to help me improve who I am and how I do things. I am Australian which I think will be interesting on a Disney Channel show as most of the actors and actresses are American. I don’t take this as a disadvantage as I think it will be interesting and bring something new to the show.

    Gender // Female
    Grade // I am in 8th grade
    Hair colour // Black-Brown
    Eye colour // Brown
    Age // 13
    Ethnicity // Australian
    Personality // Ok so I am funny, independent, intelligent, family orientated, friendships mean the world to me, supportive, catch on fast, learn things in a second, encourage people, positive and dramatic.
    Hobbies // My hobbies include, cooking, soccer.
    I thing that is interesting about me that will separate me from the others is that I can do many different roles and I have many different personalities.

    I know that there is like 1 in a million chance that I will get a role or even have a chance auditioning but there is no harm in trying to get a role. I just hope that I do get a chance because I want to do something different that my family and friends will know that there is hope. In the showbis industry me and my cousin are the only ones as he is a director.
    Thank you so much. I hope you do see something special.

  16. Kaitlyn Wise

    I don’t have much experience but I like acting I’m in a very good singing group at my school. I love to have fun but I can also be serious. I make friends very easily and usually don’t lose friendships.

  17. Kloe church

    My mane is Kloe Church and I am 12 years old. I have always dreamed of being on a Disney show because it would be lots of fun from creating bonds to the wardrobe. I love to sing and I do it all the time. I have had multiple solos in my choir class. I also do the bars in gymnastics at school. I am always smiling and I love to laugh. I have brown eyes, short brown hair, glasses, dimples, I am currently 60 lbs., I am 4’5”.
    I really hope I’m what you are looking for. Thank you for your time!
    From, Kloe Church

  18. Jnya brown

    Hi my name is jnya and I love acting I love being on TV. I am a great actor I am confident I am going to get pick if I don’t it is ok I am going to work harder and still going to try again and I am not going to give up on my dream I am going to work hard .I am a awesome dancer I took dance class and my dance teacher was Justin timber lakes assistant . I want to be on Jessie I love Jessie and Austin and ally. So please send me a email please .Thanks

  19. Hannah Dahlstedt

    Hi my name is Hannah Dahlstedt and I’m 11 years old and I think I’m a really good at acting. I would love to be one of disney channel new actress. It is my dream.

  20. Antigoni Papakosta

    Hi my name is Antigoni Papakosta and I really want to be a part of Disney. I always loved Disney and I imagined how would it be if I was a art of it.That is my dream. I hope you’ll give me chance make my dream come true because I rally want this .

    Those are some information about me:

    Name: Antigoni Papakosta
    Date of birth: January 9th 2002
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: between brown & blonde
    Eye color: blue
    Grades: good
    I speak 2-3 languages
    I believe that if you try to make your dreams come true you can and that is what i’m doing now
    I really love acting. My dream is not to be famous my dream is to become an actress
    Thank you for your time

    I really want this, please reply when you can

  21. clara harrison

    hi im clara I I just like to be true to you.

    I look at TV and everything a not wont more than to act I have been in play I even had a role were I had a speaking part. not afraid to be on stage on tv or be my self. also I look at all the other people are on this audition thing and im blow away by the they organization there skills and all and I try and do my best and it may or may not work. also not to be pick me Im sad I watch the show and you inspired me to be a actor for so long and one day it will happen you can not take a chance on me or you will and not turn back. consider me im 13 brown hair and eyes 4 10 short but tough and sweet and I might be your next classic actor that you never turn back on and thank for reading this

  22. Kosi I

    My name is Kosi. I’ve loved disney channel since like forever and to be in a disney movie it’d make my dream come true. I’m currently a model working for John Casablanca. I’m positive, creative, and i’m not a quitter.

    Name:Kosi Igbobi
    Hair Color:dark brown
    Eye color:dark brown
    Race:African American

    P.s Im a very good singer

  23. Briana Black

    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde with natural brown highlights
    Eye Color: Blue
    Age: 15
    Race: White
    DOB: March 22, 2000

    I do have a tendency to memorize lines really well and listen to what’s needed of me, but I also like to have fun with whatever I’m doing and make the best out of things. I’m very passionate about acting because it seems like something so fun and if you’re lucky enough, you have the opportunity to be apart of something wonderful and create bonds with your cast members that will last a life time. I grew up with Disney and it’s a dream to have a chance at participating in something that means so much to me. My biggest inspiration for acting, I’d have to say is Boy Meets World. That show created a phenomenon and it’d be so cool to have a chance, as I said, to create something like that again. I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico and I’ll soon be a sophomore. My education is very important to me and I’m very dedicated to it, so the thought of not giving it up, but focusing more on acting is a huge sacrifice for me. But, I really would love to be apart of something that meant so much to me growing and still does. I really hope you’ll consider me.

  24. Firyal Shahid

    I am Firyal Shahid I think I have what it takes to become a Disney channel star because I think I am really good at acting. I got a leading role in my Drama School Production and I am an A+ student for drama. My dream was to become a child actor and to progress into an actress. Here is some infromation about me.

    Name: Firyal Shahid

    Natationality: Pakistani

    Age: 12



    Country born in: Qatar

    Thank you i really really hope i get a part even if it is a small part i really really hope i get you guyz email.


  25. Skylar Davis

    I am skylar davis. I love acting. I have taken a theater arts class at school where I learned how to preform. I also am taking chior at school so I can sing, if needed. I am 14. I have hazel eyes; brown hair, red bangs and loganberry tips; I am 5’3″. I am not the skinnest, I am tryig to fix that though. I love disney, and I have wanted to be on a disney show for a long time. I live in des moines, iowa. I speak english and sone german, I am learning german in school, I am going into year two of german this fall. I am caucasian. I havn’t done any actual acting yet. I am planning to be in our school play.

  26. prashiddha sharma

    Hi my name is Prashiddha Sharma i am 14 years yes, i know my name kind of sound funny, but that is my name i love to act and sing i have always wanted to be on disney channel and i am willing to do anything to get on. Their are many things that make me unique from everyone else, well first of all i am a very hard worker i will stop at nothing till my job is perfect and i live in dallas tx so that is pretty far, but still i think i will be perfect for disney channel i am a straight A student i take many drama related clubs in my school and i also take theatre so i am pretty much all set. I am 5’9 and i have black hair and brown eyes i am going to the 10th grade and i am very dedicated to achieve success i know that you will probably select someone else but all i want to say is that it would mean the world to me and i am a very attentive listener you only need to tell me something once and the job will be done i am a very cheerful person and i try to leave a smile every where i go i work really well and really hard with my peers and i stand out with great excellence and i honestly think that if i had the chance i would really be able to show the world what i can do.

    Have A Nice Day
    Thank You

  27. Djeza Djedjed

    Am Djeza Djedjed and I have a dream like plenty other girls. Dance. I dance when am sad when am happy and when am mad. I also like acting. This could be a great opportunity for me. Am writing from my hart to you. I never quit in my life whatever happens. I always watch Disney channel and look at all those people that I love. And Who’s cares if we’re on TV or magazine. What matters is this talent inside you in your hart who wants to come out. I hope to see you all soon. In my life never quit

  28. Leilani Fellowes

    Hey I’m Leilani Fellowes but I prefer to be called Lani.
    I live in Hamilton, New Zealand.
    I’m shortish with reddish brownish medium length hair.
    I have hazel eyes and am skinny.
    Bit about myself:
    I love acting and singing. I love disney channel and have always wanted to be on it. I do drama at school and take vocal lessons through school as well as being in the school barbershop. I am weird and a bit quirky and like to think I’m funny.
    Thank you for considering me 🙂

  29. Tori Smith

    My name is Tori Smith. I am 8 years old and have talent for dancing ,acting , and I am very friendly and creative. Its been my dream to be in a TV show and would love to make the audition. My big sister always puts on music and we have a dance off. My dream is to be like Zendaya one day. I have no stage fright what so ever and I know this because I danced at the palace theater in front of thousands of people and can play the piano and a tiny bit of violin. I am also an intermediate horse back rider. we are a military family so I do good with changes and am easy to get along with.
    Height : 4’2
    Gender: female
    Weight : 60 lb.
    Hair color: light brown
    Skin color: tan
    I can also sing . please pick me for the audition it would be a dream come true ! <3

  30. zaria abston

    Hello ,my name is Zaria Abston and I would like to say that I am from Rockford, Alabama. This could be a good chance for me to be a director and being able to see what to look forward to. This is a oprtunite to prove to everyone whether their old or young that this girl has talent. I have been in front of a live adience before,and if I do get the part. I will always remember where I came from. My idol is Zendaya because she is just like me because she can ge on a stage ,and not care that shes different.

  31. Chloe

    Hi my name is Chloe I am 13 yrs old. I live in Vancouver,Wa my whole life i have dreamed about being on TV or being a performing artist. I am good at Dancing, Singing, Art, I am kinda flexible i was in dance for 11 yrs and I was going to be in Gymnastics but unfortuately my family couldn’t afford it. I have watched Disney channel eversince I was two. i listen to radio Disney a lot too. and what i have learned from Disney is fame and fortune isn’t everything its about making your dreams come true:) I just wanna say: good luck to whoever gets it. Thanks!

  32. Chelsea

    MI’m a good gymnast and my friend want to audition.She’s good at karate. For our show we want it to be about gymnastics and karate and us behind sassy girls at school . We always get good grades and people love us

  33. Dai'Yonah

    hi my name is daiyonah. I have had an acting audition before they loved me. But it wad so much money. Please make my dreams come true

  34. Emily


  35. cassandra mcintosh

    I have some singing talents and am really good at acting

  36. Annabelle

    My name is annabelle . I’m 10 years old . I sing , dance ,act and some other things
    I did ballet for 9 years. And have some experience in hip hop dance. I’ve been singing my hole life. I act in at least 2 plays every year. I have shoulder length light brown hair, light blue eyes and I’m 5′ 2″

  37. Ryann C

    My name is Ryann. I am 11 years old. I am a female. I have also got the solo in my schools choir. I’m 5’4. Some of my talents are singing, cooking, baking, dancing, and I am very creative. Today, I am planning a carnival, about to make a float and enter a science fair. I am very busy, but I am a very good leader. I can play basketball, tennis, and football. I have good grades and at times I’m all of the teachers pet’s.

  38. Ariana musgrave

    My name is Ariana and I’m eleven years old .Called by everyone the worrier soldier of Enchanted because I’m very strongly competitive cheerleader flyer that fears nothing , performing today at Disney world in Florida won with my teams through the season first place.My hobbies are sports and photography and running and swimming and watching Disney channels .I’m half Arabic and half white .I hope I get a chance to audition.thank you

  39. Payton

    Hi. My name is Payton. I’m 14 1/2 years old. I’m Caucasian and I have dirty blonde hair that is currently cut in a middle length cut with side bangs (parted with hair towards the right). I am 5′ 0″. My eyes are dark, dark brown–kinda chocolate– and I have a few freckles splashed on my nose with a beauty mark on my right upper lip. I have played soccer since I was 6 and I have taken piano lessons for 4 years. I also took a year of voice lessons. I love doing my school plays and acting of any kind! Also, I am amazing with animals! I would really really love an opportunity to act for this movie or any of the disney channel shows! Please email me back! Thank you!

  40. Lilly Seltz

    GET ME OUT OF THE CORN! Hi, Lilly Seltz here! Commenting all the way from a boring little suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. Love, love, LOVE the idea of working for Disney, but here in Iowa, we have a surplus of farming, but a shortage of big-time movie directors. THIS SOUNDS LIKE AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! I’d love to hear more information soon!

  41. Briana gordon

    Hi I’m Briana and I love to sing and act I’m not shy to act in front of no one and I love to model I have acting modeling and singing experience and was also selected a contestant in the ms miami pagent please keep me in mind when choosing and email me I always answer thank you.

  42. Anna

    I LOVED to sing and dance I watch disney since I was 4 .It was my dream to act and be a artist .

  43. Josey Tooley

    My name is Josey. I’m 11 and i will be 12 in Dec. This year I have some talents. I am a gymnast and I can sing and dance. So,I would really like to be the next big thing for a show on disney channel. I really like watching the shows on their. Zendaya actually inspired me to act so I hope that I can be on a show!!!! I can ride horses and everything out doors hunting fishing ect
    And I do a lot of sports cheer,gymnastics, football,basketball
    Talent is in the paragraph in the top
    Love to act
    Hope u pick me

  44. Alayna and Natalee Cole

    We are sisters at the ages of 10 and 11.
    We have a few things we can do including singing,acting,and some sports.We both love the Disney shows and have watched them for years,it actually inspired us to start acting in the first place.
    Here is a little bit about us.

    Hair:medium length honey blond
    Age:11 (can play as 9-13)
    Skills:intermediate horse-back rider in English and western,singing,acting,some Spanish,some piano,soccer,and running.


    Height:4,11 ish
    Hair:longer length honey blond
    Age:10 (can play ages 8-11
    Skills:some singing,animals,acting,some Spanish,some piano,and soccer

    If eather or both of us fit a description of what you are looking for please contact us we would really love to play any role thanks
    Alayna and Natalee

  45. Lyse Gaelle GARILUS

    I’m 9 years old and I like to sing a lot. I’m a big fan of zendaya

  46. Bachir Balde

    Hey guys im the hugest zendaya fan.

    Age 10

    Race African-American

    Eye color brown

    Hair black

  47. Caitlyn

    Hi, My name is Caitlyn and I really want this part. I’m a competitive gymnast and I have always wanted to be in Disney Channel. I started watching the show since I was 9 years old. Right now I’m 11 years old, but going to be 12 in a few months. I live in California and I have brown hair, brown eyes. I’m about 5 feet and I really want this opportunity. But I ever since I was 7, I wanted to become an actor. I’m in 6th grade and can speak English and Chinese. I also have some experience in acting because since Kindergarten I was in school plays and always had a solo or main part. I also do synchronized swimming and diving. I have really good grades too.

  48. kaylee

    Hello, I’m Kaylee Alexandra Wiggins I am a 15 year old freshman. I currently live in New Mexico but grew up in Hawaii, I am African American/Caucasian.I have been a type 1 Diabetic since I was 5 years old, I think it would make a dynamic show having a type 1 Diabetic, to show that no matter what you can make it and live your life to the fullest.

    Height:5’0 1/2
    Hair: Brown
    eyes: Brown
    live with- mom, and 4 year old sister

  49. Nikita Jackson

    Hi I’m Nikita and Im a sixteen year old girl from the small town of othello washington.
    All my life I have been wanting to become something bigger than myself. Currently i was put on my churches worship team for my maraculate voice that I contribute.
    Singing And acting has always been a big.passionate of mine. But recently last summer my father died of struggling with six years of brain cancer. he died July 18 2014. So now I want to make my dreams a reality, so I can make my whole family and the people who disgrace me proud. Especially my dad who is now in heaven.

  50. Raksha

    I am a struggling actress. I live in Switzerland so there isn’t a lot of acting gigs or jobs. I love avting and it has always been a dream of mine to become a famous actress but like said before, it is hard in this country. I am willing to move and travel just to make this dream a reality, so i am going to Hollywood this Summer.
    Here is my CV and email me the details please.
    I am willing to travel if/when I get the part.
    Thank you and have a good day,
    R. Joshi
    Non union

    Age: 14

    Hair: brown-curly
    Eyes: green

    Weight: 57kg
    Height: 1m69 or 5″7
    Figure: slim but atlethic



    – school plays
    – school choirs
    – plays in kids birthday parties / baby-sitting
    – local news paper 2-3 times
    – usually plays the damsel in distress / comic relief



    – karate
    – oriental dance
    – archery
    – horse-back riding
    – guitar/recorder
    – speak french/english and a bit of german
    – skiing





  51. Janna

    Hello im Janna Shimizu! Im 15 years old and i love preforming both singing and acting. I have priar training in both. Im Japanese American with dark brown hair 5’3 brown eyes and 118lbs. Here is a YouTube link of me singing All of Me by John Legend http://youtu.be/bMbtMzaC7gA Im hard working and willing to sacrifice anything and everything for my career. Also i am from Sacramento, California. Acting and singing are my passions and what i want to do for the rest of my life.

  52. Katelyn

    Hi, I’m Katelyn Rollins, age 15, and I want to be a radio Disney singer. Of course I’ve always always ALWAYS wanted to act on a Disney channel show, but I’m way better at singing. I haven’t ever recorded anything before, but I am dying to get into the music industry, and what BETTER way than Radio Disney. I play the flute and violin(haven’t finished learning yet) and I am in the process of getting a way to learn piano. I’ve always been interested in learning the piano and I’ve played it alot in my life, but I never got the chance to learn it, due to financial issues. My grandfather helped me learn violin. I am really hopeing that I get a chance at something I’m good at, and I know I’m good at. I want to show the world what I can do, not just my friends and family. Life is definitely to short to waste an opportunity like this.

  53. Daisy

    Hey! I am Daisy 15 yrs old, I can do many things like play piano,dance and more importantly ACT I probably won’t stand out with so many responses but I have passion for acting I have wanted to be on disney channel since I can Remember hopefully that dream and goal can be meet! 🙂

  54. Autumn Washington

    Hi my name is Autumn Washington .
    I am 13 years old ; female
    I have black curly natural hair
    I am 5ft
    I’m in the 7th grade
    I’m African american
    I live in a small town I’m kentucky

    And I would really like to be on disney
    Because it’s one if my favorite networks and I
    Love to act and participate in plays ,
    Musicals etc , at my school
    I think you should choose me because
    I’m a hard worker and a pretty good
    Actress .Ive also been taking dance lessons for 4
    Years now and I’ve been on my school dance team
    For 2 years.
    I really want this . email me
    Anytime !;)

  55. Mya

    I think I should be considered because:
    1. I work well with others. Acting or reality, I am a great listener.
    2. Once I am devoted to something, I do not give up on it. If I read a book, I will literally not stop reading it until it is finished.
    3. I am unique. I don’t try to please someone by not being who I really am. When I’m not acting, I tell the truth.
    4. I am a good singer. I love to sing, it is my passion. My sister is at an acting school and I learn all my singing and acting skills from her.

    Height: 4’10
    Age: 10
    Birthdate: November 24
    Hair color: Black

  56. Saylor Johnson

    Saylor Johnson discovered her passion for performing when she was eleven years old. She is excited to begin branching out into professional auditions ad continue on the pathway to what she aspires to be. Saylor is in tenth grade and has been involved in Kitchener-Waterloo Youth Theatre for approximately three years. She has been in a number of different roles, from musicals to Shakespeare to physical theatre, Saylor accepts any challenge with a positive attitude and new ideas. Saylor can be described as a leader, she is a member of the Southern Ontario Performers and Collaborators committee and profusely enjoys working with her peers. Saylor loves to laugh and has a big personality. She’s starting to take up guitar, took piano for about a year and loves to sing! Saylor is eager to work with Disney, as she grew up with the characters, movies and shows. It was such a huge part of her childhood and she wants to help other kids experience the joy of Disney that she got to.

    Date of Birth: October 12th, 1999
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 120.8 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin: Caucasian
    Citizenship: Canadian, American

    Additional information supplied on request.

    Thank you so much!
    – Saylor Johnson

  57. Yamilett lopez

    Hi my name is Yamilett I have always loved disneychannel I would love to be on it,I have been in all of my school plays ,I did ballet for one year ,I can swim,I was in a dance class,and I was just in a Christmas show at Riverside theater and I am currently in a acting class that we at the end we will perform at Boston theater.I memorize words quikly even with change I can be serious or silly.I hope I will get the chance to be on disney channel if you pick me you won’t be disappointed.

  58. Claire Murray

    My name is Claire Murray and I am twelve years old. I would love to have this opportunity because it is an amazing opportunity for me to make a dance carrer, an acting carrer, and a singing carrer. I started dancing when I was four years old and take drama. I am not very experienced in singing, but I would love to learn and me taught how to properly sing, I am very dramatic and I always try to put my best foot forward. It has always been my dream to take part in a movie, TV shows, and music videos. my passion in life is to dance and I would love to show it to the world. Even if I am not chosen for this opportunity, I would love if you could maybe recomend any jobs for young dancers. Thank you and I hope you consider me for the job.

  59. nakyia

    Hi my name is nakyia im 13 and i live in chicago illinois to. I think you should consider me because im smart passionate, caring ,hardworking ,outgoing and trustwothy to. I hope yall pick me because i love acting and singing because im good at it also i love disney channel so much it will be finally great to live out your dreams. I always wanted to be on disnwy channel and become an actress and a singer to im very passionate about what i do and that is singing and acting to. Im brown skinned, brown eyes. And have nice black hair and a nice shape to. If yall dont pick me then ill keep trying and trying until i accomplish what im after of and that is singing and acting so i hope yall consider me if not then ill keep doing what im good at and that is singing and acting because im good at it you can contact me at 7738632311 or 8723035041 and gmail nakyiabarnes3@gmail.com or glide either one i just hope yall give me an chance to prove to you that im very good for the part i promise i want let yall down i just hope yall consider me for the part thanks for reading my common anyone.

  60. J'adore Harris-Tavita

    I think I should be considered because I listen very well and I am very passionate about acting. When I act I can’t help but always have a smile on my face and enjoy what I’m doing. I’m a funny and outgoing 11 year old girl and I’m tall for my age. Please consider me, This is a great opportunity for me to express myself and have fun!

    I love Disney Channel <3

  61. Mikah Larkin

    I am a young 14 year old child who can sing very well and being on Disney channel is a dream. I will send In a video of me singing if needed! I NEED this for family I need to get them out of the horrible ghetto and into Hollywood. Please make my dream come true and I will work my butt off to be the best I can be. My information:
    Name: Mikah Larkin
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Skin tone: beige or mixed
    Eye color: Brown
    Experience: None, but I’m MADE for T.V

  62. Oryielle

    Hi my name is oryielle and I am 16 years old. I want to apart of this show because I love to dance nd I believe tht I am capable to do anything I put my mind to. I want to be able to show the world what I am able to do and how much I can be successful at it. I hope that I am able to have this opportunity to price what I have to offer.

  63. Maelley Singer

    My name is Maelley Singer, I’m 12 years old and am determined to make my brake into the acting industry. So far my passion has begun with the five school productions and the sixth on its way. ( one of them required me to learn the lines in 30 min and I still did it.) I also have a youtube channel that showcases makeup and fashion tips so I would excel in commercials. The channels name is Maelley Karen. Next, I dabble in playing the piano and can fluently play the intro to John Legends popular song “All of Me”. There is even more. I love to sing and dance. I took dance lessons for one year straight. Singing is a passion of mine and “my shower head is extremely impressed with me” -HSM Although I have not have many modeling jobs, I get my headshot every year along with a picture in my moms wedding dress every year as well. The closest I have gotten to a real modeling job was when my moms friend who is a photographer took photos of me. Finally, I live extremely close to New York and it is no problem going to LA. I hope you consider me. If so email me @ mae6k112@gmail.com thank you have a nice day.

  64. Anahí Orbe

    Hello, I’m Anahí Orbe, Im 18 and I will abide 19 this february, I´m from Ecuador,I speak spanish and english perfectly, and I know that maybe I´m not that young, but i have acting since I was like 5 years old, I´m a Model, and also I’m a Belly dance dancer, I have been dreaming with this my whole life, and I know that there´s a lot of teens that want act too, but the difference between they and I is that I´M GONNA DO IT..!! Acting is my life, is what makes me wake up and fight for my dreams every day, and I will keep dreaming and fighting to make my dreams come true, even you don’t choose me, I will fight for my dreams, but if you pick me you can be part of the beginning of a new star, and I want you be part of it, so PICK ME, I promise you will not regret.

  65. Marlisa Lee

    I think I have the most talent in the world.
    sex: female
    age: 13
    height: 5′ 4″
    talent: Tuba and Opera Singing
    I am from LA and Channing Tatum is my long lost cousin
    Talent runs in my family my dad won America’s Got Talent.

  66. seanni

    Hi my name is seanni I’m 12years old I’m in the 6th grade imwill really love to be in a show on Disney and I can sing act and dance a litre bit and if you pick me I will be at every show or movie you want me to be in so plz plz plz pick me

  67. Bakange (Bakai) Ajak

    Hi, my name is Bakange Ajak and I’m from Stillwater Minnesota. I am an fourteen year old ( going on fifteen ) African American who loves to sing and act with a passion. I have been looking for an audtion for a while now and it would mean the world to me if I were able to join the Disney family and do what I love for others.I have a really big dream and I hope you can help me achieve it. Thank You for considering.
    Age: 14
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Brown

  68. Harley Cheyenne Handle

    Hello my name is Harley Cheyenne Handle and the reason I think I would be good for this is because I’m unique,pretty,talented,fast learner, and respectful.i would love to be a singer or actor on Disney…well any channel you pick for me ill be ecstatic. I’m 10 years old about to turn 11 In May and my idols are Zendaya and Arianna Grande thank you if I get it and if I don’t I’ll try try again

  69. Brooke Wierenga

    Hi my name is Brooke. I am currently 14 years of age and My passion is modeling and acting I feel like it was what I was born to do. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and currently 5’1. You can always count on me knowing that I am putting fourth 110%. I am very outgoing and an amazing listener. Tell me what I need to do and I will do it . That you for taking the time to read this and I hope we will get to work with each other. Love , Brooke.


    Hi am netasha 9 year old and I wanna be on Disney channel . I know what it takes to be that girl. And p .s I really am looking forward for Disney to reply back

  71. Karmarain Camacho

    9 year old spunky tom boy with a raspy voice. Good kid with parental support.

  72. Logan Camacho

    12 year old male, supported by parents in this endeavor, piercing blue eyes, wavy hair, and great smile.
    Easy going kid, with a good head on his shoulders.

  73. Alex Camacho

    15 y/o male, 5’9″ green eyes, dark hair
    Eager to work, and easy to work with.
    I am a good guy who’s not in love with himself.

  74. Gabriela Ramirez

    Hi, my name is Gabriela and I’m 15 years old. I want to be an entertainer. I love to sing and dance and act. I have been playing guitar and singing since I was young. I love it. I always give my 110%. I feel like I have what it takes I just need a chance. Thank you for your time and feel free to email me at anytime.

  75. joselyn hills

    My name is Joselyn hills . I’m African American and I have a talent and I would like to show it to the world. I also love to model and act. I work well with others and I’m always smiling. I should chosen because this would be a once in a life opportunity and I am ready