Disney Movie Magic Camp Auditions

Disney Kids Movie Auditions

Do you have what it to be the next Disney star? Online Disney auditions are being held for kids and teens for the new Disney movie “Magic Camp”. The new Disney casting call is searching for boys and girls to star in the upcoming film. Disney is accepting video auditions from kids around the country. “Magic Camp” will be filming from December through March of 2017. If you have been waiting for your chance to be Disney’s next star, it is here!

About “Magic Camp”

A failed magician goes back to the camp where he learned his skills to help a group an misfit kids find their magic and try to win a camp competition against all odds. The movie is being directed by Mark Waters (Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Mr. Poppers Penguins) and is being produced by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland, Memento, Austin Poers) The movie is to be distributed by The Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is rumored that Steve Martin will star in the Disney movie.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are looking for kids and young teens to fill the below roles.

THEO MOSES – 12 years old, a shy but smart African-American or mixed-race boy. Theo’s dad took him to his first magic show when he was 8 and he’s been hooked ever since. Theo gets quite good with cards over the years. But when his father is unexpectedly killed, Theo finds that he can no longer perform in front of an audience. It was his father’s presence that gave him the strength he needed. Lonely and unhappy, Theo sees his adolescence stretching away in front of him as a barren wasteland interrupted by lots of card tricks. But when Theo gets an invitation to Magic Camp—his dad must’ve sent in his application before he died!—his life changes. For the worse, then for the better. He is assigned to the House Of Hearts, and comes under the tutelage of bitter, failed magician Andy Tuckerman. But because Magic Camp is a place where magic does indeed come true, both Theo and Andy manage to inspire each other to be not just better magicians, but finer specimens of humanity. LEAD ROLE

PRIYA PATEL – 12 years old, any ethnicity. She’s the trifecta: pretty, sweet, and smart, thus she quickly becomes the object of Theo’s shy adoration. Convinced that Magic Camp is just a time-waster—her parents scheduled her at back-to-back camps throughout the summer—Priya gets a pleasant surprise when she finds out she has the flexibility to become a gifted escape artist. LEAD ROLE

KAZ KATADA – 12 years old, any ethnicity. Kaz fancies himself a bit of a ladies man. He desperately wants to be cool, when, in reality, he’s far from it. He’s not good at sports and he can’t play the guitar so he got into magic in the hopes that he would be cool for once. Then just maybe girls would like him. Unfortunately he’s not necessarily good at magic either. But with the help of fellow camper Judd, by the end of Magic Camp, Kaz becomes a very impressive quick-change artist. SUPPORTING LEAD ROLE.

NATHAN – 12 years old, any ethnicity. Nathan is a loveable, brainiac—think of a young Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Nathan is another newbie who doesn’t seem to fit in with any of the other magicians. A boy with sleep apnea who really likes math, Nathan is a wet blanket with a bottomless supply of trivia and no apparent skills for magic whatsoever—until his buried skills as a math-magician comes to the surface. LEAD ROLE.

VIC – 12 years old, any ethnicity. Vic is an oddball show off, Vic is a gifted magician with a rotten personality. But he’s not your typical bully, he should be a bit of a character—kind of a geek himself. He’s an egomaniacal little jerk who thinks that he is The Greatest. Determined to rub Theo’s nose in his incompetence all day, every day, Vic has only one thing up his sleeve: his charmless lack of respect for others. SUPPORTING LEAD ROLE.

JUDD – 12 years old, any ethnicity. Judd has a sense of style that’s both subtle and flamboyant. The son of a famous magician, he’s trying to get out from his famous father’s shadow and be something other than a magician without hurting his father’s feelings. At Magic Camp, he realizes that he’s all about the costumes. SUPPORTING LEAD ROLE.

RUTH – 12 years old, Caucasian. Ruth is blond, cute as a bunny. Ruth is at Magic Camp for one reason: Rabbits. Technically she’s never worked with rabbits, but ever since she saw a magician pull one out of a hat, she knew it was her destiny. But when the all the rabbits accidentally get out of their pens, she’s forced to work with other, scarier animals. Fortunately, under Andy’s tutelage, she finds she has a way with birds. SUPPORTING LEAD.

How to Apply

Kids and teens who would like to audition for the upcoming movie can do so by going to https://www.castittalent.com/Magic_Camp and submitting an online audition. This is an amazing opportunity to show the world you are a star, so don’t miss out on your chance and apply today!

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65 Casting Responses

  1. Brian Bamfo

    Its Brian, from ghana, would love to play the role theo moses
    I am am also good in gymnastics and i think i fit fir that role.

  2. Brian Bamfo

    I would like to participate in this movie
    My name is Brian Bamfo.
    I am a Ghanaian, very skillful and a genius in technology
    And I would love to apply for the character THEO MOSES.

  3. Brian Bamfo

    I would like to participate in this movie.
    My name is Brian Bamfo, I am a Ghanaian.
    I would like to apply for the role

  4. Allen isley

    Interested in the casting call

  5. arshi Khan

    Hi my name is arshi Khan. I am an Indian girl.My age is 12 and I would like to aply for the role of Priya. I am very much interested in the role. I live in Bhopal

  6. Jadyn Ruiz

    Hi! my name is Jadyn. I really love acting and singing. I’m 13 and i’m 5’3 i’m Latina and I have long black curly hair. I have acted before and i would love to be in this. I live in Mississippi.

  7. Emma Pimer

    Hello! My name is Emma and I would really really love to be an actor. I’m 12 and 5’4 Caucasian and have curly blond/brown hair. I haven’t acted before but I believe I can do it and I have a good memory. I live in Rhode Island.

  8. Chauncy

    It’s chauncy again my eye. Color is brown and I have black short hair .I am kinda chubby but I’m very good at gymnastics.and since I was young my father would always act with me he kinda was my inspiration

  9. Chauncy

    Hi my name is chauncy Mikel Betts,I’m African American,I would love to play Theo.Im 12 years old and always wanted to become an actor I love to read.I would love if you took me into consideration to play the actor theo.💗😁

  10. Nadya

    Hi, my name is Nadya. I would love to play the role of Priya Patel. I am 14 yrs old but have always been told that I look like I am 12. I have short dark blonde hair, hazel eyes and I am 5′ 3″. I find myself very relatable to Priya I am very smart and never enjoy doing activities but with time I come to find that I am actually great at it when I try. I have also always loved magic and being a part of a magic camp would be amazing. I have acted before doing school plays and just filming thing with friends. I hope that I am a candidate you will consider and contact to play a role in this movie. Have a great day!!

  11. josias daniels

    Hi I’m 10 I’m and I’mgood at memorizing I do jujitsu and boxing and I
    Love disneychanel

  12. Dj

    I can work well with people and I have good memory. I can learn ligns in foreign languages. I also speak french. I am nice and will be able to work with most people.

  13. Djibrine

    Hi my name is Djibrine, or DJ for short, and I want to try for Nathan. I am African American, and I could really look like a math geek. I also have glasses, and I really do like math. Please consider me. Even if I am one year short of age(11 years old), I am turning 12 later this year. I am also tall(ish). I am a great actor.

  14. Essence Brooks

    Hi! My name is Essence I am 12 years old African American and I would love any role. I love acting and singing I live in Alabama and I hope you see this and consider me to play a part in this movie. I’m a girl and I would prefer either Girl part.

  15. Madison Monroe

    Hello! I am Madison Monroe, and I would absolutely love to be casted as Priya Patel. I am 14 years old, but can pass off looking like a 12 or 13 year old. I have straight, light brown hair and hazel eyes. I have pale skin. I’m 5’3 and very athletic. I am very good at playing quiet characters since I have a quiet voice, but I also know how to be a bright, cheery, optimistic person as well. It’s always been a dream of mine since I was little to be an actor, and hopefully you will consider me as a candidate to be casted a role. if you want to contact me. Have a good day!

  16. Awadia

    I have a little sister here who really wants to be in this movie but she wears a hijab is it going to be ok for her to audition?

  17. sophia carrico

    Hi my name is sophia rose carrico 12 going on 13 , white , brown short hair , green eyes , and I am 5 foot tall. I can play a shy quiet part yet play a outgoing part as well. I really would benefit from this and would gladly love any role.

  18. lukus

    I really love singing if there is a singing part I would be great I am 4/8 and I have been wanting to be in Disney for about since I was 4

  19. lukus

    I am 11 I never played in a movie but I think I would be good playing Nathan in magic camp

  20. lukus

    Magic camp sounds really cool and I want to play Nathan

  21. Summers

    Hi, my name is Summers, I have been acting since I was 4 and played one of the main roles in my school play, after that I have played many lead roles in plays and I was an extra in a commercial at age 7, now I am age 12 and 5′ feet tall, I would love to play Priya. I am a Caucasian female with lightly sun kissed skin, bright green eyes, and long golden hair.

  22. Camila Asay

    Hello, my name is Camila Asay I am 12 years old and I would love to play either girl role I am 5’4 and have brown hair and eyes I am half Hispanic and German but I look 100% white I’ve always wanted to act since I am a every out going person when people get to know me, people say I smile 24/7 and I’m a wonderful person to be around, I care for people always before myself and Ive always had a love of role playing with others, I have a passion for acting and this is a dream I’ve always had, Im still young and have time to explore jobs but something that would make me feel like I like I’m doing what I love is this special opportunity I would appreciate if I could have a chance to prove my passion and would very much love to hear back from you! Thank you.

  23. skylar

    id love to be Nathan I kind of have the same personality of him. can you please send me a script for my video audition

  24. Mercedes

    Hello my names Mercedes and I would like to say how inspiring Disney channel is acting is a part of my life I have practice and practice I play an insturmeant for my school and dance and do theater things such as lead in plays I find acting a way to expesse word thought you emotion. I would love to be in Disney movie it took a lot of time to be perfect my mom still doesn’t see what talent I have. Thank you, Disney

  25. Lebron

    Please pick me sir trust me I won’t let you down I m able to perform any character that is given to me and if you choose me in your movie you will never regret it thank you

  26. Lebron

    Hi my name is LeBron Marshall I think I will be perfect for the role of Theo Moses the reason why because we have so many similarity like for a example Theo father has been unexpectedly killed my father isn’t killed but he not with me at the moment here’s my pros and cons see my pros never give up always confident and learning character easily and my cons okay with gymnastics not good with basketball but good at football thank you for reading I hope you accept me to play your leading role as Theo Moses.

  27. Trinity

    Also I like acting since I was 4 I thought it was fun but when I was young we little people don’t know about acting I just thought it was interesting so I am perfect for the role of Ruth I have dedicated or am trying to dedicated my life to acting and this would be amazing to be apart of something amazing like this

  28. Trinity

    What’s the date of the audition because I would maybe like to audition for the role of Ruth I am 12 years of age and I think I would be perfect for that role

  29. Shikina Marie Gorre

    Hi I’m Shikina if I would describe my self I would be PRIYA PATEL because we have the same thing I’m pretty, sweet and smart by the way I’m half filipino and half american so I can speak two language and I live in Idaho and I love to sing , dance and act and also I have sang , dance and act in a mall. If you pick me it would be an honor to be part of this movie. I’m 11 years old 5ft tall i have black hair black eye.
    THANK YOU!!!

  30. Miranda van zyl

    My name is Miranda I am 17 years old but I am 4’11” feet I look young I can play any age o a young teen and little older. I’d like to play the role of PRIYA PATEL.

  31. Aniyah Martinez

    Hi, my name is Aniyah! I would like to be the part of Priya. I am a 13 year old black girl. Acting has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was 5 years old. I have had other auditions in acting but they didn’t work out. I believe this could be a great start for me. Im not a shy person, I’m weird/goofy, I love to dance, and I am able to have fun and be serious at the same time. Thank you for this offer. I hope u pick me!

  32. Seta

    I’m 9 years old 5 feet tall I make Friends quickly and don’t forget my lines if I mess up I try even harder I have hazel skin brown eyes black hair I am a grate person to work with and I would like to audition for Theo.

  33. Seta

    Hi I’m 9 but I’m 5 feet and tall enough to pass for a 12 year old I’m African American brown eyes black short hair I have a great singing voice and hazel skin I remember my lines I’m probably not going to be nervous after the first meeting I make friends quickly and if I mess up I try Even harder. And I would like to try out for Theo.

  34. Nicole Nanka-Bruce

    Hey! My name’s Nicole, I’m an African and I would like to tryout for the role of Priya. I chose that role because I feel her character suits me AND I totally love to act! Acting is my dream job! Oh and, don’t worry about the accent 🙂 I can do both British and American. You won’t even know it’s fake!

  35. Julianne Marquez

    Hi, i want to go for the audition of Priya, my hair is brown, so are my eyes, im kind of tan, im 5’1/5’0. I haven’t done acting, but i believe i can do it! Im 12 years old and i also wanted to know where the actual place where you will be producing it. I can sing and dance if taught with the right choreography, im also a great person to work with and have fun with, but im also very serious about my work. The only bad thing i can think of is probably me getting nervous for the first part. Once i get through the first part, i promise i wont be nervous! I also want to do this because it would be a great way to start off my acting career! I would love it if you could consider me!

  36. Teresa Mae Sayno

    Hi my name is Teresa Mae Sayno and 17 years old from Philippines. I’m a Honor student here in the Philippines. For me Im so blessed because God give me a lot of blessings like Im good in dancing, singing, declamation, Compose a song and poem and drawing. I also play badminton and volleyball. I love modeling in front of our mirror. Also I love taking a picture .This is a big opportunity to me. So Im hoping that I will pass on this audition. That someday I can say to the other who’s getting me down that I can do everything that they can’t. Please update me.

  37. Taliyah

    HI my name is Taliyah forbes.I am Mixed with black and white.I just turned 13 on November 22.I might not be twelve but i sure look like it and act like it and i failed 1 grade so i am in 6th grade.I am sure other kids have played roles that was a younger or older then their real age in shows.Just like Sabrina Carpenter who was 17 but played a 14 year old,And i am just one year older then the character Ruth .I have always thought that it would be fun to star in a Disney show about magicians. Ever since i read Abby Carnelia’s one and only magical power.I might not have blond hair and i could dye it blond.But i can’t make myself beautiful.I mean do you really have to be pretty just to get one role.Why can’t you just look like yourself.I am sorry but can’t i give the writer a little tip.It not about what you look like on the outside it about what you look like on the inside.I can sure act like a cute bunny.But no one one’s face can look or act like a bunny.And i am chubby.I like reading books and i am shy but not shy at the same time.Oh can i say one more thing i can act and i have more friend then the prettiest girl in my school you know why because of my personality not my looks and i am sure i can play the role of Ruth even if i don’t look like a bunny or have a pretty face.

  38. Paris daniels

    Im 10 1/2 and I never took acting classes but i will want to show people that I can be good to i love to sing but I wanna act to

  39. Micah Molengraaf

    Hi I would love to be Ruth because I CAN act I do lots of monologues which I love and very much enjoy. Sing do band and do plays and me and my friends do voice overs for fun! I act for joy and passion not for instagram followers! Please reply. Thank you.
    This is what I look like…..
    :Blond hair
    :Blue eyes with a hint of green
    :About 5,2
    :I am also 12 years old

  40. Kenya

    Hi my name is Caiden Collins. I am African American child who is 12 years of age. I would really love the opportunity to become a star. The Moses character fits me.

  41. Lina abuyousef

    Hello I’m Lina abuyousef
    I’m 15 years old and I learn in school how to play in a movie.
    I really like it to act and I would be glad if I become a Disney actor.
    I live in Germany but I hope it doesn’t change my chance to become a job

  42. isabella

    i am isabella i have blond hair and blue eyes i play softball and basketball!! i really like disney channel!! i love acting although where i live has no acting class i practice by playing jokes on my family.if i got the part of priya patel it would mean he world to me. i can sing and play sports.i love animals. i got streight A S all year last year and this year. thank you for your time p.s how do i audition

  43. Jocorey Mitchell

    Hi my name is Jocorey Mitchell and i would like to audition for Theo Moses I am a twelve year old boy also African American boy and I love to act it would be amazing to do this. I am also shy just like Theo so I would be great for the part.

  44. Leah Fridman

    Hello my name is Leah Fridman i and 11 years old but I look a little bit older I have been doing theatre since I was 9 and have been going to French Woods performing arts camp in Hancock New York this year I will be playing Smee in my schools production of Peter Pan I can do some dance and my dream is too choreograph and direct my own broadway musical. I unfortunately cannot travel beyond the East coast where I currently reside. I have short brown hair and brown eyes I stand at 5 feet tall I wear glasses but can see without them to some extent. I would love to be part of the Disney team it had been a dream to do something like that you can contact me at my email bellow. thank you of your time

  45. Matthew Graham

    Hello, my name is Matthew Graham. I am male, 13 years old, but small enough to pass for a 12 year old. I am 5’1″ and Caucasian and have dark brown hair. i believe that I could be Kaz Katada, Vic, Judd, or Nathan.

  46. Matthew Graham

    Hello, my name is Matthew Graham. I am 13 years old, but small enough to pass for a 12 year old. I am 5’1″ and Caucasian and have dark brown hair. i believe that I could be Kaz Katada, Vic, Judd, or Nathan.

  47. icyss quinomes

    i am 11 years old hope age doesn’t stop this I’ve wanting to be a disney channel star since i was 3 now i actualy cause i want to make my own future I’m a singer acter dancer hope can find roll for me

  48. jayden waterman

    Hello my name jayden waterman and i am 13 and 5ft adn my enthicity is native american i have brown eyes black hair brown skin straight teeth i can pull off severaly motions cry on que(every now and then) ive been in a comercial and a school play halphazerdly ever after and wgoignt to be in the play with out strings on me,…. sincerly jayden waterman

  49. Geraldine Francis

    Hi, my name is Geraldine Francis, I’m a female and I am 14 years of age. I’m from Australia but I’m originally from Fiji. I am really keen and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting a role in the Disney movie. Here are some details about me:
    *I’m a mixture of Chinese, Tongan, Fijian, Samoan and Whales.
    *I have short brown hair and my eyes are brown as well.
    *I’m short.
    *I have a fair skin but a little tan
    I am hoping that you would give me the role of either Priyah or Ruth. Thank you for your co-operation and I hope you will inform me. I live in Australia but I hope that doesn’t stop you from noticing me!! Thank you so much, and I really hope that you contact me if you want more information.

  50. Maria

    Hi my name is Maria i adore acting even if i get the smallest part in a movie i would adore to have it
    let me tell you a little bit about myself
    i am cheerful but not too cheerful when it becomes annoying
    i am Latina
    i am from the Caribbean
    i am an amazing actor
    i take acting classes 3 times a week
    i have been taking acting classes since i was 5
    i am 11 but i will be 12 on January 1
    i am not afraid of a crowd or a camera
    i have brown eye
    i have brown hair with blue and purple streak
    i hope you think of me when you are casting for this movie

  51. Nicole

    Hellow my name is Nicole mosha. I am 12 years old I love acting and if you choose me I swear you won’t regret it I will be the best actress you will ever have thanks in advance

  52. Arianna Santoyo

    Hi im Arianna Santoyo! Im 12 years old! I have Short brown hair, i have brown eyes and i wear glasses because i cant see far away, i have braces, i can act very well. I get a little shy but i’ll get over it. Email me whenever!

  53. iyss fields

    About Me
    I love singing, I love meeting new people, people tell me I’m very photogenic, and I can adapted to new situations
    My Hobbies
    singing, dancing, reading, and hanging out
    My Talents
    120 lbs
    5′ 1”
    Eye color:
    Hair Color:

  54. Brenon Jacobs

    Hello, My name is Brenon Jacobs. I cant currently email, but i would like to explain a bit about myself. I am mixed with black and white, 13, and love acting. I have taken acting classes for about 2 years almost 3. the only reason i would get shy is if i am not comfortable with a line that i need help understanding or if i don’t know the cast. I would love to become a Disney actor. for any more information. contact my email attached below. thank you for your time,

    Brenon Jacobs

  55. Terri Ann Maloney

    Hi I am Terri Ann, i am British and I am 13 years old. I am hard working and I would love too be a part of this movie.
    This some details about me:
    -Brown eyes
    -Light brown hair
    -Fair skin tone
    – I wear glassess for reading
    – I also have braces which are coming off nexts year
    I currently a part of PQA which is a acting school and I have been in Bauty and the beast show and nexts year I am being part of a show called The Lazy Ace in the west end.
    I hope you keep me in mine for one of the characters,
    Your sincerely
    Terri Ann Maloney

  56. Linda Allison amoako

    Hi am Linda from Ghana .am interested in Disney movie and l want to take part . Am naturally good at acting ,can act exactly like the character that will be giving to me , am some one who can steal a show .l have amazing natural skills.when it come to acting l always make sure to emphasize for what my assigned character is feeling,whether it’s pain,joy or anger. Am from Ghana but doesn’t prevent me from this life time opportunity.please help me become one of Disney big star. Thanks!;(

  57. Imogen

    Hello, I am Imogen Potts and I am interested to in the roles of Priya or Ruth in The Magic Camp. I am 15 years old, achebieing high grades in school and I do have to some acting experience with school musicals and drama classes. I love in Australia but hopefully that doesn’t stop you from noticing me. Thank you!

  58. Ariel

    When do the online auditions close, I would really like to audition for this wonderful audition, is not too late, I already practice the script of by heart.

  59. Hunter Wheeler

    Thanks for the help 😉

  60. gwynneth kobold

    my name is Gwynneth kobold, i am 12 years old, i love to act and i would like to audition for either of the female parts in this show. i haven’t been i any productions yet but i would like to start. i have dirty blond hair, blue eyes, i’m Caucasian and i love to sing. i write books as well and have been able to nail almoTs any character someone has given me

  61. Britta

    Hi my name is Britta I am 12 years old I would like to try out for the role of Priya Patel I am Caucasian and four foot eleven. I have medium length brown hair with natural red highlights. I love to bake and play viola. It would mean a lot to get the part. Any other information you need please email me.

  62. liza

    hi i am 14 and can i fit for this show because i really want to audition for tv show and so far this is the only chance i have it is my dream to be on disney and i would really apreciated if someone replied

  63. Kaylin Reed

    Hello. Very Rey interested in auditioning for That’s So Raven spinoff. Can someone let me know when and where are the auditions……thank you.

  64. Emma Hawthorne

    Hi, my name is Emma Hawthorne. I would love the chance to audition for one of these parts it is my dream to become an actress. I have been in the shows : Aladdin jr., Princess Whatshername, A Journey, The Elves and the Shoemaker, and am currently working on the play Everything is groovy. I really enjoy acting and it would be a dream come true if I was chosen to be a part of this movie.
    Here are some details about me:
    – I have chestnut hair
    – I speak spanish fluently
    – I am a latina/hispanic/caucasian mix
    – I have brown eyes
    I hope you guys will at least consider me for a role in this show/movie,
    Emma Hawthorne