Disney Movie Magic Camp” Kids & Teens for Lead Roles

Disney Movie Auditions

Do you dream of starring in a Disney movie? Your dreams could come true! Disney auditions for their upcoming movie “Magic Camp” are now being held. Disney casting directors are seeking kids between the ages of 12 and 14 years old to star in the film. Online auditions are being held and auditions are being held in the San Francisco, California area. The movie be filming in Los Angeles from October of 2016 through January of 2017. If you think you have what it takes to be the next Disney movie star here is your chance to shine bright!

About Disney’s “Magic Camp”

A failed magician goes back to the camp where he learned his skills to help a group of misfit kids find their magic and try to win a camp competition against all odds. The movie is being directed by Mark Waters (Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Mr. Poppers Penguins) and is being produced by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland, Memento, Austin Poers) The movie is to be distributed by The Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is rumored that Steve Martin will star in the Disney movie.

What They Are Looking For

Disney casting calls are being held for three major roles. They are looking to cast the roles of Theo Moses, Priya Patel and Kaz Katada. Child actor auditions for the Disney movie are being held by self submit video auditions.

Theo Moses [Male, 12 Years Old, African American or Mixed Race] – Bright but shy, Theo dreams of becoming a magician.

Priya Patel [Female, 14 Years Old, Indian American] – Priya is Theo’s crush and the most attractive girl at magic camp

Kaz Katada [Male, 12 Years Old, Asian] – Kaz is nerdy and awkward on the outside, but a charmer at heart.

How to Apply

Online auditions are being held for Magic Camp. In person auditions are being held in San Francisco, California. To schedule an audition in San Francisco, email a photo and all contact information to miccampcastingsf@disneympp.com If you have what it takes to be the next Disney movie star, apply today!

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29 Casting Responses

  1. Sophie Caulfield

    Hi my name is Sophie caulfield and I would like to audition f9r the movie.My hair is blondy brown and my skin isn’t really tanned so I probably couldn’t be Priya although I would love to but of there are other characters with that description I would love to audition for it.Im eleven years old but im tall so I look older(most people think im fourteen)I cant go to the auditions in San Francisco since I live in Irelańd but I can do an online audition.I would apreciate it if you would contact me soon if it is not too late

  2. Brandon

    I can’t wait to audition

  3. Mikayla Hudson

    Hello! My name is Mikayla. I will be auditioning for the role of Priya Patel. Im 14 years old as of January 29. But I just have some questions for you. So if you’d be so kind as to contact me at my email listed below, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Ruth

    I would like to be part of the movie. I would like to be an extra.

  5. Sakiya Godreau

    Hi my name is Sakiya I am currently 11 years old an mixed with black and Puerto Rican but can pass for a 14 year old Indian American. I live close to San Francisco and I’ve always wanted to be a actress I have been a ToysRUs commercial though. Hope to see you in Janurary.

  6. Emanuel

    Also I am African American

  7. Emanuel

    Hi I am 12 years old and I want to be Theo Moses.I want to be Theo because him and I both are shy and smart and I am an very good actor I do broadway and many more I will do anything to be Theo Moses.Also I have always dreamed of being an actor I just want to be a somebody in the world. So that is why I want to be Theo

  8. Kandice

    I am 12 years old and I would want to try out for priya patel here is some information about me
    I am a female
    I am African American (sorry I not Indian)
    I wanted to be in a movie for the longest time.
    And if so can we have a online call like on skype.

  9. Kandice Hill

    I am 12 years old and I would want to try out for priya patel here is some information about me
    I am a female
    I am African American (sorry I not Indian)
    I wanted to be in a movie for the longest time

  10. Kandice

    I am 12 years old and I would want to try out for priya patel here is some information about me
    I am a female
    I am African American (sorry I not Indian but that shouldn’t change anything)
    I wanted to be in a movie for the longest time

  11. Charlotte

    I am 12 years old. I am a brunette/blonde. I have darkish blue eyes and act in every play I possibly can. I would love to pursue my dream of becoming an actress. I love in the bay area, so San Francisco would be great if possible. I can also sing if needed for something different. Crossing my fingers!!!

  12. Cadence

    Even tho I’m Canadian I tan very quickly and am very easy to adapt to a charecters personality, tho I’m tall 5’4 I could easily be priya but I cant fly anywhere bc my family is in a financial crisis

  13. Fatima tolentino

    My Name Fatima Tolentino, i’m 13 years old, i’m from Chicago, Illinois. i want to audition as priya, i have medium brown skin, brown eyes and dark hair. I’m 5’3 and i only been to two school plays (both as a leading role) i hope i can get the lead role of priya.

    where do i get the script to audition online?

  14. Jade steinman-ross

    Skin: mixed
    Hair: shoulder leagth and brown
    An also if it is not a problem i have freakiles pls message me when every you can

  15. Jade steinman-ross

    hi my name is jade i am 14 years of age and im told by may people that i would be a good actor the thing is that i am not indian im mixed or as my mom says malouto i live in marion ohio i would have to find a way to audition for you and then if there is any chance of me get the part witch would be a merical i would have to find a way to get money to show up there but the hack with it all i really want to do is be an actor an i know i got the talent for it i will try to get help to get there. hope you guys have an easy time finding some one : >

  16. Destynie Howlett

    I am also Hispanic but my natural Red hair makes my skin very fair.

  17. Destynie Howlett

    I am 14, 5’1′, I can sing, I know how to dance a bit, and I’ve always dreamed of being an actress and or singer

  18. Santwone

    I am 12 and i am african american and i would like to audition for Theo moses i wear glasses and i want to be an actor

  19. Honey Brown

    My name is Honey Brown, I’m mixed race and I’m currently 11yrs old but most certainty look like a 13/14 yr old. I Have long hair and I believe I’m beautiful. Brown eyes and hair. Very curly hair. And can speak in any accent. I also do stunts. I’m a very good singer and dancer and actress. Acting is life to me so I hope you let me live my dream and contact me! Thanks!

  20. cherrieberrie

    where do i send the onlime audition to ?

  21. samantha torres

    If you’re willing to have me, i’m more than willing to accept. best hopes.

  22. maddy

    I would really love to play Priya Patel except I am 12 years old, although I could look 14. I am not indian american but I am tanned and brown/blonde with blue eyes. I live in Melbourne, Australia but If I got the part I could easily fly out. Please let me know asap. Lots of love -maddy

  23. Preet

    I am 13, but I am very tall. Could I audition online or something without flying anywhere?

  24. Dazhiah mapp

    I really want to be an actor its my dream but i cant fly anywhere i think can i audition online

  25. Dazhiah mapp

    I want to be in that movie and become an actor and be on that movie but i cant go to sanfrinsico or los angeles (california)

  26. Joan Umoh

    Name=Joan Umoh
    Gender= Female
    Ethnicity= African( can I still audition even if i’m not Indian American
    Currently living in Canada
    I really like magic, Disney, and acting and would really love to do this.
    I haven’t done anything major like that just musicals, school lays, and drama club in grade 7, so i’m wishing even if i don’t get the audition i could add it to my resume.

  27. Kaydee

    i hope i get the audiion

  28. Cadence

    I know I’m only 12 years old, but I am very tall for my age. I have red Hair and Blue eyes.

  29. Cadence

    How do I get an audition without having to fly some where? Is it possible to still audition online? Please this is my dream! I heard about an audition in Reno, Nevada on 9/16. I live near there if some one can give me an answer please. HELP!