Disney Jungle Cruise Starring Dwayne Johnson

Disney Casting Call for All Ages – Atlanta, GA

Are you looking for a Disney audition? The infamous company is gearing up for a new movie and they want you to help bring it to life! Production is underway for the upcoming film “Jungle Cruise”. A 2018 Disney casting call is looking for kids and adults. While shooting won’t be until August, casting for extras is underway. The Disney audition notice is looking for boys and girls ages 8 through 15. The kids and teens casting call is open to children of all ethnicities. In addition, men and women ages 18 through 80 are also being hired. Actors and models will be portraying featured tourists on a riverboat. Because it takes place in the early 1900’s it is important talent can look the part. These roles will film in Atlanta, Georgia. It is set to take place in August for one or two weekdays. Chosen actors will be paid $120.00 for the first 10 hours and overtime after that. An additional $25.00 will also be provided. This is an incredible opportunity to be featured in a major Disney movie. Check out all of the additional movie information below.

About Disney’s Jungle Cruise

Based on Disneyland’s theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles. [IMDB]

What They Are Looking For

Now casting for men and women and children to be featured tourists on a river boat

Men and Women Ages 18 to 80
Children Ages 8 to 15 only
All ethnicities…an international mix!

Please note- Children will not be booked with their real parents, so submit separately if you are a parent that wishes to be considered.

Adults must fit the following:
Sizes- this is a period film (early 1900’s) !!:
Men- Jacket size range is 38 to 48
Women- Dress sizes 0 to 14
Kids/Teens -need to be average sizes for their age


Women/Girls must have hair length beneath the chin or longer and willing to remove modern day enhancements (extensions, nails, etc… )

Men- IF you have facial hair, you must be willing to let us shape/trim to the period (early 1900’s).
-Men/Boys- hair length must be able to be styled for the period (early 1900’s).

Candidates must not be afraid of heights and/or do not get motion sickness easily.

This will work in August for 1 or 2 days (weekdays)
Filming in Atlanta

Pay rate: $120 with overtime after 10hrs with OT after that plus a $25 add’l bump

How to Apply

To apply email projects1@tscasting.com and put “TOURIST” in the subject line

Please send good face photos from the chest up, and full length photos that show us your body shape. You should send a smiling and non-smiling (neutral, pleasant expression) options. If you have professional headshots, you must send the above photos as well.

Then please List the following:
First and Last Name
Phone Number (s)
City & State where you live (where you will be coming from!)
Email address
Sizes: You Must Include This Info!!!
Men: Jacket, Collar, Sleeve, Waist, Inseam, Shoe
Women: Dress size, bust/bra/cup, waist, shoe
Kids: Pants, shirt, shoe

Please put “NO FEAR” under your stats, to verify you are not afraid of heights and do not get motion sickness easily!

If you have acting experience, please attach a resume and/or list experience in the body of your submission. Experience is not mandatory, but it is helpful to know!

You must be local to the greater Atlanta, Georgia area (or willing to work as a local hire)

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159 Casting Responses

  1. Sydney

    Hello i am sydney and i am 12 years old i just wanted to know where we would be shooting if we got in and how would we be auditioning. I have light brown hair and i live in columbia PA

  2. Mya Ross

    name:Mya Ross
    Hair color:dark brown
    Eye color : brown
    Race:African American
    From:Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Size in clothing:large

  3. Mya Ross

    my names Mya and I’m an 11 year old girl from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I don’t get sick easily and I’m not that scared of hights ,I have brown eyes and dark brown hair
    If there’s anything else you need to know please rely back thanks:)

  4. manasseh gideon

    hello am gideon am ples help mei just want to be a hollywood actor

  5. Angelina Lopez

    Hi my name is Angelina Lopez
    I live in Chicago Illinois
    I am 12 years old
    I have dark brown hair that is up to my shoulder’s
    I’m 5’4 (height)
    I weigh 149
    Shoe size is a 7
    Shirt size is a large
    Pants size is a 7
    “No Fear”
    I have always tried audition’s I have never got one so I hope that you pick me I would love the experience I’m truly grateful for the chance hope you pick me

  6. Angelina Lopez

    Hi my name is Angelina Lopez
    I live in Chicago Illinois
    I am 12 years old
    I have dark brown hair that is up to my shoulder’s
    I’m 5’4 (height)
    I weigh 149
    Shoe size is a 7
    Shirt size is a large
    Pants size is a 7
    “No Fear”
    I have always tried audition’s I have never got one so I hope that you pick me I would love the experience I’m truly grateful for the chance hope you pick me

  7. Angelina Lopez

    Hi my name is Angelina Lopez
    I weigh 149
    My height is 5’4
    I have dark brown eyes
    I have dark brown hair that is up to my shoulder’s
    Size large
    “No fear “

  8. Mark Anthony

    hi I will like to star in your movie an really good actor from Nigeria age 18 and am bold and friendly

  9. Angie

    Heyy! I’m Angie I’m 17 I’m from America. I weight 143. My height is 5’3. I’m a size Xs, 5 in pants. I have curly natural hair and black eyes and a really beautiful smile 😊I would love to participate in this activity please feel free to email me.

  10. Precious

    I’m 5’2
    190 in weight
    African American
    Jackson , ms
    Clothing size: 12

  11. Vanda Sabou Cozma

    Hi, my name is Vanda,I´m from Lisbon, Portugal, I’m 15 years old, my height is 163 cm, my weight is 52 kg, I wear S and I shim 37. I have long blonde hair and I have blue and green eyes. I am positive and always have a smile on my face, ready for any challenge!! I’ve done theater for 4 years and I really enjoyed it. My dream is to act in series and movies, I hope one day my dream comes true.
    Thank you. I have a great day! ;))

    • Hazmon Kinga

      Am Hazmon I am 14,yrs old getting to act in Disney channel is like getting a chance to be the president son I am 130cm in height and 42 in weight I take Johnsons skin colour and I would love to be an actor in Disney channel Thank you

  12. Vanda Sabou Cozma

    Hi, my name is Vanda, I’m 15 years old, my height is 163 cm, my weight is 52 kg, I wear S and I shim 37. I have long blonde hair and I have blue and green eyes. I am positive and always have a smile on my face, ready for any challenge!! I’ve done theater for 4 years and I really enjoyed it. My dream is to act in series and movies, I hope one day my dream comes true.
    Thank you. I have a great day! ;))

  13. Shanaya

    Hii folks, I’m Shanaya and I live in India and I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I’m 12 years old now. My weight is around 43 kgs and I’m about 5’1(height).I think I can do this as most people I know think I’m adorable and I act really good with teachers so all of them like me. Honestly I’m a good dancer and won many competitions (most of which included classical dancing at the nationals). I’m pretty flexible too, like I could do a split, leg hold, backbend etc.. I can do all the trendy moves like boom floss..
    I won’t let you down if I get a chance and I hope I get replied.
    Thank you for reading 😘😘

  14. Denitsa

    Hello my name is Denitsa Slavova. I am from Bulgaria and I am fourteen years old. I want to play a role in a movie or a series of American production at Disney. I can speak English not quite perfectly, i know at first it will be very difficult not only at first. I can sing, dance, play guitar and play a role. I know it will be difficult, but I can do it. Perhaps, or even certainly, someone will appear, who will be better than me and will mostly know the language, but I know I will not disappoint you and I will not disappoint myself. That’s all I wanted to say, goodbye and hope for new meetings.

  15. Breahn Boswell

    Hello! My name is Breahn Boswell, and here is my information:
    City and State- Atlanta, GA
    Age- 13
    Height- 63 inches (5’3)
    Weight- 115 pounds
    Ethnicity- African American
    Shirt Size- Small
    Pants Size- 0, 1, 25
    Shoe Size- Women’s 8, 8.5 or 9

  16. Tierney Fritts

    Hi my name is Tierney and it has been my dream to meet the rock. I will love to go on a Disney jungle tour with him. That will be awesome.

    Thank you so much


  17. Hilyely Rivas

    Name: Hilyely Rivas
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 120
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: brown

    I live in Moreno Valley California and I love to preform for others and make people smile and happy and it makes me happy
    I also love to act and sing
    This is my dream to preform

  18. Valerie

    Hi! I’m Valerie. I’m Vietnamese and I’m about 13 years old. I can speak english really good.
    Height : 163cm
    Weight : 50kg
    City/ States: hanoi, vietnam
    Pants size: M or L
    Shirt size : M or L ( But I usually wear the widest possible size)
    Shoes size: 38 or 39 ( I usually wear 39 or 40)
    I hope u will email me because i love this movie content.

  19. Rhonda Michalezki

    Addison Michalezki

    Calgary, Alberta

    11 years old
    Shirt: S\P or M\M
    Pant: 12 to 14
    Shoe: Women’s 7
    Email for further info!!!!

  20. Natalie

    Hi I’m Natalie Del Carlo I’m 13 years old . I live in washougal, Washington .
    I’m American and have a little little bit of italian in me .
    Height : 5’3
    Weight : 100 pounds
    Pants size : I can fit some 12s and 14s or zeros in juniors
    Shirt : 14s or small in juniors
    Shoe : 9 and a half
    Bra size : 32 b
    NO FEAR!!!

  21. Jy'Quez williams

    I from Tennessee but I live in Virginia Beach and have acted in plays for my schools

  22. Emily Wilburn

    Hey! My name is Emily wilburn and I am 14 years old. I am about 5’2 and 105 pounds and I am white. My phone number is5 . I am a size 2 in jeans and typically a 12 or 14 in leggings. My shirt size is about a 14 too. My shoe size is a 6 and a half in womens. I would love and deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with everyone! I hope to hear from you all. NO FEAR! 🙂

  23. Danica Schab

    hi, I’m Danica Schab I am 11 years old. I live in Kennewick Washington. I am 5’3 and I weigh 98 lbs. I’m white. I am a size 7 1/2 in womens shoe, size 3 in pants, and a womens extra small in shirts.
    Thank You.

  24. Akshita joshi

    Hey I am Akshita and I wanted become and actress so pls reply me if there is and movies or comedy series for me I can sing well and I am 15 years old and I am an Indian

  25. Akshita joshi

    Hey I wanted to work in movie and comedy series so I kindly request you inform if there is any role for me I am 15 years and indian

  26. bridelise butler

    Hi my name is Bridelise Butler i am 14 years old as of September, i am from toms river nj. i am a caucasian female. i am currently 5’6″ i am around 120 lbs. my pants are a womens size small usually and shirt a womans medium (due to long torso) in shoes i am a womens 6.5-7 and have a cup size of 32A
    NO FEAR i have experience of a trivia question asker on an episode of the chew when they were in disney world for the food and wine festival

  27. demi

    Hi my name is Demi Bennett and am 15 years old and am from united kingdom which is London and my shoe size is 4-5, and my bottom sizes are size 6, and top size would be a size 6, my bra size would be a 32 B my height would be 4ft and weight would be about 30 pounds my phone number to contact me would be and i don’t get emotion sickness i love heights

  28. Julia Brock

    Hi! My name is Julia Brock and I’m 14 years old. I come from walldorf, baden-württemberg, Germany. My height is 159 cm and I my weight is 59 kg my dress size goes from XS to S, cup: C and waist length is 75 cm. Shoe size is 39.
    I have NO FEAR of anything
    I would love to get an acting role in this movie. I love acting, singing and making gymnastics. I’d like to make my dream as an actor come true.
    Thank you for reading, have a nice day 🙂
    Yours faithfully
    Julia Brock

  29. Brianna Smith

    Hi my name is Brianna Smith i am 14 years old.
    Im not afraid of height and also i don’t get motion sickness.
    height – 167.5cm
    weight- 65kg
    city/state- NSW/Newcastle/Australia
    thank you so much hope to get an email back.

  30. Brianna Smith

    Hi my name is Brianna Smith i am 14 years old.
    height – 167.64cm
    weight – 65kg
    city/state – NSW,Newcastle

  31. Erika

    Hi, I’m a half Japanese/Italian 20 years old interested in the role

  32. jalissa johnson

    i will like to be in this film
    11 years old
    no fear of anything
    5, 5′
    145 pounds
    yulee, florida
    pants: 16 in kids
    shirt: large in juniors
    shoe: 9 1/2 in mens
    i don’t wear dresses or skirts
    i am in sixth grade
    black hair
    i am african american
    and i cannot stay in the heat lorg or i will passout or have a nose bleed

  33. Tracia Smith

    Hello my name is Tracia Smith. My current location is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I am 13 years old. I am 4’10 as far as height goes. My dress size is a 14 and my shoe size is an 8. I weigh 103 pounds. My pants size is a 13-14 and my shirt size is an Adult Small. I am used to traveling so this will not be a problem to attend. I have been in many musicals and plays prior. My ethnicity is African American

  34. Ally

    Hi im Ally Ammons from Waycross Ga. I am 13 yrs old amd have always dreamed of being an actor. My bra size is 38A. I weigh around 135 pounds. My shoe size is size 8 or 8 1/2 it depends on what kind. My waist is 37 inches around. I am a.fun energetic and kind person. I started acting around December of 2017 and have fell in love with acting and the idea of acting professinally. I can sing and show emotions on spot. I did ballet and tap dancing for about five years when i was younger. Thank you and have a magical day.~Ally

  35. Shania

    Hi my name is Shania bronkhorst I am a really nice person to work with I am in gymnastics dancing and acro dancing and I would love to act I am 11 years old almost 12 in a month my size in pants and shirts is a 11-12 sizes and my shoe size is 4 and I am 4’11 I would really really would want to be in this show if you pick me I would really appreciate it and if you have any more questions or wanna contact me my email is shaniakitcat77@gmail.com and my phone is 208-843-9319 THANK YOU

  36. Shania

    Hi I am Shania bronkhorst I have always wanted to be in a show like this I promise I am a very nice girl to work with I am 11 years old going to turn 12 in a month my size in clothes is 11-12 size my shoe size is a 4 I weigh 85 pounds and I am 4’11 and I have a little experience in gymnastics and dancing and having fun I live in culdesac Idaho but I am willing to travel or move I really really want this to work so please contact me my email is THANK YOU

  37. Madelin Alexander

    Hello my name is Madelin Alexander.I am 12 years old
    As of now I weight around 110 pounds.
    City/State:New Orleans /Louisiana
    Shirt size: med.
    Pants size:5
    Shoe size:8
    I have acting experience I was in a Shakespeare play play directed by Rebecca Frank I was casted the leading role Olivia. It was amazing. I enjoy acting because I can express myself in different ways. I also dance and sing.I dance with Mr. Eddie I do ballet jazz modern contemporary hip-hop and majorette. I dance at NODA also I danced in the Nutcracker with the Jefferson Performing Arts. I was student council president at my school. During my free time I play tennis.
    Thank you
    Love Madelin Alexander

  38. Victoria Dossantos

    its me Victoria again and I forgot to say that I speak English, Portuguese I understand Spanish and I’m learning how to speak it. pls respond to this

  39. Victoria Dossantos

    My name is Victoria Dossantos, I’m 11 years old, my height is 5.0” I weigh 105lb I’m more of a beginner in acting but when I was little I did ballet and I was a model. I’m a gymnast so I love heights and much more when theres always a play in theater at my school I’m always in them I love to dance and act. it would be a dream come true for me to be in this

  40. Emerie culberson

    Hi my name is Emerie Culberson. I am 12 years old I am 4’10. I live in Atlanta Ga. I am 98 pounds. I am 16 in shirts, 3 in Pants, and 4 in shoes. I should be in this because I was in plays in school and church when I was little, so I have some experience. I love to have fun. I love to dance, cheer and rap. I love to try new things. I am very energetic. I love climbing. Thank for reading I hope you email me

  41. Daniella Misyuk

    First and Last Name: Daniella Misyuk

    Location: Manhattan NYC

    Age: 15 years old
    Ethnicity: Eskenazi Jewish
    Height 5ft 3in
    Weight 110lbs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Women: Dress size, bust/bra/cup, waist, shoe Dress size: 0, 32DD, 25 inches
    Kids: Pants, shirt, shoe: Pant size 25in, shirt size 0, shoe size 6
    I have acted locally before in school theater and am very excited for the opportunity to branch out!

  42. Ellie Adam

    Hello, my name is Ellie Adam. I am 15 years old and I live in Chicago, Illinois. My height is 5′ 3″ and I weigh 103 pounds. My shirt size is 00-0 (xxs-xs) and my pant size is 25-26. My shoe size is a 7. I would love to play a role in this film because I am interested in acting in adventurous films. I have done few little things before, but this would be my first big acting role. I love singing and I am a very energetic person. Even though this would be my first acting job I would like to get involved with acting more.

  43. Bailey Browning

    Hi my name is Bailey and I love to act! I watch people act on TV all the time it is so cool and one day I hope to be just like them!

    Here is my info: Name: Bailey Browning age: I am ten years old State/City: Rutledge TN (My family is willing to take me to Atlanta, Georgia!) Ethnicity: White/American Height: 4 foot 10 inches Weight: Around 90 Pounds

    Sizes: Pants: 14-16 or 14 Shirt: 14-16 Shoes:5

    I Hope You Pick Me!
    “NO FEAR”

  44. Adele

    Hi I am Adele I am 13 years old I am not sure about my height by I am tall and I am 40 something Kg

  45. Bailey Browing

    Hi my name is Bailey! I love to act! I watch people on tv act all the time I think its very cool!
    Here is my info:
    I’m 10
    No fear
    I live in Rutledge TN (But my family is willing to take me to Atlanta, Georgia)
    I’ve wanted to act for about a year and I think It’s a great way to start my acing job
    Full name: Bailey Dawn Browning
    Height: Four Foot ten inches
    Pants:14 Shirt:14-16 Shoe:5

    Thank you hopefully you pick me I love acting i’ll try and email as soon as I can!

    Just Had To Say “NO FEAR”.

  46. Riley Broun

    Hi, my name is Riley Broun. I would like to audition for being a tourist. I will tell you more information in an email later.
    Age: 12, going into 7th Grade
    -Height and Weight is the last time I checked. I will try to recheck it and correct it in the email-
    Height: 4’7”
    Weight: 66.6 lbs
    Shirt: L, 10-12
    Pants: L, 10-12
    Shoe: Girls 2D
    City & State: Atlanta, GA

    Yes, I’m a little under average size and weight for my age, but I promise it’s not a problem. I’ve been in 3 school plays and I love acting! I’ve always liked playing pretend with my sister when I was little. I will email you later on, giving more information. Thank you!

  47. Alayna

    Hi i am alayna always wanted to act but I am afraid of heights but don’t get motion sick easily

  48. Katelyn Barnett

    Hi I’m Katelyn again and I’m from Leesburg Floridian and I am willing to travel to Atlanta I have a cabin up there in the woods plz email me back plz plz plz!!! I really want to act

  49. Katelyn Barnett

    Hi my name is Katelyn I’m 12 and love to act.Im in 7th grade my hobbies are Vollyball Acting And Crafts!! I love to be funny but serious it’s been a dream for me to act on Disney!! I have medium length dirty blond hair and pretty dark blue eyes!! I have seen a lot of the movies with Dwayne Johnson and would love to act in this movie!! Plz email me back

    Thanks so much

    Katelyn Marie Barnett

  50. Annalis(Anna)

    Annalis (anna) And i live in framinham, Boston

  51. Annalis(Anna)

    Hi my name us annalis or anna im 12 turning 13 even rhough i look like im 11😂 my size 10 -12 and my hight is 5 ft and i weigh 97.5 im really exited about this and i hope u email me!!😁

  52. Derrick

    Hi my name are Derrick Mitchell I am 11 i live in New Orleans Louisiana I’m 4-10 95 pounds shoe size 5 shirt medium

  53. Alex Roeun

    My name is Alex and I am 15 years old and I’m from Dallas, Tx. Honestly I have wondered what it was like being on TV (I also just wanted to try something different). I have acted before but in school plays.

    Height: 5 ft, 8in.
    Weight: 132.8 lbs
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Shirt size: Adult medium
    Pants: 30 x 30
    Shoe size: 10.5/11

    -Contact me soon, hope it’s not too late!

  54. Dennis Feletoa

    Hello My name is Dennis Feletoa. I am 16 years of age. I know and understand you are not casting 16 year olds however I think I would be great for this film. I am Tongan also known as a pacific islander and I love to sing and act. It would really be great to have to pacific islanders working together.

  55. Aditya

    hey i’m aditya and i am 13 years old and i’m from india my height is:5ft 6icnhes and and my gender is:male and i would really appreciating if i get chance to be in this movie i don’t have any kind of fear i’m nature friendly and i take part in one-act-play every year in my school so i know acting pretty well and i will be waiting for your email❤ (NO FEAR AT ALL)

  56. Aditya

    hi my name is
    Aditya i’m 13
    height: 5ft 6inches
    weight:50 kg
    i’m from india
    i’ll be waiting for your email
    and i would be very thankful if i get a chance to be in this movie ❤

  57. Shekinah'glory

    I would love to be part of this cast

  58. Camille

    Hi, my name is Camille , I’m a Brazilian girl living in Atlanta . I m 13 years old and I would love to be part of this movie. Thank you !!!!

  59. Colby

    My name is Colby i currently live outside of Atlanta GA. I am 15 years old. I always dream of become a movie actor, and just getting that chance in life. It really does not matter how big or small the part, just to get that chance. I am a very hard working guy. I currently sing and act for a small town company and I really enjoy it. Im 5″7 weight 125lbs, very out going, love outside, like to meet new people and friends. I really hope you consider me for any part in the movie.
    Thank you :0

  60. Ammario Fadil

    Hi my name is Ammario im 13 years old
    height: 141 cm
    weight: 30 kg
    city/state: Jakarta, Indonesia
    thanks i hope u email me 😉

  61. Ammario Fadil

    Hi my name is Ammario, and here is my following details:

  62. Ammario

    Hi my name is Ammario im from Jakarta, Indonesia
    here my details:

  63. Ammario

    Hi my name is Ammario im 13 years old and im currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I always dream to becoming a famous movie or TV star. And i hope someday my dream will come true.

  64. Capri

    Hi, my name is Capri. I live in Los Angeles, California and I’m 10 years old as of now. I weigh around 80 pounds and I’m 4’10 about. My shoe size is a women’s 7. My shirt size is a 11-12 and my pant size is also 11-12. I would love to be in this film because I have done many plays and little things but I would really love to take my acting career farther! I also love dancing, singing and playing crazy roles for fun! I’m energetic, fun to be around and always excited to try our new things! Thank you so much for reading, have a lovely day.

  65. Kiley Gibbs

    Hi, i’m Kiley Gibbs I have already applied for a role of a child for your movie. I have been looking for a open casting call for years. I believe that this would be a great way to start a potential career. I have some experience with acting, I have been acting for a little less than a year. I would love to have this experience and it would be so much fun! NO FEAR!!!!

  66. Krishna Mendez

    Hey, my name is Krishna Mendez, i’m 15 and I love acting I really wouldn’t mind anything, height and motion is definitely not a problem, well that’s because I love climbing, but I have taken theatre and have done other things along the lines improv is one of my best features, so I would love to be in this mostly to entertain other people. Thank you.

  67. haley wilson

    oh sorry i forgot i don’t get motion sickness and i love heights

  68. haley wilson

    Hey my Name is Haley Wilson, I really would love to be in this movie I have been a nicest kid in Hairspray the Musical, I have also been in High school Musical, and i was sleeping beauty in my schools version of sleeping beauty. I have also been in modeling for around a month. I have danced for 12 years and i currently on my high school drill team. I live in Houston Texas, I was born December 16 2003. I really hope I get the opportunity to be in this movie it would mean so much to me.
    Age(14) turning 15 in December (also willing to work long hours.)
    eye color( gray/blue)
    Hair(dirty blonde-past my shoulders0 will cut or dye it if needed.
    Hobbies(Dance, Singing, Acting, Tumbling, running, swimming. i also help out my community by going to food banks and helping at homeless shelters.
    Nationality( United States)
    Place of Residence( Houston Texas)
    Gender( Female)
    sizes( dress, 0, bra 32 D, pants 0, shirt M, shoe 7)

  69. Koriona

    My first name is koriona and my last name is Davis

    I’ll be coming for laurel MD

    I’m 12

    Ethnicity is English

    Height 5’8

    Weight 130 lbs

    I wear size 6

    Pants 4-5

    Shirt 4-5,

    Being an actress is a big dream of mine. Starting out on Disney jungle is where I wanna be. I take show bizz really seriously. I love living on the edge


  70. Sibu Nkopo

    I have forgotten to mention that I have no fears whatsoever

  71. Sibu Nkopo

    to whom it may concern, my name is Sibusisiwe Nkopo, I am fourteen going on fifteen . I am a black female currently residing in South Africa.
    weight: 75kg.
    dress size: 34, 36
    bra size: c cup, 36
    I believe id fit any female role, as I have photographic memory, im a hard worker and I can act out different emotions. I have a burning passion for acting and I love entertaing people.
    please get back to me if you need any other information.
    thank you!

  72. Ivan

    Hi my name is ivan i would really like to audition for that because i have always like to act and i am 9 years old

  73. emily nielson

    i would love to act in disney. im an amazing actress. i also sing and dance. i am in the proccess of losing weit and its going away fast. i have medical issues like epilepsy and add but my meds are working great and im doing fine. but ever since i can remember ive wanted to act so i started copying the people on tv and i got pretty awesome at acting, at least thats what my friends and family say, they also say im a great singer. and my mom can barely pay her bill so i want to use my gifts to make money so we can keep our house.
    ethnicity: american
    no fear

  74. Katherine Thompson

    Hello, I’m Katherine Thompson, I have already applied for a role as a child by email for your movie, but I didn’t mention my acting past/ why I should get a part in the movie.
    I have always wished to be in such a big production, my friends have told me that I have the talent to be in such a massive movie.
    I have done singing lessons for years at my drama clubs/camps I have been acting since I was three years old, I have always had a passion for it as I’ve felt like I am in a new world when I act.
    I have also gone to dance clubs, so I have experience different styles of dancing.
    Here are my details:
    I live in the uk, in Wales.
    AGE: 12, being 13 in September
    HEIGHT: 167CM
    WEIGHT: 6 stone
    SHOE: 5
    PANTS: 11-13
    SHIRT: 11-13
    NO FEAR!!
    Thank you for reading this, I hope you email me.

  75. Johnathan Black

    Hello! my name is Johnathan Black and i live in Garfield, Ga.. I am 15 years old and i am a male caucasian. I weigh 108 pounds and my height is 5’7. “NO FEAR!”