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Casting Call for Disney Commercial

Do you want to set sail on a free Disney cruise with your family? Do you want to be in a commercial? Disney Cruise Lines are now casting real families for a new commercial. This is an incredible opportunity to get paid to be in a commercial and receive a free trip! Casting directors are searching for Florida based families. They are seeking ethnically diverse, bi-racial or blended families. A mom and dad in their 30’s and 40’s with a daughter ages 5-7 is needed. Disney auditions will be held on Wednesday, June 7th in Orlando, Florida. Callback dates are still being determined. Filming will be July 9th through July 14th, 2017. Hotel and travel expenses to and from Port Canaveral will not be covered. The pay rate will be $500.00 person per work day. (4 work days). Sign up for the casting call right away if you would like to be considered.

About Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Cruise Line offers a vacation experience unlike any other that magically brings families together while providing unparalleled kid fun and relaxing adult time. [Disney]

What They Are Looking For

Families must meet the following criteria:

Be available to sail Sunday June 9th and return Friday, June 14th

Families need to be ethnically diverse, bi-racial or blended families consisting of 3 family members – Dad & Mom (30s-40s) with Daughter (ages 5-7) REAL families only.

Daughter must have all of her teeth

Daughter should only be between 42” – 44” tall

Must know how to swim

All family members must have valid passports or be able to have them expedited.

How to Apply

If your family fits the description, please send a recent photo of all family members with names, ages, contact number to: talent@frontrunnercasting.com

Put DISNEY CRUISE JULY 2017 in the subject line.

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Terah Bloyen

    I have 3 daughters a 4 month old a 7 yr. Old and 9 yr old all rather small my older two are “fliers” on their cheer squads. We live in Arlington Texas.

  2. Izabela ioana varvara

    Hi my name is izabela I live in London and I am very good at acting out I have my own songs that I made a which I would like to get more people and put it all together to make a nice movies and plays I have a lot of ideas and fun things. I really want to do this because I love music and acting out dancing and this is my life

  3. Steven Roy Barone

    Please call me Disney Casting . Steven Roy Barone.

  4. Steven Roy Barone

    Special Olympic athlete age 29 years old name Steven Roy Barone and my last name is Italian and I did some acting skits in a play of me acting like the Mexican boy. And I was adopted from Bulgaria.please call me If you go on Google you will see my picture type in my full name Steven Roy Barone it is a black and white picture. I have a learning disability Asperger’s and I’m really passionate for the Disney Company I would like to say thank you for the Disney company for sponsoring special Olympic athletes whom are disabled and have disabilities with many kinds I watch Disney Channel and shows on Disney Channel I started watching Disney when I was like 12 or 13 years old and me and my whole family including my adopted parents used to live in Los Angeles California and we all went to Disneyland I have two brothers who are also adopted from Bulgaria and I was sponsored by the baseball team New York Yankees of them contributing $20,000 to my adopted parents for them to fly me to United States of America at age six years old. I was born April 11th 1988. Go Disney Channel forever.please put me love on Disney channel shows. I’m really good at communicating with anybody including my friends and I’m very friendly very enthusiastic and very helpful if I get to be put on any show for acting I would need reasonable accommodations with hop understanding to whatever I need to do for acting. I work with middle school kids at my church and we have a basketball gym inside the church it’s called Eugene Faith Center it’s a Foursquare Church all the kids love Disney with all ages I am a huge fan of the Disney Company and the Disney company will forever remain in my heart. I would need help filling out a form in order to be considered for acting live on Disney Channel plus I need help finding a agent who is in my age range it’s not easy for me to find an agent for me to act live on the Disney Channel so I need help finding one please help me and then call me to let me know what you can do for me also can you fly me even for round trip I live in Eugene Oregon.