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Discovery Channel Auditions

Looking for a job this Thursday? The Discovery Channel is now looking for audience members for one of their TV shows. Casting directors are seeking men and women who are ages 21 to 40 for the series. They are looking for attractive, hip, stylish and cool people of all ethnicities. Since these roles will be filming on Thursday, September 15th, all models and actors who apply must be fully available for the shoot.

About Discovery Channel

In June of 1985, Discovery Communications was founded with the launch of Discovery Channel. John Hendricks’ vision came to life as the Discovery Channel debuted on June 17th at 3pm to 156,000 subscribers across the U.S. Discovery Channel shows including Shark Week, Naked and Afraid, Gold Rush, and Deadliest Catch are some of the most popular series on TV today. Shark Week actually premiered back in 1987 and today it is a week everyone looks forward to in the summer.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are seeking extras to play studio audience members for an upcoming Discovery Channel TV series. Filming will be on Thursday, September 15th in Dallas, Texas.

STUDIO AUDIENCE: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 21-40, attractive, hip, stylish, cool. You will be audience at a TV show reacting to different segments. Small group of only 50 people, not a huge crowd shot.
The call time will be approximately 8:00am so you would need to be fully 100% available on work date. You will most likely only work 5-6 hours, however you must be available all day!! You must have open/flexible availability if submitting so that you can work whatever the call times & wrap times end up being. If not, please do not submit!
Pay rate for EXTRAS is $64.00 for 8 hours ($8.00/hour with a 8 hour guarantee). However, you will likely work only 4-6 hours and will be paid the full amount even if it is less than 8. You will receive a check in the mail issued by OLC once we receive payment from the Client – which can be between 7-21 days.
Location is in the DALLAS, TEXAS metro area.
How to Apply

To submit for work – Please EMAIL US to: with subject line DALLAS TV SHOW. You MUST include first & last name, age so we know that you are 21+, a valid contact number and a RECENT photo taken within the past month. (*it is also helpful, but not required, to have a talent profile in the OLC talent database –

The casting team asks you please not send more than one email and don’t email if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work date!

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32 Casting Responses

  1. Suniljohn

    i am Join

  2. varun

    i really afraid when i see one man servive in jungle alone oooh my god i want also take this challenge….

  3. Md. Anwar Hossain

    I want to do this challenge Please contact me, I’m from Bangladesh

  4. Azim Pathan

    I’m looking for participatein the show I’m a person thati have good skill for survival.
    I’m interested in joining

  5. Krystal Whitley

    My name is Krystal Whitley and I am an Army Veteran. I have been in survival situations since I was 14 years old and have had many instances that I have had to survive off the land. I would love to be on the show to prove to my 9 year old daughter that I am really wonder woman as well as my husband that I am the bad ass he married. I have a strong mind and a stong heart and I think I can make it 21 days.

  6. Krystal Whitley

    My name is Krystal Whitley I am an Army veteran and would like to be on naked and afraid. I have been in survival situations since I as 14 years old and have survival skills that I would like to prove not only to myself but to my 9 year old daughter as well as to my husband. I have an alpha personality and would love to show what I am made of.

  7. Zeeshan

    I liked to do this challenge.

  8. manish kumar

    i can work everything

  9. Joseph Roscillo

    The truth? Naked and Afraid…I’d make the show look easy. I’m self taught and consider myself to be an expert in every aspect of the primitive wilderness survival. I’m 51 years old in Sept and I’m blessed with the mental faculties, discipline, demeanor, physical capabilities as well as the know how and just plain grit to get it done! I’ve been camping backpacking sense I was 5 in the New Hampshire area and rock climbing for over 30 years. I’ve led a very militaristic career in my past with much training in way of tactical and marksmanship. Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu are my go-to’s for hand to hand. In spite of all my training, I’m a lover of nature and collector of energy, a huge fan of the show and a student of self-reliance. I look the part, I am the part. Put me somewhere and see.

  10. Mike

    Very interested on information about naked and afraid to go out and test myself in my limits and reach for the sky. Love to fish love to be outdoors have a lot of skills that I would also like to test in a survival situation I will not disappoint anyone I will conquer and I will make sure that me and whoever my partner will be will survive and get out thank you for your time

  11. Carlos Castillo

    I’m looking for participate in the show. I’m a person that I have good skills for survival.

  12. Stanley L Johnson

    Ive been on America’s got talent season 9 and would love the opportunity to be on naked and afraid to prove that i will be the best and most exciting contestant yet on the show.

  13. Agustin Del Rosario

    Interested in joining the naked and afraid casting. I’m 57, good survivall skills

  14. Ashwani

    I like the challenge

    • Azim Pathan

      I like this show

  15. Lori chaves

    Would love more info please

  16. Shawn

    I’m a survivalist. Would like to be on Naked and afraid.

  17. Tamika Hilson

    i live in savannah, ga and ivw grown up a survivalist.

  18. Solomon Paye

    I’ll love to be a naked and afraid contest I am from providence RI, born in west Africa. Will love to try my surviving Skills

  19. Solomon Paye

    Naked and afraid

  20. Rocky Sun

    I would be an excellent surviver on naked and afraid! How do I get on the show?

  21. Scott Gordon

    Id love to be on naked and afraid I’m from Missouri live in the woods and im ready for it

  22. prasad

    i dont know any survival skills but i want to join in naked and afrid

  23. Martin Then

    Naked and afraid is the coolest show… a fan it would be so get a taste of what they go through and test my limits and see how far I can go!

  24. Cody

    I want to be on Naked and Afraid I’m always wanting to do a survival challenge

  25. Jennifer

    I would love to be a part of Naked and Afraid, fan edition though! I think it’d be amazing!

  26. Rodney Westfield

    My name is Rodney and I would like to sign up to be on Naked and Afraid, I am an outdoorsman that isnt scared of much. I know how to start fires and know how to survive in the wilderness. I am great at finding food and growing up in the South in the country, I have learned alot from the wilderness. I can hunt just about anything and have good skills with my hands, If I could get to be on the show, it would really be a test of survival for me.

  27. Willis Redd

    Hi I’m a 53 yr young man. I want to test my limits on your show naked and afraid. I believe I can complete the challenge.Never been in a jungle but I feel up for the test of life accomplishments.. plz consider me for your show.

  28. Martin Alvillar

    I am interested in naked and afraid. I’m a average person who fills that can survive anywhere. I am up for the challenge. I’m your average Joe. This is nothing but survival of the dog eat dog. There ain’t nothing I can do. I know my limets. And this is nothing but the dog eat dog. I’m up for the challenge if your up to give it.

  29. Gerald Voigt Sr

    How do you apply for Naked and Afraid? Do you take retired people?

  30. Naveen Saini

    I wanna job in discovery only

  31. grace khasula

    please consider me..
    I’m not a model but I test myself enough to act as you will expect me to