Degrassi Next Class Looking For Teen Actors

Auditions for Male & Female Teens for Recurring Roles Filming in Toronto

That’s right! Here is your chance to be apart of the iconic show. “Degrassi: Next Class” is searching for a male and female actor for recurring roles on the show. They are shooting their second season of this Degrassi series. The show is now in it’s 5th series of the show that was created in 1979.

About ‘Degrassi: Next Class’

“Degrassi Next Class follows the lives of the students from Degrassi Community School, a fictional high school in Toronto. It is the 5th series in the Degrassi franchise and the first two seasons have been filmed. It will tell the stories of a new generation of students as they navigate their way through high school dealing with real life issues and situations that teenagers actually go through such as Cyber Bullying, Mental illness, Homophobia, racism, drug use, feminism, sexuality, religion, life threatening diseases, online harassment, catfishing and dysfunctional families. It will target the teen cohort today known as Generation Z.” IMDB. The show stars Nikki Gould, Ricardo Hoyos and Andre Kim.

Casting Call For Male and Female Teens

Rasha (15, Open Ethnicity) – FEMALE. Quick-witted and sarcastic, Rasha comes to Degrassi, having relocated from the Middle East, ready to take on any and every high school experience. From crushes, to cameos in the school play, this star track and field athlete is constantly pushing boundaries and willing to try anything once (must be willing to cut hair short).

Saad (16, Open Ethnicity) – MALE. Brooding and intense, Saad keeps his distance from the crowds of bubbly, babbling teens in Degrassi’s halls. To some, his self-imposed isolation reads as anger, and no one would blame him- – he came to Canada and left his childhood home in the Middle East behind. Truly, though, he’s just a thoughtful, artistic kid, struggling to find his place in his new country.

Audition Instructions

Casting directors are collecting self -tape auditions for these roles.

Anyone submitting for these roles must be a CANADIAN CITIZEN and be able to work as a Toronto local between May-August of 2016. If you have already appeared on Degrassi, you cannot audition.

DEADLINE FOR SELF-TAPES: Tuesday March 29th at 5:00pm EST.

Due to the large number of respondents, we ask that there be NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.
Any questions can be sent to

If you have an agent, please allow them to submit you. To get the sides to read for the video auditions, visit When you self tape, you should slate your name, age and where you live at the beginning of your audition.  The show airs in the United States on Netflix.

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25 Casting Responses

  1. Brooklyn Evoy

    Hello! my name is Brooklyn Evoy. I am a 13 year old aspiring actress looking for a chance to play a role in upcoming shows commercials and events. I have had numerous acting experience prior to this including Programs such as the ‘Premier Program’ and Kamera Kids as well as been involved in many school-related activities including plays assemblies and short films. I am hoping to play an upcoming role in this show as I have watched all the seasons and really enjoyed it! I hope to possibly hear back!


    Age: 13

    Race: white

    Height: 5’0 (almost 5’1)

    Hair color: dirty blonde

    Eye color: Green

    For any further info please contact me!

  2. Anjanah

    Age: 13
    Grade: 8
    Birth place: Toronto, Canada
    Nationality: South Asian
    Eye colour: Dark brown
    Hair colour: Black/ Dark brown
    Height: 5 ft 3
    Skin tone: Light brown

    Hi and good afternoon. I am really passionate about acting. I come from a South Asian background but Canada is also a very diverse country (especially Toronto). Many people all across the world would watch it…Email me if u can

  3. Nathan Strimpel

    My name is Nathan Strimpel, I’m 18, and I live in Dallas, Texas. I’ve always wanted to act on a show or movie, I think I’d be really good at it. I’m 5’11, green eyes, and blonde hair but I can change my hair color to whatever is needed. It’d be great if I could hear back, thank you!

  4. Maria


    My name is Maria and I am 21 years old. I live in vaughan, hoping to try something new. I would love to be on this show. It would be nice to hear back, thanks in advance.

  5. Arabella Lumsden

    Hi my name is Arabella. I am 13 going to 14 on June 26. I look some what older to my actual age, I am half Filipino and a quarter Jamaican quarter Dominican. I can sing and dance and also play some instruments such as Piano,Cello,Ukulele. I haven’t had any acting experiences except for some musical theatre experiences. I know myself that I am extremely late with entering. I know the two roles are taken, but if you guys have any other roles for me to take on I am fully up for it.

    I have really curly hair, its not that long probably at shoulder length, I have brown skin. I am 5″7 and I am a girl.

  6. Ines Osman

    Hello, I’m Ines Osman. I am 17 However look very young, my background is Somali which is mostly known as a mixture of West African and Middle Eastern. I am an aspiring actor, however I can sing and dance. I have played various roles such as Ann Deever in the play “All my sons”, Gabriella Montez in “High School Musical” and so on. I take direction extremely well and always eager to do better. I have excellent people skills meaning I work very well with others, I am a huge fan of the show and hope you decide to go with me for the role of Rasha.

    Race: Black
    Ethinicity: Somali
    Hair colour: brown
    Height: ‘5”4

  7. Mariia Shpuntova

    Hi dear,
    My name is Mariia, I am from Ukraine, but now I moved in Toronto, Canada.
    I never had an experience in professional filming, but I really dreaming about it and I hope and would love to say that I am sure that I will.

    I was born on 21 September 1999. I am 18 years old right now and really afraid of how fast time goes, hopefully, will get a response from you.

    I actually can play saxophone and flute as well and dance ( just in case).
    Thanks) Looking forward to your answer!

  8. Brianna Lambert

    hi i’m bri! After reading the text above, i realize that i wouldn’t be applying to the role ”RASHA” (because its too late) but i would be very exited and honored if i was to be offered a different role. It doesn’t have to be a big role, i would be happy with whatever i got (if you even offer me anything). I am 14 years young, going on 15 in October. I’m 5’7, white, have green eyes and dirty blond hair (willing to dye or cut hair). I am very passionate about acting and i also love to sing/song-write. I’m very open and I’m up to anything you throw at me. I put my best effort into every acting job i get. I hope after reading this, you will take my offer (for a different role) into consideration. Thank you.

  9. Joshua Mengi

    Hi. My name is Joshua Mengi. I am a 17 years old black boy who is passionate about acting and would like to become an actor. I am 6”2’ and I live in Toronto who loves sports, mostly American football. I will be thrilled to get a part in Degrassi next class. If you give me a chance you will not be disappointed because I am punctual, hard working, honest and I always give my 110% in everything I do. I am also open for any other role you may have for me. Give me a chance to audition and you will love me.

  10. Zeina Ahmed

    Hi. I am Zeina Ahmed. I am 13 years old. I am looking for an acting role for a show. I live in Mississauga and I aspire to be an actor. I have experience from school plays and dance. I am normally work-free and I love working with people. I can fit into many roles, be it. I am hoping for an opportunity to lead me into a good position so I can follow my dream even further. Please contact me!

    Hair: Light brown hair(regular length(short))
    Eyes: Brown/hazel eyes
    Height: 5.5
    Skin Colour: Peach
    Race: Middle Eastern
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13 going onto 14

  11. Vilina

    Hi! I am Vilina Rughani. I am 13 and looking for an acting role for a show. I live in Toronto and I aspire to be an actor and singer. I have a lot of experience and I am applying for a Preforming Arts High School. I have been casted as Dorothy and Alice from Alice in the Wonderland and Wizard of Oz. I am normally work-free and I love working with people. I can fit in to many roles, be it someone who is mad, weird, funny, angry, over-dramatic, practically anything of that sort! I am hoping for an opportunity to lead me into a good position so I can follow my dream even further. Please contact me!

    Hair: Dark Brown Long Hair
    Eyes: Chocolate Brown Eyes
    Height: 5.1
    Skin Colour: Fair
    Race: African/Indian ( I am very light skinned though!)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13 going onto 14

  12. Baran

    my name is Baran. Im 13 years old soon to be 14 and i would like to audition for ANY role!
    I have black & brown hair, green eyes and full lips and its my ABSOLUTE DREAM to be an actress one day and i hope that i get the part and make my dream come true!
    ( i also wouldnt mind being someone in the background!)

  13. valentina

    Hello I am aspiring actress wanting to audition for the role Rasha. In order to self- tape do I need to say the script or do I improv in the audition tape?

  14. Jazmine macias

    Hi my name Jazmine and im 15 years old and I really want an audition,because I really want to be an actor for degrassi, and im a huge fan anyway,so Email me back thanks!

  15. Feza Ngongo

    Hi my name is Feza Ngongo and I love the show, I am really good at acting I act all the time when I lie to my dad and mom but thats not the point I was hoping you guys could email me back because I think I could be a missing piece to the show

  16. Ana

    Hi! I am totally an amazing drama actress and I am looking for a part in the show! I absolutely love the show!

  17. niki

    my name is niki .I have white skin,brown hair,light brown eyes and I am from middle east,Iran but I live in canada , toranto . we just moved in.
    my english acent is great beacause i took english calsses since i was 3.
    I’m a great actor and I really need to start from somewhere and I think this is a good chance.

    bye bye
    thank you

  18. Kayla

    Is there any other roles you can give out for nine year old kids if so I should be so happy. Hi I’m Kayla Toronto is not so far away from my house so I can manage my birthday is February 24 and I’m a girl

  19. Mary Itorcheak

    My name is Mary Itorcheak I am a Canadian girl. I’ve been a bit experince in acting. Been involved with the qaggiq summit here in Iqaluit it’s where artists and actors come together from Nunavut Nunavik and Nunatsiavut to perform a play. I have a little speaking role in a movie that is shooting still called “The Grizzlies”. In 2014 I’ve been chosen for the lead role in heavens floor but sadly I turn them down for a sport. Which I will never turn down an amazing opportunity again. I will put my all into this if you give me a chance. I am a really nice person. Gets along with everyone. Flexable with time and have good patients. I love meeting new pepole. I hope you guys give me a chance 🙂

    Age: 15

    Highet: 5″4

    Hair colour: Redish Brown. Natural hair colour is brown/black

    Eye colour: Brown

    Race: Inuit

    I hope to hear back from you guys you can Email me at.

  20. Maisie

    I would love to audition for the rôle of…?
    Im 12 yrs old acting is my passion
    Toronto is a few hours away from my house it would be perfect!

  21. maya aronson

    hi my name is maya and if your still looking i would love to auditition. i think this role describes me i have a lot of energy and i relate pretty well. i have adhd and a learningdisability and got made fun of it for it. ive gotten bullied and have gone threw a lot with my friends. i live in TORONTO

  22. christin Dunlop

    Looking for casting calls for my daughter, yes we do have an agent, thanks

  23. Cristian Bondi

    Hi, My name is Cristian Bondi, I am 15 years old my birthday is May 5th 2001. I would like to get a role in this show because I am a highly talented Actor who just wants a chance to show the world what I can do and hopefully do an amazing job at it. I am also a guitarist and Vocalist in the band front runners, we are not that famous but we play pretty big club shows. I will love to be apart of this show and I think I can really do a good job. I live in Toronto to just in case you don’t know. Anyways I hope to here from you guys and be apart of the shows future!

    Age:14 (15 in May)
    Height: 6ft
    weight:130 Ibs
    eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour:Dark Brown
    Nationality: Italian

  24. sumit kumar

    I want to become a actor and sir if you want one chance to give me.

  25. kamoya staten

    Hey im kamoya pronounced (kah-moy-ah) ive been watching degrassi since I was 10 in 2012 I believe, I looooooove it so so sooo much !
    Age: 14 (15 in june)
    Im a freshmain in high school
    Height: 5’2.
    Weight: 102 lbs
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: dark brown
    (Dimple on left cheek)
    Ethnicity: african american
    Nationality: jamaican
    This theme is perfect for me I bet! Im a fast learner