Deepwater Horizon Featuring Mark Wahlberg

Deepwater Horizon Featuring Mark Wahlberg

Superstar actor/producer Mark Wahlberg has tackled dramatic subject matter in the past but his new film project may just be his most important work yet. Production for the ripped from the headlines drama Deepwater Horizon has begun and casting calls for roles in this film depiction of one of the biggest events in recent history are happening now.

Deepwater Horizon will tell the true story of the 2010 explosion of the BP owned Deepwater Horizon drilling rig which killed 11 workers, injured another 17 and was not able to be capped for three months, flooding the Gulf of Mexico in the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. A story this powerful and emotionally resonant requires a cast that is up to the task of telling it and director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Very Bad Things,

Wonderland) has begun to assemble one that will no doubt do this tale justice. Oscar nominee Wahlberg (Transformers: Age of Extinction, Lone Survivor, Ted 2) will be joined by Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez (10 Things I Hate About You, Jane the Virgin, The Bold and the Beautiful), Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf, The Internship, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials), 2-time Academy Award nominee John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, Burn After Reading, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and Golden Globe nominee Kurt Russell (Tombstone, Death Proof, Big Trouble in Little China). The film will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Constantine, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Shooter) with a brilliant script written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (World War Z, State of Play, The Kingdom), Matthew Sand (Wake, Ninja Assassin) and Academy Award nominee J.C. Chandor (Margin Call, All Is Lost, A Most Violent Year).

The casting process for this fascinating based on true events film have just begun and auditions will be taking place regularly for various roles all during the production. Interested actors of all ages, looks and experience levels can submit themselves to the casting directors for this project today by sending emails to Any and all future audition news and updates will be posted here so check back for more details and leave a message in the box provided below and tell us what yo think of this major motion picture project and why you would like to be considered for upcoming casting calls for Deepwater Horizon Featuring Mark Wahlberg.

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  1. Andreina (Nina)

    Hello!! my name is Andreina but i prefer to be called Nina, i’m 18 years old, and my height is 5,1. I’m a passionate hardworking person who is able to focus in under pressure situations, i’m originally from Venezuela which means that i’m bilingual (english/spanish). I’m looking a way to get in the acting or the entertainment industry and this project would be an amazing way to do it, besides i found this story trapping and real, a story that would make the audience feel empathy for the characters and thoughtful at the end of it. I live in Houston, Texas and i would love to hear from you guys, Goodbye/Adios.

  2. Michael

    I believe there is more to this story, rather, this story is bigger than what was reported on the six o’clock news. Not only for the people involved, but the interpersonal politics behind the scenes. Mark Walberg, in my opinion, has always presented his characters forthright and honestly. And this is the reason, besides always a good story, I would like to be associated with a project with his name on it.

  3. Joshua Davis

    Hello! My name is Joshua Davis, and I’m interested in small roles in feature films. I am very patient and a quick learner. I work in construction and can work very well under pressure. I am 5’3″ with an average build, Caucasian, 20 years old, and I have some visible tattoos. I live in Slidell, Louisiana which is about 45 minutes – 1 hour north of New Orleans. I look forward to a reply! I believe I would be a great addition to this film.

  4. Eric Snyder II

    My name is Eric Snyder II. I am 18 years old and looking to get into acting. I would really enjoy a role in this movie. Im 200 lbs and 6 ft tall. I have an athletic build and am a really enthusiastic person when it comes to being apart of something great. I live in New York and would love to hear back from you guys.
    Thank You,
    Eric Snyder II

  5. Taylor Sicola

    My name is Taylor Sicola, I’m white but my skin is pretty dark along with my dark brown (almost black) hair. I’m 5’9 and weigh around 150. I’m a Pisces so i can be anyone u want me to be. But I love to just be my goofy self. I’m quick on my feet and can improv when needed. I’d love to get my foot in the door within the tv world

  6. John Kirk Roark

    My Name is Kirk I am ready and available to do any part you have for me. I am 200 lbs. Stocky not fat, 6ft tall brown eyes & bald. Thanks if you have a place for me! I am 50 and having to start over again. Anything would be appreciated. I have been asked many times if I am Garth Brooks.

  7. Bob

    Worked many times with The BP Supervisor (Company Man) that was on the rig during the “Unplanned Incident”. I worked in various oil field jobs for 39 years until laid off month ago. Lots of short cuts and bad decisions cost lives.

  8. Jocelyn Renteria

    Hi, My name is Jocelyn Renteria. After hearing about this fil, I got super excited. I’ve always been interested in action movies. I would love to be a part of this film. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am about 5’2″ and Hispanic. It would be a great pleasure to be working with Mark Wahlberg.

  9. Francisco Padilla

    My name is Francisco, I am Hispanic, bilingual welder/construction worker. I worked for an oil company for 2 years, I would love to be part of this film! I have good inside of the work environment and the levels of stress that people have in the drilling industry. I really want to be part of this film since I have strong feelings towards the oil industry. Working for an oil company left the most unpleasant havoc in my life. I don’t have any acting experience; however, I’m willing to work in 100% capacity on whatever role you give me. I learn very fast and have a lot of passion towards the things I do, but I mainly feel very identify by this film. Please contact me.

  10. Amanda

    I would like to work in this film!

  11. Shelby Morace

    Hello. I am Shelby Morace form Central Louisiana and I am interested in a being a part of the movie “Deepwater Horizon”. I am currently eighteen years old, 5ft 6in. tall, 115 lbs., and have waist length, brown hair. I am Caucasian with a medium complexion. I personally know one of the men who were injured by the explosion, and this gives me a connection to the story that this movie is going to portray.

  12. Sterling Coss

    My name is Sterling and I think this movie is such a great idea because it affected so many people, and I feel like it’s story should be told. I would love to be considered for this movie because I love acting, and I would love to be apart of this movie. I’m 15 years old and i’m 5’1.

  13. Chris Glynn

    My name is Chris Glynn
    Very athletic. I workout 4 days a week and can run 3 miles in 16:36 & 4 miles in 22:42
    Went to Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps
    Scored 300/300 on USMC PFT (Scores were all past the maximum requirements)
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Ethnic background: Two or More Races

    I would bring a unique feel to the set, I’ve always gone above & beyond in all of positions/roles in my careers and without a doubt I would do an exceptional job while on set. Lastly this would be an amazing opportunity and a great experience to participate in a film in Hollywood and see the other side of the film.

  14. Anita

    Hello 16 year old daughter is interested in any suitable role for her.
    She is 5 ft 4 inches tall
    Black hair and black eyes
    Indian ethnicity
    Trained in Ballet and Bollywood style dance, has performed on stage several times.
    She is gorgeous and has won several beauty pageants.

  15. Casey Howell

    I was born and raised in Mobile Al. one of the hardest hit places of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. I know first hand how it felt when it happened. I am looking to get my feet wet with acting. Please contact me.

  16. Maureen

    I would love to be part of this..I want very much an opportunity to be involved in this project.

  17. Maureen

    I would love to be part of this!

  18. Emma Riley

    My name is Emma Riley, I;m an aspiring actress/model. I’m 18 years-old, 5″7, 110lbs.

  19. Justin Giroir

    My name is Justin, born and raised in the south Louisiana oil field town of Houma. I have experience as a diesel engine mechanic/technician for the past 7 years. I’m trying to work my way into acting/modeling. I’m 5’10” tall, 240lbs with a broad build, several tattoos, and a nine inch beard. I’m an extremely hard worker and very motivated army Vet