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Disney Commercial Casting Call – Chicago

Are you looking for a Disney audition in 2017? You have come to the right place! Disney Cruise Lines are on the search for real families to be in a new commercial! This Disney casting call is looking for parents who are ages 30’s through 40’s. Kids and teens who are between the ages of 5 and 13 are also needed. Commercial auditions are being held in Chicago, Illinois. This is a really exciting opportunity because your family will go on a 7 day adventure and get paid for it! This paid acting and modeling job will pay of $2600.00 per person. Families will receive a 7 night cruise, airfare to New York City and a one night hotel before the cruise leaves. All family members must be available between October 27th and November 4th. Disney auditions will be held on Monday, October 9th and Tuesday, October 10th. The team is also accepted video-taped submissions. If you want to be considered for this extraordinary opportunity, sign up today.

About Disney

From classic animated features and exhilarating theme park attractions to cutting edge sports coverage and the hottest shows on television, The Walt Disney Company is the global leader in family entertainment. For 90 years, their outstanding storytelling has enchanted, inspired and thrilled audiences everywhere. [Disney]

What They Are Looking For

Casting Families for Disney Cruise Line Content!

Looking for Families in Chicago-Land Area to be used in a PAID (Minimum $2,500.00 per person) Disney’s Cruise Shoot! 7 Day Adventure.

Kids must belong to at least one of the parents but the 2nd parent does not have to be from the nuclear family (so step-parents are included and welcome to submit). Approximate age ranges should be as follows: Submitting parents should be in their 30s or 40s; kids should be falling ideally between 6-13 years old. No children younger than 5 or older than 13 will be considered.


7 Night Disney Cruise provided (leaving out of NYC, shooting B Roll throughout) with one cabin to be shared by the whole family. This is where the shoot will take place.

1 Night Hotel in the NYC area provided as well as Coach Airfare.

$2,600.00 per person (Kids must deposit at least 15% of their earnings into a Coogan Account.)

$200.00 Spending money per person for cabs, parking and per diem.

USAGE: This is a B-Roll shoot for Disney Cruise Lines. Disney will reserve the right to utilize this footage in perpetuity throughout the world in both motion and digital stills/print (all media).

CONFLICT NOTE: NO ONE in your family who may be participating in this commercial project can have appeared in any inappropriate content for film, video, web or print.


***In order to be considered, everyone MUST be available October 27th – November 4th.***

Initial Interview Dates at O’Connor Casting: Mon. 10/9 or Tues. 10/10 (Self tapes may be accepted as well… we will contact if needed)

Callback Date at O’Connor Casting: Sat. 10/14 or Sun. 10/15

Location: Marvel Day at Sea leaves from NYC and docks in the Bahamas

Travel & Wardrobe Fitting: Fri. 10/27 in NYC

Embark on the Disney Cruise: Sat. 10/28 for 7 Nights (yes, Halloween on the cruise!!)

Debark & Travel Home: Sat. 11/4

How to Apply

Interested in applying and learning more about the project go to:

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Christiana Mehn

    Hi my name is Christiana I am 13 and a half, I live in Fargo, North Dakota, in my family I have my mom, dad, two older sisters and brother 1 little brother, and I love acting and singing soo much, plus one of my older sister is a singer she can even write her own song, anyway am say I would like it if you guys could reply. Between 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Aaliyah Ferguson

    My name is Aaliyah i am ten years old and I would love to be in a tv show and I live in the Bahamas

  3. Sameera

    Hi my name is sameera balasooriya I am 13 years old and have acting skills , I can also do a funny British and Indian accent , I have brown skin and black hair and average about 4foot 5 I can do a lot of accents and I’m not awkward on set neither am I shy . I love Disney channel and have watched it since I was a little kid and allways thought about being a Disney channel actor or ad commercial and now I know that it’s my passion !

  4. Zi'Yanna

    Hello my name is ziyanna collier I am 10 years old im in 5th gread j get good greads i live in columbus ever cease I was little I wanted to be famous on tv or on a comeciral it would mean a lot if I could get a adudition I am a great singer I can ac the person who inspired me was China Ann McCain and Alyssa car a because of there unique personality plz i would just like 1 shoot to have a adudition.