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Disney XD is at it again with yet another hilarious and family friendly live action sitcom. Crash And Bernstein is set to be the latest in the long line of comedy hits for the network which include such fan favorites as Kickin’ It, Lab Rats and Pair Of Kings. Casting for this all new show is set to begin soon for various roles for children, teen and adult actors.

Crash And Bernstein is created by Eric Friedman (Austin & Ally) and tells the story of 14 year old Wyatt Bernstein and his life as the only boy surrounded by three meddling sisters. Wyatt’s lifelong dream is to have a brother in his family to hang out with so one day he decides to design a puppet brother named Crash at a Build-A-Bear type puppet store. Things soon take a turn for the amazing when the loud mouthed Crash magically comes to life. This show will be a fantastic mixture of comedy, adventure and a loose cannon puppet named Crash. Each week Crash And Bernstein will find new ways of getting in and out of trouble and to completely drive the Bernstein sisters crazy. It is safe to say that there is no other program on TV quite like this. Audition and casting notices will be posted very soon as the producers are looking for performers to fill a variety of spots on this exciting production. There are casting opportunities available for performers as young as 6 and adults alike. This casting, much like the show itself truly has something for everyone. Stay tuned for all of the exciting developments on this Disney XD is quickly becoming the home for vibrantly unique programming and the place for young performers to make their break in the acting world.

This is your latest chance to be the next member of the prestigious Disney family of performing stars. If your dream is to be the next China Anne McClain, Debby Ryan or Ross Lynch, the time to let your talent shine for Disney casting directors is now. Be a part of the all new Crash And Bernstein.

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  1. Julian Miranda

    I love this show it’s so funny
    Now I want to describe myself funny,outgoing,responsible,smart,
    Helpful,and not shy at all

    I love crash and berstein

    From an awesome actress
    Alyssa Miranda

  2. Miranda

    Hi my name is Miranda, my dream is to be on tv !!
    I am 9 years old,
    Black hair, brown eyes,
    I love to sing and dance!
    My favorite show is Jessie!
    I would love to be on tv and live my dream.
    Thank you:).

  3. Miranda

    Hi my name is Miranda I am 9 years old i would really really love to be in jessie show I just love that show but my dream is being on tv too but please read it. I have black hair, brown eyes, weight:54, i am Hispanic please read it please.

  4. Marina

    My dream is to be an actres so please read this.
    I’m so talented
    Years: 12
    Eye: gren-blue
    Hear: Brown chocolate
    Height: 1.66
    My dream is to be an actres so please read this.
    I’m so talented (again) and I’m loud, confident, not shy at all so please let me leave a dream with
    Marina <3

  5. meaghan

    i want to be on crash and Bernstein because i love to be a performer and i love to be on stage a make people happy and that why i would like to be on crash and bernstin.

  6. Isaac Sanchez

    My name is Isaac Sanchez
    I am 13 years old I live in new mexico
    I am part hispanic part german
    I have blackish brownish hair
    My hair is kinda long but not ro long
    I woyld love to be in this show
    Ive practiced acting and have
    A youtube channel my eyes are brown
    I love to sing and always dreamed of being on tv
    Thank you, Isaac Sanchez

  7. Frank Vasquez

    Race:mexican american
    Hair color:black
    Born:May 10 2003
    I’m funny good at acting and I have other natural talents.

  8. Bogomila-Maria Gospodinova

    Hi, i am 15 🙂 I wold realy love to be on the show ! I have brown hair and hazel eyes . I think it will be a lot of fun and a great opportunity for me 🙂 I know English, German and Bulgarian.Thank you!

  9. Camila Tarus

    Hi my name is Camila am from Africa(Nairobi kenya) i can sing and act i would love to audition online for you
    Eye colour: brown
    Hair color: brown

    Thankyou in advance 🙂

  10. Noy Levi


    My name is Noy and I am 9 years old.
    While I was in the car, listening to The radio, I heard about auditions for Cash and Bernstein.
    I thought I was dreaming… I have been waiting my whole life for an audition to open up!!!
    I love the show! I love to perform! I love to sing! I love to dance! I love to act! I have been taking Musical theater classes and have done different t shows such as Annie, Tangled, The little mermaid and I also have been taking Hip Hop classes at Hip Hop Kidz for the longest time and I love it!!! I love my life and the only dream I have, is to be auditioned for a show.
    My father is a Producer and has made some really cool music videos of me. I wish I could share them here with you..
    I hope you pick me!!! I am so excited I can’t wait!!!
    Sorry for writing so much… I’m just so so so so excited!!! Omg!!! I can’t believe I’m writing you!!!
    My mom always says: think positive and you’ll get positive…
    So I will

  11. Ashley N Washington

    This is my children favorite show. Both can repeat each episode. I have 2 very talented, energetic, beautiful boys. They have a great memory and would be beneficial to Disney. Having the ability to memorize lines, and having the ability replicate what they see. My 2 little boys would be honored to have this blessing and opportunity. AGES 10 AND 5.

  12. Sheldie Derival

    Hi My Name Is Sheldie Derival I`m 20 years old and I would love to do this job I would be perfect for it I`m patient nice loving and sweet please pick me I really need a job so bad. Also I live in Miami Gardens, Florida

  13. Joanna

    Height:58′ inches
    Hair color:brunette
    Eye color:blueish grayish

    I’m not an actor and I have two younger brothers who love this show so if I get picked so do they and there not actors either

  14. Jia Girard

    Hello my name is Jia Girard i am a 14 boy who loves gaming acting and TV and movies i always wanted to be a actor on a tv show/movie because acting has always been my dream i am 5’2 and growing long dark brown hair native but not to dark of skin color brown eyes and i would love to work on a Disney TV show because it would help me become a better actor and since my family is going though a rough time right now i could help my mom by sending her money i have always wanted to be a actor and never want to give p on my dream.

    -Jia Girard

    P.S thank you for tanking you time to read what i had to say

  15. Tyler West

    SAG-AFTRA actor
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9
    Ethnicity: African- American
    Study: Beverly Hills Playhouse
    Film- Kicking and Screaming Featured
    Film- Bad News bears Featured
    Commercial-Nissan Main Actor
    Commercial-Scott Paper Towel Main Actor
    Commercial-Downey Main Actor
    Print- Six Pix Game Mattell
    Print-Macy’s Catalog
    Print-Target Catalog

  16. Olivia

    hi my name is olivia people call me livi im 8 and have loved to act for a long time. i love to watch crash and bernstien. i am very athletic i do dance gymnastics and a little bit of track. please choose me for this. thanks!


    Hi, I am a boy and I am 8 years old. I watch Crash and Berstein everyday. I am a huge fan of the show and would love to be apart of it. I enjoy performing for my family and friends. Becoming an actor one day is one of my dreams. I hope you consider me to come and audition for the show. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks alot, Hunter

  18. latisha

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi im latisha lafay akins.
    Im African American.
    Im from Oakland ca
    My birthday 08/07/1996
    Hair sandy brown
    Eyes dark brown
    Height 4’11
    Wight 148lb
    im very talented and im. A Hard worker im down to make anything work im been dreaming about becoming a actress since I was little this whould be the biggest thing that whould happen. To me and i promise ya wouldn’t regret it

  19. fredrick lindsey

    My name is Jalen Wilkerson I’m 10 yrs old I love the show and im extremely animated funny n not shy at all i’m getting very popular on vine and a born comedian really ready for an audition thank you

  20. Joneisha Carmichael

    Hello, my name is Joneisha. I am 14 years old. I am a 4.0 student and 2013 I was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. I am also the Lead Drummer in the percussion section at my school. I am very intelligent, passionate, strong willed, hard working, responsible and dependable. I am also open–minded, witty, friendly and kind–hearted. To add, I am trainable and disciplined, takes directions well, and works well with others.

    I am a very talented dancer and I am entering my 10th year of dance August 2013. I dance ballet (pointe), jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip–hop, and acrobatics. In theatre dance, I have been in the Nutcracker: Lead Angel, Little Girl, Snow, Russian, Waltz; Aladdin: Jewel; Beauty and the Beast: Pepper; Cinderella: Pumpkin; and Little Mermaid: Horse. I have been very successful with my dance talent as a soloist. My accomplishments are: 2014: Teen Miss Dance (Dance Masters of America #33), Alabama Dance Council: Summer scholarship winner (through audition only) to attend Dance Theatre of Harlem, Huntsville Ballet, and Southeast Alabama Dance Company, 2013: Teen Miss Platinum, 1st Runner–up Teen Miss Dance (Dance Masters of America #33), Teen Grand Championship (Hollywood Vibe), 2012: Junior Miss Dance of America, Junior Outstanding Dancer, Junior Miss Platinum.

    Also, I am also very athletic; I play basketball and I ran track. I sing in the Youth Choir in my church. I play the keyboard and learn to play songs on the keyboard. For more information, please visit my webpage with several pictures and a video: I have dreams all the time of becoming a performing star and I would like to showcase my talent in Crash and Bernstein – Disney XD, if given the opportunity. I think I would be a great asset with the talent that I have for Crash and Bernstein. Thank you very much for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you..

  21. Joneisha Carmichael

    Hello, my name is Joneisha. I am 14 years old. I am a 4.0 student and I am the Lead Drummer in the percussion section at my school. I am very intelligent, passionate, strong willed, hard working, responsible and dependable. I am also open–minded, witty, friendly and kind–hearted. To add, I am trainable and discipline, takes directions well, and works well with others.

    I am a very talented dancer and I am entering my 10th year of dance in August ‘13. I dance ballet (pointe), jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip–hop, and acrobatics. In theatre dance, I have been in the Nutcracker: Lead Angel, Little Girl, Snow, Russian, Waltz; Aladdin: Jewel; Beauty and the Beast: Pepper; Cinderella: Pumpkin; and Little Mermaid: Horse. I have been very successful with my dance talent. My accomplishments are: 2014: Teen Miss Dance (Dance Masters of America #33), selected to attend the Dance Theatre of Harlem 27-day Summer Intensive (through audition only), 2013: Teen Miss Platinum, 1st Runner–up Teen Miss Dance (Dance Masters of America #33), Teen Grand Championship (Hollywood Vibe), 2012: Junior Miss Dance of America, Junior Outstanding Dancer, Junior Miss Platinum.

    Also, I am also very athletic; I play basketball and I ran track. I sing in the Youth Choir in my church. I play the keyboard and learn to play songs on the keyboard. For more information, I have attached my website with several pictures and a video: I would really like to be a part of the Disney Channel Network. I watch and love all of Disney Channel movies. Thank you very much for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you..

  22. Jared Beshirs

    I am Jared, I am a violist, movie maker and use a lot of Photoshop
    I love puppets and Crash and Bernstien. I think I’d be perfect fit for this show.
    I am wired and always wear weird shirts and red pants like Dez from Austin and ally!
    Thank you, and FACE SLAM!!!

  23. Giovanni

    Hello my name is Giovanni and I am 8 yrs old. I am a big fan of Crash and Bernstein. This is one of my families favorite shows. I am interested in becoming an actor and I would love to get my start on one of my favorite shows.

  24. Kaitlyn Buckheit


    My name is Kaitlyn and I am 8 years old. I love the show Crash and Bernstein and I love Disney Channel. I am learning how to play piano and I want to learn how to play guitar. Crash and Bernstein is a really funny show. I hope I have a chance to be on this show.


  25. Kaitlyn Buckheit

    My name is Kaitlyn. I am 8 years old. I would be so excited to be on this show and I love Disney XD. I am taking piano lessons and also want to learn to play the guitar. I hope I get a chance to be on this show!

    Thank you,

  26. jonathan semanco

    hey I am 10 almost 11 in may i’m active I play basketball,football,karate .I love puppets and the muppets.Also I’m funny and love crash and bernsten

  27. nadia martin

    I believe i should be apart of this because I want to start an acting career im 9 and love crash and Bernstein I always wanted to be apart of a tv show my mom has a disease called multiple sclerosis and I want to show her that I will complete my dream every day I get of the bus wondering if she’s ok and this will be my dream to perform ever since I was three I wanted to do something with my life and figure out my talent I really hope you pick me because I’m great

  28. Ashlyn Leigh Snell

    My name is Ashlyn L Snell and I’m 10 years old. Ilve in Paducah, Ky It would be very fun to join the show and I watch all the episodes and I want to start an acting career. Also I like puppets and I think Crash and Bernstein is funny. I

  29. Armoni Williams


  30. Luis Ledesma

    Hey! I’m a 13 years old .I have seen every Crash and Bernstein show. Wyatt and I have a lot in command. Almost everything that happened to him happened to me. Really funny and always stays in charater in a play. A Black Belt in Young So Do. I have a lot of experience in the field of making things and breaking things.One time I made everyone laugh and got my mother to cut my sister’s hair wrong she was mad for three whole month. I live with animals my sister ,a brother and parents. Also with four real animals all cats. two of them look like tigers. There is very little space and I need to get out of the house and I’m poor. My parents think like act a lot like crash. And over look things a lot and get in trouble lot. With very little space I stay at the schools field. I’m really athletic at everything. And broke two school records.And I’m I all extended classes at school. I’m a boy that needs his space and love the show. My sister and I love the show. And hope to be seen on the show some day.
    I have a dream to be on the show. And to be on T.V.
    sincerely Luis

  31. Steven

    Hey im steven Leonardo And Im from Puerto Rico im 15 and speak 2 languishes im 5,8 and acting has been what i wanted to do for a long time

  32. Manon le palmec

    Hi I’m a girl and I’m 12 years old and acting is my dream since years it is my dream I took some acting classes and my teacher of acting told me that I have the capacity to act in a TV shows or even movies my hairs are brown shoulder-length and my eyes too my height is 1,55 and my weight is 42 kg I just want to be a successful actress.

  33. Kaitlin Higgins

    Hey, my name is Kaitlin And I am 15 years old
    I have shortish brown/blonde hair with red streaks through it, green/blue eyes, and am 46kg, and I Live in NSW Australia
    I love to entertain people with my dancing, acting and writing
    I can be crazy, weird, odd, a little out there and random
    Thank you for your time and G’day

  34. Alex

    My name is alex/ male/10 years old. I really want to be in the show so i could have fun also i really want to meet crash and Bernstein. Also i have watched every episode of crash and Bernstein and i would love to be in the show.

  35. Keyana

    Hey, I am a 11year old female,I like crash and Bernstein. I like it because it is epic and awesome. I live in North Carolina. If I live my friends and become famous my friends and family will miss me. But when I become rich, I would give to the needy and help my school ,friends, and family. I was watching crush and Bernstein and it was funny,crash is silly just to be a puppet. And I like the way all of the characters dressas, like Cloe’s outfits and Wyatt’s football shirts and jasmine tutu’s, and ect. It funny but if I don’t become famous then it’s all good.

  36. Gabriel Nolan

    Hello! My name is Gabriel (pronounced Gabrielle) Nolan, I’m 14 years old, and I’m in 8th grade. I love acting, I watch Disney XD all the time, and I would love to work with you guys! I am a huge fan, and it has been my life-long dream to be an actress. I memorize lines easily, and I’ve been in church and school plays since kindergarten.

    Full Name: Gabriel Nicole Nolan
    Age + Birthday: 14; December 14, 1999
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 78 lbs.
    Hair Color: Dark Brown Hair (usually mistaken for Black)
    Eye Color: Hazel/Brown
    Body Type: Thin
    Skin Type: Pale/White
    Additional Features: Glasses
    Nationality: Korean-American
    Grades: A’s and B’s
    Facts: I can read, write, and speak Korean almost as well as English. I play four instruments: the violin, the piano, the guitar, and the recorder. I have lived in Korea for most of my life, and I am currently living in Korea now. I am left-handed. I work really well with kids and animals.
    Hobbies: Violin, Piano, Guitar, Recorder, Writing, Reading, Electronics

    I really hope to work with you, and I hope you choose me. I have been wanting to be an actress for a long time, no matter what anyone said.

  37. Ashanti Fleurantin

    Hello I’m Ashanti. My favorite color is blue and my height is 5’1. I am eleven years old, I live in Fayetteville North Carolina, my hair color is a very dark brown (almost black). I am African American but my eyes are slanted because my grandmother’s eyes were slanted. So I am in six grade and my favorite foods are chicken wings. I love animals and I would love to be on your show. Did I say to much I think I did, sorry. Anyway if you decide for me to be on the show you are awesome, but if you don’t want me to be on the show or at least audition , its okay I understand but you don’t know what you are missing (I love acting). Bye.

  38. Andrew flores

    I’m 11 years old crash and Bernstein is like my
    Favorite show in the world my name
    Is andrew and I would love to audition

  39. Simon howe

    Hey,i am a 16 year and i live in irving texas, i am loved by my theater program at my school and everyone says i have a face for acting. I am a really funny guy and i just love acting in my schools plays and i have won awards such as “best leading male actor” and “best actor”. I habve been looking up diffrent casting roles and i feel like this would be a great role for me.
    Eye color:hazel

    For more information email me.

  40. Derrick Perrry

    I would do ANYTHING to be an actor. ANYTHING. this is more than just acting. its my talent. my life. I plan on devoting my life to acting.

  41. Dissey

    Hello. I’m Dissey. I’m 13 years old.I have dark-blond hair and brown eyes.I can dance and little sing.I live in London. My BFF called Nocas can dance very well.We can be good couple. I’m big fan of Miley Cyrus and my dream always is to be part of the big Disney family. I think that Disney is my change to do my dream to be real. I watch Disney everyday! my favorite show is ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Shake it up’ . I’ll send my photo.I will be so happy if Disney give chance on my dream. I’m so crazy and funny girl.Please reply me. Thank you!

  42. Marlon Diaz

    Hi people,
    My name is Marlon Diaz and I’m 16 years old. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. I have not done much acting in my 16 years of life, but I have been in a couple local plays. I am on my schools mock trial team which requires me to keep cool and to speak clearly. I also the guitar for some time now(but I don’t sing that well). I watch the show and I can tell it will be something that I will enjoy. I say that because the show is hilarious and spontaneous which suits my personality very well.
    Wt:130(I keep active by going to the gym)
    Eyes/Hair:Brown eyes, Black hair

  43. Matt Dwyer

    I love c&b im 10 short very, cute, smart, less than 100 lb, dirty blonde hair, sorta green eyes

  44. Hannah Noxon

    Weight:65 lbs
    Race: caucasion

    Great singing voice … with spectacular range for my age. Pretty face, great smile, beautiful dimples, long eye lashes and eyes that twinkle when I smile. My first audition EVER, in my school play this year and I got the lead. I would LOVE to be considered for this. I am in all PreAp classes and don’t have a grade lower than an 88. I am well mannered and behaved and would love a chance to show my talents. Last year, I was selected to be in the 5th grade All District Honor Choir and performed before the Texas Music Educators Association. And yes, my parents approve.

  45. Caleb Barksdale

    My name is Caleb Barksdale and I love the show it always makes me laugh and I enjoy watching it and I know I would enjoy it even more to be the guy making people laugh. I am 14 years old I have light brown eyes and I am 5’10. I am outgoing and want a part in this show. If I have any chance please contact me I live in Texas.

  46. Pypr

    Hey! My name is Pypre Nakano! I am extremly outgoing and spunkey. I love to do whatever whenever! I like to try new things and not afraid to say no! Except I would never say no to an acting job(: No matter what it is! I would love to become the next disney star. Everyone is telling me I look like I belong on a disney show! I can be very flexible and random.

    Age: 17 but I can pass easily as a 14 year old
    Height: 5′ 2
    Weight: about 88
    Hair: Brown
    Eye: Very dark brown
    Ethnicity: Asian & White mix

  47. Chunhong Young

    Hello everyone!I am a 16 years old girl from China.My name is Chunhong Young.When I was a little girl,I have already fell in love with the Disney cartoons,it was cute and interesting.When I was 10 years old,I played a part in my school play.And I was considered as the best actress.And my hobby is reading and seeing the movies.Actually my favourite actress is Vivien Leigh.She is awesome!My dream is to be an actress.And I am really good at dancing.Especially the Chinese dance.I believe that I will never disappoint you.Because I sure that I am a beautiful girl.I have black hair and grey eyes. I promise I will be the hardest and firmest girl!Can I send you a video of Chinese dance?And introduce myself in this video?Please just give me a chance and let me prove it.I will do my best.please.It is so important to me and I don’t know how to describe it.Thanks a lot.
    Chunhong Young

  48. Chezaray

    Hi my name is Chezaray, it has been my life long dream to be on Disney channel. My family doesn’t have enough money to fly to California so I have to keep writing this until some one accepts this. Crash and Bernstein is one of my favorite show.

    Height: 4:6

    Talent: singing and acting

    Born: August 02, 2001

    Age: 12

    We’ll I hope my dream comes true

  49. ruby ramirez

    I think i should be considered to be on a show because the acting career inspires me and fascinates me

  50. Lyric Sanders

    Hello…My name is Lyric Sanders. I am 14 years and turn 15 in January. I live in Mesquite, Texas and live for this dream of mine to become reality. I am an outgoing and an extremly fun person along with a great attitude for learning and disipline. To be an actress is my ultimate dream and desire. I truly believe if given the oportunity you would enjoy my sense of humor and personality along with my dedication to this dream of mine. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  51. armanti

    Hi I am armanti and am 11 years old I would like to be on crash and Bernstein I thank it’s the coolest and funniest show ever I watch it every day so I thank it would be really cool to be on crash and Bernstein any way I am good at football and wrestling and track ! so I hope I am more than what your looking for thank you for your time.

  52. Wanda Copley

    Elainena Ann Copley, who played the role of an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka at West Orange High School theater, Directed by Rob Rush. She is extremely proud of her other accomplishments in playing a 20 line part as Rachel in the “O Notely High” student film Director: Lauren Johnson, JCEL, Inc., Southeastern University. Elainena has also tried to enhance her stage confidence and other skills through pageants, On July 13th she was crowned 2013 National American Miss Jr. Pre-teen Queen. She didn’t only win the crown but also won in the Actress and Casual Wear division, was first runner up in Top Model and Art completion.

    She a 10 year old in the fifth grade and her favorite subjects are Science, Reading and Math. Elainena’s dreams are to become a famous actress, model, singer and or Veterinary. She is also athletic and has participated in softball and cheerleading along with many elementary school plays and talent shows.

    Obviously with these experiences she is not afraid of the stage and cameras. It’s the cameras and the stage that need to watch out for her. This 10 year old potential super star is motivated enough to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

  53. Ariyanah Barker

    Hi my name is Ariyanah Barker.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5″5
    Eye color: Brown
    Race: African American
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Date of Birth: April 10, 2000

    I have acted in shows before in my town also I have gone to acting agencies in New York. I also have done over 6+ plays and songs for school and for my dance school. I’ve been acting for 3 years. Over the summer of 2011-2013 I have done summer acting classes. I have completed gymnastics, hip-hop, and jazz-acro (for a brief time). I would love to become an actress and my parents are very supportive of my dreams in doing so. I already have a portfolio set up with modeling shots and head shots prepared not to mention I have resume already finalized. To explain my personality I am a very hard-working, bubbly, exciting person. I love to learn and experience new things.

    Moving on, I believe I should be in this movie because I absolutely adore Disney channel and will always watch it no matter how old I get. I would want to be on this show because it seems lively and full of fun. I would love to be on a show in which brings so much energry, creativity, and hard work. I am a very hard worker and I know you may hear this a lot, but I truly am. I don’t drop a project until I know I have completed the whole thing. That’s just how I am. This show seems open to everyone of all ages and it would be an absolute dream come true to actually be on a set with so many humble and well-rounded people. Thank you for all your time I look forward to working with you. 🙂

  54. Kimberly Carl

    Hello, my name is Kimberly Carl and I live in Corona, California. I’m 14 years old, Caucasian, weigh 151 pounds(though I look like 110), I’m 5’3, have brown eyes, and brown hair. I’ve been in a couple schools plays and got an A+in drama in middle school. I would love to be apart of this amazing cast! You can contact my mother at 951-264-1359

  55. Gabby acevedo

    I love disney channel and I really won’t to be in it I am 8 Am a girl

  56. Ilan Teboul

    I am 7 year old. I will be 8 years old in January. I have been dreaming of being on your show for a very long time. My mom says I’m an actor because I say and do funny things all of the time. I think I would be great on your show. Please give me a chance. You won’t be sorry. Thanks, Ilan.

  57. Teya Moore


    My name is teya and im 11 years old. I would love to be on crash and Bernstein i love that show soooo much! And i am a big fan of landry bender! I love to work with her. I am really good at acting and i am able to make myself cry. I love to act! I am a dancer now and im in gymnastics! I love disney channel and i think i would be great to work with them. I think you would love my acting i hope you choose me!

    Sincerely teya Moore

  58. Grace

    BTW, I played the piano for almost a year now and I also play the guitar, though I’m not very good. And I don’t sing, at ALL!!!

  59. Grace

    My name is grace and I am 11 years old, I like to try out new things and I like watching crash and Bernstein because its so funny!!

  60. Justin Frock

    Hello I’m Justin Frock I am 14 years old I live in Maryland I have a YouTube channel (Justin Frock) will you please check it out I am trying to get noticed I want to be on a TV show so badly I’m funny handsome and fit. I want to make people happy and laugh. I am 5 foot 11 and I’m about 160 pounds I can sing a little I was also in cross country last year so please consider me.

  61. Justin Frock

    Hi I’m Justin and I have been trying to get noticed because I feel that I can act good I am funny handsome with blond hair I work out a lot so I’m very fit I can also sing a little I can do some flips but mainly I would be honor if you checked out my YouTube channel (Justin Frock) also I was in cross country I’m 14 years old 5 foot 11 but I live I Maryland so it’s much harder to become famous here. So please consider me. Thank you for your time.

  62. kyle

    Hi my names kyle im 11 years old. Im very energetic, friendly, and love to act. I would love to be in this tv show. height 4’2 hair color brown skin color slightly tan. i would love a part!

  63. Jennifer Prado

    Hey i’m Jennifer everyone calls me Jenny i am 14 years old going to be 15 this October i am a sophomore in high school, i would love to be apart of this movie. i promise if you give me a chance you wont regret it i’m the most dedicated person i love to change my character and act like other people i am also very athletic, i am outgoing and funny and amazing person to get along with i’m one of the most dedicated and mature teen you will ever meet. i live in Palm Springs, California i am Latin/American i have brown eyes and brown hair, promise you will not be disappointed in my acting
    height, 5’0
    106 lbs
    cell phone (760)984-6044

  64. Ewa

    Hi, Im Ewa, Im from Poland, I think my nationality could make a little difference and add something new to the episodes. Im almost 20, tall and slim blond girl. I play the violin, sing and dance (used to dance a ballroom dance, little bit of ballet and videoclip dance). I’m confident in everything Im doing and I dont feel nervous in front of the camera. Im easy-going person, make new friends without any pro id love to live in USA in the future. Hope my dreams will come true soon.

  65. Krista Hoeben

    Hi my sons name is Cayden. He is the most outgoing, sweetest, people friendly, packed with joy baby. He is 21 months old. The best physical feature about him is his crystal blue eyes. Most people stop us wherever we are just to look at his eyes. He has blonde hair which also sets his eyes apart from others. I believe my son would be a wonderful asset because of his personality and loves attention, along with this baby blue eyes. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it!!

  66. Talia Rockland

    Hello there, my name is Talia Rockland. I am 16 years old. I have been studying and performing in the world of dance since I was two years old but have recently become very passionate about learning how to act. I I also love to sing. I would love a chance to audition to gain experience and become exposed to a new, exciting community of would be actors!

  67. Imani Harris

    Hello. My name is Imani Harris and I am 17 yrs old and have been performing for a long time. I’ve gone from singing a solo in the church choir to performing at the AT&T Performing Arts Theater in Dallas. I attend Booker T. Washington HSPVA, which it a very well known performing Arts High School. I go there for music and major in Piano, classical and jazz. I am in the R&B Ensemble, Jazz Singers, and the Pop Ensemble at my school for singing. I’ve been in plays since 5th grade and played the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. I haven’t recently been in a school play, but I have been in little Easter plays at my church. I’ve been dancing at my church since I was 5, and now most of the time we do christian hip hop dances. I took karate and gymnastics as a child, but stopped so I could play music.

    I am

    African American


    Brown Hair

    Brown eyes

    Weight: 115

  68. Brooklyn

    Hi my name is Brooklyn and I’m 11 years old and I would LOVE to be on crash and Bernstein it a AWSOME show and it would be a honor to be on it so I hope you think so to!!!!

  69. Uros Smiljanic

    Hello, my name is Uros Smiljanic. You probably can’t read it, because it’s Serbian. I can change it anytime, and I wouldn’t even care.
    I’m male, 14 years old, 5’5”, dark-brown hair, athletic, can dance and act. I finished 6 year lesson for guitar and music theory. I also play a little bit of piano.
    I started watching Disney around 2006, when Hannah Montana started, and I fell in love instantly. I think that this would be great opportunity for me, but I don’t think that I’ll get any role, cause I live in another continent. Europe, Serbia to be exact. But I can only hope for the best…

  70. belane daniel

    hi my name is belane Daniel I always wanted to become an actress and singer I gust want a chance to prove that and I would love to be on your show/movie

  71. Hannah


  72. Evelyn Gonzalez

    Hi im Evelyn ived loved to be part of the crash and bernstain family its a funny family show and appropriate to all ages ive been doing plays and acting since i was 5 years old know im 13 and i love to do many things like sports, vocal practices like singing doing high and low notes but my vocal cords never been damaged ,other things i like do do is dance and other stuff but what i most like acting sometimes i trick my mom so she can let me do what i want sometimes . One time my friend thought that i was crying when i was really laughing and then she said “u scared me” im really a fun person to be with i like o do everything that people tell me to even if i dont want to but i still enjoy it.
    Born:January 29,2000
    Hair:(natural black)(dyed brown with blonde highlights)bi polar
    Height:about 5.1
    Hope i be in it <3 YOU DISNEY XD 🙂

  73. Caitlin Colligan

    Hi I am Caitlin Colligan and I’m 14 years old. I love acting and dancing. Since i was little I loved to perform and give performances! I’ve grown up on disney channel and I still watch it till this day! I’ve always dreamed of being on disney channel! Also I’ve been dancing since I was 3 years old and I’ve been in the nutcracker for Beaumont Civic Ballet for 3 years but then I moved to Houston Tx. I am a really great dancer. I love hip hop! I’ve also taken dancing since I was three years old and was in the company Beaumont Civic Ballet for two years but then I moved to Houston, Tx. I’ve taken ballet, tap,jaz and hip hop since three years old at Marsha Woody Beaumont Civic Ballet. I’ve taken pointe on year! So I really passion for what I do so I would love for you to pick me…I know I’m like one out of a million but I’m one passionate heart out of a million hearts!!!! 🙂

  74. Teya Moore


    Hello my name is teya Moore im 11 turning 12 in October. I love the show crash and beirnstein. My favorite person off the show is landry!! She is my idol and i would love to work with her! I have acted when i was little but then we moved so i do have a little experience. I would love for you to choose me. This acting will help the condition that my family is in so it would be helpful for me. I didnt say this before because i didnt know if it was ok to say but i really need this chance you would be so helpful! But i love acting and i love being around people! And it would be nice to be on this show!!! She please choose me. Im athletic. I play gymnastics,basketball,and track!i am able to make myself cry. People say that i am very very talented thank you!

    Sincerely teya Moore, ps i live in a small apartment

  75. Teya


    My name is teya Moore im 11 years old i love disney channel and i love this show is really funny and i am a big fan of landry bender!! She also followed me on Twitter! She is my idol and i would love to be on set with her! I act really well and i am not shy at all. I love being around people and i have been acting when i was little but i would like to start now! I am very athletic im in gymnastics,basketball,and track! I hope im what your looking for! Thank you!

    Sincerely teya Moore,