Copycat - MTV

Copycat – MTV

The reality TV singing game is about to get flipped and the channel that revolutionized bringing music to the globe is behind all of the fun. MTV’s one of a kind singing contest series Copycat will be starting production soon and submissions from aspiring singers looking to make their mark on the world’s biggest music based network are being accepted today.

Copycat is setting up to be MTV’s most exciting and ambitious music program yet and the producers and casting directors for this incredible new production are on the lookout for the most talented “sound-alike” singers. That’s right, sound-alike – if you can sing like the biggest pop music stars of today then MTV wants to hear it! Can you do a perfect rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, Bruno Mars ‘Gorilla’, Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’, or any of your favorite current artists? If so then you could be chosen to compete for fantastic cash and prizes on the next sure to be TV phenomenon. If you’ve got the chops (and the chops of your favorite artists) then you may just be MTV’s latest music discovery and well on your way to the opportunity of a lifetime.

Casting calls for Copycat will be starting very soon and sound-alike songbirds everywhere can submit themselves for consideration today by sending emails with your name, location, contact information, who you sound like and any vocal samples you may have to More casting details for this amazing new reality TV singing competition will be posted as they become available so keep checking back for more updates and leave a message below and tell us who you sound like and why you want to compete on MTV’s Copycat.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and now it may be the form of singing stardom. Apply today for your chance at a spot on Copycat.

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257 Casting Responses

  1. Nina K

    I sound like Nicki Minaj. Even preformed as Nicki Minaj at a kids birthday party! I was meant for this show!

  2. chiamaka lilian

    i am chiamaka lilian nd am 18 i believe and have a strong feeling that my copycat singing act will make me a very competitive candidate for this competition because am a professional on that and a good singer

  3. Francisco Delgado

    Hay my name is Francisco Delgado I am a 16 year old male I am 5,9 with brown hair and dark brown eyes. I can sing, act, write songs, and draw I am Native American and other I can sing pop, and rap some rock songs think you for your time bye.

  4. Nashaat Shaikh

    Hi! Im Nashaat Shaikh. I am 12 years old. I love singing, and have been told that i sound like sia, and taylor swift. I bet that if i went up to do that show, that people would think it was a trick cause of how my voice is the exact same as the previously stated artists. Please give me a chance to get up there and prove myself.

  5. Micah johnson

    Everybody tells me my destiny is to entertain people and thats my calling thats what i want to do

  6. Sonja Sherrill

    Hi my name is sonja and I am currently12 years old and love to sing I hope that you can get vack to me soon. Bye

  7. Kai Brinson

    Hi..I am Kai Brinson and I am currently fifteen years old. I would be amazing as a guest on this show because I am a vocal major in Pinellas County Center for the Arts(PCCA). I get my inspiration from Mariah Carey, Etta James, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Keys. This would be an amazing exprience and I will be looking fowards to a possible email. 🙂

  8. Brighton Acord

    My name is Brighton Acord, I am 13 years old and my birthday is June 28. I live in Springdale, Arkansas. I love to sing, it is liked my passion. I play the piano and I am learning how to play the guitar. I look up to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, And Sia.
    My choice in songs and the way my voice kind of sounds like is Taylor Swift and Keke Palmer. I don’t know if you will see this but I would really like to be on the show.

  9. corey melton

    Hello, my name is Corey. I would love to be compete on the show and show the world my talents. I’m from St. Louis and would love to bring some light back into the City as it has suffered lately. Good things do still come from there! LET’S DO IT!

  10. Andre Slater

    Hello I’m Andre Slater. I’m 13 years old and an actor, singer, dancer, and songwriter. For years I have been working on my craft for performing. I have made many songs and have written a lot of cool material. My stage name is Raphael King. My choice sounds like Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Nick Jonas and Chris Brown. This I opportunity could open windows for me and possibly get me noticed in the entertainment industry. I would appreciate if you consider my application. Thanks

  11. Kayley Moseley

    My name is Kayley Moseley. I am almost 19 year old female , I live in Lebanon Mo. I have been singing since I could remember. Amy Lee from Evanescence is my singing idol. Along with Lacey Mosley And Hayley Williams. My voice can sound like Amy Lee. I have a very unique voice. I can sing alternative rock but also pop. I have a passion for singing. I have tried out for The Voice. American Idol, and America’s Got Talent. But I haven’t made it past the first audition. I believe and have been told I am a great Singer. It’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I would love the opportunity to be able to show you my talent. Thank you ♥

  12. Devona Zhane Graham

    Hello, my name is Devona. i am 19 years old. my birthday is october 17, 1995. i have been singing since i have been in diapers. i sang the national anthem for my 8th grade graduation with three other classmates. sophmore year in high school i joined choir. junior year i was in do re mis choir and had concerts and reicitals. senior year i was in do re mis and madrigals choir and performed some acapella songs from pitch perfect. singing is my passion and i would love to be picked to be in a movie. i am a first soprano and i have a very high vocal range. i can sing as high as mariah carey and as low as adele. i am 5’6 and i can play piano and the guitar. i live in springfield ma. im really talented and get along with everyone. i am a social butterfly and good with following instructions and love to act. so please give me a chance.

  13. Mahala Provost

    My name is Mahala and I am 16 year old female high school sophomore and I would greatly appreciate any opportunity available for my age group. I have been singing since I was 3 and I’ve taken many acting courses throughout my life. If you have any availability please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Until Next Time, Mahala

  14. Chelsea Watts

    Hello, my name is Chelsea and i’m a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Bristol me babbers. I work in a lovely little pre-school monday-friday and spend my evenings and weekends singing/song writing and recording new originals with my lil bro who is a a musical genius. He is a procuder/composer/song writer. We recently wrote an acoustic song together which we sent off and had it played on BBC Introducing which was very overwhelming. My lil bro is off to Uni soon and i will miss him dearly. Music makes me who i am today and i would love to have the opportunity to let everyone hear my music and being part of a competetion like this would be an amazing opportunity. I have been told that i sound like the likes of Adele, Alicia Keys and Joss Stone.

  15. Anna Elise

    I would love to have an opportunity to do this show! Like most of the above comments I ve read, music is my passion. But what might set me apart is I have been to Hollywood twice for American Idol, and to Hollywood once for The Voice as well. Even though I finished my Business Degree last May (very proud of that as Im dyslexic and school is difficult, but it was important to my Dad and I wanted to make him proud) music is all I want to do! Really have no PLAN B. My plan is to move to Nashville and try to pursue a music career sometime this summer. If I were to win $5000 it would be so amazing, I would put it straight into the “move to Nashville fund”.

    Celine Dione is my vocal idol, but I do have a little twang in my voice, so I like to think of myself as the “Country Celine”. Her ability to deliver a song never ceases to amaze me. I stand 4’11” and people are always suprised that such a big voice comes out of my small body. I completely paid for my education at the U of M by performing in a scholarship band that toured high schools and sang the top 40 hits. It was an unbelievable opportunity to perform anyone s songs I wanted. I Feel like I can sound like a lot of different people. I ve done Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Jessie J, Celine, Carrie Underwood, Lady A, Adele, Kelley Pickler, I can honestly sound like a lot of artists. It is for that reason that I feel I would be an asset to your show. I would be sooo honored if you d choose me for this competition. I feel like this would be a good platform to maybe help launch my future. You never know whose watching right! Just let me know what you need from me. Please stay in touch.
    Anna Elise

  16. Brittany England

    My name is Brittany and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been singing my whole life, my parents said I began at 2. I would love to be considered because singing means EVERYTHING to me. It helps relieve stress and makes me so happy. I have a sample if interested on YouTube.

  17. Yuvia De Luna

    Hello my name is Yuvia De Luna I was very iffy about commenting since one of the main requirements is that the coaches would have to come live with the contestants and at the moment I live in a one bedroom apartment with my mom, older sister, and grandparents. I am 15 years old and have been singing for as long as I can remember, I am currently in my 5th year of choir and I am a sophomore. Reasons I should be considered? Well I have a dream that most people have and I would like it to come true. I want to become a famous singer, and the first thing I think of when I say those words is how incredible it would be to help people heal through music as it has done for me. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and yes I have had all the therapy and medications but nothing has helped me more than music, nothing has helped me find myself more than music, and though I don’t know who I want to be yet I know music will help me find that, and I just want to do that for other people because its hard. I have tried to picture myself doing other things with my life maybe being a teacher or psychiatrist but that to me is like giving up on my dream, see being a singer is tough and well I’ve had a tough life and we have a lot of financial issues so when my mom hears that I want to become a singer she says in the nicest way possible “lets think about your back up plan” my family is encouraging and amazing and I just want to show that all the sacrifices they have made are really worth it. I just can’t picture myself being ordinary in life, and singing is my absolute passion and I need to do it, there is just no other way around it.

  18. Toiya Powell

    I can’t believe I found this new show!!!! I have been wondering when a show would come out where people would be able to imitate! I absolutely love singing and have been singing for a long time, everytime I sing Fancy by Iggy everyone can’t believe it! And I absolutly love learning new songs and Thrive on sounding like like the artist. I’m a stay at home mom of a 7 yr old and 10 year old! My kids love to listen to me sing and they love doing karaoke at home I have a professional sound system at home, singing is my meditation and makes me so happy. I would love a chance to be heard and see where it goes! I have many more songs that I do very well!

  19. Kathren Clayton

    I’m 22 years old. I’m a stay at home mom at the moment. My son is 18 months old and he is my WORLD. I’m engaged to my son’s father. He works at LKQ. It’s a major auto part company. He works so hard to support his son and me. When I was in high school I worked my butt off to get to college. I made it. I got into Southeastern Louisiana University and I was majoring in criminal justice. I wanted to be in the FBI. Well, I was a year and a half through college when I got the news that my grandfather had passed away. My grandparents raised me. They helped me get to college so I could make something of myself. Not too long after my grandfather died I found out that my stepmother was killed in a car accident. My father went off the deep end. He got into a very bad motorcycle accident not too long after she was killed. He was in a coma for months. The doctors told us he either wouldn’t wake up or he would wake up with the mind of a one year old infant and stay that way the rest of his life. Being his oldest daughter I was in charge of every decision made. It was very hard on me. My dad actually ended up recovering. He has some brain damage. But he is ok now. Anyway, I lost my way while in college and so I just quit. It was too hard to focus on school with everything that was going on. Everything that I worked so hard for got taken away. I’m living in my grandmother’s home with my sister, my cousin, my aunt, my fiance, and my son. My mawmaw is in a nursing home right now she’s not doing very well. I’ve been singing my whole life. It’s been my dream to become famous since I was little. I’m from a small town and I never tried to follow my dream because I didn’t think I could make it. There’s so many other great singers out there. But now, now I know I have what it takes. I believe in myself and I’m ready to follow my dream. I would love to give my son a way better life than I had growing up. My parents are both drug addicts. I was taken from them when I was I think 6 years old. I’ve been bounced around from home to home. It’s just been a really hard life for my siblings and I. My brother is doing amazing. He’s an electrician in the national gaurd. I’m so proud of him. But any who I would love an opportunity to share my talent with you! Please pick me!!

  20. Gabriella Rubio

    To whom this may concern, I believe I should be considered for opportunity because I am a young and spirited soul who is willing to work hard for what she wants. I am 18 and have experience in theatre and singing. Singing is my passion and I can’t think of something more amazing than being part of something big

  21. Christie Carpenter

    Hi. My name is Christie Carpenter. I love to sing, and I think that I sould a lot like taylor swift, especially in “22”. I hope that i will be considered when i submit.



  23. Thomas Hall

    Hello I am a Singer Songwriter and have opened for many World Renowned Groups such as The Legendary Stylistic’s. I am in The New York State Blues Hall of Fame for R&B Vocalist and The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame as an R&B Vocalist. My Vocal Style is Very similar to Michael Jackson. .Justin Timberlake. ..Chris Brown. .as well as Neo…Smokey Robinson. I believe that I would be a good fit to your show. .Your consideration would be appreciated.

  24. Katy Lee

    Hello, my name is Katy. I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I am 5’4, blonde and I live in a little town in South Carolina. I have been singing for as long as I remember. I would be very interested in this show.

  25. Donna Reid aka Emerah Marie

    Donna reid, 23. I mimic, beyonce, britney spears, taylor swift and ariana grande.

  26. Reechad McCampbell

    Hi my name is Reechad McCampbell, I’m a man thats in my late twenties and i sound just like erykah badu and amy winehouse. everyone that talks to me on the phone that doesn’t know me personally thinks they’re talking to a woman. I have a very feminine voice and look forward to an opportunity to compete on your show.

  27. Yvelande Senatus

    Hello there, my name is Yvelande Senatus and I’m 12. Singing is my thing. I have been told that I’m very good at singing and that I sound like Becky G , Taylor Swiff , Beyoncé and Victoria Justice. I would really like to get a chance at that because I really want to make my family proud and they all have great faith in me. I want to make a difference in the world. If I get pick and won I will use that money to help the kids that don’t have parents and the homeless. I also want to make my dream a reality. Please, please consider me. Thank you letting me do this.

  28. Annaliese Arias

    Hello there!
    My name is Annaliese, 23 and from Los Angeles, CA. I would love to be given the opportunity to be considered for your show. I adore Ariana Grande, and take my roots back to Aaliyah’s time. I can sit here and tell you how much I resemble somebody, but then again it would be better if I could just perform for you, and would be blessed if you give me the opportunity! Hope to hear from someone soon!
    Thanks so much.

  29. Ashley Branch

    Hey yal,
    My name is Ashley Branch and I a city girl from houston tx.I belive I should be considered because I’m fun ,positive, energetic, and talented. I can sing country, r&b, gospel,and traditional;plus i’m a very lovable person.

  30. Cellia Apridita Cahya Utami

    Hi! 🙂 My name is Cellia i am 14 years old. Singing is my hobby. My fav singers are Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, well they are my idol. If you give me chance for this i will be so happy and this will be the greatest experience. Please consider me. Thank you 🙂

  31. Jacquleen Alex

    Hey guys, the name’s JQ. I’ve been singing for years and the artist I most liken my voice to is Christina Aguilera. She’s always been an inspiration to me as an artist, so to have the chance the emulate her would be an incredible experience. Thanks!

  32. Rebeca Noguera

    I’m Rebeca Noguera and I’m 15. I’d be right for this because I’m very able to do improv.I can sing(I’ve been told).And I am professional. Please consider me.