Constantine – NBC

Constantine – NBC

Following in it’s recent success with the genre hits Grimm and Hannibal, NBC is heading back into the primetime fray with an adaptation of the brilliant and immensely popular DC Comics series Hellblazer. Constantine is set to hit the airwaves very soon and shooting on this sure to be hit hour drama is underway now. Casting calls for a number of exciting roles in this production are being organized by casting directors now and interested performers of all ages can submit themselves for consideration.

Constantine will tell the griping tale of John Constantine, a demon hunter and occult expert who travels the country fighting evil forces and sending the dark supernatural forces that he finds to the depths of hell. Constantine, who’s soul has already been damned to hell, must fight his feelings of hopelessness and anger to save the world and protect the innocent.

This incredible series is created by Emmy nominee Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist, Dexter, Motive) and Writers Guild of America Award nominee David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Man Of Steel, Dark City) and will feature a stand-out cast that includes Matt Ryan (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Layer Cake, The Tudors), Angélica Celaya (Dallas, Gabriel, Burn Notice), Primetime Emmy Award winner Jeremy Davies (Saving Private Ryan, Hannibal, It’s Kind of a Funny Story), Charles Halford (True Detective, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ocean’s Eleven), Lucy Griffiths (True Blood, Robin Hood, Winter’s Tale) and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Harold Perrineau (Lost, Zero Dark Thirty, The Matrix Revolutions).

Casting calls for Constantine are starting now and actors of all ages and experience levels can submit themselves for available parts today by sending emails to Further details will be posted throughput the season so check back for more updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the series and why you want to audition for NBC’s Constantine.

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  1. Robert Woodry

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Hair: Short Black
    Eyes: Brown but beautiful
    Ethnicity: Hispanic (Cuban American)
    Build: Slim with a bit of muscle tone and decently well built (sexy)
    Skin: A nice tan
    Skills: Adaptability, Quick Learning, Acting, extremely Charismatic, Music, Martial Arts, Poi, Sailing, other Circus tricks. Can produce an Irish and English accent. Mastermind Roleplayer.

    Look. Yes I love the series and the comics. But I like telling a story. Not to be in one, not for the money, but to tell a story of one of my favorite genres of dark mythology out there. When I act I not only tell a story I involve the audience in a sense that they feel drawn to the performance.
    I am a psychology major and I love what makes people tick and body language is a big must use for me.

    Previous experience:
    Play acting for kids in hospitals for a couple of years as well as a few school projects that have been highly commended on performance and story value.

    I also will be living in New Orleans soon which is what i understand a lot of culture and story comes from.

  2. Isaiah Mattox

    Age – 18
    Race – African American
    Name – Isaiah Mattox
    Height – 5’10
    Weight – 154
    Hair Color – Black
    Eye Color – Brown
    Experience – Acting and modeling since the age of 7, I’ve taken parts in several school plays as well as taken part in acting classes at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta for a couple years. No screen work yet but I’m hoping to major in that and keep it going in my acting career. My friend Zamani also acted for Constantine and told me that it would be a good opportunity. I’m availiable to go anywhere but I live in Atlanta, Georgia. My email is I’d like to take part in this experience also.

  3. Makayla

    Name: Makayla Melody Alldredge
    Age: 16
    Sex: female
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 155
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    State: Illinois

    Interest: Disney, horror, comedy

    Hello! I love the idea this show! I couldn’t believe you are casting new people i had to jump at the opportunity! Im such a big fan and it would be a dream of mine to be apart of such an amazing production! All i ask for is a chance! I am very interested in any character that i would fit best. I can sing i can act im very open on and off camera. Im not afraid to show my feelings. I would love to work with your cast!
    I am very comfortable with new and old friends. Im not a shy person i am very outgoing and love adventure. I live every day to its fullest. I would give 110% on any character i would be given. Im a new face and love every part of myself! I can cry on demand i can scream i can laugh and sure can crack a joke! If you would like to contact me please don’t hesitate i am eager to hear who you chose to cast! I am also looking to be an extra if i don’t fit your requirements if you feel i would be great for another role for another movie i am open for change!

  4. Emilie Hutchinson

    Hi my name is Emilie Hutchinson and I am currently 16 years old.

    I understand that you have received a lot of these comments and probably don’t have the time to read them all, but I will test my luck anyway (which isn’t very lucky).

    I have a passion for acting because it enables me to step into another persons skin and walk around in it (mind my quote from ‘To kill a mockingbird”). For as long as I can remember, I have yearned for something more, something different and exciting. I feel that acting is the best way to express myself and my passions.

    I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia, but I have always wanted to travel and see what the world has to offer, but more importantly, show the world what I have to offer. I not only want to make an impact, I want to make a difference. Even if it’s a small difference, like inspiring someone to chase after their dreams, regardless of whether they seem unattainable or nearly impossible.

    So far, I have wanted to be an archaeologist, mythologist, a travel blogger, a singer, an explorer (or more specifically, Indiana Jones as a women), and most significantly, an actor. But I never believed that I could achieve any of that as I’m a country girl from a small seaside town. In all likelihood, I’ll settle on being a physiotherapist because I’m good at anatomy and physiology. Honestly, I don’t want to settle on a life that I might enjoy, with endless routines and schedules. I am officially deciding to believe that I can do the impossible, beat the odds and be what and who I want to be. I just need to convince you to take a leap of faith and trust in my convictions.

    My name is Emilie Hutchinson and I believe that I would be a good member of the Constantine cast

    I have long dark brown hair that gradually turns caramel brown and Indigo coloured eyes (light blue with grey). I am slim and tall(ish) with a fair complexion. Unfortunately, this fair skin of mine is accompanied by a few freckles, not many on my face but a lot on my arms.

    Please contact me if you are interested in exercising a small town girls dream. If you do contact me, I will send a picture, my height and any other information you need. Please, take that leap of faith with me.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  5. Amber Natterer

    Casting Department
    My name is Amber Natterer. The main reasoning behind wanting on the show is because its great. Its fast pace, weekly episodes are new and detailed. While, I am new to acting, I know I can handle anything you through at me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. Gloria Avendano

    Hello everyone, my name is Gloria and I love Constantine, if you can find a piece where I can fit I would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  7. Isaiah Kershner

    Age: 17
    Sex: male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair: black
    Height: 6′
    Weight: 157lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Please E-mail me for pictures
    i have been a part of 4 theatrical productions with my high school, 2 musicals and 2 UIL competitions. I am also a member of the International Thespian Society.
    I am Awesome with accents and can perfectly replicate British, Cockney Australian, country(u.s.), Russian, Irish, and Scottish.
    i plan on pursuing acting as a lifetime career, i would be honored if you would consider me for this role.
    thank you.

  8. Adriana Viramontes

    I love this show so I’d love to be in it! I’ve never acted professionally but definitely willing. Currently taking a voice class. Definitely confident in capabilities and potential. I’m of Hispanic heritage.

  9. Jisselle Morales

    age: 18
    height: 5’1
    weight: 110
    eyes: brown
    hair: dark brown / naturally curly
    skin: tanned complexion
    body type: hourglass / curvy

    I am very outgoing and amusing. I am quick when it comes to learning new things and becoming new people. I have been told to be very good at becoming new roles. Upon request i am able to do the following accents: Irish, English (UK), Spanish, English (New York), and Southern. I can read a script and memorize and recite almost perfectly. I am determined and willing to be what it is i need to be. Wherever i go im told to bring happiness and laughter. I am friendly and love to meet and interact with new and interesting people. I am not camera shy at all, being in the spotlight is a rush of excitement to me.

    An opportunity like this would be greatly appreciated. To pursue acting as a career is a dream of mine. I will not only bring joy to you but complete and full extraordinary talent that you will not be able to resist.
    Please consider, thank you

  10. Tyler plummer

    My name is Tyler I would love if u chose me to be in a role I’m 14 and I have brown hair,brown eyes. My cousin had the comic and I would always read them they always interested me. I always wanted to be a actor in a series or movie. So I hope u read this thank you

  11. isaiah

    My name is isaiah virgil im 13 years old I’m 5 foot 6 inches brown eyes and have been watching movies ever since I was little and have always had a passion for acting.
    I have always been know to Be good at comedy, drama, etc. I’m in 7th grade and have A’s and B’s and am in most advanced classes above my piers level. Contact me please I would be honored to be on this set. I have participated in school plays and have done role play and acting at school

  12. Trevor

    I am a 21 year old male looking to pursue a dream of acting. I may not have much experience but I have it in me. I am very imaginative and creative and looking for a chance to show the world my talent. I also play french Horn and jazz trumpet.

  13. Ales Camacho

    With my parents support, I am trying to find acting jobs.
    5’9″ 15y/o male, green eyes, dark hair, thin build
    Easy to work with, not in love with myself

  14. Char Calloway

    Hello Casting Department,
    My name is Char I would like the experience I have always wanted ta speaking role. I have worked on several movies since 1999 as background extra and also done some theater work.
    I would like a chance.
    Thank you

  15. omar shereife lawrence

    well ,here is my story
    i am a 37 year old proud husband and father of 7,residing in the queens ny area.
    i have held many positions in the professional real,from law enforcement to healthcare provider.
    at the time i am out of work due to lay off,and have been thinking about giving acting a shot since its something i have always thought on,but never pursued.i have always been told that i am a natural at playing roles outside of myself even if only joking around at the moment of personality is one where i can never be defeated and i am very creative in many aspects.i would love the opportunity to prove just how much i can become the next blockbuster actor.i may have waited a while to chase a dream but never to late,right!.
    weight:186 lbs
    eyes:light brown
    complexion:brown skinned
    race:native and African american

  16. Mujtaba Hamdard

    Hey! My name is Mujtaba. I’m 14 years old. I love to become a superstar. I don’t have a lot of a lot ting experience. The only acting I have ddone was for my school plays, but I can feel the talent In me. I hop you guys give me a chance to prove my seilf.

  17. mursal hamdard

    Helo! My name is Mursal. I’m 15 years old. I’m a big fan of constantine. I have read all the comics, seen the movie, and know I’m watching this great show. It’ll be a dream come true If If can be a part of this great show. I hop you guys give me a chance. I can play any kind of roles.
    For more Info about me please email me. Thank you!

  18. Umar Azad

    Hi, I’m Umar Azad , age 15
    I.m 5.4′ and 47 kg in weight.
    Have good experience as a stage actor.
    Acted as Macbeth, Romeo, Othelo.
    No stage fear
    I live in Sri Lanka, originating from a poor family, this opportunity would be useful for me to continue my studies further.
    I study at St,Anthonys College .
    Skin colour is tan and have dark hair.
    Well built body,

  19. Anna White

    Hello, My name is Anna White, an aspiring female actress, I don’t know what age actors you are looking for but I am 15 years old, turning 16 in April and I would love to be a part of this production. I have loved this television show ever since it was recommended to me by a friend and it would be absolutely incredible to even have this comment read.

    Some other information that might be useful can be as followed:
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Red-brown (Short)
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 120lbs
    I also have very pale skin and a multitude of freckles.

    Thank you for your time and I hope you consider me for this production!

  20. Madison Haynes

    I recently worked with Bonanza Productions on The Vampire Diaries.

    I live in the Metro-Atlanta Area.

    I am available at any time.

    It would be a CAREER DREAM COME TRUE to work with NBC on the show Constantine.

    Acting is my number one passion and I am a devoted, hard working individual, eager to grow and thrive in the Film & Movie Industry.

    Contact me as soon as possible, you will NOT be disappointed.

    Best Regards, Madison Haynes

    Additional Information:
    Name: Madison Leigh Haynes
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Caramel Brown

    — Acting
    — Singing
    — Songwriting
    — Guitar
    — Piano
    — Makeup Artistry
    — Painting & Sculpting
    — 2D/3D Design

  21. Dametre Williams

    Name: Dametre Williams
    Gender/sex: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 6 foot
    Eyes: light brown Brown
    Location: Hollywood FL

  22. Lina Balseiro

    I would love to be a part of the show because I think the show is very eye catching and amazing, I am a fast learner and I love a challenge, I am fluent in Spanish and English, I have Hispanic heritage and I would love to act, I am 15 years old but I can pass for 12-16 and I am a “dirty blonde” and very pale Caucasian/Latina female I have green eyes and my height is 5’0 my body is nor fat or skinny but slightly curved and well built, I weigh 125lbs , I would appreciate if you could take me under consideration, thank you.

  23. Kennedy Rousseau

    Hello my name is Kennedy Rousseau. I currently live in the Atlanta GA area. I am not an actor or a professional makeup artist, but I would love to be an extra or a part of the crew as a fx makeup artist. I have done some work with these special effects makeup materials for Halloween on my college campus. I am an flexible person and do well under pressure. I have been told that I can be very dramatic and I feel that I can do well with anything that you would be asking me to do. I am a very enthusiastic, and energetic person I get along with many other people. I would love an opportunity to act in this show or participate in this show in anyway.

    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 157

  24. Josh Joyce

    I believe I should be in the show because magic is cool and stuff. I have no experience in acting or any of that stuff. I’m 14, from New Jersey. I’m also half white and half black, I look black but most people say I’m really white 😛 So yeah if you want to give me a shout or what ever then just email me at the email listed. P.S. I’m the best actor in the world.

  25. John Paul K. Waken

    Constantine I one of my favorite all time movies. The occult and paranormal always scared me a bit as a child but after this movie I found it and excuse my language but, kick ass. Any role in this series would be wonderful to me, and even if you don’t want to put me into any roles I will end up watching the series regardless. Enough of about my love of the movie Constantine , and some more about myself perhaps. I am 23 years old 5’10’ dirty blond, and i have glasses but i can wear contacts and in different colors if necessary.

    Thank You
    -JP Waken

  26. Johnson Floyd

    Reasons for picking me?

    I am a fan of the show. I enjoy how different types of mythologies/deities through history are referenced. I have plenty of life experience. I have been a Presidential Guard as Marine, worked as a Personal Trainer, and a Firefighter.

    Life is an act 🙂 I feel as if I have a very good grasp on emotional expression.

    Dark brown hair
    Green eyes
    220lbs (muscular)

  27. Lisa

    20 years old
    African American
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair
    Red heart felt with love

  28. victor a casson

    hi my name is victor I’m 20 but i can pass as 17 love watching movie and this was and still is one of my favorite movies of all time and i would love to be this one.

    for more info on me please visit or facebook @ victor casson (easzye)

  29. Diego jacome

    I would love to be apart off this I think it’s rea cool that this man can be this awesome I am 13 years old with brown eyes and dark hair I would so want to work with him he looks really cool and I would not be afraid to kick some demon butt

  30. Lorenzo

    Hi my name is Lorenzo from Puerto Rico but leave in Tampa. I’m roockie acting but I practice Taekwon-Do second degree black belt ready to kick some ass. I ‘m really agile. Please give the opportunity I’m full of good surprises.

    Weight 177 pounds
    eyes: brown
    age: 34
    gender: male
    ethnicity: hispanic white

  31. Nicholas Vavra

    Dark hair
    Blue eyes
    Though I have little acting experience, I am passionate about this show (and all DC shows for that matter) and I hope that you will contact me!
    Nick V.

  32. Jordan Myers

    I am 17 years old. I love acting. I am very out-going and persevering. I am also very dedicated in everything I do and and enjoy working with different people. I have tons of experience in and out of school performing and would really love the opportunity to work on this show. My physical features are:
    Black hair
    Black eyes
    164 lbs

  33. Karina Luna

    Hi my name is Karina I am 16 years old on to 17 in March. I am 5”1” and 135lbs. with long dark brown hair, brown eyes, Latina and fluent in both Spanish and English. I currently do not have a professional acting career, but hopefully I will soon. I have watched all the episodes that have come out of this show and I have watched the movie Constantine . I believe I am a fast learner for any role and would not mind if put up to a challenge. Hope to hear back soon, thank you.

  34. Samantha simmons

    Hello, my name is Samantha Simmons
    17 years old
    I am on the heavier side but I have muscle.
    I am in acting finishing high school.
    I am a good actor and have a great memory. I think that is one of my benefits.
    Thank you for your consideration

  35. Nicolas Runao


    I am Nicolas Ruano and I am a 12 year old male with brown hair and eyes. I am 5′ 4” and 122Lbs ( I don’t look it though I am skinny but tall). I live in Merced CA. I am an amazing actor. I have been in 3 plays and have been the male lead in all. I love the movie and would be thrilled if I was in the show.

  36. Tamiko Ash

    33 years old
    Have some acting experience and would like to further my career.

  37. Anna

    I would love to be a part of this great show. I love the story of Constantine and feel I would be a great addition to the show. I am very adaptive and can change my appearance to suit the part.

    Height: 5’6″
    Age: 29 but can pass for 25
    Weight: 135
    Hair: Reddish Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Ethnicity: Caucassion

    My acting skills come natural to me and would live the opportunity to be apart of such a great show.

  38. Camille Gailliot

    I am 27 years old. My whole life I have been told I should be acting. I am very outgoing, funny, dependable. Full figure and loving! I enjoy meeting new people and am afraid of nothing. I am a comedian at heart, and my soul is a adventurer. Please consider me for this you won’t be disappointed.

  39. Angie Gentile

    I am an extraordinary actress
    Worth your time
    23 yrs old
    Brunette (or whatever hair color you want)
    Adaptive, reactive, and smart