Comedy Central TV Show South Side

TV Show Casting Call – Chicago, IL

Do you want to be on a Comedy Central TV show? A 2018 audition notice for extras has been released! The popular series “South Side” is now filming its first season! Casting directors are on the search for actors and models for some featured roles! The team is looking for males and females for a variety of roles. Some of the characters they are looking to fill are for a noisy neighbor, a church lady, a yoga woman, a female with a dog, and a wealthy looking man and woman. Depending on the role, filming will either take place on June 27th or June 28th. The show is filming in Chicago, Illinois.  This is a paid background acting job. Those chosen will receive $88.00 for up to 8 hours plus overtime after that. Anyone interested in appearing on the television show can view the 2018 Comedy Central TV show casting call audition information below!

About South Side

Written by Bashir Salahuddin, Diallo Riddle and Sultan Salahuddin, this workplace comedy is set in and around a rent-to-own business on the South Side of Chicago (where the Salahuddins grew up). All three writers will have roles on the show.

What They Are Looking For

For the Comedy Central Comedy Series ‘South Side’, we are accepting a few featured extra role submissions at this time. More to come later! If you were featured in their Pilot, please do not submit for ‘featured’ roles. Please scroll all the way down.

‘Nosy Neighbor’ for Wednesday, 6-27. African American FEMALE 50 and older OR Mixed Ethnicity FEMALE 20–40 years old. Most likely filming South Side of Chicago.

‘Church Lady’ for Thursday, 6-27, African American FEMALE 50–65 years of age. Most likely filming South Side of Chicago.

Caucasian fit athletic work out/yoga FEMALE (18 -must be at least 18 to 50 years old (with yoga mat). This will be a nite shoot in the Gold Coast on Thursday, June 28th.

Caucasian white haired FEMALE. If you have a POODLE that can also work, that would be a +.
Thursday, June 28th/these scenes will take place in the Gold Coast.

Very Wealthy Looking Caucasian MALE (50–70 years old) in shape with sharp clothes to be with the attractive younger female in the scenes. Thursday, June 28th/these scenes will take place in the Gold Coast.

Caucasian FEMALE extremely attractive to be with the older male above. Must be at least 21 years old and up to 40. Thursday, June 28th/these scenes will take place in the Gold Coast.

The pay is $88.00 for up to 8 hours, plus time and one half. July 1, minimum rates go up to $96/8. Parking provided, as usual. We start filming Monday. Today, we are accepting submissions for the following if you will be totally committed to the shoot if submitted and selected.

Must have worked with us in the past to know your total reliability and professionalism.

How to Apply

To apply email: with role in subject. Please include a few current color photos that has your current hair color and style.

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  1. Brittney Pina

    I would love to be in any movie and plus I am a beginner and I’m from Arizona, Contact me at if you got any openings!

  2. Kapil Sharma

    I am interested

  3. Aaron Christopher Fonville

    I my Name is Aaron fonville. I am an up coming acting in a few years ago I was getting married but we where unfortunately separated.There was trying to pick up the pieces so realized that acting was my calling one of my calling it mad me happy. My first roll was an extra but 20 min after being on stage an a brief conversation with the director he loved my voice an presentation with my general appearance in costume I was moved to a speaking roll. from there I got every part I went for so I know I’m ready to got back in for force I have photos from some sets an head shot as well as body

  4. Darrion Demond Johnson

    thank you

  5. theodoros sitziris

    dear. madam and sir.
    i love to act and be an film extra. in martial arts.
    and be payed for acting. i want to break into the buisness.
    ts. call me.

  6. Tanika Allen

    Submitted… & would love to on this project. It’s my hometown.

  7. Tony Carlucci


    I am available for various roles. Can also provide original music for your productions. Please check me out.

    Tony Carlucci

  8. Tykieria Ellis

    Hello I’m interested in ANY ROLE.

  9. Jakeria

    Please pick me I’m on15 year old

  10. Jakeria

    Please pick me I’m on15 year old

  11. Jakeria

    Please pick me