Clint Eastwood & Michael Pena Movie The Mule

Movie Extras Casting Call – Atlanta, GA

If you have missed out on the chance to work on the upcoming Clint Eastwood movie “The Mule”, you are in luck! Another movie casting call for the project has been released! The four-time Academy Award winning director and longtime actor is looking for extras. For this scene the team is looking for real military veterans as well as female actresses. Eastwood is not only directing the flick but is also starring in it along with Michael Pena and Diane Wiest. The 2018 acting audition is on the search for men and women ages 45 to 75 years old. Filming will be in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, June 13th. This will be for a VFW party scene. Real veterans are being considered for this shoot. In addition, women of the same age are being hired to portray spouses. This is a paid acting job. Don’t miss out on your chance to work with one of the most critically acclaimed stars of our time. View the 2018 movie extras casting call below!

About The Mule

The Mule, which tells the incredible true story of Leo Sharp, the world’s oldest drug mule who was 87 years old when he was caught by the authorities, and 90 years old when he was sentenced to prison, according to Movie Web.

What They Are Looking For

For “The Mule” – Real Veterans And Spouse Types
Working On Wed 6/13
Filming In Atlanta

Casting For Real Veterans And Spouse Types (Women)
Veterans And Spouse Types For A Fun, Small Vfw Party

Men & Women With Cars !!
Caucasian And African American
Small Town Types
Ages 45 To 75

Everyone Booked Must Have A Car
Cars cannot be white, red or custom colors
Good car colors are: Blue, Green, Brown, Burgundy/Maroon, Silver/Grey, Black, Charcoal, Champagne/Tan, Rust/Burt Orange, etc..

We cannot book real couples unless you each have a CAR and can drive separately. Cars will be parked outside our set (a real VFW hall)

Filming Wed 6/13 in Jonesboro, GA
Pay Rate= $72 for 8 hrs with OT after that
Car bump is $25 add’l (will be parked outside the VFW)

How to Apply

To apply submit to
Subject Line: “VET with CAR”

Please include: current, clear, photos !!!
1 from the chest up (face) and 1 from the knees up (full body)
Look the part
NOTE: If you have professional photos, you MUST include current photos taken by a friend / family member or a stranger in the street…whatever you need to do to send non-pro photos.
Selfies are ok, but NOT strange angles or just your head, etc..

Then please List the following:
First and Last NAME
CITY & STATE (where you will be coming from!)
Email address
MEN: Jacket size, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe
WOMEN: Dress size, bust/bra/cup, waist, shoe
– AND-
2. MEN: you must list which branch of the military you served in, how long, which years, etc… we are only taking submissions for men who are real veterans for the men spots.
3. WOMEN: if you are a real vet, also let us know which branch of the military you served in. If you are a spouse type, and did not serve, just say “submitting to be a spouse.”

You MUST be LOCAL to the GREATER ATLANTA, GEORGIA AREA (or willing to work as a local hire)

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5 Casting Responses


    I am a Real to Life US Army Veteran.
    I went to basic training in Alabama. This was the first time I ever saw Southern Food, Like Grits.
    I was in an Experiemental Basic Training Class, We could not be yelled at, Our first day we were on the bus and the Drill Sgt. sneered as us and then he said, Welcome to the US Army, Please get off the bus.
    We were in shock, Then he gave us each $200.00 and then Cheeseburgers.

    We could not believe that we were in the Army.

    Two weeks later we were ordered to go to an Alabama Footbal Game, 2 wweeks after that we were ordered to go on VACATION. Who goes on Vacation during Army Basic Training, It was amazing.

    I later became a Military Police Officer and I was awarded a Special Duty Assignment with the CID, Criminal Investigation Division, I was ordered to grow a beard, grom my hair long and get in trouble with officers and refuse to salute them, Then I started buying drugs and stolen Army Jeeps as an Uncover Cop. It was great.

  2. Jerrylynn Cardinal

    I want to work on Clints film.. I’d really enjoy it.

  3. Jeffreymaixe

    Hi I am 57 year-old male with tattoos an look like kind of a biker but really a family man an grandfather of 14 love to be in films retired an ready

  4. PATRICK barr

    Iwould appreciate a chance to work on film.Four year USMC from 1976 to 1980.Also a retired NYC Fireman.

  5. Josette Taylor

    This email was just sent 6/15/18, and the job was on 6/13/18? Kinda late, huh?