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NBC Casting Call for TV Show – Chicago, IL

Season 5 of the NBC TV show “Chicago PD” is back in production! Episode 14 is gearing up to begin filming. There are several scenes that is looking for extras. A TV show casting call to kick off 2018 is searching for men and women. Casting directors are looking for models and actors ages 18 through 70 years old. The team needs extras to portray doctors, nurses and patients for a Hospital scene, basketball practice onlookers and employees for a recreation center scene, protesters in a college campus scene and college students and onlookers for a parking garage crime scene. Filming does take place in the series title city of Chicago. These scenes will shoot on Thursday, January 4th, Friday, January 5th, Monday, January 8th and Wednesday, January 10th depending on the role. Those booked to be extras will be paid $88.00 for 9 hours. If you are interested in appearing on this hit television show, sign up today!

About “Chicago PD”

At the center of “Chicago P.D.” is Detective Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), who is at ground zero against the war on crime in Chicago. He will do anything to bring criminals to justice. “Chicago P.D.” is a riveting police drama about the men and women of the Chicago Police Department’s elite Intelligence Unit, combatting the city’s most heinous offenses – organized crime, drug trafficking, high-profile murders and beyond. Handpicked as the head of the unit is Voight, who has assembled a team of diverse detectives who share his passion and commitment to keeping the city safe. [NBC]

What They Are Looking For

“VISITING HOURS” — Seeking Men and Women, All Ethnicities, ages 18-65+ to play doctors, nurses, patients, etc. for interior Chicago Med scenes.
Film Date: THURSDAY 1/4
Pay Rate: $88/8

“COURTSIDE” — Seeking African American Men, 20’s – 50s to play basketball practice onlookers and employees for interior rec center scenes.
Film Date: FRIDAY 1/5
Pay Rate: $88/8

“FIGHT CLUB” — Seeking Men and Women, Ages 18-35, ALL ETHNICITIES who are trained in stage combat to play protesters for exterior college campus protest scene. MUST HAVE actual combat training/experience. SAFD certification is a huge plus. When submitting, please include your fight credentials/experience/resume. (This is a great opportunity to get in front of our stunt coordinator if you’e looking to get into the stunt world.) There will be a mandatory paid rehearsal day prior to film date as well as a potential wardrobe fitting on 1/9.
Rehearsal Date: MONDAY 1/8
Film Date: WEDNESDAY 1/10
Pay Rate: $100/8hrs for each day

“ESPN” — Seeking Men and Women, ALL ETHNICITIES, ages 18-55+ to play patrons and staff for interior sports bar scenes, as well as neighborhood pedestrians/college students/onlookers for a crime scene in a parking garage. Some folks will also need to be booked with their cars!
Film Date: MONDAY 1/8
Pay Rate: $ $88/8 (+$35 Auto Bump if applicable)

How to Apply

If you live in/around the Chicago area and are interested in filming with us, please submit the following info to with the corresponding role in the subject line.(If submitting for multiple roles, please submit ONLY ONE email with all roles in the subject line)
**Attach Multiple Recent Photos Of Yourself
Legal Name:
Men’s Sizes: Jacket/T-Shirt/Neck/Sleeve/Waist/Inseam/Shoe:
Women’s Sizes: Dress/Bra/Cup/Waist/Hip/Shoe
Car?: Color/Year/Make/Model *Please describe/attach a photo

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  2. Agostino Xuereb

    To the Casting Directors
    I hope you and all your loved ones are all in good health.I.m Maltese and living in Malta.I hope one day you”ll come shooting in Malta and hopefully I”ll be able to join as an extra.I wish you All success in the filming industry.
    With best regards.
    Agostino Xuereb

  3. Agostino Xuereb

    To whom it may concern.Thank you for your e.mail.I live in Malta.I hope one day you’ll come to shoot in Malta to meet you and hopefully I would be able to be one of the extras.Whilst thanking you,I wish all success in your work of the filming industry.
    With best regards to all.
    Agostino Xuereb


    Hey guys, i would like to have this chance and i believe you guys will like it, cheers.

  5. Lenora Salvucci

    Worked as an extra in the movie “Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game” just released on Demand. Would like to do more background work in the Boston North Shore area.