Chicago P.D. Season 4 – NBC

Chicago P.D. Casting Call

Are you a selfie queen? What if you could use your impeccable selfie skills to be on a hit NBC show? Now you can! Chicago P.D. wants African American women who are between the ages of 18 and 30 to send in their best selfies to be used on the series. The photos will be used to portray victim’s photos throughout the episode! The team is also casting men and women for several other roles in the tenth episode of this season.

About the Show

“POLAROID” Looking for African American FEMALES ages 18-30 to send us their best selfies! These photos will be used as victims’ photos throughout the episode that revolves around a serial killers/rapist who keeps a photo collection of his victims. All you need to do is submit 5 of your best photos of yourself. Photos MUST have ONLY you in the picture. These can be vacation photos, party photos, selfies, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO PROFESSIONAL photos or studio photos! If a friend or family member has taken the photo, that person must be available to sign a photo release form as well. Also, DO NOT send photos with those crazy filters (floral crowns, puppy face, big eyes, etc.) Once the director makes his choices, we will contact those who are selected to come down to the film studio to fill out a payment voucher and a photo release form on Thursday OCT. 27th.

What They Are Looking For

“VIXEN” — Seeking African American FEMALES ages 21-30 to play lingerie models/dancers at a gentlemen’s club. MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN LINGERIE AND SOME PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH MALE CLUB PATRONS! When submitting, please include photos of yourself in a bikini or lingerie.
Pay Rate: $180/8hrs + $25 wardrobe fitting
Film Date: TBD

“LOVELY LADIES”– Seeking African American FEMALES ages 21-30 to play featured hookers. Must be comfortable in sexy, scandalous/minimal clothing!
Pay Rate: $180/8hrs + $25 wardrobe fitting
Film Date: TBD

“CHERRY CHAPSTICK” — Seeking African American Females Ages 21-30 who are comfortable with Girl-On-Girl KISSING to play the 2 women of a featured threesome. Please only submit if you are 100% comfortable and/or experienced in kissing another woman on camera. Real same-sex (female) couples welcome to submit together!
Pay Rate: $500/8hrs +$25 Wardrobe Fitting
Film Date: TBD

“FALLEN ANGEL” — *FEATURED DEAD BODY* Seeking young, sweet and innocent looking African-American Female 21-28 to play the featured dead body. MUST BE COMFORTABLE BEING PRACTICALLY NUDE WHILE LAYING ON THE GROUND OUTDOORS. This is a very tedious shoot that will require you to lay perfectly still on the ground in an awkward position for extended periods of time. Therefore, anyone with stunt training, or nude modeling experience strongly encouraged to submit.
Pay Rate: $500/8hrs +$25 Wardrobe Fitting
Film Date: TBD

WIZ KID — Seeking attractive, clean-cut, CAUCASIAN male; ages 21-30 to play the male companion in the above mentioned FFM threesome. MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE SUBJECT MATTER.
Pay Rate: $180hrs/8 +$25 Wardrobe Fitting
Film Date: TBD

“LAST GOODBYE”–Seeking African-American Men and Women Ages 50-60 to play the featured parents of the victims of a serial killer.
Pay Rate: $84/8 + $25 Wardrobe Fitting
Film Date: TBD

How to Apply

If you live in/around the Chicago, IL area, please submit the following info to TAILSTICKSCASTING@GMAIL.COM with the corresponding role in the subject line:
**ATTACH MULTIPLE RECENT PHOTOS of yourself in appropriate attire for the role you are submitting for
VISIBLE TATTOOS: *Please attach a photo of the tattoo(s)
CAR?: Color/Year/Make/Model *Please describe/attach a photo

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