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Reality TV Show Casting Call

A major TV Network is casting a reality series about super-fans on the verge of “losing control” over their idol. If you have a family member or friend with an unhealthy celebrity obsession, we want to hear from you! A new reality TV show casting call is searching for people with take their love for a celebrity too far.  Casting directors are scouring the United States so you can be from anywhere in the country.  Men and women of all ethnicities are being considered. If you or someone you know fits these requirements, apply to the reality TV show casting call today!

About the Show

A major television network is filming a new series that will help fans break their obsession.  

What They Are Looking For

Does your family member spend all day commenting on Kim Kardashian’s social media, and you’re concerned for their mental health?

Perhaps your best friend visited the home of Chris Brown to confess their love, and you’re concerned they may face jail time? If he or she has lost a job because of their obsession, jeopardized relationships, and/or let their obsession overtake their entire life, let us know why they’re about to LOSE CONTROL! We want to help!

How to Apply

Email losecontrolcasting@gmail.com explaining your concern for your loved one! Please also include the following information:

-Your name.
-One picture from the last month.
-Your relationship to the loved one you are nominating.
-Brief description about your loved one’s celebrity obsession.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Johnpedersen

    Hi my name is Johnpedersen I have bin watching Disney channel my hole life in now I want to be on Disney channel I am 9years old about to be 10 . It looks so fun! . I live in V.A but Disney channel is in Hollywood that’s Y your here

  2. Mark Parham

    My name is mark parham and i would love to participate on the show hellivator im very athletic and very smart good at figuring out clues