CBS "Name That Tune" Game Show

Game Show Casting Call – Nationwide

A major broadcast network is now casting the fun original musical game show “Name That Tune”! The series that puts contestants music knowledge to the test is coming back and you could win a boatload of cash! A CBS game show casting call is looking for men and women to compete. Producers are on a nationwide search for people 18 and older who live music. If you can spout out the name of every song by hearing a few bars, this is the show for you. Apply to the “Name That Tune” audition for your chance to be on the series!

About Name That Tune

In Name That Tune, created by Harry Salter, contestants of all ages compete against each other to test their knowledge of songs via hundreds of proven games, including the signature “Bid-a-Note” round. [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

Do you eat, sleep and breathe music? Can you identify any song just by hearing a couple notes? Would you like to test your knowledge?

If you KNOW music and think you have the skills to win BIG CASH, we want to meet you!

Must be 18 years or older to apply.

How to Apply

If you want to be considered, copy and paste the link below into your browser and fill out the application.

Please include your name, photo, contact information and tell us why music is such a big part of your life.

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23 Casting Responses

  1. Patty McBride

    I hosted a Karaoke Show for 7 years. I can hear a word and instantly sing a song with the word in it. I know a types of music. I have always wanted to be on his show. I am not shy to be in front of an audience. Thank yo greatly

  2. Tina

    I work with a person who knows all songs and when I’m stuck on a lyric I go to. I think he would be an excellent contestant

  3. Michael Lubinsky

    I would love to be on the show

  4. Guy Bilkoski

    Hi my name is Guy , was a dj in the past , work in music store ,, do I know music yes I do and I do know my tunes , chance in a life time to show my stuff,,,

  5. Cicili Harrison

    I am an elementary school teacher and I know my students would get a kick out of seeing me on the show.

  6. Laura Shaw

    I would really love to be on the show because I love music so much .

  7. kylie smith

    Music is what connects us all, I would love a chance to show the older people that our generation likes what they like too. We all just need to find a common ground, and music is just that! Im kylie 26 from alliston, ontario!

  8. Jennifer Melanson

    I’m pretty good at naming songs and who sings them. I like all genres of music. If I had to pick one genre of music that I need help on it would be rap.

  9. Elizabeth Jessie Chase

    Hello My name is Elizabeth Chase I am a 20 yr old Performer, I sing, act and play piano. Music is my true escape and it is such a gift to us all. I believe there is a song to help get someone through every situation they are facing. I know many songs my parents and grandparents always turn on the radio whether in the car or at home and we hear a song and i automatically start singing along and my family will say well we should’ve known you would know this song I love learning new songs I listen to old songs and new songs. I think this would be lots of fun if i was chosen to be on this show.

  10. Jacqueline

    Hoe do I apply for a game host job??

  11. Jazmin petrey

    My friends call me YouTube because I know my music and I’m only 19 years old but still know the oldies too.

  12. Michael Black

    I can name that tone in just a few notes…..I’m coming to win!

  13. Tammy

    Name that Tune. I would like to enter my daughter, she’s 30 years old but she’s like an old soul. She know all music as if she’s been here before.

  14. sheila carter

    I can listen to a tune and name the song if its popular

  15. Dorothy Jenkins

    Hi I am Dorothy Jenkins I am 70 years old and live in Bootle Liverpool ,I have always loved music and loved the old Name That Tune and I always got it right .I come from a family who all played in a bagpipe band so I just lived music .I have also been on the game show Deal Or No Deal 3 years ago and I just loved it so I would love the chance to go on this show .

  16. Jenn

    I can figure out most songs with either the crus or first few seconds of the intro. Totally love all genres of music and think I would do well at this game. Please pick me.


    I’m Kelly McPoland from Pittsburgh, PA. I am a 48 year old pop culture junkie especially in regards to classic rock music from the 70s decade. I also love disco, r&b , “psychedelic” rock and many of the metal/”hair band songs.

  18. Lydia McMullin

    Im Lydia McMullin, I live in Albuquerque NM. I am 36 and can freak EVERYONE out by how many song lyrics I have retained over the years. People joke that its wasting space in my brain, but I just LIVE and LOVE music. I cant help but memorize songs. From Motown to Bluegrass I got it.

  19. Elena Cervantes

    Hi. I just found out about this! 1984 was awhile ago, but I would LOVE to compete on NTT once again.
    It was such a blast! See, I AM the super champions tournament winner – I AM Elena Cervantes.
    From Wikipedia:
    Super Champions Tournament
    For the first two weeks of the 1984 daily Name That Tune series, fourteen $100,000 winners from the previous series were brought back to compete for a second $100,000 in what was called the Super Champions tournament. The winner of that tournament was Elena Cervantes.

  20. Lenanda tenorio


  21. dan Burns

    Let’s do this love the music

  22. patrick cooper

    Applied. I am the song master! Patrick cooper!

  23. Amy Miller

    I’m ready! Already auditioned