Catfish: The TV Show – MTV

Catfish: The TV Show - MTV

Catfish: The TV Show – MTV

What started as an intriguing low budget documentary released in limited theaters in 2010 has now grown into an absolute worldwide phenomenon and has become a focal point in the globes lexicon. Catfish: The TV Show is one of the fastest rising programs in the history of MTV and now new episodes are on the way. Casting calls are currently being planned and submissions from real life onliners are being accepted now. This could be your chance to be featured on the series that has everyone talking.

Catfish: The TV Show focuses on everyday people involved in online relationships who have never met or video chatted with the people they are talking to. Hosts Yaniv ‘Nev’ Schulman (the focus of the original documentary) and Max Joseph are searching the country for new subjects who are looking for help in connecting with their cyber soulmates. Will the person that they have been speaking to be the person they meet? Are they truly who they have made themselves out to be? Will real relationships be able to be forged in these complicated digital times? All of the questions and more are poised to be answered in this sensational reality TV production  If you or someone you know are currently in the midst of an online relationship and are looking for answers or to confess something about yourself Catfish and MTV want to hear from you. You can find out more information about the show and fill out a casting call application here We will be posting every audition update and news here so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment in the space below and tell us your Catfish story and why you want to be a part of this incredible program.

“Catfishing” has become one of the most fascinating trends in the world today. From Notre Dame linebacker Manti T’eo’s highly publicized experience to possibly even someone right in your own neighborhood, it seems that all of us knows someone connected to the rising trend in online connections and the possible pitfalls of them. Now is your chance to have your story told. Apply today and you could be the next subject of MTV’s breakout hit Catfish: The TV Show.

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  1. Missy Simpson

    HELP?! My sister is being actively catfished by “Dierks Bentley”?! I can’t talk any common sense into her. She is just sure it is really him. “He” found her on Twitter. She left her husband of over 10 years (62 year old 5 foot tall vertically challenged and toothless truck driver) and is currently sleeping on my Mom’s couch in her double wide, driving my Mom’s car. She is a wonderful 48 year old woman with the most caring heart. She has a tendency to get taken advantage of in so many areas of life. She received employee of the year award last year, and won out of over 4,000 employees. She is a caregiver at a retirement community and absolutely loves her residents. I think she would make an amazing subject for your show and I BEG FOR YOUR HELP?! She literally has nothing to lose, but maybe you could help speak some common sense into her world.

  2. chris

    Hi my name is chris and i have a cousin that is in a relationship with a girl that he never met. She recently lost her parents and grandparents within 2 months apart and keeps telling him excuses that shes taking over her families buisnesses and that when she gets it taken care of she will see him. It’s been a while since then and she still hasnt came to see him or when he tries to go see her. They message and talk to eachother every day and it stresses him out that he really wants to meet her and want to see him happy. If u want to here more about the story email me. Itll be a good episode for the show


    I need help! I’ve been messenging a man for 4 1/2 yrs met thru zoosk. I’ve done everything you do on your show google image, tracking etc…he shows up as scammer since 2012…..but I’m not convinced same person. Now he has been detained by immigration in New York but he doesn’t show up on locator? I need closure I need to know whose been scamming me because I am addicted and can’t block him. I’ve been hesitant to contact you because I don’t really want to be televised but this person needs to be stopped he’s scammed a lot of women.

  4. Deb Smith

    Hey, my name is Deb I’ve recently married my darling husband and had both my parents die within 18 hours of each other.

    A character calling himself Neil Anstey has been hassling me on line, accusing Dean of infidelity etc, but he/she/it seems to know far too much about me!

    I’ve checked their Facebook profile – no friends or pics. I’ve googled them, same result,

    They also send flash messages.

    I suspect who it may be, but I don’t know how to prove it! If you guys can, they need to know that this is neither big or clever.

    Final insult I was sent funeral plan info and got calls from funeral insurers on the day I cremated both my parents, they were addressed to Debbie which is a name I never use.

    Deborah (or Debsie babe – as my dadsie babe and I used to call each other)

  5. Jacob Kingsly

    What’s up, my name is Jacob Hunter Kingsly, and supposedly I’m dating Kimberly Johansson from MTV’s Real World Seattle’s “Bad Blood cast. I believe it’s truly her but then again I don’t have any reason to say it is. She hasn’t video chatted or called me on the phone but we interact on Facebook and Facebook messenger. We use to text each other on the phone but she recently stopped replying. I really enjoy all of the photos she sends me and all of our convos. I fell in love with KIMBERLEY. Not a catfish. So this should be interesting. I just hope it’s her.


    I’ve sent over a application please see if yaw received it ..

  7. Jack Riley

    Hello, my name is Jack, I’m 20 years old, met this girl on Habbo, first time I ever spoke to a girl and she was really nice. We’ve been talking for about two years now and we’ve been in a relationship for about 15 months. Never seen her outside of her Instagram pictures, when we try to skype she says it wont download, try tinychat her webcam doesnt work, I think somethings going on but I don’t know what to do to be sure, which is why I’m contacting you. I’d really appreciate your help on this, never in my life have I felt something like this for someone, and it’d be such a big help to find out once and for all if she is who she say she is. I’m not even bothered if she isn’t the girl in the pics, just need to know it’s a girl at least. Thank you for your time

  8. James Robert Jenness

    Well I feel this is the only chance I’ll ever get to meet her.I have absolutely fallen in love with a woman from Uganda, in south Africa. We talk almost every single day,send pictures on Facebook and instagram. I believe it is really her but we are unable to video chat due to network failure or some other issues. I am from Modesto, California. I lived here my whole life. I am 27 years old and she is 24 years old. She so far away from me, I’ve never felt so strongly for someone before. I want to marry her and start a life with her. I truely believe she is my soul mate. I will do whatever it takes to meet her. If Mtv Catfish show could help me I would be in forever grateful and I believe this will be a happy ending for the both of us. Please help me Nev Schulman , from James Robert Jenness. I am willing to talk more about this please contact me. Thank you

  9. Kenneth Davis

    My name is Kenneth Davis I live in Tampa Florida I’ve been talking to this girl in New Jersey for 3 to 4 months now my name is Kenneth Davis I live in Tampa Florida I’ve been talking to this grow and New Jersey for 3 to 4 months now she says I am a very nice guy I talk to her like nobody else has talked to her before she is Jeff and she can’t talk on the phone so I have not been able to talk to her on the telephone only been texting back and forth for 3 to 4 months I wish I was able to check her out and see if she is a real person and she knows I am 100% real too I wish I could talk to somebody there at I would appreciate if somebody can call me my number is nobody answers please leave a message contact number that I can call you at I really appreciate it I need to find out this girl is really real and who she says she is she has an area code 310 it’s a California number but she lives in New Jersey I need to find out if she’s real or not please give me a call thank you be nice to hear from you have a wonderful day

  10. Sharon DABBS

    My name is Sharon and I’ve been catfish. I’m so sorry I ever started talking to this man who won my heart.he made me believe in Him, trust in Him, I was so in love with this man . And the stupid crazy part is ,I’m still in love with this man. Even though he rip my heart in so many pieces. He lives in San Diego California. And his job takes him to Africa. Then he has an accident, wallet stolen ,his son is with him,but still working, needs me to send them some money, so I did send money to help my boys out .Then he started asking me for my bank account information,I told him no I wasn’t going to do this for him ,he keep talking to me about marriage and he was gonna marry me when he gets back to the states ,relocating to me ,we are going to be a family him and his son ,I’ve talk to his son plenty of times, he kept saying to me that I must trust my husband, so I did, stupid me ,I gave him my information to my checking account, he was gonna deposit all his working checks and then I’m supposed to send what ever he needed so he could pay his workers,he has account & routing number but i didn’t give him the on line code & password to go on line thank GOD I didn’t do !!! But I’m frighten now !!! Cause he changing on me now cause I wouldn’t give him him the on line access information to put large amount of money in my account and to be able to draw the money’s that sent to him and his son ,2 nights ago ,he calls me and ask for a code ,and as I was saying what code, a text message came thur saying here is your code ,don’t give to no one but my self,he was wanting code for mortem app and he couldn’t get access to this. He said a friend was lonely and was gonna help him out ,I said no ,he got so mad at me, I can’t believe he is ordering things and using my phone number to charge on my Google account, I’m really mad & scared now, frighten cause he has my information to my bank account now ,I’m frighten now cause I went an file a police report, they say it is nothing I can do cause I gave him the information, I’m out of $ 1580.00 cash & and he is using my identity to buy things ,I’m helpless , I can’t sleep , this man can ruin me for ever,I live in so much fear, I’m sick to my stomach, I’m so scared, please help me ,please bring me some peace ,please help me

  11. Edwardforney

    Look my name is Eddie ilive in Ridgecrest and I have a girlfriend that ineed your help with I’m her on line and I need you to help me get her to come be in my life her name is Katie she lives in Texas and I been trying to get her to come to California but shes been asking me to send her money but be for I do that ineed to know if she is real or not is there any way if you can find out if she is real for me

  12. Antonio

    Hey Nev and Max my name is Antonio a.k.a Jenko I I’m 22 years old and I met this really beautiful girl on an app called live me name Leona we talk from time to time she lives in Japan and I live in the united States. I really would like to get to meet her she’s a model speaks fluent English and Japanese and we have alot in common I I’m really looking to settle down I no that may sound crazy me being so young but I’m tired of playing games with all of these girls. Nev and Max I hope you guys could get me to meet her she’s very beautiful and we can’t wait to meet each other

  13. Kendra Fitzgerald

    My name is Kendra I’m. 48 year old mom n grama I was catfished over a year ago and got broken hearted and lost a lot of money ! I recently met another man who I text everyday and speak with on the phone he wanted me to come to Miami to visit so I flew tgere only to be by myself at the airport again heartbroken and broke I am in love with this guy and really need to know if it’s him I been talkin to please help a Lonley grama I just want to be loved and share my life with someone !! Please help Max n Nev

  14. Heaven

    Me and a guy from Michigan have had an online relationship for almost 8 months. We met on instagram and started snapchatting daily. I have wanted to go to Michigan to meet him but money is always an issue with us. Sometimes when we talk about me coming to Michigan when i save up enough money , but he always tells me it wont be the same when i visit. I feel like he has some stuff to hide and i really want to know if this is all real or if he really is hiding something. He means a lot to me, and i really want to have something more than an online relationship with him. Please help me..

  15. Brandon

    For the past 2years i talked to this girl from the U.K. I met her on a penpal site,and we really like each other. But after 5days,she completely stoped talking to me and i never heard from her again,afew months after that she found me on Facebook and we started talking again. But another 5days pasted and we had an argument about if she was real,she got mad and blocked me. Sadly i Couldn’t let her go,so after afew months i made a new account and friended her and she accepted it. I told her who i really was right away and she was fine with it. So after awile i looked through her pictures and friends to see what’s up. I had found her sister and reached out to her and asked about her,and she said that she has done this to people before,but i never got an answer as to if she’s a girl or if she’s even real. After i contacted her sister,she got upset but understood why i did what i did. I was confused and asked her sister if she told her about what i did,but she told her mom about it….i just so confused and broken about the whole thing,because i need answers! I need closer in my life. Please help me out.

  16. Diana

    Hey Nev and Max
    This is too crazy too be true but a woman can dream can’t she???!! I was contacted by a very famous person on instagram. We have been talking for a few months and I want to believe it is him but it just seems crazy. I don’t want to mention the name because this seems like a public forum and wouldn’t want to expose this man for no reason unless you guys are actually going to take this seriously. I am doing this for the person maybe even more than for myself. This actor seems like a wonderful human being and if someone is posing as them, talking to woman pretending to be him, and worse of all asking for support for his charities and stealing from him then I want them to be stopped. All I will say is that this man was on Criminal Minds and he calls me “Baby Girl”. I am desperate to find out if I have an actual connection with this wonderful man or if I am being Catfished and this phony is possibly stealing from this man’s charities by getting women to send money to a fake address and taking away from the real charity for cancer and MS!!Please…. for his sake and mine….contact me. Love you guys and what you do.

  17. Hannah

    Recently this guy has messaged me saying he had a crush on me and already started calling me baby but he has kids and we met on instagram I’m scared he isn’t real but he wants to date and take me out but now that I told him I live in Texas he said he’d move what do I do it’s so confusing to believe his fantasies of dating

  18. kim

    I’m talking to this man he is supposed to be famous in Africa I looked him up here is real but he doesn’t want to face time but he calls on phone and we text in would really love to know if it’s really him or not.

  19. Isabella Vargas

    Hi nev and max, my name is Isabella and I started talking to a man that I meet online who’s name I wont say here, recently he has stopped texting me and I’m very curious as to why. I know this usually isn’t something you deal with, but it is a possibility that he is a catfish. I’m just very worried and would like some answers

  20. Daniel Nelson

    Well for the last 5-6 months I have been talking to this girl. We had meet on line. She tells me that she loves me and wants to marry me. But every time it comes down to her coming to see me she says something has happens. First it was that she got arrested at the airport for not paying her lawyer. And well again yesterday she says she was on her way to the airport and she got in to a accident braking her leg and now she is in some hospital in Nigeria. Oh yea she sapossably went to Nigeria to pick up a 5 million dollar check that her dad had left her. She sends me some pics of her and they look photo shopped some of them not all of them do. But she just don’t seam to be truthful and Honest to me and I would really like your help to get down to the bottom of this all.

  21. Keiwanis Jackson

    Hey how you doing? I met a beautiful woman on a website called LatinCupid.Com..We’ve been talking for 8 months now and it seems like everytime we try to make something happen, it never follows through.She currently resides in the Dominican Republic and I in Maryland..Everytime I attempt for us to meet, it never works out..Supposedly she came to the U.S but instead of coming to Maryland,she went to New York and that basically brought an end to our relationship..Not exactly sure what is going on but I know with your help i can surely find out..

  22. Susan

    Hello.. I am an idiot is how I feel! I live in California and my catfish supposedly lives on a ship as an engineer. I have fallen for every thing he has told me. His mother is from Brazil and father Denmark. He has a son he says. He has no other family that can assist him.. his parents died same place same time same instant he told me. A car crash killing them both 11 years ago. He has sent me a snapshot of a frozen bank acct! Someone has tried to use his acct so until he can get back to Denmark to prove his identity he is broke. He has sent me an email from the company he works for discussing his retirement process. He has sent me 5 pictures. 4 of himself and one of his son. I know all these things can be made up and sent to me.. I have asked for more proof of who he is. I get nothing.. except coldness and anger from him! He says he loves me yet won’t let me email his son because he won’t give me email or address or phone number. I have 3 different satellite phones he has called me from.. he supposedly is on a contact til July 31st.. in the meantime he needs my financial assistance as he is stuck on this cargo ship carrying crude oil. Till the end of July. He can get home at the end of his contract.. omg, it gets better! He has caught Malaria, no money for food, or cell phone bill. He needs money to get on a speed boat and go to Florida to complete his retirement on a ship over there. To make it all worse I love this imaginary person. He says all the right things. He has convinced me that he is not a liar and his feelings are true for me. One thing he knows for sure is he loves me and is ashamed of his financial situation. I have sent money to him via money gram. When I question him he is so good at making me feel like I am the bad guy for even questioning him. Basically, how dare me question his integrity? He could never hurt a lady. I have tried doing the reverse call search and nothing comes up to identify him. He says he knows the show catfish and it offends him that I could think of him as one! What I have is:
    1. 3 phone numbers
    2. An email address
    3. 5 pictures
    4. All oh our communication via text or email and phone calls
    5. The name of his company he works for
    6. A snap shot of a bank acct that has been frozen

    He knows I am struggling believing he is for real yet every thing I think of to try and get from him comes back Back yes .. anyway we should expose him.. please. He is still close to shore workin with customers he says .
    Anyway, he is really good at Manipulising and I want to get to the truth and bring me closure or a good man if he checks out to be real.. this unknowing is killing me!! M mind is clouded and need clarity from you and your team… please help me reveal him!


  23. Asia Desautels

    My sister is talking to this guy who is not giving her a picture or giving her his real name and she thinks he maybe laying to her and also I am hoping that she is not going to get hurt they have been talking for a year and she is 16 and he is 18 so he says he comes up with reasons why he can’t send pics and he gets really upset when she asked him to send a pic I would like for. You to see about him please I want her to know that she needs to be very careful

  24. Jamie Wallace

    Nev and Max,

    About 3 months ago, I followed this guy on One day, he liked all my recent pictures, so I went back and looked at his account again. I saw that he had changed his bio to “single” so i DM’d him. We started talking, he became my best friend and i eventually fell in love with him. I told him everything, he knows everything about me and he told me everything about him. However, the story is slowly falling apart, and I am figuring out some things on my own. I found a second instagram account,which has over 30k followers with the SAME PICTURES as the first account. When confronted about it, he said the bigger account was his first one, but he uses it as a way to keep his friends ex away. Apparently she had this crazy ex that wont leave her alone, so they pretend to be dating so he stays away and that’s what the 30k account is for. I have pics attached of the accounts. He also said that his father passed away in a car accident while on the phone with him, so he would never talk on the phone. He told me he is an electrical lineman, and works every day so he can’t get time off to see me, and every time I get mad, he refers to his heart troubles (chronic heart failure) and anxiety so I am guilted into not being mad anymore, which is usually what happens when I ask him to download skype or to Snapchat me. I also found his Facebook, where the occupation is different. I found an account of Mark Williams, who is Matt’s apparent father, who he said was passed away. Matt also told me that his sister Mack, is short for Makaila, but I found her Facebook and her name is Mackenzie. He gave me mack’s phone number, and she says it’s legit, but if I look up her number, his number, and his friend Leah’s number, none of them are in whitepages archives and none can provide location or anything. I already know he isn’t really matt Williams, but I would really really like your help figuring out who this person is, and how they know so much about the man they pretended to be!! I ALMOST FLEW TO TEXAS FOR SPRING BREAK TO SEE HIM. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

    (ps I sent this in an email also, with attached pictures of the accounts and texts with him)

  25. Cinnamon Walker

    Hi nev and max, my name is cinnamon I’m from new Orleans. I’m a big fan of your show, I love watching it and hearing the stories and watching some of them be sucess stories and some being heart breaking stories, because they are scared to be them selves and end up hurting others and them selves . Now I’m in a relationship, been in it for a year, and deeply in love with each other. The point of my story is maybe hopefully to help others to be honest and just be them selves, I have a serious skin condition some people look at me funny, some are scared to touch me, but that dont bother me. Now I meet my current boyfriend on POF, I could of sent him fake pictures and lied about me and the way I looked, but I didn’t I was honest, and when we would talk every day and got to know each other, we talked for about a month before we meet, and yes I was scared to meet him face to face, even though he knew everything about me I was still scared. But when we meet he was already in love with my personality and my attitude so my looks didn’t bother him at all. Here we are a year later happy and in love with each other, and he reminds me everyday how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. And I still can’t believe that this guy who can probly have pretty much any girl he wants chose me but he did. I’m telling my story to hopefully help others to just be honest, because you never know. If its meant to be, then its meant to be. If not then don’t let it get you down, because there is someone for everyone out there. You just have to be yourself and be honest with the person you talking to…