Catfish: The TV Show – MTV

Catfish: The TV Show - MTV

Catfish: The TV Show – MTV

What started as an intriguing low budget documentary released in limited theaters in 2010 has now grown into an absolute worldwide phenomenon and has become a focal point in the globes lexicon. Catfish: The TV Show is one of the fastest rising programs in the history of MTV and now new episodes are on the way. Casting calls are currently being planned and submissions from real life onliners are being accepted now. This could be your chance to be featured on the series that has everyone talking.

Catfish: The TV Show focuses on everyday people involved in online relationships who have never met or video chatted with the people they are talking to. Hosts Yaniv ‘Nev’ Schulman (the focus of the original documentary) and Max Joseph are searching the country for new subjects who are looking for help in connecting with their cyber soulmates. Will the person that they have been speaking to be the person they meet? Are they truly who they have made themselves out to be? Will real relationships be able to be forged in these complicated digital times? All of the questions and more are poised to be answered in this sensational reality TV production  If you or someone you know are currently in the midst of an online relationship and are looking for answers or to confess something about yourself Catfish and MTV want to hear from you. You can find out more information about the show and fill out a casting call application here We will be posting every audition update and news here so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment in the space below and tell us your Catfish story and why you want to be a part of this incredible program.

“Catfishing” has become one of the most fascinating trends in the world today. From Notre Dame linebacker Manti T’eo’s highly publicized experience to possibly even someone right in your own neighborhood, it seems that all of us knows someone connected to the rising trend in online connections and the possible pitfalls of them. Now is your chance to have your story told. Apply today and you could be the next subject of MTV’s breakout hit Catfish: The TV Show.

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  1. Asia Desautels

    My sister is talking to this guy who is not giving her a picture or giving her his real name and she thinks he maybe laying to her and also I am hoping that she is not going to get hurt they have been talking for a year and she is 16 and he is 18 so he says he comes up with reasons why he can’t send pics and he gets really upset when she asked him to send a pic I would like for. You to see about him please I want her to know that she needs to be very careful

  2. Jamie Wallace

    Nev and Max,

    About 3 months ago, I followed this guy on One day, he liked all my recent pictures, so I went back and looked at his account again. I saw that he had changed his bio to “single” so i DM’d him. We started talking, he became my best friend and i eventually fell in love with him. I told him everything, he knows everything about me and he told me everything about him. However, the story is slowly falling apart, and I am figuring out some things on my own. I found a second instagram account,which has over 30k followers with the SAME PICTURES as the first account. When confronted about it, he said the bigger account was his first one, but he uses it as a way to keep his friends ex away. Apparently she had this crazy ex that wont leave her alone, so they pretend to be dating so he stays away and that’s what the 30k account is for. I have pics attached of the accounts. He also said that his father passed away in a car accident while on the phone with him, so he would never talk on the phone. He told me he is an electrical lineman, and works every day so he can’t get time off to see me, and every time I get mad, he refers to his heart troubles (chronic heart failure) and anxiety so I am guilted into not being mad anymore, which is usually what happens when I ask him to download skype or to Snapchat me. I also found his Facebook, where the occupation is different. I found an account of Mark Williams, who is Matt’s apparent father, who he said was passed away. Matt also told me that his sister Mack, is short for Makaila, but I found her Facebook and her name is Mackenzie. He gave me mack’s phone number, and she says it’s legit, but if I look up her number, his number, and his friend Leah’s number, none of them are in whitepages archives and none can provide location or anything. I already know he isn’t really matt Williams, but I would really really like your help figuring out who this person is, and how they know so much about the man they pretended to be!! I ALMOST FLEW TO TEXAS FOR SPRING BREAK TO SEE HIM. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

    (ps I sent this in an email also, with attached pictures of the accounts and texts with him)

  3. Cinnamon Walker

    Hi nev and max, my name is cinnamon I’m from new Orleans. I’m a big fan of your show, I love watching it and hearing the stories and watching some of them be sucess stories and some being heart breaking stories, because they are scared to be them selves and end up hurting others and them selves . Now I’m in a relationship, been in it for a year, and deeply in love with each other. The point of my story is maybe hopefully to help others to be honest and just be them selves, I have a serious skin condition some people look at me funny, some are scared to touch me, but that dont bother me. Now I meet my current boyfriend on POF, I could of sent him fake pictures and lied about me and the way I looked, but I didn’t I was honest, and when we would talk every day and got to know each other, we talked for about a month before we meet, and yes I was scared to meet him face to face, even though he knew everything about me I was still scared. But when we meet he was already in love with my personality and my attitude so my looks didn’t bother him at all. Here we are a year later happy and in love with each other, and he reminds me everyday how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. And I still can’t believe that this guy who can probly have pretty much any girl he wants chose me but he did. I’m telling my story to hopefully help others to just be honest, because you never know. If its meant to be, then its meant to be. If not then don’t let it get you down, because there is someone for everyone out there. You just have to be yourself and be honest with the person you talking to…

  4. Jeremy Bryce Roberts

    Hi nev I’ve been dating this girl name Serena Gencie Montgomery off and on for 5 years n I’m madly in love with her I’m disabled n I want us to work we’ve talked over the phone a couple times but I don’t have a phone that can Skype all I have is a prepaid phone I’ve looked her number up n it says she leaves in luisanna like she said bit sometimes she doesn’t talk to me for days n its making me think something is not right please nev please help me

  5. Daliah

    Hi Nev and Max.
    My name is Daliah, I currently live on Long Island, NY. My story is not like any typical catfish story, its not a love story. For the past 5 years I have been constantly harassed by Instagram and face books accounts under different names of random women and men, as well as all my ex boyfriends. I have a 2 year old daughter now and I have hit my breaking point and I need help desperately to find out who this is and to put an end to it. They have gone as far as to make fake accounts of me, my boyfriend and my daughter! yes my 2 year old daughter! They even made fake accounts of my daughter while she was in my womb stealing ultrasounds pictures from my person pages on Facebook. This person, this crazy catfish has gone way to far! This person will not stop and is constantly trying to break my family apart. They make fake accounts of guys who are good looking and try to get me to talk to them and cyber ” cheat” on my boyfriend. I have done everything in my power these past 5 years to put an end to this, even going to the police and nothing can be done to stop this insane catfish maniac!! I desperately need your help as I cant go on living my life with this it is so stressful for me and it ends up making me very sad and depressed. I just started doing a lot of Jeep events and have a Facebook page in order to promote my vehicle to companies for sponsorships, somehow this catfish found it and it now bothering me on there with fake accounts of girls and guys! I NEED YOUR HELP! I have a feeling this person hasn’t only been doing this to me.. and we need to put a stop to this and show this catfish for who they really are! I know this isn’t the typical catfish episode but this was my last resort and I hope you guys can help me!
    Thank you

  6. Jada

    My name is Jada i am 20 and I’m from Detroit Michigan and I’ve been and I’ve been talking to this guy named Rex who lives in Texas I have a got a chance to see what he looks like and he wants a relationship and us to take things further but he will not video call me or call my cell phone he just text that’s it and I want to know why he say he raps and you know make music I want to see if he’s honest and he’s telling the truth I asked the video chat his phone is always dead or he just never video chats me. I want to know whats up

  7. Goldie McKinley

    Hello my name is Goldie McKinley and someone is contacting me posing as Floyd mayweather we have been in contact on and off for 8 months on and off we were friends on Facebook then he deleted me now recently he contacted and gave me a number the number went to google voice services i asked him for a pic and he sent me one but it looks like a pic he uses as one of his profile pic and he keeps saying his management will get mad if they knew he was contacting me I’m confused I need your help

  8. Rick B

    Dear Nev and Max,
    I have a delicate situation that a believe your show would be interested in. Excluding some of the details, I was served papers to start support for an 8 month old child I did not know was born. Through difficult times trying to visit and pay child support, at the end of 4 years, she was adopted by her Mother’s husband. I had no contact with her for over 20 years. My wife believes that she found my daughter whom is now in her mid 20’s. We have exchanged a rather dry text conversation and I was careful not to come on to strong. I have loved her and missed her for years but I know her path was not the same and I did not expect her to feel the same way. For unknown reasons, she became distant and would only chat with my wife. We have exchanged some pictures but anyone could have had them to send. She has said maybe she would Skype one day with my other children but never did or would. She has shown an interest in her half brothers and sisters although she does not display any sign of wanting to get to know me. This is strange and leads me to believe we are not really chatting with my daughter. I want to foster communication with the siblings but I’m not comfortable with the lack of desire to be part of my family as a whole. I of course, have more information and would be happy to share if this submission is excepted.

    On a side note, I really like the wisdom used in the Markie episode.


  9. Jon Clark

    Hello I’m Jon I was trying to some how get on ur show if that’s at all possible? I befriended a woman in Pennsylvania ,I am from Oregon well we contacted each other from a dating site and we have been hitting it off for almost a month now we text all the time and she is already telling me she loves me. So I had asked her any way we can talk on the phone her excuse was she has a hearing problem only wants to text or send pictures. She then told me few days later she wanted to meet up and asked for 800 for a bus ticket to come see me I had asked her when she still going to visit she text and said she had to spend that money on her daughters surgery And said she was sorry and wanted to tell me that’s where my money went. She still hasn’t came down to see me .im not sure what to do I wanna believe she’s real and not just using me.. Plz can anyone help.. Thanks in advance
    Jonathan Clark

  10. Molly Rosengren

    Hello Nev and Max. My name is Molly I am from Michigan and I am 16 years old and about 6 months ago I met this very handsome boy named Irvin Barrerafrom Galveston, Texas, 17 years old. We met on a social media app and started out as friends. We talked about everything, and as we became closer I told him everything that I’ve never even told my family or friends. A while after, he asked me out and we virtually dated. We were in love, so I thought. He barely had time to talk to me in the end, saying that he is focusing on his football career. This confused me because when we first starting talking he was free all the time. But than he would always make excuses that his phone wasn’t working or that his wifi cut out. I always knew these were excuses since they were constant and for many days. He also lied about multiple things to me including his race, (he said he spray tanned but later I found out he was Mexican, drug dealing, breaking his pinky, ect.) We started arguing a lot and became less close even though I was absolutely in love with him and he claimed to be in love with me. Although we talked on the phone, i’ve never actually seen him on face time. We broke up a couple days ago because he wouldn’t confess to a lie. He blocked me on all media and I was hoping he would unblock me and talk about it but he never did. I am heartbroken, but the reason I wanted to write this and have a chance to meet him is because I want closure. I want to talk to him face to face and tell him how wrong it was what he did, and move on in my life, leaving that door closed. I can’t seem to do this, I keep wondering about him. Thanks Nev and Max!

  11. Madalyn

    My name is Madalyn I used to have this texting app called kik I used it to communicate with close friends and one day I got this random message from a kik this person knew who I was they were using my picture, they were harassing me and stalking me for 3 years straight, calling me names, telling me I should go kill ,myself, they even posted revealing pictures of me on social media there were times where I couldn’t get out of bed to go to school it was so bad after a while it finally stopped but they came back I blocked them and deleted this texting app but they recently came back because they hacked one of my friends accounts this has been going on for way too long and I don’t know what to do I need to get to the bottom of this.

  12. Royston

    Nev & Max.. hello guys from England….. I have been a fool……speaking to a lady online for over two years from a marriage breakup and from her point of view her daughter died of a Heroin overdose shortly before we spoke. ……….I’m a song writer and as of the sad loss of a band memember from my favourite band in my life time we instantly connected due to the death of her daughter………I wrote her a personal song from her daughters point of view to her as to help her through the heartache. and in return I fell in love………………….

    But now the song I wrote has been given to her German cousin and ripped apart and has changed her attitude to wards me and has spun many lies……I’m heart broken our friendship/relationship has changed and I can deal with the heart ache but feel that the song has taken over her life. the lies and promise of money has destroyed our friendship/relationship…………..I’m gutted. my trust in women is hanging in the balance. help me.

    I never wanted to create an American/German 51 year old pop singer who would break my heart after helping her……then discarded like a used tissue.

    help guys. you are my only hope in finding the truth of this tale of love/murder/mystery & catfishing.


  13. skyra schwab

    hey nev and max, my uncle has been talking to a female for about 6 months her name is Tara Rodriguez saying and sending pics from the military in her uniform but she says she’s stays on a base so she cannot video chat. army. but she asked him for money he sent it from MN to New York multiple times to come see him in MN but she says she was robbed. deana danko is her aunt who has been receiving the money for her. no trace of Tara Rodriguez on social media only hangout text app. help us find the truth behind who Tara really is. they say they’re in love and she wants to come have kids with him but doesn’t ever come.

  14. Jeannie sherrard

    She has been sending him money and believes he loves her. But has promised to meet her three times but never works out. I want her to find out who she is really talking too.

  15. Jeannie sherrard

    Hi I am a friend of someone who believes she is talking to the real Randy Travis . I want to help to find out who she is really talking too. causes she really believes he is him and keeps promising to meet her

  16. Aisa

    Hello, My name is Zy’Waisha but I go by Asia. I live in Greenville and there’s been this girl trying to talk to me for a while, her name on Facebook is Petty Cin but I believe she’s fake. She accused me of doing a lot of things, then she lied and told me she was pregnant by my ex boyfriend. I need help


    Hey Nev an Max. My name is MISSY an I need help to see if the person I have been talking to is Harry Styles, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks. MISSY

  18. Antoinette

    I was talking with a man who went by Paul Johnson for a few months he actually found me by a pist I had left on a Ralphs grocery store site..crazy huh ? Well truley he captured my heart its been 10 years since I have had anyone in my life I’m 65yrs old and he told me hecwas 57 a widower with a 21 month old son…wife died in child birth…I told him all about me dealing with breast cancer and reconstruction and had a car accident in april on my way to see my mom who was dying two days after my surgery…he started calling me he wrote beautiful love letters everyday to my email..we txt each other and fell in love…then he asked me to send him $3500 and it hit me he was a possible scam artist..this whole thing has brought me in to depression and horrible sadness…I believed in him theres so much to this story its crazy he said he lived in Washington DC went to China to work on a cobtract he bid on…now needed the money to get equipment replaced that didnt show up and wasnt insured …he also asked me to marry him and said he would come stright to me…im dealing with a lot already now him on top of it all…I told him I thought this was a scam and he deleted me…but I want revenge…he broke my heart and now doing just a bit of research I find he has three facebook pages to scam other woman out of money I would love to confront him and see who he realky is I need this to move on and begin healing in more then one way …Thank You for the opportunity
    Antoinette Priddy

  19. Denise

    I think I was CatFished by a guy who’s Hangouts through Google and his name is Steve alan frank and lives in Denver Colorado with his 2 kids.I need help seriously cuz I don’t want to anything stupid I need help please. I even sold my Harley Sportster yesterday.

  20. April&marie

    Hi my name is April and my mom has been dating a man she never met. He always talks to her for a few minutes then goes and say he is a millionaire. Well now genus broke so he says and has no wear to go and wants her to send him stuff like money all the time. I think she is being catfish help.

  21. Tracy Nguyen

    My name is tracy I have been talk to this guy name is Juan jose Cruz for about 1 year 5 month year not he live Canoga park ca I live in the Winnetka we are do talk about a on move in with me my house I need to help me out please for me

  22. Elizabeth Liston

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liston. I have been talking to this guy named Cameron for about 2 years now. He lives in Utah and I live in York Nebraska. We are very in love, thou we have never met. Hes never video chatted me and we have never even talked on the phone so something is up. Help Nev and Max!

  23. Michael Williford

    My name is Michael williford,I’m from Chattanooga, tn and happily gay man.I came out,6 months ago after me and my wife,had a mutal separation. In those 6 months I have,fell in love,with a wonderful, Philippine guy….we have became so close.when I say its like modern age romance novel is true.Everyday is like,writting in diary. We have established, trust and honest in 6 months..That being said,we both work a lot,I work 10 hours in a warehouse,he currently living in Sandia Arabia, work in mall,on a 2 visia.he never has day,off 16 hour shifts,every other day.we are everythang but together to gather.We have been,through so much,in 6 months too keep,our love strong.honestly when he moved from the Philippians to Sandia Arabia…..I thought we would lose contact forever, because the money having to be spent to keep our communication from such long distance. Still expensive, but our love so strong,I can’t look past him.unless,these show can help we really don’t financial y have,a chance of meeting till 2018.I hope you can help make a dream,come true.we both work hard all we, want is too be together

  24. Bruce Kissler

    I’ve been texting a girl that supposedly went to visit a childhood friend in Lagos Nigeria. While she was visiting her friend passed away. Which left her in a bad way. Cause her friend was supposed to pay her way back to the U.S. . But she’s been stuck there. Well we’ve been texting back and forth. We have fallen in Love with one another. But supposeably her visa is up on the 4th of next month. She needs me to pay her way here. But I don’t know is she really or not. Since I’ve only texted her. From what she says she’s in Love with me and I with her. I’m willing to pay her way here. But only if I can find out if she’s the person she says she is. I know it’s short notice but would there be anyway you could help. Cause if she says who she is, I want to bring her back to the U.S. . Once she’s here I would marry her. Which she’s agreed to. I you could email me and let me know what you could do for me. Signed Truly in Love. PS or would you know a way for me to find out if she’s really there and if her visa is going to expires on the 4th of next month. Her name is. Bridget she’s 32 and she’s from San Jose California. She’s beautiful. Thank YOU. Bruce Kissler.

  25. Nisha Ratemo

    Hi Nev and Max. My name is Nisha I’m from a country called Kenya in Africa. Im 20 years old and have been in an online dating site called Afro romance. I met this guy his slightly older his 42 named Ahmed but i consider him as a friend. He gave me his number he says his from Dubai but the number is from England. We went ahead and started chatting through whatsapp but something was just really off. His pictures are showing a prominent looking arab man but his conversation doesn’t suit his pictures. He texts like a teenager or like a younger guy from another country not Dubai. So i asked him to send a video of himself talking to me and he really hesitated claiming he was sleepy he then sent a video saying his going to sleep. I then asked for his instagram and as i checked it up he has one photo of a woman that looks like he screenshotted it from a site. But something is really off he wount get on phone with me, his number doesnt really go through when i call it says its not in service. I asked to skype or facetime but he keeps giving excuses. Help me guys i was planning a trip to dubai and if he was real would like to meet him but i dont wanna put my self at security risk cause i have no idea who im talking to.

  26. Danielle Santos

    Please please please Nev help me befor I send money to a man I fell in love with on Facebook. I watch your t.v. show almost everyday and I’m not ready to be a victim of catfish. I met this man in January of this year and we talk everyday on Facebook and quite a few times on the phone but whenever I mention video chat with each other he tells me he does not have a smartphone to do so. He wants me to send him money so he can come to the states to be with me and did I mention he’s from Nigeria? I’m an 44 and he is 24 but please don’t take me as a desperate woman I’m just attracted to younger men and always have been. Please help me befor I make a huge mistake .please contact me by phone if you can help me I have not been able to access my email for over a year because someone has hacked me and changed my password I believe. Thank you and I hope to hear from you

  27. Derrick summers

    Somebody help me please! I have a fan out here that I am unaware about that keeps maken facebook profiles of me not only is there one but now there is three! What so crazy about it is I never created a facebook page and they have pictures of me and my family. They are constantly harrassing the people I love, causing me In my family to fall out. Its going on for 2 years now Im tired of hearing about it makes me so angry when I get a phone call questioning me about a post or message I dont even know about! If you could please help me it would be a honor thank you!

  28. Meghan Dibernardino

    Hi Nev,my name is Meghan I’m from New York and I’m 18 i fall in love with a guy named patrick from meet me. We been dating for about 4years and never met in person. I only seen 5pictures from him in the last 4years i been with him. We never seen each other on skype we just talked on the phone and through messager. I want to know if he’s the real person i been talking to. I need help nev.

    Sincerely Meghan

  29. Lacey Eaton

    When I was 13 I met a boy through a friend, he lived in Monroe, NC. And I well, I live in a small town, Adairsville, Georgia. Soon enough me and this boy, Patrick, had fallen in “love”, and started a young daring relationship. He was 15, but we never saw the problem, you love who you love. We always had a plan to meet, but being so young we never could.

    We had problems, as would any couple being far away. We had constant months apart, then together again for almost 4 years. . being that I’m almost about to graduate and start another life, I need to meet him. I did mistreat him, specifically when I leave for ml months then unexplained, just come back into his life. He’s an amazing person, very amazing. Stunning even, but just like anyone else applying with this, there was always something wrong. So I decided to arrange a list, things that haven’t added up correctly.

    1. I was looking over on Facebook one day a few years back, and I found his picture on MANY profiles. Saying they were “Sam Albert”. But as I stated above, he told me his name Patrick, and his last name Johnson. He did say his middle name was Sam though, so I found it more believable, maybe I was the only one that used his first name. Soon enough I confronted him about what I had found, and he said “Patrick Sam Albert,” but what happened to Johnson?

    2. As I was always up and straight forward to him about who I was, I found that he was very fine with sharing things, but not pictures. I would have to beg him for a selfie. It wasn’t fair, I would send them to him to reassure I was who I said I was.

    3. He was never comfortable talking on the phone, 9 times out of 10 he wouldn’t answer or was out with friends. He did answer every now and then, or call me if I was upset. He was always there for me. His voice always sounded that of a young teenage boy, and I expected that, but it still bothered me. And he always found Skype all out of the question.

    I miss him, he told me good bye only about 3 weeks ago. But I know he would want to meet, that’s me dream and destiny, and I’m begging you. I don’t have much time left before college, and hes going to college now. I need you guys, I’m young, I’m stupid, but I know what love is. And when I love, I love with all my heart. So please, help me. It sounds very unbelievable I know, but to me I still have a twinge of hope.

    He’s dug me out of a hole, helped me through my abusive childhood, my therapy and depression. He’s the reason I’m so strong today, I just need to meet him.

    Sincerely with the most hope,

  30. Gherri

    Hey my name is Gherri and I need your help asap I’ve been dating this girl named Chelsea going on 3 years now and we fell in love with eachother deeply in love I’ve never ever felt this way about any one put of all my relationships but I have my doubts because we’ve never talk on the phone,video chat,Skype,oovoo or anything, we have planned on muliptle occassio to meet up something always comes up on her end it never fails she supposley doesn’t have a phone so she uses her cousins phone there are too many red flags and its bothering me the deeper are relationship goes please help me get to the bottom of this situation its breaking me down slowly but surely I’m so in love with this woman and it’s breaking my heart not knowing why she won’t vide chat, Skype,call me,or come visit me we both stay in Raleigh, Nc she is in Raeford county that’s about 3 hours from me ive tried to go visit her but its always something comes up I really do love this Woman I need to knowi have to know why I havent seen her or why she won’t call me please help me get to the bottom of it I don’t known what else to do or who else to go to you guys are my last solution PLEASE HELP ME GUYS!! ITS BEEN TO LONG AND MY FEELINGS ARE GROWING TOO DEEP I HAVE TO KNOW BEFORE I DRIVE MYSELF CRAZY. _I HOPE this letter works I have to know if Im dating who shesays she is or is it someone else that’s been living a LIE

  31. granville mallard

    I’ve been catfished by someone I met on online dating site called OkCupid I really need to find out who this person is…
    They promise me everything and deliver nothing and they used me for a lot of money for me being stupid and not trusting what everybody else that…

  32. Tyria

    Hey Nev,
    My adopted son has been talking to this girl who says that she lives in San Diego, but used to live in Baltimore. He is on the phone with her night and day. She even told him that he is the father of her daughter. I did a little investigation on my own and I find no record of her. She has afacebook page that wasn’t started until 2015. She told him that she is at this moment in Arizona in college on a basketball scholarship, but she is on the phone with him all day and she has her daughter, what college allows that? I need to find out who this girl is and if she is who she really says she is. She is on fb as arieyana jones.

  33. Cassie

    Hi I’ve been talking to this guy but I’m starting to think he is fake how would I I find out

  34. Paul Schmidt Jr

    Hay there my name is Paul Daniel Schmidt Jr and I live in piketon Ohio here is my address is 2256 carters run rd and I been talking we been text back and forth to this girl hrs name is susan chris me and hrs live to far away I like you to go get hrs and bran hrs down here so me and hrs can meet in person bc I will like hrs and I want are love go to the next level here is my phone number if you need do talk to me OK thank you guys 740-970-0649

  35. Paul Schmidt Jr

    Hay there my name is Paul Daniel Schmidt Jr and I live in piketon Ohio here is my address is 2256 carters run rd and I been talking we been text back and forth to this girl hrs name is susan chris me and hrs live to far away I like you to go get hrs and bran hrs down here so me and hrs can meet in person bc I will like hrs and I want are love go to the next level here is my phone number if you need do talk to me OK thank you guys

  36. Paul Schmidt Jr

    I meet this girl and I really want to meet her bc if she sad what she is me and hrs got big plans for us and I want know can you go get hrs and bran hrs in 2256 carters run rd piketon Ohio 45661 thanks I want to meet hrs bad and here is my phone number 740-970-0649

  37. Suzi Ragsdale

    Hi Guys!

    I’ve been watching back episodes of your show on demand because I knew of it but don’t often watch TV. I was recently catfished and have become very interested in the psychology of this epidemic phenomenon. I submitted the following on a different MTV form a few days ago but now that I’ve watched a few shows, I think I kinda did your job for you! 😉 In the interest of spending less time composing, I’ll paste here:

    I had subscribed to Zoosk, an online dating service much like Match. I actually met a couple of friends there who I had known or met before and re-connected with them, so it seemed pretty legit and I was too trusting. About a week ago, I got a wink from a Mark Moretti, architect, half Italian, living 90 miles north of me in Kentucky and currently overseas, working on a project in Dubai. I know, I know, red flag. But I know so many interesting people who actually live lives that interesting, hell, I’m one of them! so the flag didn’t fly yet.

    But it did begin to creep up the mast when he sent me a few photos (oh, yes, I shared my email address with him and we began communicating through long emails) … and some of the photos were professional. He looked like a model or actor – red flag number two, right? But again, being a singer/songwriter, I’ve had many professional photo shoots … I also have many friends who are either artists or yoga teachers, so beauty doesn’t automatically make me suspicious. When I asked him about the pro photos he told me he had been a model when he was younger, had done ads for Gap and Polo, etc. but that now his main thing was being this certified architect. Hmmmm…

    I did know I was rationalizing because I wanted to believe someone like this not only existed but was on freakin’ Zoosk and wanted to date me… well, I was on Zoosk so why couldn’t this guy be? I mean, I got it goin on too 😉 But I googled him and facebook searched for him and put his info into a few other background checking sites — nothing!

    He became really crazy about me really quickly. Rationalization: I once dated an Italian in London named Giampaolo – he was extremely affectionate and fell in love with me immediately. And Giampaolo was a lovely, honest guy so I chalked it up to the Latin Lover stereotype.

    He asked if I would meet him at the airport next week upon his return and I agreed. Then he asked for my cell number so that we could make arrangements, etc., and I gave it to him. No calls yet. But I kept suspecting a catfish so I called my lawyer friend and was planning to hire her P.I. tomorrow to check him out. Not wanting to spend the money though, I got deeper into researching this crazy phenomenon and got an iPhone app called Catfished. I submitted one of his photos and the app searched and returned a positive result for an actor and model in California, Eric Rutherford. I then Googled Eric and found his Facebook page. Saw all the images “Mark” had sent me and messaged Eric to inform him of this identity theif imposter. He emailed me right back and we chatted for awhile.

    … well short story longer, I decided to keep writing to the fishdude and pretend I was still into it, just to see how he would try to scam me. Between Sunday and Tuesday last, there were several emails setting me up with detailed accounts of why he was asking me to send him $5000 … I have them all still. I didn’t respond after the first request for $, and he sent a few more, one was a jpeg of his passport which I determined to be fake by the line of characters at the bottom not matching up with the info above. Of course I already knew but wondered if he would be so pro as to have done that well… nope.

    Now that he’d committed the crime of passport fraud I thought I might be able to expose him or her, so I sent a report to (Internet Crime Complaint Center), a division of the US Department of State affiliated with the FBI and the White Collar Crime Complaint Center. That was Thursday, no word yet and I don’t expect much.

    BUT! I’ve written a comedy song called “Catfishin'” and am thinking that instead of this Mark Moretti character costing me money, I might actually make some! My father is Ray Stevens and I think you may be too young to know of him but believe me, I know about comedy songs 🙂 Look him up and have a laugh, he’s wonderful. Anyway, I’d love to send you my song, if not for use in your show, then to entertain you at the very least! Where would I send an mp3?

    Suzi Ragsdale
    (615) 479-3784

  38. Simone

    Hi. My name is Simone & I am 100% sure I have the greatest story to be discovered on Catfish. Its actually a little different than any of the episodes I have seen. It involves my STALKER I’ve had since about 2009.
    Here’s my story:
    At the age of 15 I met a young man named David through a mutual “friend”. He was a foster child. I spoke to him on the phone for a few weeks and immediately he began to tell me he was falling in love with me. He wanted to meet me. we didn’t go to the same school & we only had that 1 mutual friend. anyway we finally met. We “dated”… I broke up with him. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS CREEPY. over a year went by and he shows up at my house. he confesses that he ran away and has been living in an abandoned house in my neighborhood. and would watch me get off the school bus every day. I told my dad and we paid for his bus ticket to his biological mother since he was now 18….long story short he has made 10 profiles of himself because I block each one when he requests me. he has made several FAKE profiles and requested me. several times I fell for those. he even makes fake pages of ME! in 2013 I got married at the age of19….david made a fake profile trying to seduce my husband. my husband fell for it. david screenshot the whole think and sent it to me thru one of his many pages. im now divorcing my husband and have a son that will be 2 this year. I could go on and on with more details but hopefully this was enough to catch your attention. I want nev’s help to find david and confront him. he still denies all the fake pages but the proof is right there! he is so obsessed with me that I know he wouldnt have a problem seeing me.but I am terrified to do it on my own

  39. shyketta harris

    Hello my name is Shyketta and I live in Dublin Georgia I’m 18 years old and I been seeing this girl name faye and she lives in arkansaw and we been dating for at least a year now and I love her and she loves me the problem is we live far from each other and she says she wants to see me but when I ask her about coming to see me she always has an ascuse we never oovoo and when I ask her to send me pictures she always says she don’t want to because she thinks she is ugly we talk otp and text but I really wanna know if she is real and I really wanna meet her thank you

  40. Casey

    Hey yall,
    I received a call from someone in casting but had zero service at the moment so I didn’t get a call back number. I don’t know how else to contact yall aside from reapplying (which I have done). Thanks again for your interest,


  41. blanca

    Hello guys, I am writing to you guys because we have a friend at work, who’s a amazing person with such a big heart her name is (nelster12..nickname) she has been talking to a woman out in Austin TX, but this woman won’t FaceTime her just texting and phone calls oh and emails. Nel has offered to pay for her to come visit Colorado but something always comes up. This woman from Austin TX just texts her saying the day is coming soon…we don’t want Nel to get hurt, she is so into this lady. My friend crystle and I have tried doing research on her but come up with nothing. Maybe she is the real deal but we want to help our friend.Please please help us!

  42. jalen

    Dear Nev,
    We have a friend that is being catfished or is the catfisher. She been talking to this boy for a while but nobody has seen or heard of him. We feel Like we need your help to get to the bottom if this.

  43. Lexie Renae

    Dear Nev and Max, my name is Lexie I live in Uvalde, Texas.
    I’m come to you guys, as a cry for help!! I’ve been talking to this guy on facebook named Alejandro Lopez! He’s everything I’ve ever hoped for and surprisingly even more! We hit it off instantly. He makes me laugh, he brightens my day, and makes me feel important. I grew up with our a mother or a father, and it seemed like everyone I’ve ever loved just walked out on me, but when I met Alejandro, he was so much different from anyone. The problems I have are, we only talk on facebook, every time I ask him to call me he never messages me back until I change the subject, and the same goes for whenever I ask to skype. Including the fact that, he lives in Miami, Florida! Nev and Max, I ask for your help because he’s my dream guy, and I believe after everything I’ve been through in life, I deserve a little happiness to! Thank you for reading this
    Love, Lexie

  44. Sandra

    Hi, I am Sandra and I currently live in Fargo, ND (yes it does really exist lol) I just moved back last year from Phoenix, AZ. Anyway, I was talking to this guy for 7 years. (Trevor Allison aka Trea Alley) It started out on Myspace and continued on Facebook. At first I was in awe that someone so gorgeous would talk to me. I also am realistic and know that 10’s date 10’s and I am more of a 7 😉 lol I became even more suspicious that his profile was fake after he said something that didn’t match what he had told me when we first started talking. I just couldn’t prove it. I called him out on it, he said that he gets that a lot but pointed out that he had a ton of pictures. Which he did. He would tell me that he was in love with me. He even got upset when I got into a relationship saying that I never gave him a chance. After my break up, he said he would be in my town for a photo shoot and wanted to get together. However, he would disappear when the time came around. This happened a few times. He would say that he had so much respect for me because I worked so hard in school to make a better life for my kids. He once offered me a modeling job but it involved nudity. Once Facebook got the calling option he started calling me through facebook. I finally got to hear his voice for the first time in six years. It was a male voice and had an accent which matched up with his story that he was from Italy. We interacted via instant message but never skyped. Just last year I ran into troubles and he was offering to loan me like $10,000. He said that he had business in my town. I can’t imagine what is in Fargo, I mean, NOBODY comes to Fargo. This of course added to my suspicion. I was rather skeptical and a tad afraid to meet him on my own (if he was even really in my town) so i told him that I had my kids all day. He said that he was staying with a friend and his friend’s house wasn’t “kid friendly” because he had a bunch of sex toys. Phew, yeah craziness. He gave me the address, so I typed it into google and it was an address to a hotel. We never ended up meeting up for the supposed money exchange and he got mad at me and said that I disappeared. He actually had deactivated his facebook. (how convenient) He also mentioned that he knew a plastic surgeon and wanted to know if I wanted anything done because I would get it for free. All he needed was a picture of my breasts so he could pass it on to the surgeon. I told him that I didn’t feel comfortable with that. He even got agitated saying that his surgeon friend was angry because he thought that Trevor was wasting his time. I told him to forget it because a surgeon wouldn’t need photos, they would need to see me in person. (I’ve been to a consultation or two) I saw that he was adding people that were on my friends list. The next thing I knew he was ENGAGED to my cousin! I knew she had never seen him in person because I never had and really did not believe he was who he said he was. Not long after that I was contacted by some woman telling me that Trevor was a fake. As soon as she tells me this, she is contacting me and saying that she skyped with him and that he was who he said he was. Umm whaaaat? I instant messaged him because she begged me to tell him that she said that she skyped with him. She messages me AGAIN and says that she lied before and did not skype with him. She was just scared because when she outed him he threatened to post all of the nude photos that he had of her. She sent me snaps of their conversation and also gave me the name of the REAL person in the photos. This guy was pushing me to take my kids and move to Peoria, AZ because he had a house that was just sitting there vacant and we could live there for free. If I were stupid and drove my kids across the country to a house that didn’t exist, that could have turned out to be very bad. I gave my aunt the information and she put him on blast on facebook tagging him and many other people. He blocked us all and I have not heard from him since. I want to face this man and find out what drives him to do this. There are probably hundreds of women giving him the nude photos that he asks for. He needs to be stopped. I also want to know how he could try and push a single mom (who barely has anything) to move across the country with her children, promising a home when it is probably a vacant lot or an abandoned warehouse. I have kids. That wouldn’t just have affected me. Unfortunately there are people out there who would have followed the false dream. I did contact the real person in the photos. He actually wrote back and was pretty upset and says that it happens to him a lot. Help me Nev. I want, no I NEED to come face to face with this person. Thank you. Sandra

  45. Adrianna aragon

    Hello my name is adrianna. I believe since around August of last year I came upon noticing an instagram who I believe was a personal account of carnell breeding a former singer in a boy band group called B5. At first I didn’t notice I was following carnell until he posted up a picture of himself and his brothers holding up a poster of the B5 group so I decided to like the picture because I remember back in elementary school I used to always listen to them growing up with my childhood best friend. I also commented it mentioning how much of I fan I was and how I listened to their music growing up, he commented back then we went back and forth until I got the guts to DM him which I don’t usually do especially since this account could be fake but I’m a curious person. Once we got to texting which turned to like an every day thing I mentioned at on point how else could he prove he’s the actual brother from B5 so he had me request his actual fan instagram then took screen shots of the insta main page with his pictures to a screen capture on the page of the likes he’d receive from his fans plus to one of on his ‘edit profile’. Of course from watching this show and knowing a couple things before hand about making sure he says who he is and instead of always receiving pictures from carnell even though I’ve always wanted him to feel treated as everyone else I’ve came across my life. I went from looking up how many instagram, Facebook accounts there were, to looking up his phone number plus the photos he’s sent me personally through image search and came up pretty convincing but then sometimes I wonder what he’s actual telling me is the truth and one day we’ll be able to meet one another and possibly be together because on how much we’ve connected or he’s just trying to live a double life with all the stuff I found out along the road I swear seemed to connect the dots on the reasons of him being distant at times, after all this time for some crazy but I like it reason, still can’t let him go because he has an answer for every doubt question I’ve had for this boy along with it being a frequent habit of him disappearing for awhile then coming back whenever he “has time”. Gets me to wonder, hopefully you guys can help me out!!

  46. Allison Lewis

    Hello, my name is Allison Lewis. I was recently told by an old high school friend that one of my male Facebook friends was really the woman who has been stalking my mother, my brother, my children and I for 19 years. I did some creeping on the profile and all of the post that “he” made were consistent with what has been going on in our lives. The twist is that the woman who has been stalking us and my father are “friends with benefits” and live together. A few months ago, the people we were living with failed to pay the rent and we got evicted. So, with no where to go the only option for me and my kids was to go stay with my father and my stalker, which made the most recent posts from this profile even more suspicious. A few posts I knew were about my mother. But one inparticular, threatened my family. The others were mainly about me without blatantly saying so, pretty much bad mouthing me to all of my friends who are also friends with “him”. I need help in comforming that “he” is really my stalker. Please help me… Allison♥

  47. easter

    I met this girl she live in the same city and state as me. She won’t meet up with me. Its been over 4yrs I lost a 2yr relationship just to be with her. Its more to this story. I finally got her to upload a picture on facebook. And yet She still stands me up. I’m actually being doubled catfished, the second person is a celebrity, the way she communicate with me is through her pictures… YIKES!! or is it just me, I need you’re help!!! I’m here in Cleveland Ohio….(LGBT)

  48. Charlie Attwood

    Hi, my name is charlie and i live in the UK. My story began when i met a guy online named Blake. We started to talk and became closer to when we started dating. I then realised he was on the television for being a transgender teen to look like justin Bieber. When i asked to skype, he either said his laptop is broke or his skype isnt working. We’ve recently broke up but i still want to know if this is the guy i dated or a catfish dilema. I really need your help in doing this, Thank you.

  49. Lilly V. and Savanah C.

    Me and this boy, Christian started talking on July 4th through Instagram . He lives in VIncent Alabama, while I live in Mishawaka, Indiana . After 2 months we had started dating. Then after about 2 weeks he started mentioning things about other girls, one in particular Jessica (Jessie). We were off and on for about 3 weeks. Then we got back together. We still have never talked on the phone or face-to-face just over social media on messaging. He always came up with an excuse not to talk over skype or on the phone. We broke up and now he is dating Savanah, and he has tried to set me up with his friend Abby, who says she has no social media . Her and I have only talked through Christian’s kik account. Therefore, it has raised suspicions for me that I am being catfished.

    Christian and I have been talking as friends since sometime in August . I was supporting Lilly when her and Christian fought. I always thought he was an older man pretending to be a young boy. He would always get very upset when I mentioned it. In January, he had confessed feelings for me. Then we soon got together. He would always have this girl on his page saying they were together. Her name is Shyane, he has told both Lilly and I in these types of situations that it is his parents making him be in that relationship. He always comes up with an excuse not to be able to Skype or talk over the phone. Lilly and I both have thought and still think we are being catfished please help us figure out if this guy is who he really says he is.

  50. Chyna Payne

    Hi, My name is Chyna and I live in Cleveland. I’m on here because I want to know if you can help me meet this wonderful guy that live in Atlanta in person. We’ve been going out for about a year now and still haven’t seen each other in person, I’ve been kinda worried because some of the stuff he do. He won’t video chat me or nothing like that, every time I ask him it’s always an excuse. So it only had me wondering if I fell in love with just some person I never seen before or is it really the guy I fell for

  51. Jonathan smith

    I am a United States marine. I’m 20 years old. I found the love of my life on Instagram and we have been together for a year and a half. She’s the most beautiful funny sweet hearted person I’ve ever talked to. I love her o death. She loves in zephyrhills Florida and I’ve never met her due to my career. I wanna marry this girl but I simply don’t have a way to meet her and this is my last chance and my last option of hopefully filling my dream of asking this girl in person toasty me and see the world with me. I really need your help I have to meet her. Please consider me and I will be watching my phone for a message or response to hopefully get to meet and marry the love of my life

  52. candice

    Hey. My name is Candice and I’m 22 years old. About 4 years ago I started a page on a dating site called mocospace. To my surprise I met this woman name Jasmine but sadly she lived in California at the time. I’ve been living in Georgia for some time now & we still haven’t managed to see each other. Yes I have feelings for her but I honestly don’t know what to do. We’ve been talking on and off since we met on mocospace. Due to the distance I was very skeptical about even continuing something with her. We’ve created a bond that scares me. On a couple occasions we have talked about setting each other but it never happened. She even came to Georgia about 2 two years ago and when we were supposed to link up, she came to with every excuse in the book.i even tried to video chat with her a couple of times but of course her webcam was broke. She said she recently moved to Oklahoma to take care of her neice. Now that she’s even closer I want to see her. I feel like I’m being catfished . Please help me… I love her.

  53. LaSheeka

    My name is Sheeka I would love to be apart of catfish . It’s seriously a dream of mine. I point out mostly fakes . I know who is fake or not . It’s simple but I think being on this show would be an amazing experience for me. Iv busted at least 4 fakes. My ex best friend have been dating this guy for a while and I tried to tell her he was fake everyone fakes him you could tell he was . he obviously speak English but the fake spoke a different language he didn’t video chat, nor snapchat or anything to prove he was real. he wouldn’t, witch made me sususpicious . I absolutely love pointing out fakes because no one should have to date or be friends with someone who’s not who they say they are and they’re just full of lies . It would be my dream come true to be apart of Catfish.

  54. Luvinnia Flowers "ItsPuNkinB***"

    This is a different kind of CATFISH. No love affair just a person that is stalking me due to my music career. The person has been watching my social network action closely. At one point they mentioned a comment I made to a dj in Greensboro NC) and it was accurate which started the relationship. This person emails me stating very mean things and sometimes its like we are best friends I stopped responding after a while but they just continue to email me randomly telling me I should stop doing music. Its definitely disturbing I would really like to track this person in hopes of getting them help. CYBER BULLYING is real in todays society I have seen to many young adults take their own life or attempt to take their life for these issues alone.

  55. Ashli Lloyd

    Hi nev ,

    my name is Ashli Lloyd I’m a 24 year old mother to a 3 year old little boy name is Erik. I’ve been talking to to this guy name trey for year I met him on this dating app on my phone called pof which is plenty of fish. He tells me he cares about me and wants a family with me. But he tends to fall in and out my life. We talk and text on the phone but never seen each other in person. But what I find strange is that he send me pics that he has an iPhone but the FaceTime symbol isn’t by his contact I tried to FaceTime says user unavailable. On the other hand I have this guy who I’m with and I really need to know if I need to just completely erase him out my life….pls help

  56. Cory archer

    Hi my name is Cory and iv been talking to a girl name Natalia online on Facebook for about 2 years I never seen her never did anything but talk to her online. We been going out for 1 year and a half and I wanna marry her but I just feel like things aren’t what it seems everything just seems to perfect I live in high point nc she live in Brooklyn ny we started talking when I was upstate in ny and all I’m trying to do is figure out if the women I want to marry online is the person I wanna marry in real life we are both 20 years old thanks for listening .

  57. Michaela Jones

    Hi guys

    My name is Michaela I live Missouri, St.louis. I have been seeing this guy named Steven online for almost 2-3years now. And I met Steven on chatroulette when I was in high school and I was searching just to talk to someone about my issues .And I ended up meeting steven along the way , he would make me smile and laugh to cheer me up from my depression. After, he asked to be my friend on skype since I knew we both weren’t going to talk to each other again on chatroulette since it’s a big website. We stayed in contact and would talk to each other like everyday even when he was at work but that was the only time I could really speak to him was at work. And sometimes he is away for days I can’t talk to him. We only have voice chatted and nothing more but I want to see him as well. He has gave me pictures of him and his family but that is all. Also, he calls me his dear and I call him my honey and I really to now if this is the guy I want to be with because we have talked about getting married .

  58. Brandun Clay

    Hello my name is braneun Clay I am 24 from oakland California . I am in love with this girl naked tirzah. I had a realtionship with her for 3 years but the thing about it is we have never saw each other . I live in California and she lives in Pennsylvania . We have never saw each other before ever in life I have talked over the phone with her but have never video called her or anything like that . I have been telling her I will come see her but I simply do not have the money to get to her . If you are truly reading this I need your help very badly I am in love with this girl and the only thing that has kept me and her apart is the distance between us we just need to see each other that would truly be the best Christmas gift ever thank you and God bless .

    Brandun Clay

  59. Kimberly Beem

    I’ve been talking to this guy for a year. I’m so in love with him. One time he caught me talking to someone else and I almost lost him. He said he was gonna come to Hannibal, MO which isn’t far from where I live. But he said I screwed up so he stayed in Ohio to take care of his parents who have cancer. Troy makes me feel good about myself. I was in a bad relationship and I lost my teeth to that. I don’t even have the money to get dentures. Troy makes me feel beautiful no one else can. Not even my kids. Here recently I guess his mom pass. The reason why I wanna see if he is who he is. Because people who don’t know me saw me commenting on his page on Meetme
    They told me he was Chris O’Connell. Which is someone I know personally I asked and Chris said no. I want to spend my life with this man. He will never send pics, call me on the phone, Skype or anything. He only talks to me at night. When I searched his pics it popped up that be was I gay dating sites. So I need to see if he is who he said. He sent me proactive pics but he don’t show his face. I’m scared that once again I’m going to get my heart broke. Please helP

  60. jasmine johnson

    Hello ive ben talking to this guy over about two yrs now off n on… I really feel in love with him n it feels like he is not who he say he is cause we never skyped or video chatted..We always say we would come see one another but never had the chance too so I really need help trying to find out who he is n if he’s taken or not because im still in love with him….

  61. brittany stitt

    Hi my name is Brittany and its this guy name tre that I’m really interested in he jus seem so sweet and georgus but I dont know if he’s really who he say he is or if its actually him he stays in Miami and I live in Charlotte i would like to take things to the next level with him but befor i can do so i need to know if its really him

  62. Liam Howarth-Mulgrew

    Hey, my name is Liam Howarth-Mulgrew.
    I live in Manchester, England.
    On Facebook four years ago, I came to be in receipt of a friend request from a girl called Hayley whom I came to learn lived in Richmond, California (to later move to Charlevoix, Michigan). We connected instantly due to similar interests and from there we went for over a year spending every free second that we had communicating with one another. About two months before such stopped being the case; a relationship was established between the two of us. I recognize that given all that had been exchanged between the two of us was pictures – this wasn’t the best of ideas but she had told me many stories of how harsh her past had been, how distrustful she was of others and as a result such history was the reason as to why her mother was skeptical for us to take things further. Apparently, her mother wasn’t so very happy that she had shown me several images of herself but she defended herself by protesting that I was her boyfriend and had a right to see her but that was as far as it was allowed to go. Skype was completely out of the question until I had “proven” that I wouldn’t screw her over. In the meantime, we would text until there was a fault with her phone and then that stopped. I felt so much for her and I believed it was clear that she looked up to me. I knew that I could make her feel safe, secure, happy and essentially give her what she wanted – primarily love.

    One night, we had an argument. It was quite petty really but it was the day that everything changed. Communication lessened drastically. Her mother apparently banned her from using the computer and speaking to me with no length of time given and so i was playing the waiting game. Upon Hayley’s short return to my chat-box I was informed that her mother had finally given birth (this wasn’t an out of the blue thing – I had known of this for some time. Just as I knew about her mother’s battle with cancer). Most of her time was then dedicated to helping her mother take care of her new-born sister, which I understood perfectly especially since the step-father did very little to support the family. The weeks however rolled by and there was little to no contact whatsoever. It wasn’t long before Christmas and after not speaking to her in quite a while; I was informed of her mother’s passing. After the initial death of her mother had passed and things slowly began to return to “normal” – Hayley allowed me to become excited over the idea that the step-father was in no way stricter than her mother and as a result was sure that he would be alright with us communicating via Skype. On several occasions, she supposedly asked him only to be in receipt of the response that was along the lines of “I have no interest in listening to the two of you express your love for one another.” I of course suggested that we communicate when he was out of earshot or just wasn’t in the house. Both plausible outcomes were greeted with the reasoning that the walls were paper thin and he wouldn’t be too happy if he learned that she’d gone behind his back and Skyped with me when he had denied her request.

    The once fun, doting, loving step-father soon changed into a “harsher and more controlling” version than her mother. I remember her stating such to me as her time continued to be limited on her computer. The reason being because she was looking after her sister. A job in which he apparently wouldn’t assist with. The popping up in my chat at random intervals continued for some time until there was nothing. I of course panicked and attempted to communicate with her via Facebook and text but no response came until some several weeks later at which point I was informed by her so-called best friend that she had contracted
    Endometriosis. (I say so-called simply because in hindsight I believe that both could be the same individual. As a matter of fact, for some time into the relationship I had my doubts).
    I of course researched this in more ways than one and in an attempt to take everything that was going on in and what it could potentially mean; my ability to perform adequately at College was greatly impaired but I loved her. I was worried sick and there was nothing I could do about that. Not long after collecting all of the information I needed to learn about this disease, Hayley contacted me. Things were a little bumpy at first; but for the first time in a long time we actually sat down and had a proper heart-to-heart. That week, she promised to be around at certain times and on occasion she would be and on others she wouldn’t. And when she wouldn’t show, it was god knows how long before I heard from her again.

    In that summer, another of her friends whom I had spoken on-and-off with before via Facebook became quite attached to me and was so very desperate to reveal a dark secret in which she had been holding in for some time. It was claimed that this friend and the step-father had long been having an affair. Due to the friend’s guilt, on numerous occasions she had apparently attempted to call it off on numerous occasions only to be met with threats each and every time. On the other side of the world, I was caught up in this little drama and somehow was expected to help. This caused tension between both myself and Hayley as we took to different viewpoints on the matter. As Hayley calmed down and came to see things from my point of view, she asked for her boyfriend back and we continued. Again, I was in high hopes that because we had gotten through yet something else, I had proven my allegiance. I had shown just how loyal I am and as a result hoped that we could take things further. I’d have been so lucky! It came to light that the cheating friend had contracted AIDS and died shortly after.

    Hayley’s home life was apparently not getting any better and so she had decided that enough-was-enough. Unbeknownst to me, she was on her way to England. The catch? She didn’t make it past airport security as she had her little sister in tow and a kidnapping by the father had been reported.
    None of this was told by Hayley but instead the first friend I mentioned earlier in my post. This was however, after a rucksack had been found with a (and I quote) “map of England in it and her passport”. A couple of weeks later I was informed that she had been taken into custody because of the above reason. Upon finally getting to talk to Hayley, all of the things that I would have thought she would have told me – I didn’t hear from her but instead had from the so-called friend. My suspicions were naturally growing by the minute. I queried as to why she was permitted to use computers and not phones – to which she responded that there was a system for the computers but you had to earn the privilege to use the phone. Communication went from once a month, to once every month and a couple of weeks to the point at which we’re now at which is anything coming up to three months and beyond. I’ve spoken about the phone thing so many times, the recent excuse for not being able to use it is because there was a fault with the line. And to follow another inmates visitor reported that a call to the facility had been made only to have no response.

    A few weeks ago, my friend rang me up and reported that several weeks prior, she had checked American records for any trace of Hayley’s captivity – only to have results return to her inconclusive. This drove me over the edge and I called the relationship off. I’ve not been in receipt of any sort of acknowledgement.

    There is more, but I think I’ve gotten down all the essential information.
    I did–do love this girl (assuming it is a girl and not some random guy having his daily fap every time we message) but enough is enough and as much as it pains me to admit it; I’ve had enough. Never in my life have I openly admitted this before but I shall do so here today. I’m desperate. I’m desperate to get closure. And salvage things, if things can be that is.

  63. Ashley

    My name is Ashley and I live in Saco, Maine. I met Damian when I was 17 years old (now 27 years old) in a yahoo chatroom. He lives in Effingham, Illinois. We’ve known each other for 10 years and I’ve never had the chance to meet him! We talk on the phone for hours but, this past year he went to prison for a while and I lost contact with him, thinking he didn’t care about me anymore. Now he’s out and we picked up where we left off but one thing’s off. He looks totally different now from the pictures he’s shown me. This guy has been there for me through crappy relationships and hard times and vice versa. He’ s everything I could ever want and it would mean so much to me if you could help. I want to see if this is real and if not, it’ll help me move on with my life. I’ve had a son and he’s had a couple kids too but we always seem to drift back to each other. He knows me better than I know myself. So please help me NEV!!!

  64. Lisa

    I wanted to further inform you that I have since found out that I have been scammed by the individual I wrote to you about. I discovered this by going under this person’s name and finding complaints filed against him. I am devastated and feel sooo embarrassed and hurt that I went as far as telling my daughter I was right and she was wrong about his true identity. I am pursuing a legal investigation myself to ensure this individual is prosecuted and money I had wired fully refunded!!!

  65. William Besaw

    Well, I met Megan on this site called meetme. I have never met her and we have been dating for almost 4 months now. But since I started working nights and she has gone back to school we don’t talk like we used to. She says that it’s getting hard, but I am hoping that through an opportunity with this show that maybe if we meet then it could save our relationship. I know it seems a bit out there, but please, she means everything to me. I love her more than anything and I can’t lose her.

  66. Laini

    This is a kinda strange long term on going friendship. I met Dave online over a decade ago..yes more than 10 yrs ago in a rockabilly chat site…(this is really going to show my age haha). It was the summer I was 14. That chat site shut down and we continued to talk about life, and music and cars on msn messenger. When i was about 16 he asked my permission to start dating this girl he met. You see I lived in florida at the time and he lives in canada…west canada. Theres no way I could say no and have him wait for me.. he was my best friend and all I wanted was for an amazing guy like him to be happy.Throughout the years we”ve talked on and off about life, careers, school, relationships, we’ve been through marriages and divorces, heart break and happiness. We’ve always wanted to meet but somewhere between finances and circumstance its never happened. We’ve chatted online, texted, talked on the phone and facetime. No matter what we’ve found ways to stay in touch and remain bestfriends. Honestly I havent had too much to doubt him about.. but if possible Id love to meet him … just to know if this past decade has been real or only make believe.

  67. Tiffany Harris

    Hi Nev, my name is Tiffany from NC… And I’m currently talking to one of the Arizona Cardinals…Darnell Dockett via Instagram… But i must say after watching ur show…I’m very suspicious of my conversations online…. Plus Darnell seems to only contact me around the same time each day… And he keeps the convo short and blunt…. On top of that…when I finally asked him if his account was fake and to give me a call so I could recognize his voice….he immediately stopped writing back or checking any of my messages …idk.. .if i offended him, or he lost interest or I called him out on a lie…what ever it was…. I must know if it was really him or not? So Nev this is a job especially for u and Max! Plz help!*

  68. Travis D.

    This guy started pursuing me on a gay jocks dating and socializing site nearly 4 years ago. I was with someone at the time so I politely declined, although I was attracted to him. He was dating a girl at the time and had been for a couple years. He’s continued to pursue me on and off since then. About 2 years ago, we were both single and I decided to give it a go with him. We have become very close and at the moment express to one another that we are in love with each other and want to spend the rest of our lives with one another. We text everyday and talk for an hour or 2 at a time at least 3-4 times a week. I have pushed off dates and other possible relationships in order to be loyal to him for nearly 2 years now. He has asked me to cam a couple of times, but usually when I’ve been at work or school. When I became available, then he’d say he wasn’t able to cam any longer. I have seen numerous pictures of him and ran a name check online to verify the pictures and the name match up, and they do. I have had my suspicions of him being who he says he is for some time, but had chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him. He would never let me know his address and about a year ago, when he and I decided I’d come visit him (I’m in Wisconsin, he’s in Colorado) I spent around $500 on a plane ticket and car rental and about 3 days before I was to go, he told me he had too much going on and I couldn’t come out. Recently, I used the internet to find his address through voter registration and I ordered him some lunch and had it delivered there. A girl calls me and asks me who I am. I told her and told her who the pizza was for and asked how she knew him. She said she’s been dating him for 3 and half years and they are engaged and getting ready to buy a home together. At first she and I thought this guy was leading a double life, but it turns out that whoever I’ve been talking to for the last couple of years is not who they say they are at all and they have been using this girl’s fiancees’s facebook pictures to lure me in. I have no idea who the guy is that’s been pursuing me for the last 3-4 years now and that I have shared intimate details of my life about and that I had fallen in love with. I asked this girl to send me a picture with her and her boyfriend in it holding a paper saying my name on it and the date and she did so immediately. So I know for sure that the guy I fell for in the pictures, isn’t the guy I’ve been talking and texting with for years. I don’t really know how to confornt this situation so as I can find out who’s been doing this to me and why without him just disappearing off the face of the earth and leaving me with no answers.

  69. Teagan Hjort

    Hi, my name is Teagan from Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. I’m aware this is quite out of the way for the show but it is worth the time. A situation has recently come to light within my family that my cousin (about to turn 18) has been lying about a number of friends/boyfriends for the last five years. While all of these people have/had facebook profiles, the 15 or so of them were only friends with/communicated with each other. As myself and some other family friends’ discovered, these profiles used pictures from all over the internet, including a missing person’s photo and photos of famous skateboarder Ryan Sheckler and his brother as children.
    However, this story cuts deeper than another facebook scam. Over the course of these last five years within this scam circle, there has been 2 deaths due to brain tumors, another death from a car accident and 4 suicides. She used one of these fake personas to break up her best friend’s real life relationship and claims to be self-harming over her devastation at the death of these people. All of these events coincided with my cousin failing to be the centre of attention at any given time. These people she has created have long been a part of everyday conversation and many people have become very emotionally invested in their lives. I am devastated to now realise that this has been a ploy for attention and I have serious concerns for the toll it must be taking on her to keep it up for this long. As experts in this area, you may be the only ones to be able to help us sort this out before it can get worse. For the full story, email me at:
    Thankyou and I look forward to hearing from you, Teagan.

  70. Jessica

    I met this guy on instagram because he liked my feet. Lol we first started chatting on kik and then Skype. We’ve been talking every day for a little over a month. I know it’s not long, but he says he’s fallen in love with me. He has paid a few of my bills without me asking and he never asks for money, but I still feel weird about it. My sister is concerned and she told me about your show. I live in Michigan and he lives in Florida. He entered cadet school to become a pilot for the air force. I’d like to know if it’s worth feeling the way I do. I’ve been hurt by two guys before and I couldn’t take another one. I’d appreciate any kind of help if any.

  71. Jacob miller

    My name is Jacob miller I live in Pittsburgh PA and I have been dating this girl for almost 9 months and have only seen her once she lives in monongahela pa and me and her love each other but we’re not aloud to see each other because her parents don’t like me and I’ve tried everything to get on there good side but nothing seems to work if I saw her it would be a dream come true she’s my everything I need someone to show me if this is true love or if it’s not worth trying for. Jacob

  72. Chrystal fleming

    My name is Chrystal fleming i live in rome georgia, an the girl I have been dating long distance over the phone and Facebook for 8 hears lives in Detroit MI. I have never seen this woman I day in my life but yet she has my heart and she will forever I can see me spending the rest of my life with this woman . We text and have phone conversations daily all day everyday but everytime the conversation of video chat comes up it never happen . I’ll call she never answers . A few time she has answerd but either it’s been dark or she had had the camera point the opposite way . Nev I really need you and your teams help to find out once and for all is this relationship another intertwined catfish or true love . Thankin you in advance . Chrystal