Casting Women Who Want To Marry Their BoyfriendsProducers of the hit Food Network TV show Cake Wars are looking for women who want to marry their boyfriends for a new reality TV show. Cake Wars is a Food Network television series where four expert bakers compete to win their unbelievable cake a spot at a major party or special event. That isn’t the only prize they vie for, they get the sweet grand prize of $10,000!

Producers of that hit series are now casting for a different project and are looking for young women who are waiting, wishing and hoping for their boyfriend’s to propose for a new show. Does this sound like you? If so, the team from Super Delicious, want to talk to you! They are casting young between the ages of 21 and 36 who have reached a breaking point in their relationship and are ready to give their boyfriends and ultimatum! Females, aged 21 to 36 from United States

To apply for the show, producers want you to email with your contact information, a recent photo of you and your boyfriend, and a brief history of your relationship.

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11 Casting Responses

  1. Brittany Ritenour

    Hello! How do you sign up for this, I have a boyfriend, and I always wanted one person. We have been together through the toughest/ oddest situation. Young couple with big dreams and the desire to help his family, but he is desperate to find his independence, and I feel this is the only option I hope for left. We have big dreams, but I just want our dreams to come true, but our times running out quickly!!

  2. Demaria L. Reavis

    I want to really Marry my Man that I already call my Husband we already been together for 16 years an have 4 kids together please help me because I don’t know what to do anymore it’s either now or never…

  3. Sheraka

    My boyfriend and I been together off and on since 2008. We talk about being married but we can’t because the time we was apart he went and got a girlfriend now he has a lease with her but be at home with me. He says I’m his everything but he haven’t proposed. So if we can’t let each other go we need to be married or I can be alone. I’m to good of a women to have to be his girlfriend for ever not going to happen.

  4. Lawn-Nette Brunner

    My boyfriend and I met in 2004 we we’re young but we both thought it was love at first sight. He went to jail at the age of 17 and served 6 years. We kept in touch over the time and he asked me to promise to not get pregnant. I kept my promise we reunited in 2010 and been together ever since and now we have 4 children 3 are his biologically. We talked about getting married plenty of times but it just seem as if we are at a stand still.

  5. Neomi Brown

    Well here it’s all about the captivating energy we both have for each other. It’s so captivating that we’re afraid of each other. Real LYFE SHYT here. The worst thing is when a person has the potential to penetrate through your ego and pride. When someone bring all your insecurities to the surface and you see it when you look in the mirror. Your only response is WOW!

  6. mya palmer

    Me and my child father have been off and on for 15 years im ready for him to marry me

  7. Christina Johnson


    My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years. We hardly ever talk about marriage however I know he is my one and only but I do not want to go another 5 years without being married. I have 2 wonderful children from a previous relationship and I would like to set a good example for my kids and show the importance of marriage.

  8. Kortney Lamar

    My boyfriend and I meet on POF. We’ve been dating for a little over a year and I’m ready for marriage.

  9. Unique

    Getting a house build and building for the future can be pricey and I don’t want just a paper wedding I want the dream wedding I’ve always dreamed of . Wishing toareg my boyfriend. HELP

  10. Geneva

    We’ve been together off and on,I have one biological child with him he’s been taking care of my oldest since 3months he’s 5yrs old we have an 3yr old.we spilt up, I recently have a 7month old from previous relationship the dad isn’t in the boyfriend and I are back together he stayed during the whole pregnancy and by my side still…it’s time,we become one.I’m ready.Were ready.

  11. Dena Morley

    Looking to marry my Boyfriend we met on match .com and we are a perfect match