Little Big Shots - NBC

Little Big Shots – NBC

Two of the biggest names in daytime television are teaming up in primetime with an incredible new talent series and soon your little one could be a part of it. Little Big Shots from Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey is giving the stage over to the country’s most impressive singers, dancers, actors, and entertainers of all types in an attempt to prove that true greatness can be born and not necessarily made or practiced. Does your child have what it takes to impress millions of viewers?

Little Big Shots is an amazing comedy and variety show that is part America’s Got Talent and part Kids Say the Darndest Things. In this one of a kind production the most gifted child entertainers from across the land are given the chance to show the world what they’ve got. The hour long series is a showcase not only for the most extraordinary talents on TV but will also shine a spotlight on the kids personalities in hilarious conversations and interviews with Mr. Harvey (Family Feud, who will serve as the host and will produce alongside DeGeneres (The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Repeat After Me, Finding Nemo), Jeff Kleeman (The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Change-Up, The Judge) and Gerald Washington. Your child’s star-making turn could be right around the corner in the talent spectacular of the year!

Casting calls for Little Big Shots will be held very soon and children from all over are being sought to be the faces of this fabulous series. Submissions for auditions are set to be accepted shortly. Interested parents and kids can head here for more information. Check back right here for further casting updates and leave a comment below and tell us about your talent and why you think you would be perfect for NBC’s talent/variety series Little Big Shots from the dynamic duo of Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey.

It’s time to let your share your gifted kid with the world. Millions of fans are waiting – applications are coming soon for a spot on NBC’s Little Big Shots.

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  1. Angelani Sango

    I have a daughter named Elizabeth and she has a YouTube channel named Lizzy il where she has this group of dancer and in some of her video’s she does a dance for her viewer’s. Also my daughter’s Rehema and Elizabeth again have been singing for over 10 years and I think they would be perfect for this.


    HI, my name is Jaylin and I’m one of the fastest kids in Virginia and when i was 8 i always wanted to do football or track and finally happened in fifth grade i played football then in 6th i ran track and came first every-time id let everyone else get a head start and then i had to try and catch them under 10 seconds.and my fastest time is i cant wait to meet u Mr.Steve Harvey.


    HI, my name is Jaylin and i’m one of the fastest kids in Virginia and when i was 8 i always wanted to do football or track and finally happened in fifth grade i played football then in 6th i ran track and came first every-time id let everyone else get a head start and then i had to try and catch them under 10 seconds.and my fastest time is 50.8

  4. Christian Allos

    I am christian and I am 10. I love ships,airplanes,and space. I am an expert in all 3 subjects. I specifically enjoy ships such as the Titanic, Queen Mary and any other ship that has sank or that has retired. Airplanes such as the concord TU-144, the 747-8, and the Airbus A380 are just a few of the planes I am an expert in. I am an expert in space in and out of our solor system. I get into arguments with Astrophysicists near me and win. My family and friends call me the walking Google.

  5. Gabriel B

    My name is Gabriel Badarou. I sing and dance, My dream is to be the greatest performer in the world and share my talent and the love the world, I just want to bring joy in this world where there is to much hate and division. Helen give me a chance to spray the love.
    Thank you
    Have great day
    Gabriel B

  6. Roshunti Hicks

    I have a daughter who really loves watching little big shots and shes 9 and she really loves how you guys do the america ninja warrior because she loves it and she thinks she can win. Thats why she she be on little big shots.

  7. Angela Rembert

    Hi my name is Angela and my son’s name is Kolin-Anthony. He is 7 years old and has been playing drums since the age of 11 months. He is a gifted percussionist who needs a chance to be seen and heard. We live in Bham and would like to audition in Georgia.

  8. Wayne muenzing

    My daughter can pogo stick jump for over 900 times

  9. D Win

    Hello, me and my dance group are very DIFFERENT!
    We are a very diverse group, all from different cultural backgrounds.
    We are not only different because we can dance….But, all can READ and SPEAK fluent CHINESE.
    So, not only are we great in acro, gymnastics, tap, ballet, jazz, and also our CHINESE DANCE.
    We looking forward to seeing you…
    Oh, we are only 6 to 8 years old

  10. Sebastian

    I have a nephew that can sing and dance to New Edition since the movie came out. He doesn’t have to look at the video, the video is in the back of him and he’s step for step with the video.

  11. Lana

    Can Canadian kids audition ?
    What is the age limit?

  12. Micki

    Calvin is five years old and has memorized the Aaron burr song from Hamilton. Unbelievable. How can I get a video to you?

  13. Baileigh Craig

    My Name is Baleigh (Bailey) Craig I am a new actor and I am also a model and a singer. I would love to do this I live in North Carolina so I don’t know if that’s far away or not.

    • Baileigh Craig

      Also I am a girl and I am 11 yeas old.

  14. Juana Santillan

    Xochitl is a 12 year old girl with Down Syndrome, she loves performing at school , even though she loves all music her special talent is Hawaiian. Every time she watches the she asks me to take her there to participate.

  15. Juanika Patterson

    My child’s amen is *Amir Jenee* She’s 15 years old, pursuing her dreams to be a SUPERSTAR!! I truly believe that she definitely has what it takes and will be Perfect for the show. We’re both so excited about casting calls opening soon! See ya there!!

  16. Liz O'Leary

    I’m turning 13 in January and would like to consider myself good at singing. I’ve been in chorus at my school for 2 years, though I’ve been singing for my entire life.

  17. Tami Laton

    10 year old Logan Bates from Farmington New Mexico can work a Yo yo like no other. He is a master blaster with the yo yo .you can utube his videos. He is awesome

  18. Angela Adriana Ramirez

    Hola. My grandson is 6 years old, and can dance and rap… He is also very intelligent and funny. I thought that maybe I was biased, but many people agree. I think you guys would really get a kick out of him… He loves the camera and really entertains people. Gracias!!!

  19. Toni Jackson

    My daughter has been singing since 4 years old. She is 17 and is very talented. Loves being on stage

  20. Abigail

    Her name is Amberly she’s 11

  21. Abigail

    Ellen my daughter she loves to sing and she would die to show you what she can do please help a mother out she would be so happy if she could show the world of what she can do she really wants to be famous and she has such a lovely voice so please Ellen I’m begging u please let my daughter show you what she can do please

  22. BobbiLynn Forbus

    Dylan McPherson, 13 yrs old. Award winning scooter techniques/performance. Lives in Oregon. Great personality and demeanour will compliment the show.

  23. BobbiLynn Forbus

    Dylan McPherson, 13 yrs old. Award winning scooter techniques/performance. Luves in Oregon

  24. Toneka Johnson

    I would love for my 3year old son to experience being apart of your show he has been playing drums ever since he was 1 1/2 years old he has a heart and desires to play he says he wanna take care of his family he uses anything to beat on when he is not home around his drum set.My son name is Domini Bynum he is very gifted.

  25. Elaina Wheeler

    My son is a self taught dancer, following the style of dancers like Fikshin. I am amazed at his natural talent and would like to see where to go from here! He has come to me repeatedly asking what he has to do to get on Little Big Shots!!

  26. kelvin farmer

    hey my name is kelvin jamal farmer and I an 12 years old and I have all kinds of talent such as: acting, singing, dancing, comedy, voiceover, rapping, and modeling and I love being in the camera like a lot and you are probably thinking why would you want to do all these thing, well because I like to entertaie and make people laugh and I am a very confident person like I’m not with that please, if its just not my time I go on with it and try to make it to the next, but ya because I really love this show little big shots and the ellen show oh and by the way, I an a good wrestler and I and a very good speaker love kelvin and his mother


    “I LOVE THIS SHOW”, but am Aggravated about things mentioned below. I Request that this Email be Forwarded to Ms. Ellen or Whomever.
    1. Mr. Harvey Talks Entirely too Much
    2.He Focuses More on Him, His Fame & Accomplishments on this Show, Rather than “THE KIDS”
    3. Last, Harvey Constantly Directs these KIDS’ Questions Toward “The Other Sex” Rather than “How’s this affected your Schooling?. Questions of Fame is OK, Pls Correct this.
    Thanks, PBBrown

  28. Jayla

    Hey It’s jayla and im 11 and I can dance really good and I will like to get on ur show please

  29. Almetra Jones

    My son is a 15 year old which has Autism and is non verbal but is also a model he loves to be in front of a camera

  30. Denise Murray

    My nephew is11 year’s old he is very talented. He’s been rapping gospel music since he was 4. His mom passed away when he was 3 from cancer. All he wants to do is make her proud. He loves Steve Harvey and wants so bad to meet him. Please give him a chance.

  31. Denise Murray

    My son is11 year’s old he is very talented. He’s been rapping gospel music since he was 4. I would for him to appear on the show.

  32. Stacy Johnson

    My son is 9 years old, very talented young man with an enormous sense of humor. He would love to be apart of this amazing show.

  33. Amiri Stiggers

    Hello, my name is Laurita Williams , my niece name is Amiri Stiggers, Amiri can sing real well she is only 9years old we would like to know if we can come and visit you so you all can hear Amiri sing her song. Thank you, laurita Williams /Amiri Stiggers

  34. Celine

    Hi my name is Celine Henrietta tjong im from Indonesia and I could draw anime I hope Mr Steve Harvey and Ellen could read this thank you all

  35. Charmaine Dumas

    Hi my daughter is 12 and she can sing like an angel. She been a lead singer in all of her classes she took for singing so please let me know if she can come on the show please ellen.

    Thank you for your time and effort. God bless you.

  36. Teresa Vaughan

    Good Morning,
    I have a talented 8 Yr little girl that rides horses and competes in rodeos. She has won money, buckles and prizes since she started competing 2 yrs ago. Her best event is barrel racing and she also does poles, goat tying and dummy roping.
    She loves the show and watches it with excitement on trying to get on the show.
    Not sure how to go about auditions or sending in a video. would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction. Thank you
    Teresa and Kassidy

  37. Ali piper

    Hi all from UK. My son Oscar aged 10 wants to show you all his trampoline skills. Check him out on my Facebook page ….. Ali Piper. Or you tube under Oscar Piper……. Trampoline is his life!

  38. Spencer Wilkinson

    My daughter Naomi is 7 yes old. She has a great imagination. When she is acting like she is in a fashion show, she is full of surprises. The other day she asked me if I can put her on TV. This would be a great opportunity for her to show off her Naomi Campbell strut!! Lol

  39. Spencer Wilkinson

    My daughter Naomi loves to Model. When imagining she is walking down a runway she is full of surprises.

  40. Angie Powell

    My daughter is 9 years old and competes in youth rodeos (barrel racing, goat tying, roping, etc.). She has been competing since she was 4 years old. I would love to see her on Little Big Shots, one because she’s very talented and two because I think this is a great sport for kids. It teaches them responsibility and hard work. I’m a single mom and have struggled financially to keep this going because I believe in how great it is for her. It would be amazing to be able to show more parents the benefits. She has to take care of her horse, practice frequently, and clean stalls. She’s also in 4H and competes at the county fair. She has made it to Over-All Reserve Champion in her age division for one of the rodeo series that she competes in. That’s also something I’d love to get some exposure to. This youth rodeo series is amazing for children. It’s called Lazy-H Ranch Rodeo. They do wonderful things for these children to keep up their motivation like awards ceremony. I could go on and on about more benefits but I’ll stop now and hope to hear from somebody.
    Thank you,
    Angie Powell

  41. Dawn Overton Miller

    My grandson just turned 7 years old yesterday and he plays the drums for his Grandfather’s/ Uncle’s church. Not just for the choir but through the entire service he sits at the drums and plays, he knows his que and plays by ear. He has been playing since he was a year old. He has always grabbed anything resembling drum sticks and started to beat. From an early age he was able to keep a beat.
    He has taken his dad’s spot who was the drummer, but now has a job that he works on Sundays. Caleb is smart and loves drumming. Caleb Goldsmith DOB 3/5/2017

  42. Twila Harris

    Hi my name is Twila Harris and i would love for my grandson Alijah Harris and Mohagny Leach are thriving to be on Little Big Shots. They do everrthing from dancing to singing to basketball. if select these two children they maybe not be the best but you will get lots of laughter!

  43. Twila D Harris

    Hi my name is Twila Harris and I would love for my grandchildren Alijah Harris and Mohagny Leach to be a part of Little Big Shots. Don’t ask me what they are going to do, its no telling. Please choose them to be a part of this show. you will be full of laughter.

  44. Reba Green-Holley

    My grandson, Michael, would be a good selection for Lil Big Shots. He is currently 6 and in kindergarden. He has been able to tell you about dinosaurs as if he were a paleontologist. He is very detail and knows varieties and their habits. The park ranger said she had never seen a kid that had that much details knowledge of dinosaurs. In addition, during the 1st week of kindergarden, the teacher told that class that they would be in the “100 club” once they learned to count to 100. He said to her, “What club am I in, since I can count to 200?” Another incident regarding the teacher asking the class to describe a bat that flies. His classmates said, “A bat is black.” He said, “A bat sees with echolocation.” In another instance, his mom told him about being in her stomach and her talking to him and feeding him. He said, “Ugh! You regurgitated!” She said, you don’t know what that means, ” He said, “Yes I do, it is when the momma regurgitates her food and feeds it to her babies!” Michael can talk to anyone and would be an excellent selection. I have a video of him talking about the dinosaurs.

  45. Twila D Harris

    My grandson Alijah Harris is8 and his sister whom is three loves to dance and sing and I would love for them be on Little Big Shots!

  46. Tiela moses

    I like to get audition for my son

  47. Ursula Herring

    I have 2 very talented granddaughters that can really sing and act. The both have performed in plays at their school and in our community theatre here in Clinton, NC.

  48. Jamika Jackson

    Hello I have a 1 year old daughter name Tai’lyn who knows her abc’s and what each letter is for example a is for Apple and she knows all the sounds of animals and she’s full of energy and a wonderful child

  49. Jessica Freedman

    My name is Jessica and I was born to dance! I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. I mainly do ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, modern, and pointe. I want to share the talent god has given me. I have been to numerous dance competitions. I am 10 years old. When I was younger and today, I go through body shaming, bullying, and just feeling horrible. My family was so supportive, but I never felt like I was truly happy until I was in a studio with the door locked and dancing. I do not think I would be on earth if it were not for dance. To sum it up, dance is my get away. And if you want to test my talents… My highest amount of a la secondes done in a row is 34 straight into a lift, shooting out into a grande jete.

  50. Gisely Rivera

    Good Morning,

    I have a 6 year old daughter named Kaliah Thomas and she is just a walking talent. She can sing, dance, tell great story and is just so full of excitement! I believe she should be chosen because she is full of excitement and energy. NEVER A DULL MOMENT WITH HER!

  51. Ariahna

    hello i am ariahna and i am a great singer , i want to share this talent that god gave me , i am 10 yrs old and i think i can do this .

  52. Avree

    Avree Fallias, March 13, 2004. I’m 12 years old. I have six sisters and 1 brother. I live in Russellville, AR and I go to RMS (Russellville, Middle, school). My passion is to dance. I like to dance mostly hip hop. I love dancing so much because I feel free and energized. I would love to be on this show I just really hope that I can impress everyone on this show with my dancing if you want to contact me

  53. Jamea Johnson

    My name is Jamea Johnson. I have been singing since the 3rd grade, and I learned piano in 1st. I always see my future as a singer and I have dreamed of meeting Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey one day. I am 11 years old and incredibly smart along with my sense of independence. I live in Grand Prairie, TX, but I was born in Mississippi and spent exactly 9 years and 8 months living there. I grew up listening to R&B and I feel like I have an advantage from that. I love all types of music and I think I can boost my career on this show.

  54. paris kyla washington

    hello my name is paris i am 11year old and i am really smart i live i los angles CA, and have alway knew how to hit a reflec puching bag it is really fun also i learned when i was only 5 or 6 my grandfather though me how to hit it. I am just a little girl with a big heart and i want to show people what i can do and teach people how to do it, it might sound easy but when you get up there and do it ,it is really hard so please read and look at this if you will like to reach me call 3234189516 …..thank you so much+

  55. Sara A. B.

    I would love to hear more about this, it sounds like a great opportunity to show myself. I love to sing and act the most but I also write a bit. I’ve been told I can sing very well and have been in many musicals. Though acting is what I am most passionate about.

    Name: Sara
    Height: 5’4″
    Age: fifteen (birthday in January)
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Auburn, curly, a bit past shoulder length
    Eyes: Hazel
    Experience: I’ve never been in a film but I have been in a lot of plays and musicals since I was in fifth grade. I’ve had about five lead roles and have experience in dancing and singing. My role that I am proudest of is Anne in the “Diary of Anne Frank”.

  56. Alisha Smith

    My name is Alisha Smith and my son is Jahbaree Murphy. He was born December 1, 2005 with Hydrocephalus. His first brain surgery he was 5 days old. They had to place a shunt in his head to drain fluid off for him. He has had a total of five brain surgeries. He then began to have seizures at 1 years old. He was told he would never walk or talk. But we serve a wonderful God my son is walking , talking, singing ,dancing everything they said he couldn’t do. He also loves to imitate Steve Harvey and Madea (Tyler Perry). He has an amazing gift he loves to entertain and he loves to act. He would love to meet you Steve and I hope you get this message and give him a chance because you won’t be disappointed.

  57. Paisley Alexandra Krauel

    Hello, My name is Paisley Krauel and i am 13
    i have loved to sing and write music for as long as i remember, and even if you were to consider letting me be on this show it would be a huge honor. Please if you want me on the show please email me
    Thank You~ Paisley Krauel

  58. soo marcantonio

    My seven year old grandson has written and illustrated a book about the adventures of a chameleon and cheetah who are friends and travel to far away places such as Alaska, Italy and Madagascar. Throughout their journeys they meet new animal friends and have amazing experiences including playing on a NFL football team and participating in the Tour de France.

  59. elviraly

    hi my name is elviraly am 9 years old my whole family thinks I have a great voice my singing could go to your show and I live in rhode island so please let me in my favorite singer is taylor swift

  60. Kaydince

    Hi, my name is Kaydince Wright. I am 12 years of age. I was born and raised In Atlanta Georgia. I am 5’5 I am very smart. I am a very sweet person, ever teacher I have ever had said I was a very independent person and very respectful. I would love to be on the how because I am very terrific singer and actor.

  61. Jamie T Lynch

    Hi I’m a mother of a 10 year old amazingly talented young lady who absolutely loves to sing and dance . Everywhere she goes from McDonald’s restaurants to in her neighborhood boys and girls club after school care she sings her heart out …Her favorite song to sing is Whitney Houston I will always love you.

  62. Samantha Turpin

    Hello, I am Samantha I am 13 I know a little old but I am a great singer LOVE YAH!

  63. Hallel

    My name is Hallel Howard. I am 8 years old and I can sing. I am on Facebook and I am very smart. I was like this since my birth. I love Little Big Shots and would love to be on your show. I LOVE YOU STEVE HARVEY or as I should say MR.HARVEY!!!! ( :

  64. Donna Mccusker

    Love this show!

  65. phillip ellington

    Phillip Elijah Ellington, born to Alvita and Phillip Ellington on November 7, 2004. Phillip is the youngest and only boy out of four children. Phillip is 11 years and currently in the 4th grade at Gardenville Elementary. He was name student of the month as well as President of his 4th grade class. Phillip is known as the Dancing Prince. Phillip started dancing 4 years ago at his church (Rehoboth Light of the World Church). Phillip started dancing at Studio A dance academy in 2013. Phillip has a passion for dance. When he dances, he lights up the room. Phillip have dance in schools and at several churches. Phillip is currently on Studio A competition team. He has compete in several dance competition. He was also named KARS Competition’s Mr. Junior Dance. Phillip does solo’s, duet as well as group. Phillip is currently in the Twiggs program at the Baltimore School of the Arts. Phillip was accepted into the 2016 Alvin Ailey Master class which was held at the Modell Lyric. He was accepted into the Alvin Ailey camp. In October 2014, Phillip had an opportunity to audition for the 2016 World Championship of the Performing Arts to represent Team USA. Phillip was one of the ones chosen by a panel of 3 judges. Phillip won the judges choice award and was given a $250 scholarship. Phillip will be traveling to California in July 2016 along with all the members that will represent USA. Even at this age, Phillip, is consistently pushing himself to do better and his ultimate goal is to attend dance school in New York as well as dance for Alvin Ailey. Phillip wants to live out his dreams and take advantage of every great opportunity whenever they are presented. Phillip hopes to inspire other children his age and people in the future to always live out their dreams.

  66. Vivianna

    I enjoy watching your show, and would love to have the opportunity to be part of ,LITTLE BIG SHOT. I have a great voice, I could have been on a commercial, that I audition for it but unfortunately it was a scam sadly my dreams were crushed, untill I heard that you guys are having a show called, LITTLE BIG SHOT. I would really like to have the opportunity to audition on your show. I know you have the best of the best, and I feel like I’m one of our best. I have been singing since I was 2 years old, my uncle Edwin, use to make fun of me because I use to make up my own songs.

    Thank you for your time! Vivianna Mia Rodriguez a.k.a Vivi

  67. Leeuntra

    Hi my name is leeuntra and I’m 13 I see myself as a singer and I believe I could become a singer if not I can always be a lawyer.

  68. Ava

    Hi my name is Ava and I am 9 years old.I can sing anything you want. I’m a fast learner.hope I can be on LBS. P.S love your show!!!

  69. Suparna Nath

    My daughter is 10 yrs sings in 5 languages. English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Punjabi.. She first sang the Barney rhyme” I love you , you love me” when she was 1 yr and 6 months. She won the Chicago Indian icon in junior group when she was 7 yrs old. She made it to the semi finals of Hall Leonard online singing competition 2016. She loves to sing and act and recently she acted as Queen Elizabeth in her school. She is very jolly and expressive. She has high pitch voice and can sing high notes very easily. Now she has started composing and writing songs too. I am looking for a platform to showcase her talent. Please let me know if there is any scope and atleast if someone can see her video . Thanks!!!

  70. Cierra Buckalew

    My name is Cierra I’m a 7 year old girl who loves karate. At the age of 6 I made team USA. I travel around and participate in tournaments. I have completed in 13 and have won 18 trophy’s and 25 medal’s and 2 plaques. I have more tournaments this year including Disney World, New York, Cancun. My goal was to make team USA by the age of 8 made it at 6. I have set new goals and they are. One is to be on TV, and when I reach the age I want to be in the Olympics. It would be s honor to be on the show.

  71. Miriam

    Hi, My name is Miriam and my son is Caleb, He is am 3 yrs old. He’s very good in spelling i promise you can’t beat him, no matter how big a word is he can spell, and no matter how fast you try to spell he’lll tell you the word. Apart from that he knows a whole lot more. He know all the countries of the world map by continents. He can comfortably read a whole book on his own, He know all numbers by 1,2,5,10,20,100,1000, Alphabets in English and Spanish, He also know all the 50 states of America and capital cities .Would love to come and meet you steve if you give us chance. And he also love to do puzzles.Thank you.

  72. ciara

    hello my name is ciara and i need this so bad i what to be a popstar so bad and if i can get on ur show and that can come true so plz contacted me im a adorable 10 year old that can sing dance and act plz lift me of my feet ang get me on ur show thank u

  73. Shatieka Torres

    Hi im a mother of an extremely intelligent 5 year all that love as he calls Mr. Steve Harvin lol. He wants to be like him because he said he is Magical with all the shows he has. He said Steve Harvin is a smart man like him.